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March 2007


The purpose of this Public Forum is to publicly respond to and/or comment upon correspondence that we may receive from time to time and which is of Universal interest in these very unsettling times.

We reserve the right to choose what questions to address and how to transcribe the question and/or statement from the correspondence received. The identity of the correspondent will be kept confidential except in the case of abusive correspondence which will then be referred to the appropriate responsible entities.


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March 20
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March 12
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March 11
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March 7
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From MV @ USA [Published on March 30th]

First – Thank you for answering the call of God.

I think it would help if there were more documents about talking to others about what’s to come and how to prepare themselves and the ones that they love both physically and spiritually.

I myself and having difficulty bringing up the subject of Jesus and God to others, most think it is a joke or nothing to be concerned with at the time.

My loved ones who know me best will not listen when I explain to them some of the “behind the scenes” things that are going on.

I realize that it may not be according to God’s will at the time, but I certainly want to make sure I am speaking loud and clear.

I will continue to pray on this and I know that my prayers will be answered in due time.

May God continue to bless the work that you do now and at the end of these times


Our Response:

The solution may appear complex yet it may be simplified thus.

Kirk chose to write a comprehensive letter to members of his family and close circle of friends with a follow up letter later on. Then, he essentially “let go” and continued to “warn and Evangelize” through example.

Living in accordance to the Times he knows we are living through and placing God first and above all – wife included, yet, not becoming fanatical about it. Level headed but sustained.

Giving priority to a solid prayer life which, of course, cements his relationship with God and “lubricates” the God-to-Kirk illumination “download” and Kirk-to-God petitions mechanisms.

He does not wear his faith on his sleeve but his behavior proclaims it far louder than a “badge on the sleeve” would.

As God make the opportunities one may discuss current political events and highlight/casually point out “how interesting” it is how they “seem to match” and, although appearing random they tend to show a “mind of their own” as others have in the past.

As the megaphone volume increases many of those seeds that you may drop in such manner will start sprouting; others will never do although Divine Mercy demanded that you drop the seeds everywhere without making a judgment on any individual (“Oh, he doesn’t have a chance!” or “She is a shoo-in for Heaven!”)

We thank you for the opportunity to address this issue as well as for your most kind words.

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From VR @ Dubai - India [Published on March 30th]

In reference to our recent publications about Archer’s book: The Gospel of Judas, VR writes:

Father forgive them. They know not what they do.



Our Response:

Just as the Temple Masters did not.

Only those possessed by demons would knowingly crucify God in the Flesh or publish (or allow to publish when he/she has the power and responsibility to stop it) a book like Archer’s blasphemy.

Of course, we must consider that man has repeatedly shown over history that he/she has an infinite capacity for stupidity (when God is not the fundamental rock of his/her life).

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From Various @ World [Published on March 26th]

Good morning!

I have tried to observe the first Friday and first Saturday devotion for many years now; however, I do not remember the situation where both first Friday and first Saturday fall during Holy week.

After Holy Thursday Mass, there is not another Mass until the Easter Vigil. How do you suggest the devotion be handled in this case?

Thank you for time.


Our Response:

We will answer this very valid question using a real situation as a parable.

Sometime in the early nineties miguel de Portugal traveled to Paris on a July 16th. During the entire journey from Lourdes to Paris all he was concerned about was not to miss Mass on that very special day. (He had left Lourdes too early for Mass in Lourdes). miguel “hit Paris running” but it seemed that by the time he reached the door of every church, it was just being closed.

Finally he gave up and, with a very heavy heart to have missed Mass on such an important date, he started to locate some sort of lodging.

It was then God He revealed to miguel that He needed an even greater sacrifice from him that day and that sacrifice was precisely not being able to attend Mass as much as his heart was burning to do so in honor of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. Then, miguel felt complete peace and joy, and applied such sacrifice for the intention he was going to offer the Sacrifice of the Mass on that day.

May those who have Eyes, See and Ears, Hear.

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From IC @ Philippines [Published on March 25th – Feast of The Annunciation]]

God’s blessings to you all!

In a recent Divine Instructions update, we are encouraged not to succumb to difficulties, in essence to never give up and to trust in God’s power. This relates to something which has always nagged me and which you answered on the February 26th Points to Ponder page, namely when do we know if what we want or do is the will of God, your answer being:

“It really does not matter... IF whatever you ask for and seek you, as an act of your free will, subject it to the Will of God.

If you do so, He will not allow it, under any circumstances.”

My question is then, and again I beg your forbearance, how do I know when to give up?

My concern is that I may keep at it, thinking that what I’m trying to accomplish is right in the eyes of God, and yet I would be horribly mistaken. Or the opposite would occur, that I would give up too early on what God wants me to accomplish.

I know there may not be a “hard and fast” rule about this, that it will depend on how open my eyes and ears are, but once again I feel compelled to ask. If it be in accordance to His will, I shall await your response.

May God continue to guide us all.


Our Response:

Indeed, there is not a “hard and fast” rule because it depends of circumstances. A rule of thumb is to make a reasonable effort and watch how God allows it to evolve or blocks it outright.


1. Want to sell your house? Tidy up the house so that it gives a good impression (without hiding serious defects). Place a reasonably sized ad (probably the minimum size) in a publication which is sought after by house buyers. Place a fair price on it. Place it on God’s Hands through prayer, deferring the final outcome to Him.

2. Want an employment change? Prepare a realistic and honest resume. Inform yourself of the salaries being paid at your area of residence for a similar position. Contact those organizations with whom you would like to associate yourself and submit your resume to them. Place it on God’s Hands through prayer, deferring the final outcome to Him. Be always prompt and courteous at all position interviews.

3. Want to be a certain automobile? Inform yourself about its performance and reliability. Place it on God’s Hands through prayer, deferring the final outcome to Him. Shop for a reasonable price (nothing is free except for the Love of God!) and visit showrooms. If you enter a showroom and you are ignored or improperly treated, just walk away – God is telling you that that is not the place to buy your car.

4. You have met the woman of your life? Lay down the groundwork for a moral courtship and proceed with it while deferring to the Will of God. If she is the right one, He will make it happen. If she is not, He will give you many warning signs, but, if infatuated with her you will push on and eventually marry her... then, your purgatory will start in earnest. We have seen and continue to see that everywhere.

...and many more...

General fast rules:

(1) NEVER break a Divine Law to achieve your end. The end NEVER, EVER!, justifies the means and you would be laying down the groundwork for misery if you use justify the means to achieve the desired end. Opus Dei will find that out in not a far future.

(2) If you miss a Divine cue, and you are pacing yourself and with great faith, He will certainly give you another cue with a minimum of loss.

(3) If you miss several Divine cues and make the wrong decision, and you offer Him the suffering or discomfort due to the wrong decision, as we have explained in some of our documents, your error is turned by God into a gain.

...and many more...

But above all – cultivate a deep and meaningful relationship with God and ALWAYS place Him first.

If it sounds as easy as the remedy given by Eliseus to Naaman [2 Kings 5: 1-15], know that it will have the same result.

Incidentally, miguel de Portugal has lived (and continues to do so) all of the above, and in many, many more ways. Enough so that could literally fill books.

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From LP @ USA [Published on March 20th]

One of the staff at Spiritual Counterfeits Project (*) magazine sent all his key contacts a link to a letter (**) by an anti-Catholic Evangelical in reference to a book titled The Road to Rome: Modern Journeys to the Catholic Church. One of the main reasons I am sending this to you is because the sender is one of the staffers for SCP, which has published so much of my work. The writer is clear that something is wrong in Rome, but he is still re-fighting the battles of the Reformation while at the same time he is giving a true warning of an imminent great spiritual deception.

Some quotes:

«A second statement provides more information regarding the purpose for publishing the book (The Road to Rome: Modern Journeys to the Catholic Church). Quoting again from the back cover:

By introducing some of the new wave converts, The Path to Rome gives a glimpse of a possible future for the church. As we enter the third millennium, Catholicism, Evangelicalism and Orthodoxy will continue to converge. From this book a vision emerges in which old cultural, national and doctrinal controversies become increasingly irrelevant. Then as the age of Reform draws to a close and the millennium of division gives way to a “Second Spring,” the Church may once more speak with a united voice. [4]

This idea that a “Second Spring” (or as some call it, a “Second Pentecost”) is about to dawn is fascinating in light of Bible prophecy. Is it a grand delusion that will overtake the world in the name of Christ? Why aren’t more people paying attention?»


«Longenecker also accurately points out that this present ecumenical phenomenon is largely the result of a plan that originated in Rome and is sanctioned by the pope. He states:

The Pope calls for all Christians to [a] profound conversion of heart in order for ecumenism to take place... He calls Catholics, Orthodox and Protestants to move [forward] into a new reformation of the Church... In an encyclical that should be read by all Christians, the Pope calls the whole church to join in [a] quest for a new kind of Christianity in which all Christians can once more unite. [6]

The term “new kind of Christianity” is very familiar in light of the propaganda being promoted by Emerging Church proponents. This is exactly what Brian Mc Laren and others have been calling for. It’s the Church on the Other Side. It’s The Secret Message of Jesus that is changing the very definition of what it means to be an evangelical.

As well, the idea that a “new reformation” is in the process of taking place is another battle cry of Emergent promoters. The Reformation was a time in church history when Christianity was led out of darkness into light. This so-called new reformation is leading Christianity out of the light back into the darkness.

In fact, this “new kind of Christianity” brought about by the new reformation is no reformation at all. It is the apostasy that the Bible warns will take place in the last days that will deceive the whole world in the name of the Jesus Christ.»

«But there is more! Longenecker further explains how the Roman Catholic New Evangelization program has benefited from programs implemented by “evangelical” groups and their “evangelism” programs:

While Scott Hahn, Patrick Madrid, and others work as converts to Catholicism, the Catholic Church is learning from Evangelicals in other ways. In the United States, England and Latin America, Catholics are learning how to do primary evangelism using an adapted form of the highly successful, Evangelical Anglican “Alpha” course which originates from Holy Trinity, Brompton. Through this course and other resources, modern lay Catholics are learning to understand and communicate their faith with an openness and zeal unheard of before. [9]

I find this statement amazing. Before Pope John Paul II died, Nicky Gumbel, founder of the Alpha program, went to Rome and met with the pope. The pope and Gumbel agreed to a partnership to “evangelize together.” While some may believe that the Alpha program will evangelize Roman Catholics to the gospel according to the Scriptures, I can assure you that the Vatican’s idea of evangelism is to win converts to the Roman Catholic Church and the Roman Catholic Jesus. The new evangelists who have made Rome their home provide all the evidence we need to prove this point.»


«Then continuing with these words that are prophetic in light of the apostasy prophesied in the Bible:

But at the grass roots level the Spirit may be doing a new, and even a greater creative work—bringing a new church out of the chaos of division. If a new Pentecost is germinating, it will produce a church unfettered by the old denominational, national, doctrinal and historical prejudices. The building of this new Church may be part of the “second spring” which Newman prophesied; a Second Spring in which old differences of the second millennium are buried once and for all, and a newly unified Church emerges ready for the challenge of the third millennium. [11]

When the Emerging Church finishes emerging, it will have merged with Rome, and the great delusion will have been accomplished.»

Do you have any comments?

Lee Penn

(*) Spiritual Counterfeits Project
(**) Home To Rome

The M+G+R Foundation Comments

The writer of the referenced article (**) is, of course, right on target as we have been showing for years. Nonetheless, this is is a perfect example of what we mean when we say that those from outside Catholicism are lumping the Catholic Faith with the activities of the Roman Catholic Administrators.

They have not understood yet that even satan must serve God, and that even though the Administrators of Rome would possibly cause fatal indigestion to lions, were they thrown into their cage, the Catholic Faith in its pure form has reached us, through the Grace of God, containing the greatest grouping of Revealed Truths about Salvation in possession of any one single religious organization.

Our related documents on this matter follow:

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From K @ USA [Published on March 18th]

I have been curious for a long, long time about the way Jesus so often calls himself the Son of Man in the Scriptures. That expression has always touched me very deeply whenever it is come across in reading, so much so that I once looked for it in the Catholic Encyclopedia, but did not learn much, except that none of the Gospel writers ever refer to Jesus by this name, it was exclusively His name for Himself. In thinking of it, I can’t remember ever seeing any prayers or devotions that use Son of Man... neither any churches or organizations using this title.

For Lent I took up a recommended reading of the various prophets and being now in Ezekiel, am amazed to see Son of Man all through that book as the name that God calls Ezekiel.

Then it really popped when I saw the bio on Francis J. Moloney and the topic of his doctoral thesis was the Son of Man in the Fourth Gospel. To top that off, in today’s Rosary (your scriptural version), I read, “Is it with a kiss, Judas, that you betray the Son of Man?”

I could be thinking too much into this, but it seems like there must be more to the Son of Man than what I am understanding and was able to find in my little research. I thought I would pass it along as a question to you and Our Lord to see if you are able to share anything more?

Thank you, as always, for your efforts and bless you!


Our Response:

In all honesty, miguel has pondered (in passing) about that too before, until you asked, then, the information was handed down.

Because of less-than-illuminated translations of the Bible, the term Son of Man has been used to identify a human as well to identify what it was really intended to mean.

A clue may be found at the Book of Daniel: 91 Then Nabuchodonosor the king was astonished, and rose up in haste, and said to his nobles: Did we not cast three men bound into the midst of the fire? They answered the king, and said: True, O king. 92 He answered, and said: Behold I see four men loose, and walking in the midst of the fire, and there is no hurt in them, and the form of the fourth is like the Son of God. [Daniel 3]

The correct translation would be “ a son of God.” and not “...the Son of God.” “A son of God” is often used to identify angels not humans, whereas “The Son of God” means only one individual: Jesus Christ.

Back to the “Son of Man” – As we understand it now, the original intent of the title “Son of Man” was to identify a human being anointed by God to speak and act on His behalf.

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From SB @ USA [Published on March 18th]

You may remember that sometime back you mentioned to me that I should investigate the Antiochian Rite. I found no parishes nearby that held an English service. I continued to remain with an Independent Catholic congregation.

I mentioned to you sometime ago that I still felt as if I were not where I was supposed to be, more a musing to myself than anything else. Your advice, and sound it was, was to consider that God had placed me there for a reason, and to wait.

I did.

Sometime back, in our papers it was mentioned that a group of former Lutheran ministers were to be ordained as Priests in the Antiochian Diocese, and were to practice the Western Rite in English.

I found out today that they are incardinated, and that they are presently renting space from the Episcopal Church directly across the street from me.

I need to pray about this, but thought you should know, (since I consider you my spiritual adviser) that I still see my faith as a pilgrimage. I do however, feel that the move to orthodoxy may be uncomfortable for my wife, who has just become involved with the Independent Catholic Church this past Christmas.

If you could share your thoughts, I would be most grateful.

In the meantime, know that you are in my prayers, and I hope that I will remain in yours. My wish being, to become a tool comfortable to my Master’s hand.


[A few days later we received a follow up communication from SB]

Well, I wondered if the appearance of a Western Rite Antiochian Orthodox Church across the street from me was a sign.

I contacted the priest, we made and appointment, I waited. I waited alone.

I was stood up. I think I got my sign. Maybe the whole thing is a very bad joke.


Our Response:

God does not joke but He certainly gives signs to those who seek them. Our original advice stands but given the “directly across the street from me” situation, you action, as described in your second letter was correct.

However, we should always make sure that we read God’s signs correctly therefore, we suggest setting up another appointment and specifically ask God to make His Will be known to you through another canceled appointment, negative feelings during a kept appointment, kept and joyful meeting, or any other way God deems to inform you how He Wills you to proceed.

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From RC @ USA [Published on March 12th]

I have continued to pray as hard as I can and do whatever seems right when that situation falls in my path.

I have witnessed and continue to witness the decline of three empires.

1. The Catholic Church. Each week on Sunday there are fewer and fewer people there. While the Daily Mass readings teach and encourage the Christian way, clearly the RC high command is not seeing and not hearing the message. It is business as usual. Why do I still go for all this abusive hypocrisy? Because I need the Sacraments and I need to pray for them and for my enemies since that is the only thing that will make life better.

2. The United States. Not a day passes in which I do not hear how our leaders have lied and cheated the people whom they represent, and the people they deal with. The latest scandal about the abuse of wounded soldiers must be added to the list of abuse of the sick, handicapped, mentally ill, prisoners, women, children, immigrants, Afro-Americans, and Native Americans. As a child I used to be proud to be an American (I am second generation American). Now, I feel that anyone in power who speaks the English language is probably lying.

3. The financial markets. A week ago there was a period in the world financial markets best described as relentless selling. The cracks in the foundation are there and visible. The rich are indeed richer and malignantly so. Just as trees cannot grow to the sky, the rich cannot control all the money. Logically if only the rich have all the money, the economy will fail since no one will buy anything and no one will work. A child playing the board game Monopoly can see this, but our leaders cannot.

I am grateful that God has given us this time to pray and reflect and beg for His Mercy. As a group we are a wretched people. All of us are capable of whatever evil I have described above. We are no better than them, except in so far as we recognize ourselves in them and pray for them since we are praying for the betterment of all.

Your article on praying for our enemies is full of insight. This has been applied in the American penal system where there are privately run prisons (where else?).

In contrast to government run prisons where the guards abuse the inmates and the inmates hate the guards and see their tormented state as noble, in the for-profit prisons, the guards are kind to the inmates and offer them change to make phone calls, cigarettes, and other amenities, and are generally polite to the inmates. The for-profit prisons need fewer guards, have fewer problems, and make a profit. And this is a surprise? Yes, if you are blind and dumb.



Our Response:

The prophecies continue to be fulfilled while, what appears to be obvious to you and a few others (items 1, 2 and 3 above) escape most. The “last ditch effort” of the Mercy of God will be the Warning.

What you claim to be doing is what most individuals, who claim for themselves the qualification of “Christian”, should be doing yet precious few do – with the “shepherds” of organized religion at the head of the list.

Recommended readings:

Mercy in Action - Part I

Mercy in Action - Part II

What went wrong with Christianity? - What can we do now? - Part I

What went wrong with Christianity? - What can we do now? - Part II

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An Exchange between CH @ New Zealand and The M+G+R Foundation [Published on March 11th]

CH writes (upon reading in a mailing received from us): ...“ I have been all things unholy. If God can work through me, He can work through anyone.” Saint Francis of Assisi...


That’s very... leveling!

The M+G+R Foundation responds:

You now believe it [Wow!] because is with Francis’ By-Line? The same old story – The belief [Wow!] if the face is known.

We hoped that you were beyond that already... obviously not.

We respond not because, as we keep repeating, “we are on commission” nor that you believe m de P or not matters to him on a personal level, we respond, and in a public manner, to illustrate that most still...

Need to pray quite a bit more... for that vision needs sharpening.

Many continued Blessings!

The M+G+R Foundation

CH responds:

I suspect my vision may always need sharpening. Perfection may or may not exist for us mere mortals, but the path is a rocky one.

My surprise was that one such as St. Francis, also considered himself to be ‘normal’ and acknowledged his failings, obviously after his elevation. It was a reinforcement, I guess.

I acknowledged your role and had an ‘insight’ to it years ago, as I have alluded to in the past.

I sin, I love, and I grow more saddened by the state of the world. I am a mere mortal with failings. I deepen my understanding of life and the world on an almost daily basis. So much, I wish to pass on of what I know.

I thank God for the gifts I have – my family, and the love I receive, which is returned a million fold from my true wife to be. I know there is a much deeper love that all of us have bestowed on us.

Life is good and we are blessed. I pray for enlightenment.

The M+G+R Foundation now responds:

The point, which we tried to make through what we thought to be constructive criticism and without coming out and saying it, was missed. Thus, for your benefit and that of all we will do so on this forum:

(1) To begin with —We know that your intentions are golden— without a doubt.

(2) Not only your vision – but the vision of all of us – m de P included – needs continual sharpening as we progress in this journey. No one is above that.

However, you are not where you think you are in the journey and that was our subtle message. That misreading of one’s state is a real danger in anyone’s journey.

There is no shortcut to advancing one’s spiritual state, i.e. increased level of conversion. Prayer is a must – formal and informal.

Yes, we know and recognize that you have been especially graced by God, but so was Lucifer – the Angel of Light, the most beautiful and exalted angel... soon to become satan.

Your thanking God for the gifts your receive is a good certainly a starting point —but just that— a starting point. Let us not forget what He clearly taught:

And unto whomsoever much is given, of him much shall be required: and to whom they have committed much, of him they will demand the more. [Luke 12:48]

Also, let us not fall in the very common snare of thinking that because “all is going our way, God is with us and there is nothing to be concerned about.”

We read in Luke 16:25 And Abraham said to him: Son, remember that thou didst receive good things in thy lifetime, and likewise Lazareth evil things, but now he is comforted; and thou art tormented.

We are not practicing the Vatican “theology” of guilt and fear, we are only assisting the seeking Faithful to understand the “Rules of the Game”. As we have stated many times, the Spiritual Domain has hard and fast Laws just as the Physical Domain does. One of the functions that we must fulfill for God is explaining those Laws in great detail to avoid the “I wish I had know that” or “If I had only known” exclamations before the Throne of Judgment.

That is one of the few semi personal requests m de P makes of God everyday. He does not want to cross the veil without having utilized, for the benefit of all and the Glory of God, every single Grace God has granted him to the maximum God intended it to be utilized.

It is not a matter of fear of God; it is a matter of love for God.

We pray that we have been clear enough for all.

Recommended readings:

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From BH @ Ukraine [Published on March 7th]

My name is B... I am from Lviv, Ukraine.

I have recently get started with reading that interesting and faithful articles. I would like to say great thanks for you for that not easy work you are doing on behalf of my family and Lviv citizens in general.. Things, you’ve been talking about are very owfull and really obvious.. We do really live in the last times.. and we could all be a witnesses of the Armaggedon and the Jesus Christ triumf. But I am scarried very much of that.. :((

I am parish of st.Paul and st.Peter church in Ryasne, Lviv.

We are keeping in standing in traditional saint Catholick Faith despite all obstackles and threates.

And our prior f.Vasyl Kovpak suffered very much for this... He is standing in Priestly Brotherhood of Saint Pius X.

Could you pray for our priour and kindly tell me about tradition movement role in our anxious world.

Sorry for disturbing,


Our Response:

The anguish of a heart which seeks the Truth —which is in God— is never a disturbance for us, and certainly not for God. We only consider disturbances the proud and the arrogant, yet, we also pray for them as our Master has commanded all who consider themselves Christians.

Intercessions for your spiritual benefit as well as that of your family, your parish members and its prior as well as your people, will certainly be included in our prayers.

Regarding traditional movements – we have one word: Caution. We must not consider “tradition” good simply because it is “tradition”. Only the traditions which produce good fruit are worth keeping. We must not confuse tradition with orthodoxy nor orthodoxy with fanaticism. Orthodoxy, as we define it, is living the Faith as prescribed by Jesus Christ and developed by God through worthy individuals within the Church – East and West throughout the centuries.

We have made clear our position regarding the Catholic Faith as well as the enormous value of the Sacraments. We have also made ourselves very clear about the dangers of tradition, for tradition's sake and the dangers of falling into fanaticism. Regarding new movements within a Parish, we have some simple questions that we must ask before joining what appears to be a new pious group in our Parish.

If you review those documents you will be able to better discern what is right and what is not and assist your brothers and sisters so that they do not fall into error.

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From Name Withheld @ USA [Published on March 3rd]

I am in my early forties and a single mother. My life has been riddled with depression for 10 years or more. I recently told my sister of my brother-in-law’s past sexual abuse of me when he was in his late twenties and I was barely a teenager.

Now I am being accused of being the perpetrator, and am being harassed by phone calls and e-mails. I have two older sisters who are very close with each other. They are both viewing this TRUTH as a betrayal and are blaming me fully for this sick action that was perpetrated against me when I was very young and innocent. I do not know how to get through to them.

Our mother who is nearly eighty is even being harassed by them – as if she would be expected to side with him as a trusted son-in-law molesting her youngest daughter????

I’m sure this is a typical reaction in most families to “save face,” especially since my brother-in-law is a successful business man.

I fight destructive thoughts/depression and fatigue daily because of their reactions. I struggle to keep my head above water financially as a single mom recently divorced from an abusive man. I cannot believe my sisters are so blind. I was a vulnerable timid girl whose self-esteem and innocence was destroyed by a trusted male role model. How can that be my fault?

My entire life has been negatively affected by his games that went on for about 7 years. It is hard to tell what lies he is now telling to try to paint me out to be a little tramp or something. My sister (his wife) is currently in the hospital and my other sister called to inform our mother last night that “if anything major happens to her, it will be my fault.”

I did not tell her for many years as to protect her from being hurt but now that the truth is out – I am the dog for it.

Please pray for me and our family as a whole that healing from the Lord will soothe these fresh wounds.

Name Withheld

Our Response:

Tragically your situation is more common than anyone wishes to admit. The best way to approach the solution is understanding who is really behind it; and that one is precisely satan.

First of all, he targets not the most vulnerable soul but a soul who is specially dear to God; then, he times the strike when the soul is at a most vulnerable state; then, he uses the strike as if it were a poisoned stinger of a scorpion which was never removed after it stung – it progressively and continuously work on the soul attempting to destroy it.

The first step that you must take is to understand the mechanism as we have described above and disassociate yourself from the blame or responsibility of the act (s).

The world type reasons (the weaknesses that they have and which satan is exploiting to harm you with) that your sisters are acting in such way may be one or more of the following:

(a) They were also engaging in such behavior with him but it was voluntary on their part. The last thing they need now is for all of that to come to the surface. (You have no idea how common this is.)

(b) They had always had a sibling type of jealousy of you and now is time to even a score (a score which only existed in their obviously twisted minds).

(c) They rather sacrifice you than to sacrifice a successful business man that may provide some material benefits to them.

satan’s “Grand Finale” may be to pin on you the responsibility of the outcome of your sister’s health crisis. Do not let that happen – see for what it is and dismiss such allegations together with the rest of the accusations.

The formula to resolve such a disastrous scenario is as simple as it was 2000 years ago – But I say to you, Love your enemies: do good to them that hate you: and pray for them that persecute and calumniate you: [Matthew 5:44]

If you have turned to us it is because you trust us. Then, we ask you to trust us one step further – The solution that we prescribe is the only solution that will work. For the mechanism of how it works review our document The Spiritual World and How It Influences Our Behavior, most specifically the CONCLUSION and RECOMMENDATION section.

In the meantime, do not allow them to harass you via telephone and e-mails. Simply ignore them —they are just part of satan’s plan— which, incidentally, in the long run will harm them far more that it will ever harm you.

Courage! for you are obviously a favorite of God – otherwise, why would have satan bother to try to destroy you?

Keep us posted on the progress – we do care and know that the remedy will work.

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From TK @ USA [Published on February 28th]

Regarding the news report (*) which we quote below:

...beekeepers like Sundberg have a mystery in their hives this year. Bees are disappearing at an alarming rate.

“Colonies are going down. The bees aren’t dead in the box or aren’t out front”, says Jerry Bromenshenk, a bee researcher at the University of Montana. “They’ve just disappeared. Just vanished.”

Part of the mystery is that colonies can go from active and healthy to dead and gone within days. For beekeepers, that’s a loss that stings.

They “just disappeared”, says beekeeper Louise Rossberg. “There’s nothing there. There’s no bees on the ground anywhere. There’s just a completely empty hive.”

In just a few weeks, Rossberg has seen hundreds of her hives go empty. “I don’t know what to do”, she says. “And I’m not alone.”

Does the disappearance of bees mean anything?



Our Response:

The environmental/zoological reason escapes us —but that is not important at all— what is important is that such disappearance is another communication channel that God is using to let us know “where we are at”. Read on...

Bee / Bee Hive

The bee is symbolic of tireless activity. It represents a good work ethic and being diligent at it’s task. Because the worker bees are “virgins” it is symbolic of virginity/chastity. Because the bee appears to die in the winter and re-appear in the summer, it can symbolize rebirth. The bee’s hard work is connected to the beehive, which symbolizes order. The bee represents the Christian and the beehive then symbolizes the church. Legend also suggests that bees never sleep, thus it is a symbol of vigilance. (**)

If we tried we just could not make up what we report and announce... yet, How many people do believe us when we keep announcing that the “party”, as we know it, “is just about over” and continue to call for prayer and penance as we have done before...

12 Now therefore saith the Lord: Be converted to me with all your heart, in fasting, and in weeping, and in mourning. 13 And rend your hearts, and not your garments, and turn to the Lord your God: for he is gracious and merciful, patient and rich in mercy, and ready to repent of the evil. 14 Who knoweth but he will return, and forgive, and leave a blessing behind him, sacrifice and libation to the Lord your God? 15 Blow the trumpet in Sion, sanctify a fast, call a solemn assembly, 16 Gather together the people, sanctify the church, assemble the ancients, gather together the little ones, and them that suck at the breasts: let the bridegroom go forth from his bed, and the bride out of her bride chamber. 17 Between the porch and the altar the priests the Lord’s ministers shall weep, and shall say: Spare, O Lord, spare thy people: and give not thy inheritance to reproach, that the heathen should rule over them. Why should they say among the nations: Where is their God? [Joel 2]

Brethren, when people ask: What time is it? We must respond: It's about that time!

(*) Full article on missing bees:
(**) Quote source:

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