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The Coronavirus Scam

Identified as such in the first year, 2020

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Part 1. Why to incite panic about the Coronavirus and ignore Malaria which causes many more deaths?

Part 2. Disproportion between the numbers and the panic around Coronavirus at the beginning of 2020. The planned Event 201.

Part 3. Comparison of H1N1 flu and the new Coronavirus. Accumulated cases, presented as if they were current. What to expect next.

Part 4. Purpose of the Coronavirus Game Plan. Its relationship with the Vatican.

Part 5. The Coronavirus Crisis Master Plan. Globalization. World Economic Forum. Opus Dei.

Part 6. The immunity tests and the 'saving' vaccine may be the equivalent of the Mark of the Beast

Part 7. The Coronavirus Deception. In Conclusion. Testimony of Dr. Rashid Buttar.

En Español:  El Gran Engaño de la Crisis del Coronavirus. Identificado como tal en el primer año, 2020. Índice de documentos

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