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Letters/Questions - Addressed on  February 2004

From T and G @ USA [Published on February 28, 2004]
Note: These were from two different writers but the are interrelated.

Q. Is the present day "voice of one crying in the wilderness" really only one or is it many voices of one heart?

     Do you give credence to any protestant prophecy, or for that matter,  prophecy of any faith not Catholic?

     Just wondering what you think of the Messages Via Louise Tomkiel

T and G

A.  The "voice of one crying in the wilderness" is only one and its source is to be discerned by the faithful who has been given "Ears to Hear" and "Eyes to See". The key is through complete coherence.

Regarding prophecy and visionaries in general - Catholic or not. You may find the answer in a document we published covering that subject matter entitled: "So Many Visionaries, So Many Prophets! - Are They All From God?
Which Are The Authentic Ones?"

We have also pronounced ourselves in the past regarding Louise Tomkiel.

From A @ USA [Published on February 25, 2004]

Q. Do you think that perhaps Mel's movie "Passion of The Christ" is a preparation for the "warning" and will usher in the Illumination of our souls prior to  the chastisement?


A. In August 2000 we published an experience that miguel de Portugal considered a Personal (and terrifying) Warning. Such concept may have very well been God's original intention if indeed He inspired Mel Gibson to produce such movie.

Unfortunately, the movie seem to have been commandeered by those whom we considered fanatical sects within the Catholic Church and will eventually be used by all fanatical Christians as a psychological mass coercion and control tool as well as additional fuel for the anti-Semitism fires.

These may not have been Mr. Gibson's intentions but after hearing his and his father's ideas and views, we are concerned.

The straight forward and very direct answer to your question is: No; it is not a preparation for the Warning. On the contrary, it will eventually increase the reasons for which God has to cause the Warning upon His children.

        From J/C @ USA [Published on February 23, 2004]

Q. I am impressed by the reply to the inquiry about how women should be dressed; veils, long skirts, no pants etc.  I would  not be opposed to covering my head in Church but I have terrible misgivings about being shut away in layers of clothing to allay the fears others may have about women in general....   I am afraid we are headed towards a new fundamentalism that will attempt to conquer sin through laws and regulations and not through submission to the Blood of Christ and obedience to the Will of God.


A. Unfortunately, your fears [... we are headed towards a new fundamentalism that will attempt to conquer sin through laws and  regulations...] are well founded and will become a reality just before the return of our Lord Jesus Christ. That is the period of the False Christ.

Our only hope is indeed "... through submission to the Blood of Christ and obedience to the Will of God." Do not remain quiet. Keep praying and speaking up the truth as you have courageously done in your letter.

From RH @ USA [Published on February 20, 2004]

Q. Could you explain why some people get upset over the word "for many" or "for all" in the words of the Eucharist prayer?  Even when it says "for all" we know it only is for those who accept his sacrifice and that is the many.   Why such a upheaval?


A. The answer is simple and brutal: Elitism.

When people think of 'many', it conjures up a much reduced number than 'all';  in this manner they include in the 'many' only those they approve of.

"Imagine", their logic goes, "being lumped together with all those sinners, the poor,  the homeless, the blacks, the orientals, the Jews, the Muslims, (or whomever they feel disdain for.) - what a horrifying thought!"

You said it as it really is: "Even when it says 'for all' we know it only is for those who accept his sacrifice and that is the 'many'.

Of course, we wonder why these individuals do not concern more about the wording of Our Father:  "....and lead us not into temptation..."

God leading us into temptation?  That is an outrage and an outright Blasphemy!  Only satan leads man to temptation.

No to mention the Nicene Creed which de facto denies the Trinity (the Apostle's Creed is perfect) and the Te Deum where it has Jesus sitting at the Right Hand of God in the Glory of the Father when it should be "sitting at the Right Hand of the Father in the Glory of God".

And we can keep on going for some time since there is much error in official prayers.

From Gemeni @ USA [Published on February 20, 2004]

Q. Everything of God seems so patterned and organized - and the church going through persecution and death before her glorious resurrection makes so much sense - the people who were supposed to be Jesus' own were the ones who persecuted and killed Him, like the people who are supposed to be the church's own are persecuting and will kill her - is that right?  Is it right to believe that the truth reveals itself in patterns?

Thank you for any response and God Bless.


A. Yes. God's Creation is perfectly harmonious, thus the truth reveals itself in consistent patterns. There is only one truth, thus, in whichever way it is presented - at the core - one finds the same source - the Truth.

We would like to make a clarification to your statement. You state: "...Jesus' own were the ones who persecuted and killed Him, like the people who are supposed to be the church's own are persecuting and will kill her..."

For the above cited harmony to reign supreme we shall rephrase the above quoted statement as follows: "...Jesus' own were the ones who persecuted and caused His death, like the people who are supposed to be the church's own are persecuting and will cause its death (as is)..."

From B @ USA [Published on February 18, 2004]

Commentaries from Mr. B . You are a General on the front line of the good fight, Miguel.  I appreciate you.
We are so thankful to God that He has wielded you as a tool to fight the "Good Fight".


A. Your words Glorify God and we take this opportunity to remind you and all that:

Leaders have Lieutenants to disseminate their message. Jesus, God incarnate, resorted to Apostles to spread His message; the Apostles, in turn, had their Lieutenants - Titus, Timothy, Onesimus, etc. - to assist them in spreading the message.

As we have pointed out, the fulfillment of the Redemption of mankind is a cooperative effort - man cooperating with God. Not because God needs man, but because God chose to need man.

Therefore, Miguel could be the greatest "general on the front line" but if each one of you do not cooperate in whichever measure is possible, then the messages will not reach all who need to hear about them and the suffering of the world will be greater for the level of conversion needed in accordance to the plans of God.

We are not asking for donations - We are asking that the thousands of visitors and spiritual supporters that our Domain has become true Apostles of Hope as well as defenders of the Goodness of God since it is His Church the one who has betrayed Him and not God Who has abandoned His children.

We are not to coerce people into the Kingdom of God, we are to Love people into the Kingdom of God by showing them, through example, how to lighten their loads.

From EBMcK @ Missouri, USA [Published on February 15, 2004]

Q.  Good morning. In reading your responses to the latest questions on the public forum, I found that The M+G+R Foundation considers the Legionaries of Christ a sect.  This is a seminary that I contribute to, because of a priest our parish had as assistant pastor, who I consider one of the most devout priests I personally have ever encountered.

Despite how highly I regard this individual priest, I do not wish to help fund a "sect".  Can you please explain to me why The M+G+R foundation considers the Legionaries a sect?

Thank you and God Bless.


A. We thank you for this opportunity.

A sect is about the most elusive organization to accurately define. When a Belgian Parliamentary commission classified The Prelature of the Holy Cross and Opus Dei as a sect, the Vatican lost no time in publishing a very extensive article in the L'Osservatore Romano explaining why it was not a sect. We do not plan to get caught up into a similar situation since the supreme law of the world today seems to be: "Do everything and deny everything."

Nonetheless - your question is valid and we will attempt to answer it.

To us, a sect is an organization where the inductees are "kept in line" through the most subtle of brain washing techniques. Someone who truly loves God and wishes to serve Him does not need to be "kept in line" through military type discipline. Indeed guidelines are needed to assist in their spiritual development, however, they are not rigid - love alone, which can only come from God, will see to it that those guidelines are followed.

If every Christian would read an early biography of St. John Bosco they would learn exactly how it was that Jesus intended that souls were to be formed so that in turn they would Christianize the world. His method, which was even respected, and in many cases greatly helped, by the neo-Italian governments of the 19th Century who were busily dismantling the temporal empire of the Popes, shows, in every respect, the fallacies of the "way" of the Opus Dei, Legionnaires of Christ, Regnum Christi, et al.

As an fairly accurate overview of the Legionnaires of Christ you may want to review a reprint of an article published in Newsweek in the summer of 2003.

The priest you refer to may be a very holy priest indeed but, as many former key Opus Dei members, he may not be fully aware of all that is behind the "holy" façade.

In another document that we have published - SIMPLE QUESTIONS TO ASK YOURSELF BEFORE JOINING OR SUPPORTING AN OVERLY ZEALOUS RELIGIOUS GROUP - you may find additional guidance on the subject matter. The core of this document was prepared by someone who had fallen in the web of Regnum Christi, a web from which the Holy Spirit of God delivered her.

This is as far as we intend to go with this answer since, as you may read in the brief biography of miguel de Portugal:

"Should you believe what miguel de Portugal says through the pages of The M+G+R Foundation?  You do not have to. What is written is only for those who have eyes to see and have ears to hear. Woe to miguel if he does not speak loud and clear. Nothing has changed in the manner in which God has communicate with His children in the last 6,000 years."

May the Holy AND Infallible Spirit of God guide you in your final decision.

P.S. Added on February 18th - We also sent this answer directly to Mrs. McK as a courtesy. Her mail server returned the following message to us: "Message was deleted without being read on Mon, 16 Feb 2004 12:38:05 -0600"

We are still thankful for the opportunity to address this issue in the Public Forum, even though she missed hers.

From NEWSWEEK Cover @ International [Published on February 11, 2004]

Q.  Who really killed Jesus?


A. We are amazed that this question continues to circulate like an urban legend that will not go away.

The answer is simple and straightforward.

Pontius Pilate was manipulated by the Temple Masters to order the crucifixion of Jesus since the Jewish establishment did not have such authority.

Pilate was, indeed, an accessory to the crime; however, the fanatical Temple Masters, which happened to be Jews just like Jesus, Mary, John, Judas, etc., etc., were the ones who caused His crucifixion.

This is explained as clear as daylight in the New Testament, with the exception that the New Testament was written with an anti Semitic slant by not differentiating the Jewish fanatical Temple Masters from the general Jewish population.

The Jews did not crucify Jesus - the fanatics did!

Come on, folks - is this so difficult to understand?

From RM @ New Zealand [Published on February 9, 2004]

Q.  I have read in some religious articles that the Lord our God desires the following,
         a.  That women should not wear pants when they attend  Holy Mass.
         b.  That women should cover their heads when they attend Holy Mass.
         c.  All should take the Holy Communion from a priest and  not from a lay Eucharistic minister.
         d. They should not receive Holy Communion to the hand.

I have asked some priests and they have given me answers that have left me confused as I am not sure if the priest is following the orders of the Holy Father...  Please enlighten me by the grace of God.

God Bless you on your mission.


A. Your kind words and confidence encourage us.

a. Regarding the wearing pants or not at Holy Mass - What is most important is to dress in a manner that does not call the attention of others. Most specially sexually inciting attention.

For example, it is better for a female faithful to wear lose fitting pants than a miniskirt. Therefore, the key must always be: Not to call the attention of others so that they are not distracted from the central issue - the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. This applies to both men and women.

b. Regarding the head cover. It should be a totally personal decision/offering as long as it does not distract others. God prefers a woman with a clean, humble, contrite and loyal heart than one with the head covered and the heart as black as a lump of coal.

c. The Eucharistic Ministers came about to fill in the gaps when there is only one Officiating Priest and many, many communicants. When such scenario takes place, by all means accept the communion from a Eucharistic Minister. We have seen the Basilica of the Sanctuary of Fátima full to overflowing capacity and only one or two Officiating Priests. Eucharistic Ministers were an absolute necessity in this situation to prevent chaos and lack of respect.

d. When at all possible, take the Holy Communion on your tongue. However, if the Officiating Priest  or Eucharistic Minister "have a problem" with this, reverently take it in your hand and consume it immediately.  Once again, it is better to do this than to create a situation which will disrupt the holiness of the moment.

In general: If the parish one attends has an Officiating Priest who is, what we call, a living and breathing Blasphemy, attend Mass at another church. When the Holy Spirit within us recoils at the abuses frequently perpetrated at the altar, it is better to find a different environment or simply do not attend to such a blasphemous event and offer to God your suffering for not being able to participate in a Holy Sacrifice of the Mass as your gift and consolation to Him.

From WZ @ USA [Published on February 6, 2004]

Q. As I review the reaction that people will have to the Warning I cannot help but be reminded of the reaction that people have had after viewing "The Passion".  Shame, regret, pain, sorrow, and personal responsibility are all very prominent reactions to both.

Could they be one and the same?  Is "The Passion" the Warning?!!

But might "The Passion" be a precursor to the Warning in an analogous fashion to John the Baptist being a precursor of our Lord Jesus Christ?  Might the Lord have inspired Mel Gibson to create "His film" to prepare the hearts of men for an even more profound examination of conscience?


A. In August 2000 we published an experience that miguel de Portugal considered a Personal (and terrifying) Warning. We encourage you to review it now. It may then become obvious that such concept may have very well been God's original intention if He inspired Mel Gibson to produce such movie.

Unfortunately, the movie was commandeered by those whom we considered fanatical sects within the Catholic Church and will eventually be used as a psychological mass coercion and control tool. We may cover the details of such plans in a future document should God so Will.

From B and S @ USA [Published on February 5, 2004]

Q. I have been blessed with close relations to a person who has a gift of spiritual insight.  They believe that the current "Body of Christ" in the true Church mirrors the sufferings of the physical body of Jesus Christ as he lived in human form.  This pattern absolutely fits as prophecy (beyond coincidence, I believe)  and I would like your insight and interpretation as to how this will manifest itself as the closing of this age is near.


B and S

A. Your theo-logic is absolutely correct. God gave us the Grace to publish (in the year 1999) a document explaining precisely that The Gates of the Nether World Will Not Prevail Against the Church - However, Some Transitory Conditions Do Apply.

From TF @ USA [Published on February 5, 2004]
Q. Given the deception of satan and the corruption within the Church, I have read many "fantastic", anti catholic statements but never have I come across anything as extreme as what is purported on the attached website.  Given your insight into the various entities in competition for the control of this world and the church, I wonder to what extent you would give any credence to the claims as purported at the attached  website.

Thank you for your dedication, your website, and if you can opine, your response in the forum


A. Your kind words Glorify God to Whom we strive to serve.

We have purposely left out the URL of the Website you refer to so as not to give them any publicity. However, we shall comment.

In essence, the referred to Website "comes to the rescue" of H.H. Pius XII and "exonerate" him from being pro-nazi by allegedly "proving" that he was masterminding the murder of Adolph Hitler. As the saying goes: "With friends like that who needs enemies?" We give as much credence to such allegation as we gave to S. Hussein's Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Regarding H.H. Pius XII and the controversy surroundings his memory we have the following to say: The man is not alive to defend himself, therefore, as the referenced Website proves, any story can be made up composed of easily confirmed truths thoroughly mixed with lies. We think that it is more appropriate and timely to concern ourselves with the activities and background of the Prelature of the Holy Cross and Opus Deiand with the only man empowered to speak on behalf of H.H. John Paul II - Dr. Joaquín Navarro-Valls.

From LL @ USA [Published on February 4, 2004]
Q. Just wondering why you left Divine Mercy Sunday (April, 18) out of the calendar of religious days of note....  I am sure you have probably done this on purpose, and I can't think of why, nor does that matter, PLEASE consider putting it in, perhaps it will inspire some to invite others to come for mercy, perhaps it will not, but even if it should only help one, it will be worth it.

Thank you for considering my request.
Love, peace, and blessings


A. This "oversight" is most interesting considering that miguel de Portugal has been promoting the Divine Mercy of God for over 15 years and practices the Devotion daily since then - not to mention calling to the Vatican's attention their neglect concerning such Divine Request. The question for all of us should be: Is God trying to tell us something?

The moment we received your communication, the date was included on the Religious Days of Note document. We thank you for your attentiveness and for giving us the opportunity of pointing out to one and all that the time of Mercy - on a global scale, although not on a personal scale - is over.

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