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Letters/Questions - Addressed on  January 2004

From A @ USA [Published on January 30, 2004]
Q-1. Is the role of the false prophet similar to John the Baptist's role for Jesus... that is, to prepare the way for the anti christ?

Q-2. Are there yet two more popes to come?  And is this to happen before the Warning?

Thank you.

A. These questions (which we have labeled Q-1 and Q-2) are more complex than they appear on the surface but it is the Will of God that they are now answered as fully as is possible at this time.

 Q-1 "Is the role of the false prophet similar to John the Baptist's role for Jesus... that is, to prepare the way for the anti christ?"

Correct. In keeping with the dualism that is a hallmark of the Holy Scriptures, the False Prophet spoken about in Revelations [13:11-12] is in essence the "forerunner of the False Christ". Likewise, John the Baptist was the forerunner of  Jesus Christ (the First Coming ) [Matthew 17: 9-13] and someone else, acting already, is the forerunner  Jesus Christ (the Second Coming ) as announced in the Holy Scriptures  [Malachi 3: 1-2 and 3: 23-24 (or 4: 5-6) , Revelation 11:3-6] .

You should also fully understand the difference between the anti-Christ and the False-Christ.  The first one, the anti-Christ, is the one who will openly espouse doctrines contrary to the teachings of Jesus Christ. He and his people are very easy to identify. The real problem comes with the False-Christ, the one who will try to pass himself as the real Jesus Christ - just as has been amply explained in the Holy Scriptures. We have written about it in several documents.  You may wish to review one or two of them and the Links associated with them. All will then become quite clear.

Q-2 "Are there yet two more popes to come?  And is this to happen before the Warning?"

This situation becomes more complex because of those who thought that they could outsmart God and utilize the forecasted miraculous events to their advantage.

Cardinal Karol Wojtyla was originally elected as the legitimate (but last) Successor of Peter; however, that does not mean that he holds that position any longer - appearances notwithstanding. In general terms, the best way that we are able to explain this is as follows:

The enemies of God, bent on Saving the World in accordance to their will and their way, have in effect shaped the last legitimate Successor of Peter into someone else who no longer is the holder of the famed "Keys". Furthermore, there will be one Pope following Karol Wojtyla who will not be a legitimate Successor of Peter.

For those who know the Living and True God - The above statement will be easier to understand and digest when they consider the following:  How could a Successor of Peter, fully vested and in possession of the famed "Keys", allow the perpetration of the Lie of Fatima in his presence? Additionally, how could a Successor of Peter legitimize groups such as the Prelature of the Holy Cross and Opus Dei, the Legionnaires of Christ, Neocatechumenate Movement and other sects within the Roman Catholic Church. These groups are nothing less than the seed bed of the False Christ.

Regarding the timing for all these events, we suggest that you review the Sequence of Events Leading to the End of These Times.

May God continue to Bless you.

From G @ USA [Published on January 26, 2004]

Q. Some 'end of these times prophets' talk about safe places of refuge - I thought our Lady of Medjugorje said there would be no safe place from what was about to befall us - So what should a mother of 6, soon 7, believe?  Sometimes i think it's wrong of me to have brought children into this world.

A. Correct. There will be no safe place from what is about to befall humanity EXCEPT from remaining under the Wing of God - Psalm 91 - and enwrapped by the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

On a more physical plane we have published a document discussing the preparation for such events. You may wish to review it.

Regarding your children - You must mean the six-soon-to-be-seven children of God who have been placed by Him in your and your husband's care. Has anyone tried having children without God? It does not work. Therefore, rightfully and faithfully claim His assistance and protection and you will have it - we assure you!.

May God continue to Bless and Keep you and your family.

From JM @ USA [Published on January 23, 2004]
Q. I sent your site to a friend out west and she said she thought you are... in heresy but very close to the truth.

Take care...

A. Praised Be Jesus! Heresy is defined as "a belief or opinion contrary to the established doctrines of a church or religious system."

We must be on the right track since we are being defined as such, yet acknowledeged, by a perfect starnger, as "close to the truth".

By such definition, our Lord Jesus Christ and His forerunner were both also in heresy. As a corollary, those who have been empowered to prepare His Second Coming would also be in heresy.

From MA @ USA [Published on January 22, 2004]
Q. Do you think the day of Illumination (Warning) might fall this year?

Keep up your wonderful work and keeping me with the True Faith

A. It is not for us to announce dates, even when we have been aware of them. m de Portugal  made that mistake once and God had to step in to salvage his credibility since, from the time the limited-to-very-few-individuals announcement was made and the time of the event, God had changed the immediate plans as the result of mankind's cooperation. (Remember Jonah's situation when God did not destroy Niniveh because its citizens had cooperated with Him? However, keep in mind that Niniveh was eventually destroyed - just at a later date.)

From M @ ? [Published on January 21, 2004]
Q. Do you believe that the Consecration of Russia has been done as requested by the Blessed Mother Mary?

A. No. If you study our document regarding the third part of the Secret of Fátima issued before The Vatican advanced their Hollywood-style version of it on May 13, 2000, you will be able to draw the same conclusion.

Q. ...and that the Third Secret of Fatima has been fully released?

A.  No. When you review our document exposing and proving beyond the shadow of a doubt that what was pronounced in Fatima on May 13, 2000, was another Vatican  lie, you will also draw the same conclusion.

You next question may then be: "Why so much attention is being given to Fátima and its messages." Therefore, before is asked we will answer it -

Since the Vatican dropped the proverbial ball with the Fátima message and allowed World War II to take place costing over 100 million lives and untold suffering, they have to do something, at all costs, to cover up their betrayal. Same Vatican story - It has been going on since the Church became the Imperial Church after Emperor Constantine made it official.


From A @ ? [Published on January 15, 2004]
Q. Much confusion around us and our friends... Do you believe that there will be a chastisement coming soon?  A

A. The world situation is such that, even socio-politically, there is no escape from it as we have amply illustrated for the leaders of key Western Powers. Even a coherently thinking atheist or agnostic would be hard pressed to deny that only Apocalyptic type of world-wide events will bring mankind to its senses.

Q. They say we have bad interpretation of "Revelation"! A

A. If you were satan - What would you like the world to believe? Precisely that!

From M @ ? [Published on January 13, 2004]
General Question: What are your thoughts on the SSPX and it's Mass?


Q. What are your thoughts on the SSPX Mass?

A. If the Mass offered by the SSPX is a canonically approved Mass and as long as the Transubstantiation is being carried out properly and on all of bread and wine to be offered to the faithful after being transformed into the Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ - why should there be a problem with it?

We must remember that the highly regarded Tridentine Mass is one of the many Mass formulas utilized in the last 2000 years. Thus, if the Tridentine Masses were to be "the only valid Masses", all Masses offered before it were invalid - and they were not.

Q. What are your thoughts on the SSPX?

A. We will answer your question with another question. "If Jose María Escrivá was so intent in upholding the Catholic Faith and the Roman Catholic Church, why did he work so hard to set up, what in essence is, a parallel church: The Prelature of the Holy Cross and Opus Dei?

From VH @ ? [Published on January 9, 2004]
Q. You have made some prediction about the middle east and mass destruction weapons in relations to the Book of Revelation. My question is, "Since no weapons of mass destruction have been found, how does this play into your predictions?"

 V. H.

A. You may find the answer in Step No. 1 of the Sequence of Events as well as in the document covering the inclusion of Cuba in the Axis of Evil by the Bush Administration.

From P @ Ireland - [Published on January 8, 2004]
Q. Is the Opus Dei in control of the Vatican?

A. A review of our document Ecclesiastical Masonry - Who May They Be and the Links associated with it will answer your question in full.

Q. Will they try to elect the next pope even if the Garabandal prophecies say that our present Pope is the last.

A. Of course. Remember, their mentality is that they are really doing the Work (Opus) of God (Dei) - when it is not.

Q. Pray for Conchita--you can be sure satan will try and break her belief.

A. Yes. We have addressed her very difficult situation in one of our documents.

Q. Are they (the Opus Dei) and the Freemasons in league with each other?

A. We have two documents addressing this issue. One is a letter to Dr. (in Psychiatry) Joaquín Navarro-Valls, the only official Vatican Spokesman. The other addresses the fall out among the three groups who consider themselves the Saviors of the World.

Q. Will the next Pope not be a Pope but the Antichrist?

A. The succession of Peter ended in John Paul II. Remember that there is a vast difference between the Anti-Christ and the False-Christ. You may wish to carefully review the Steps beyond No. 8 in this document.

Q. Who is the Antichrist? The visionary, Christina Gallagher says he is around already, in his mid fifties, if I remember correctly.... Her Spiritual Adviser, a very holy priest, told me only to pray for her as she is saving many souls by her suffering.

A. Of course he is around but, as we pointed out above and in other documents, the real problem - the true deceiver - will be the False-Christ.

Regarding M. Gallagher's Spiritual Advisor - we are sure that there was a misunderstanding. No human being has the power to save a soul. Not even Mary! Only God has that power. Perhaps what he meant was what we have discussed in our document about Redemptive Suffering.

God Bless and Keep the Faith

From MA @ U.S.A [Published on January 7, 2004]

Q. I know so many in our diocese in sheep's clothing, ... , is my confession to wolf still confession...

A. God is above all and your trust must be placed on Him. Pray before the time of confession that the Holy Spirit of God place in the confessor's mouth the words that He wants you to hear. Pray also that God grants you the Illumination to hear what He wants you to hear and the Discernment to understand what He wants you to understand.

The absolution given you - provided that you are truly contrite and intend to make a real effort to avoid sin in the future - is valid. God is above all these miserable creatures who have used His Holy Name for profit and pleasure.

Q. ...and am I really at Mass?

A. Provided that there has been no blasphemies (such as a "home made" New Age style Creed) and the Consecration of the bread and wine are done properly - you are at Mass.

Q. ... but what am I to do to find a true priest?

A. Pray for that Grace and God will direct you to one. Remember - God Is indeed Almighty, there is nothing impossible for Him and He will never, ever, let down anyone who places her/his trust in Him.

  Thank you
  Jesus I Trust in YOU
  M. A.

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