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The Staged Cuban Missile Crisis and The Official Lies Regarding the Kennedy Assassination

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It is our purpose to assist those who have Eyes to See and Ears to Hear in having a better understanding of the real world we live in (as opposed to the mirage projected) so that it would be easier for them to understand, and humbly accept, what God will allow upon humanity.


On January 29th, 2014, in a Private News Commentary post we wrote:

A book was published in 1981 written by a man, who, when he was 16 years old marched into Havana with Che Guevara to welcome Fidel Castro when he made his triumphant entrance into Havana a few days later. This young man was taken by Che Guevara under his wing and rose as foam does and became part of the State Security even before it had been officially organized and named G-2 (the Cuban equivalent to the Nazi Gestapo and the Soviet KGB).

In terms that today anyone can:

This individual had the same level of access to Cuban State secrets as Edward Snowden had to NSA secrets during his employ. The only difference was that Juan Vivés (pen name of Andrès Alfaya Torrado) was present when, what is written in those documents/secrets, was spoken and/or carried out, many of them, with his participation in his own KGB like group.


As years went by, the original illusions of that 16 year old boy became shattered - one after the other - until such time when he decided to flee the country and its regime. He acquired some "life insurance" in the form of documentation devastating to the Castro myth and stored it in a bank vault in Switzerland. Being that the Castro regime is, and continues to be, sustained primarily on the Castro myth, as well as by terror, if said myth is broken not even the terror would hold the government up.

Andrés Alfaya Torrado (aka Juan Vivés) abandoned Cuba in 1979 after having served in the most inner circles of Cuban State Security for twenty years. He fled to France (he must have many Cuban American enemies in the US as the result of his prior deeds) and settled there with his family. Barely a year later he published the book "Les Maitres de Cuba" in France and then, later on, in Portugal, with the title of "Os Donos de Cuba", a year later.

Now an Artificial Intelligence translation of the entire book into English has become available. (1)

What makes everything even more interesting is that: (a) Vivés' book was not originally published in English, when that was the most logical thing to do, (and would have sold whatever number of copies they would have printed); and (b) Its publication in French and Portuguese was very limited and kept under the covers, so to speak.


As Mr. Vivés closes Chapter II, p 79, he writes:

After many years spent with the ruling elite in Cuba, where I witnessed, and often acted, during the first twenty years of the revolution, my most sincere opinion is that Fidel Castro has been an agent of the KGB since 1947. Did Allen Dulles, who was CIA director when Castro came to power, foresee this possibility? What is certain is that a communist became head of government 90 miles from the United States without the American information services seeming to have been aware of it.

Anyone who thinks that miguel is "a conspiracy theory fanatic" and reads that book, will never look at the world - past and present - the same again. As a matter of fact, unless said individual is very close to God, he/she would have a difficult time sleeping well again.

What was written above is based only on the text up to the conclusion of Chapter II.

As we continued to to read and spiritually/intellectually process what Mr. Vivés revealed, we found additional, and overwhelming, confirmation to what we asserted regarding: (a) the staged Cuban Missile Crisis (2), which the Cubans and Soviets refer to as the Caribbean Crisis; (b) the assassination of President Kennedy (3); and (c) How was it possible for Castro to gain such absolute power - and still keep it from his grave - since 1959 just a stone's throw away from the U.S. (4)

What makes this confirmation very interesting is that Mr. Vivés does not come out and state what we have about either case. He just provides inside information which we had no physical access to (actually, very, very few people had) which overwhelmingly confirmed the picture that we drew as God led us in the dot-to-dot connection process.


As it turned out, and we have mentioned in the recent past, all the efforts of those who own Cuba have been in vain because we are heading directly into the Chastisement (5) without further ado (6).

May those who must hear and understand what we convey in this brief document, do so, and may those who are not to, continue in the dark just as those who were not supposed to understand Jesus' parables.

(1) The AI translation of the entire book into English
(2) The staged Cuban Missile Crisis
(3) The fabricated story about Kennedy's assassination
(4) Why have the Castro brothers have managed to stay in power
(5) The Chastisement
(6) Definition of "without further ado"

Published on February 11, 2014 - Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes

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