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The purpose of this Public Forum is to publicly respond to and/or comment upon correspondence that we may receive from time to time and which is of Universal interest in these very unsettling times.

We reserve the right to choose what questions to address and how to transcribe the question and/or statement from the correspondence received. The identity of the correspondent will be kept confidential except in the case of abusive correspondence which will then be referred to the appropriate responsible entities.


August 30th - The publication of Mother Teresa's letters against her wishes
August 29th - Cardinal Bertone and the allegedly original letter containing the Third Secret of Fatima
August 25th - Appreciation from a reader
August 22nd - Criticism from a reader
August 20th - The position of the Three Days of Darkness in the "General Sequence of Events..."
August 17th - The doubting Thomases and the Warning from St. Paul
August 11th - The reality of Pugatory - The "restitution of debt" and the Mercy of God
August 6th - The meaning of "even satan must serve God" at the coming of the False Christ
August 5th - Abraham's sacrifice as seen through the eyes of his son Isaac
August 1st - The Triumph of Immaculate Heart of Mary has not yet happened
July 31st - Connection between Opus Dei and Protestants and other alliances

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August 30th, 2007

From LP @ USA - Published on August 30th, 2007

In response to your communication (1) about the publication of Mother Teresa's letters against her wishes...

The person in charge of Mother Teresa's sainthood cause violated the Sister's express wish that her private letters be destroyed.  Instead, he and other Vatican officials flouted her will.  I do not know if anyone promised to her that the letters would be destroyed; if so, the matter is worse yet.
For confession preparation, I use a set of questions from "A Pocket Prayer Book for Orthodox Christians."
Several questions are immediately relevant to the conduct of Vatican officials in this case:

- Regarding the 3rd Commandment: "Have I entered into any unlawful contract or made an unlawful promise?"
- Regarding the 7th Commandment: "Have I been unfaithful to any trust confided in me"?
- Regarding the 8th Commandment: "Have I been honest and upright"?
- Regarding the 9th Commandment: "Have I told any secrets entrusted to me, or betrayed anyone? Have I gossiped about anyone or harmed their reputation"?
For someone who is in charge of a canonization process, that's quite a list of serious breaches of Commandments - and all (I suspect) for some easy publicity.


This is reminiscent of what happened with the late John Paul II private papers.  He had asked that they be destroyed at his death, but Archbishop Stanislaw Dswisz, his personal secretary, violated John Paul's will and kept them "for posterity" and as potential relics. Without a doubt they will use them as a smoke screen to produce whatever document they wish to produce "in his name" to advance the agenda  (2) for the manifestation of the False Christ.

It is all so transparent but they do not care - most of the Faithful chose to be  (3) blind and deaf to the Truth for they have placed their Faith in men not in God.  (4)
(1) Original communication:

Assuming these are real and the quotations are within the proper context  [both conditions are hard for m de P to accept, and he certainly is in a position to make that judgment]....

We can sure count on the Vatican - Mother Teresa had wanted all her letters destroyed, but the Vatican ordered they be preserved as potential relics of a saint, a spokeswoman for Doubleday said. - to assist anyone who wishes to destroy whatever little Faith is left.


Even if that was the case (potential relics) - Why are they being published to a worldwide audience is she specifically requested they'd be destroyed?

(2) The Agenda for the manifestation of the False Christ
(3) The grave sin of denial - its consequences
(4) The Foundation of Faith IS God

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August 29th, 2007

From TF @ USA - Published on August 29th, 2007  [The Beheading of John the Baptist]

It seems that the Vatican is feeling the heat since Cardinal Bertone shows original letter containing third secret of Fatima on TV:

Rome, Jun 4, 2007 / 11:17 am (CNA).- Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, showed the original letter from Sister Lucia containing the third secret of Fatima, which the Vatican revealed in 2000, for the first time on television.


Too little and too late. We have had that information on-line for about seven years.   However, as the saying goes: If a lie is repeated enough times, most will believe it.

The real problem is not so much whether the third part of the Secret is true or not.  The real problem is that when Step No. 1 is manifested. (and not symbolically this time) it will automatically "prove" Fatima as a lie.  We have also been announcing that on-line since July 4th, 2000.

It seems hat Cardinal Bertone needs a Reality Check and we may just comply with his silent request.

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August 25th, 2007

From MD @ US - Published on August 25th, 2007  [Feast of Mary, Health of the Sick]

I am a male in my early forties married to a lovely woman with four beautiful children, living in the SE of the US.  I have been Catholic all of my life, and I sincerely believe that your efforts are a God-sent blessing to those who are struggling to follow the real Jesus and His teachings in today's mixed up world -- especially given the state of our convoluted church.

There are so many misleading, confusing, and inconsistent so-called 'religious' websites out there that do little to feed the soul, but do much to fatten the mind.  But every visit to your site always leaves me feeling enlightened, spiritually refreshed and informed.

Thank you for all you are doing with your website... I visit it almost daily, and always find your insight and analysis to be on-target, truthful and --most of all-- inspiring.

Your site is truly like finding "manna" in this wasteland.

Perhaps you may never know precisely the number of souls that have been (and shall be) awakened by your simple presence on the internet... but you can at least count me as one!

Please add me to you list, and may God continue to inspire and bless you in your work.

A thankful sinner,


Thank you! As the saying goes: "We needed that!"

Your  address has been added to our List.

Your closing statement brought the following to mind:

Jesus hearing this, saith to them: They that are well have no need of a physician, but they that are sick. For I came not to call the just, but sinners. [Mark 2:17]

What deeply saddens us is that: Those who think that they do not need a (spiritual) physician bring to mind those who have a terminal disease.... they do not need one either. The rest of us - sinners - not only need a physician, but we seek him! That is part of God's Plan - symbiotic healing.

Please keep what we do in fulfillment of the Will of God in your prayers.

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August 22nd, 2007

From (Mrs.) MR @ US - Published on August 22nd, 2007  [Feast of the Queenship of Mary]

How sad it is that you do not understand this movement we are called to bring christ to others. I have been in the movement for 7 years.

I have five children no money and not a lot of time. I have been blessed to see how God works. As catholics we are called to build each other up not tear down.

Please pray about what you are doing to others by this negative web site.

Everything I read from you has somehow been twisted, possibly you just had a misguided leader.

It would be like someone saying the church is bad because of some bad things that had happened in the church.

I will  pray that you can someday see the gift of this movement and many others that are being raised up by the Holy Spirit in this time in history.


A.  We thank you for the opportunity to shed some light on the subject matter as well as for your prayers.

We assume that you are referring to our position (1) regarding The Prelature of the Holy Cross and Opus Dei.  From your letter it is obvious that you have not reviewed many of our documents which address the Opus Dei (2), our total support of the Catholic Faith (3), our position about the Administrators of the Roman Catholic Church (3) and their trail of destruction over centuries (4) and how they have been summarily judged by Jesus Christ (5).

We recommend, for your sake, that you review those documents plus ask yourself a few questions about your Faith (6) and who your leaders are (7) .

It may also be a good idea for you  to understand who the Elect are (8) and how God has chosen them (9) since the creation scenes in Book of Genesis through the final cleansing found in the Book of Revelations.

In conclusion - what Escrivá seems to have tried to do was an attempt to copy the work of D. John Bosco (10)  in the hopes of receiving the accolades showered upon  Don Bosco - a man who had the doors of three Popes wide open for whenever he wanted to "just drop by".

What Escriva failed to realize was that Don Bosco acted under direct orders from Heaven and that cannot be falsified. With the Order Don Bosco had established - the Salesians - there was no need for an Opus Dei nor the other ecclesial movements which seem to have multiplied as some sort of plague.

We wish upon you many Blessings and much Light from the Holy Spirit of God.

(1) The seriously flawed Opus Dei "theology"
(2) An Index of documents relating to the Opus Dei
(3) Our total and unquestionable endorsement of the Catholic Faith
(4) Our position regarding the Roman Catholic Church Administration
(5) Jesus Christ summarily judges the Roman Catholic Church Administration
(6) The Only Foundation of any Faith
(7)About the Keys of the Kingdom and Questions that you must ask yourself
(8) How are the Elect
(9) How God chooses His Elect
(10) The trajectory of Don Juan Bosco

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August 20th, 2007

From TJF @ US - Published on August 20th, 2007 

May the Peace of the Lord be with you!

I see an inconsistency with the latest document (1) and the document "the General Sequence of Events..." (2)
In the current document, you indicate that the False Christ will be AFTER the three days of darkness. In the document entitled "General Sequence..." it states:
Step No. 10    [The period of the False Christ starts at this point]

 The great tribulation - false christs, false prophets, etc. [Daniel 12:11; Luke 21:8; 12-19; Matthew 24:22-26; Mark 13:15-22; Revelations 13:8-10, 19:11-19; 2Thessalonians 2:3-4, 8-12]

a. Persecution of the followers of the true Christ will start with a vengeance. Worse than in the days of the Roman persecutions and the Communist persecutions.
b. The manifestation of the "man of iniquity" - the False Christ himself!
c. The persecution will be, if possible, even worse.
d. There will be fighting all over the world with the small band of followers of the true Christ against the forces of the False Christ.

When it appears that, once again, all is lost for the disciples of the true Christ, then...

Step No. 11   [This Step heralds the end of  the False Christ.]

The darkening of the Sun, the Moon, etc. will now take place. The Heavens will be in an upheaval. [Luke 21:11, 25-26; Matthew 24:29; Mark 13:24-25; Joel 4:15]
In the “three days of darkness” document it states:
Therefore, the End of These Times, when Our Lord comes to gather the elect (3) will be some time after the Three Days of Darkness. The manifestation of the real  the False Christ will be after the Three Days of Darkness.

I assumed that step 11 referred to the 3 days of darkness as no where in the General Sequence Document is this event specifically identified. On this basis, I see an inconsistency with respect to the appearance of the False Christ, as Step 11 “heralds the end of the False Christ", while the “three days of darkness” document heralds the appearance of the False Christ.
This is the inconsistency that I refer to, and without a specific reference to the three days of darkness prophecy in the General Sequence document, other than what I interpret Step 11 to mean, you can see the need for clarification.

Thank You for your response.


A.   Thank you for the opportunity to clarify this - and taking the time to do it so thoroughly.

Yes, we can see where the possibility for confusion can arise. As few believe - although it really is - the prophetic documents that we publish are not the product of miguel de Portugal's (4) intellectual logic. This means that he does not necessarily know the explanation for all that he has written in the Name of God.  As a matter of fact, he learns much as he is actually writing many of the documents and, at times, when he reads them again after some time he has no recollection that he wrote that.

Given that background - our answer to your question is: miguel does not know where the Three Days of Darkness exactly fall except for the boundaries that he has already set and which you quoted in your letter. Any other answer would be a fabrication by his intellect and that, he does not trust. His trust is placed in the Wisdom of God and not on the intellect of fallen men.

Actually, he does not know how widespread and to what depth the destruction mentioned in the Three Days of Darkness document will be since that still is in mankind's hands (5). Remember - we are "working" for a Green Apocalypse whereby most of the destruction are caused by geological and astronomical events as opposed to the result of a massive global nuclear holocaust.

Rest assured that when he knows more details - as God Wills it - he will publish them.

Once again, thank you for your assistance and interest. This is the type of criticism that we appreciate - constructive criticism.


(1) A clarification about the Three Days of Darkness
(2) General Sequence of Events Leading to the End of These Times
(3) How God determines who is included in The Elect
(4) About miguel de Portugal and the function of The M+G+R Foundation
(5) Mankind's Cooperation in the Redemption of Mankind

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August 17th, 2007

From TJ @ US - Published on August 17th, 2007 

Peace, Miguel!

The Holy Spirit has been working overtime lately, giving you insights that are astounding to me, and removing much doubt about the source of much of your writing.

There are surely other “doubting Thomases” out there, but I know I am one, so just a few words in our defense (those of us who mean well and in spite of our sins, are genuinely desirous of God’s truth):  

* Thomas the apostle did indeed doubt, but repented, and gave his life for the Lord in the end.  Even his doubt served to advance the cause.  The same might be true today.

* Nobody less than St. Paul believed Jesus was coming in his time, and Corinthians is full of these references.  He seems later to have changed his emphasis.  His theology was also very rich and guided by the Holy Spirit, yet this does not assure that the listener is perfectly in tune on all subjects.

* St. Paul went so far as to advise people not to marry nor have children, because there was no time.  This does not seem to me to be God’s will, nor is it to not have children today.  By all means, we should put our spiritual lives in order because world circumstances suggest this is all possible, but I don’t see how we should suspend the regular cycles of life since we do not know the day or hour.
* Since if the day of the Lord is really near, then there is no place to hide on earth and disrupting the routines of life is as likely to increase suffering as to avoid any calamity.  A little bit of doubt, if it keeps people from changing the business of feeding their families and helping their communities (but not from spiritual renewal), is a good thing.
Again, the peace of the Lord be with you, for you have brought it to me on many occasions.
Best Regards


A.   Thank you for the opportunity to publicly address the issues that you bring to our attention.

First of all, there is no need to "defend" the "doubting Thomases out there" since they are not being attacked. We use that term in the same  manner we may say (to a strictly US audience) "I am from Missouri" meaning, tongue in cheek, that "I have to see it to believe it" since, as you must know, that saying was derived from the fact that Missouri is the "Show Me State". Of course, there must be some real Thomases out there - those who have no real faith - just intellectual faith.

Those who have to see to believe do not have real faith; their faith is intellectual - a faith which will not withstand great adversity.

 29 Jesus saith to him: Because thou hast seen me, Thomas, thou hast believed: blessed are they that have not seen, and have believed. [John 20]

However, when we use that term is not with that exact Biblical meaning in mind. Actually - a little doubt is most helpful as we will explain later.

Regarding Paul statement - we have covered those issues extensively in one of our documents (1) and some of your questions/doubts/concerns will be clarified in said document.

Regarding whether Paul was really expecting the Second Coming then - God has not charged miguel (2) to broach that subject yet but, when He does, we shall comply and you will read it on our pages.

Back to a "little bit of doubt" and how helpful it can be. Friend - miguel has been, in what can be considered, a 16 year long stay in Gethsemani. Although not necessary any more - initially he maintained his sanity by enjoying the solace that only some doubt (not of God!) can give. Although he proceeded in the fulfillment of the Will of God - on the scene (3) and behind the scenes (4) - he did take some comfort in the fact that "...hey, maybe I am a little wrong".  Of course as prophecies became news and news became history that oasis of comfort wore out and now he cannot use it - nor is it necessary for him any longer.

However, we must not confuse "a little bit of doubt" with "denial" (5). One - a little bit of doubt - helps the Faithful to constructively cope with the day to day living while spiritually preparing what is to come; the second one - denial -  is a ring side seat for untold suffering if the individual in question is targeted for Heaven.

Regarding what is probably the most quoted Bible Verse in the last 20 years: " know not the day nor the hour..." [Matt. 25:13]

Our response is from the same source: 
32 And from the fig tree learn a parable: When the branch thereof is now tender, and the leaves come forth, you know that summer is nigh. 33 So you also, when you shall see all these things, know ye that it is nigh, even at the doors. 34 Amen I say to you, that this generation shall not pass, till all these things be done. 35 Heaven and earth shall pass, but my words shall not pass. [Matt. 24]

In addition - He said "day nor hour" and that leaves out month and year, doesn't it? (6) (7)

Once again, thank you for the opportunity to come to the assistance of many others.

(1) The warnings from St. Paul
(2) Who is miguel de Portugal
(3) On the scenes - a sample (the site
(4) Behind the scenes - a sample
(5) The real danger associated with the state of denial.
(6)  What time is it?
(7) It's about that time!

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August 11th, 2007

From LR @ US - Published on August 11th, 2007 

My girl friend and I have been in recent discussion about purgatory.  I always explain to her that we both agree a soul must be pure before entering heaven.  There are verses that show purgatory is a process and takes time because “... until Jesus pleads my case,” and in the Bible it explains sins can be forgiven in the next age Matt 12:32.  There are verses that explain purgatory.

My understanding is purgatory is a place that people go to because they did not fulfill the will of God here on Earth and must do their penance.  As a result purgatory is needed to get rid of all the vices that hold us from loving God and this process takes time.

My question is that she always states that with the existence of purgatory it proves that Jesus’ sacrifice is not enough.  Further, in the Old Testament it talks about Sheol and in the New Testament Hades.  She states that Jesus is the new covenant and the old covenant is Sheol (similarity to Purgatory).  Thus Jesus did away with Sheol because of Him being the new covenant.  Further, she states that Purgatory seems to be a HUGE salvation issue and people should know about it, yet it is not stated as bluntly as other aspects in the Bible, how can I show her it is well documented (Using the Bible of course, sola scriptura, though this belief is contradictory in itself when analyzing Scripture)?

I want to be able to answer her questions to the fullest (even though my responses make sense to me), but how do I keep the discussion simple while answering these “conundrums” to her?  Could you please define purgatory and penance and answer how purgatory is still necessary even with faith and Jesus’ Death and Resurrection.

Further, how the Old Testament references to Sheol are still relevant to Christians that believe the Old Testament (Old Covenant) does not apply to them.

Thank you for your time,


A.   Thank you for the opportunity. Without getting bogged down with words a la Vatican let us go directly where Jesus illustrates the reality of Purgatory:

56 You hypocrites, you know how to discern the face of the heaven and of the earth: but how is it that you do not discern this time? 57 And why even of yourselves, do you not judge that which is just? 58 And when thou goest with thy adversary to the prince, whilst thou art in the way, endeavour to be delivered from him: lest perhaps he draw thee to the judge, and the judge deliver thee to the exacter, and the exacter cast thee into prison. 59 I say to thee, thou shalt not go out thence, until thou pay the very last mite. [Luke 12]

One cannot present oneself before God "....until thou pay the very last mite", which is after the payment has been made through prayer and penance. (1) Jesus was obviously not talking about money.

There are two great misconceptions about Divine Law and Justice.

First - Jesus died to give us an opportunity to save our souls.  It is not an automatic process, i.e. "He died for my sins, I sign up in the local Christian Church and, presto!, I am saved." Unfortunately far too many Christians believe that it is this way.

Secondly - The forgiveness of sins do not, in any way, mean that we are "scott free". When a sin is forgiven, the eternal consequences of said sin are avoided, however, restitution must be made for the damages done. The restitution is adjusted by what we call "Mercy coupons" or "Mercy discounts" dispensed by God (2). Obviously a woman who has had an abortion due to recreational sex is going to "pay more" (even after the mortal sin is forgiven) than a woman who fell prey to her boyfriend's empty promises whose debt, in turn, is higher than the debt of a woman who had an abortion after being raped.

All trangressed a grave basic Dive Law: Thou shalt not kill.  However the circumstances where totally different and that is why the Mercy of God is for - to temper the Divine sentence after Divine Justice is applied.

To further clarify this matter we shall use terms that all can understand: Money!

One gets in debt "over the head" and must default on the payment of the debt. It may come to a surprise to many but: that is stealing.

Now, that "bad debt" goes to "collection" - instead of slapping the debtor in jail for theft. Terms for repayment are worked out, considering all factors, while your credit, in essence, has been suspended. Once you fulfill your restructured debt you may present yourself before the "Throne of Creditors" again - you are now "clean" and have "proven yourself" worthy of "their favor".

Before getting into inter-Faith discussions it is best to have a working knowledge of the source of the Holy Scriptures (3) and the awesome coherence that makes them stand "on its own two feet".

We are sure that you can take it from here and clarify any other areas that you want to share with your girlfriend.

(1) About Prayer and Penance
(2) The Mercy of God and Mercy In Action
(3) Biblical Literalism - Part I and Part II

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August 6th, 2007

From LP @ US - Published on August 6th, 2007  [Feast of the Transfiguration]

While recently preparing a document about the False Christ, I wanted to refer to the Church Fathers - specifically, the Didache, one of the earliest summaries of the teachings of the Church.  So, I reviewed the following book off my shelf:  Michael W. Holmes, The Apostolic Fathers in English, 3rd ed., Baker Academic, 2006 - and referred to the apocalyptic section of the Didache, paragraph 16, verses 3-8 (p. 171 of this book).

I was shocked when I read the section - one that I had quoted previously, but using an older collection of the writings of the Apostolic Fathers.  
In the new translation, it says (key part in bold):
"For in the last days the false prophets and corrupters will abound, and the sheep will be turned into wolves, and love will be turned into hate.  For as lawlessness increases, they will hate and persecute and betray one another.  And then the deceiver of the world will appear as a son of God and will perform signs and wonders, and the earth will be delivered into his hands, and he will commit abominations the likes of which have never happened before.  Then all humankind will come to the fiery test, and many will fall away and perish; but those who endure in their faith will be saved by the accursed one himself.  And then there will appear the signs of the truth: first the sign of an opening in heaven, then the sign of the sound of a trumpet, and third, the resurrection of the dead - but not of all; rather, as it has been said, 'The Lord will come, and all his saints with him.'  Then will the world see the Lord coming upon the clouds of heaven."
I was horrified at the bolded item; it says that those who endure in faith to the end will be "saved by the accursed one himself" - the false "son of God."  There are some explanatory footnotes with this passage, but they shed confusion rather than light.
I wound up looking for an older translation of the same work and found this (key part in bold):
"For in the last days false prophets and corrupters shall be multiplied, and the sheep shall be turned into wolves, and love shall be turned into hate; for when lawlessness increases, they shall hate and persecute and betray one another, and then shall appear the world-deceiver as Son of God, and shall do signs and wonders, and the earth shall be delivered into his hands, and he shall do iniquitous things which have never yet come to pass since the beginning. Then shall the creation of men come into the fire of trial, and many shall be made to stumble and shall perish; but those who endure in their faith shall be saved from under the curse itself. And then shall appear the signs of the truth: first, the sign of an outspreading in heaven, then the sign of the sound of the trumpet. And third, the resurrection of the dead -- yet not of all, but as it is said: 'The Lord shall come and all His saints with Him.' Then shall the world see the Lord coming upon the clouds of heaven."
The older translation refers to the salvation of the faithful "from under the curse", rather than by "the accursed one himself."  That older reading makes sense.
The new translation, with its implication of salvation by the "accursed one," seems to be widely accepted.  I talked to my confessor about this problem, and he referred me to two alternative books of the Apostolic Fathers' writings.  I looked at one of them, a Loeb Library version (Greek on the left, and English on the right) - edited by Bart Ehrman.  Before spending money on the book, I looked up section 16 of the Didache - and found the same translation problem as I had in the other modern edition.

A.   Symbolically - certainly not intending it as a qualifier of the writer in question but at a reality that does exist to a great extent - we quote the following passages of the New Testament:

1 John 14: 9 Jesus saith to him: Have I been so long a time with you; and have you not known me?

2 Matthew 17 16 Then Jesus answered and said: O unbelieving and perverse generation, how long shall I be with you? How long shall I suffer you?

Due to our frequent repetition of it - our by-line should by now be:

 "Even satan must serve God for He is the uncreated Creator and all of creation is subject to Him."

Perhaps the new translation is indeed the correct one. Did not satan propitiate the Salvation of mankind by causing Judas Iscariot to betray Jesus Christ unto His crucifixion - without being free, at all, from the consequences of the atrocious sin he was committing?

This is not endorsing the blasphemy tacitly endorsed by the Vatican that Judas Iscariot was in cahoots with Jesus Christ to save humanity (1). Judas Iscariot sinned as an act of his free will but God - Who Is the Master of Creation - used Judas' sin to free His Elect from the bondage of satan.

Therefore, the new translation may be showing the "fingerprint of God" even if it was not the intent of the translator.

What greater "Grand Slam" for God than cause (and brethren, He can cause anything He Wills to) the accursed one himself to be the instrument He uses to deliver His Elect.

We are already tasting and rejoicing at such Magnificent display of Divine Mercy and Glory! Hallelujah!

Thank you for the opportunity highlighting one more time our "by-line" and the pleasure of savoring a bit of the Divine Grand Slam!

(1)   The Sin of Judas Part I and Part II

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August 5th, 2007

From Initials Withheld @ US - Published on August 5th, 2007

I have a question about Genesis 22, the story of Abraham's willingness to sacrifice Isaac at (what he believed to be) the command of God.

Every church tradition that I am aware of - Protestant, Anglican, Catholic, and Orthodox - holds up this story as an exemplar of the faith of Abraham, and of the corresponding faithfulness and mercy of God (because of God's provision of a substitute sacrifice).  This is how the text is preached everywhere, among liberals and conservatives alike.

During the first six years of my life as an adult Christian (from mid-1978 till November 1984), I  did not challenge or doubt this preaching.  I do now, and with these questions:

What about Isaac and his own experience of the event?

What could have been going through his mind as (Gen. 22:5-8) he and his father traveled together to Mount Moriah?

What doubt and dread would have been growing in Isaac's mind - especially if human sacrifice was a common custom in that time and place?

What would have Isaac have felt as his father bound him, put him on the altar, and raised the knife above him to kill (Gen. 22:9-10)?

True enough, God intervened (Gen. 22:11-19).  Did Isaac hear and see the same mysterious and Divine things as Abraham did, or did he just see his Dad hesitate, stop, free him, and sacrifice a ram that had wandered nearby?

In the everyday world of this century, any father in a civilized country who did as Abraham did in Gen. 22 would be sent to a hospital for the criminally insane, and Child Protective Services would take the child into care - with, one hopes, intensive therapy for the almost-certain case of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder that the child would be experiencing.  In any age, a child who went through this experience would be scarred for life - unless he were given a miraculous healing, of the kind that is rare indeed.
To put my question bluntly: If this event is key to the faith of the Abrahamic religions, to what extent is the received tradition of these faiths based on (non-sexual) child abuse?

I have mentioned this question privately to a few people over the years, and never got a satisfactory answer.
I have never put the preceding material into writing, since it is obviously heretical.

Initials Withheld

A.   Every time we hear the word "heresy" or "heretics" we cringe because its real meaning, to those who utter it, is: Heretics are those who believe what I do not want them to believe because it becomes a threat to my power base.

This is not new - it goes back to Akhenaten who has been dubbed by Egyptologists as "The Heretical Pharaoh" (1) even though his belief was more coherent with Divine realities than the belief of the religious establishment of the time. John the Baptist and Jesus Christ were also considered heretics.

It is like the much used by the Vatican word: Excommunication. Frankly, anyone who receives an Excommunication note from the Vatican should send them a Thank You! note. Who in his right mind wants to be associated with that group (2)? We said "group" - not Faith, since the Catholic Faith (East and West) is the faith which contains the most revealed Truths of any faith (3) on the face of the Earth.

With that clarification made, let us get back to your original question: If this event is key to the faith of the Abrahamic religions, to what extent is the received tradition of these faiths based on (non-sexual) child abuse?

To understand what went through Abraham's and Isaac's minds we must slip into their shoes and time frame. (4) Even today - in some cultures "father indeed knows best" and if the father in question is a loving and God obeying father, the son, even though naturally fearful, would submit with much less trauma than most westerners of the 21st century would. Then, after the 11th hour deliverance, the son's faith and respect for his father would have been greatly enhanced.

Unfortunately, said passage, as most are, is improperly presented from the pulpits, thus the endemic disorientation of the followers of just about any organized religion.

It has been given m de P to understand many of the workings of the spiritual Domain.  Therefore, we can say with assurance that the Abraham - Isaac experience not only was logical but was an absolute necessity for the salvation of humanity.

Man had to be willing offer to God the life of his most prized possession (yes, in those days children and wives were the father's most prized "possessions") - the most awaited, and almost given up hope for, son - BEFORE God would offer the human life of His Only Son, Jesus Christ, so that humanity had an opportunity for Salvation. (Salvation had been a given reality for mankind at creation, but was lost because Eve tried  to be God-like and Adam believed her rather than God.)

Divine Law demanded that Abraham endure such a severe test of his Faith.  [We say "test" and not "temptation" as some Biblical translations state. God does not tempt man, satan is the one who tempts man.]

For a deeper discussion regarding the faith of Abraham, the uncalled for interference of the Patriarchs' Biblical wives, and the horrendous consequences of this interference with the Divine Plan, we recommend a newly published document titled:  Understanding The Beginning of the Discord in the Middle East

(1) "The Heretical Pharaoh" had it right.
(2) Our position regarding the Roman Catholic Church Administration
(3) Our position regarding the Catholic Faith
(4) Mysteries that allow man to better understand the spiritual world

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August 1st, 2007

From LP @ US - Published on August 1st, 2007

Q. Regarding your communication with the subject of: Another insult to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

I agree that the "fall" of Communism and the USSR was not a "Triumph" of the Immaculate Heart. However, I would be cautious about using the Daily Mail article linked to as proof.

Several reasons:
1. It is from the British press, and they are very bad sources of information (as bad as Fox News in the US, or worse). I have learned this the hard way ... tracking down sensational bites from their stories about the Roman Catholic Church or the Anglican world, as part of my professional writing assignments, and finding out that the real story has only a tenuous connection to what the Brits reported.

2. The story is very badly written, so that (among other things) it is unclear whether the state sponsored procreation is among the new civilly married couples, or whether the participants are unlimited.
3.  In the story, no fact is allowed to speak for itself; every paragraph is loaded with leading adjectives.  The credibility problems extend to the photo caption: it claims that the picture is of "millions of young Russians at a youth camp discerningly similar to the Hitler Youth" ... and the main text of the story talks of a youth camp attended by ten thousand.

4. The UK is now on bad terms with the Russians. This story reads like wartime (or pre-war) propaganda.  Note the description of the author of the Daily Mail story:
"Edward Lucas is author of the forthcoming The New Cold War And How To Win It. ". In other words, let the reader beware.


A.   Thank you for sharing with us your experience with, and of, the British Press. It is indeed worth noting, however...

It was not our intention to use it as "proof" of the lack of the Triumph.  It was more of a reminder.  Keep in mind that whatever physical "proof" we may publish is to assist our readers on seeing the truth since most humans seem to have DNA ties with the Apostle Thomas. We know that the Triumph has not taken place but, as you know, most people "need a face" to assist in their understanding and accepting a fact .

It is like with Opus Dei - we have the document exposing their agenda [ ] and published a few articles/situations/events as "proof" of that. We knew that the Opus Dei agenda was from hell without even knowing exactly what Opus Dei was in earthly terms.

You will read about this more as we deal with a trick question that came in regarding our document on the True Petrine Ministry [ ].

The question has to do with the play of words cephas and kephas and the writer, a philosophy professor of St. Thomas University (and probably an Opus Dei member), thinks that, if we made an error with that one  illustration we used, it will render our entire charge that the Church was not founded upon Peter but upon Christ - the Living Word of God.  Wrong!

We KNOW, plain and simple, that the Church WAS NOT founded on any feeble human but on the Word of God - Jesus Christ - period; and, as we have made clear many times, we function on a take it or leave it basis - we are not running a popularity contest, running for office nor raising funds (Ha! Ha!) and certainly could not care less about pleasing man if to do so we must betray the charge given to miguel de Portugal by God.

Back to Russia.... all one needs to do is visit the home page of the Russian Pravda (or was it the Depraved?) [ ] to see that the Triumph has not even passed over Russia yet.

Once again, Thank you! for your valued criticism since it will be quite useful when reviewing matters on the British Press for which we have not yet been given lights and for all of our readers who are wise enough to heed it.

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July 31st, 2007

(Mrs.) JS @ US - Published on July 31st, 2007

Q. satan roams the earth seeking whom he may devour, seduction by Enlightened leadership.   We should fear every form of domination!

There are good things about the Ecumenism movement, to be sure, but it seems that the O. D. fingerprint is all over the protestant church in USA, both the so-called liberals and the so-called fundamentalists.

By every means EXCEPT dedication to God and prayer, they seek to control society and the government for their own agenda.  They behave just like aggressive homosexuals seeking converts: innocent, generous, charming, and ultimately controlling.

Is there a known connection between O.D. and the protestants, or is the similarity just in the satanic fingerprint?

(Mrs.) JS

A.  As we have stated before, they will make alliances with whomever they think will advance their own agenda, and then move on leaving the former "allies" empty handed.

This may be seen even through the writings of a friend, not an enemy. A Spanish Historian who even said: So that my [de la Cierva's] evaluation be better understood I will summarize it as follows: Opus Dei was invented, and invented well; however, if it did not exist, it would have to be invented with great urgency. Many things, especially within the Church, depend on it. Even though, you may want to review the rest of his comments for a real eye opener.

We also published another example - although there are so many that we could make a full time job of keeping a Blog on it - where we see their alliance with the Promise Keepers.

Ultimately, if you review our document - The Saviors of the World Are Having Family Problems - you will see how those alliances work and how they fail.  A failure about which we warned the Vatican during John Paul II Pontificate and which will eventually crush them.

Once they were warned officially - our hands are washed.

Thank you for the opportunity to set this record clear.

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