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The purpose of this Public Forum is to publicly respond to and/or comment upon correspondence that we may receive from time to time and which is of Universal interest in these very unsettling times.

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Letters/Questions - Addressed on April 2007

From LP @ USA Published on April 30th

Bartholomew I, the Ecumenical Patriarch of the Orthodox Church (Catholic Church of the East), has endorsed Benedict XVI's book on Jesus.


A. Well, as we said, God secured a delay through some behind the scenes work but, it was only a delay and Bartholomew I finally caved in to the enticements of the Vatican. All is working out according to schedule.

From The M+G+R Foundation - Published on April 27th

Since we continue to lack the physical support necessary to function in an appropriate manner and fulfill our God given Charter, we are cutting back in the areas that we are able to do so. Attending correspondence is one of those areas.

Any correspondence addressed to us will be looked at eventually, although an individual response will no longer be possible except in very rare occasions.

We invoke upon you many Blessings from on High!

The M+G+R Foundation

From KD @ USA Published on April 26th

In reference to your latest mailing (*)... How can the wealthy of the world respond to the poor? How can we best help them?

If these questions show ignorance and shallowness on my part, please forgive me.



In all truth, a key part of the answer to KD's letter came through a letter from another List Member (Mrs. X) that reached us simultaneously. We reproduce below the edited (for privacy purposes) letter from Mrs. X.

A week ago, we got the call from the bank that our home is in foreclosure. That was on Monday. Tuesday, the man who owns the building where our family business runs, called to tell us that he is taking it all back.

We have 9 children, 3 of which are employed by our family business that is going away. However, much good has come from this because it has strengthen our individual relationships with God - because God is always the same, and always good.

Now, to my point. This would have been a prime opportunity for at least a dozen family members ( our siblings and their spouses) to extend themselves to us and offer us a hand in our time of trial. Many of them have plenty of money and brag about the millions they have made over time. They always have plenty for the casino. None of them practice their catholic faith.

We are Lazarus to them, they have spurned us. It is our church family that is bringing us through each day, even as we pray the 'Our Father' at daily mass, truly trusting that God will give us our daily bread.

Our poor family members, who look down on us for having so many children, have once again missed a chance to practice what Scriptures say..." Charity covers a multitude of ins" ...and yet, we pray for their conversion. May God be blessed in all seasons,
even through our tears...

Mrs. X

As you may readily see, the "Lazarus" are really everywhere; we just have to be sensitive to their plight through the vision given to us by the Holy Spirit of God.

In the above shared letter we actually see two sets of "Lazarus" - we see the material Lazarus who may appear (to the world) to be about to go under financially and their family (their siblings and their spouses), the spiritual Lazarus, who already are spiritually bankrupt.

What is refreshing is to see the "material Lazarus" doing what Jesus clearly taught us - "...and yet, we pray for their conversion". That generosity God will not overlook nor ever forget and, frankly, we look forward how He Will manifest His Glory to this family who are enduring great financial setbacks with trust and confidence as well as obedience to His teachings. It will certainly be more glorious than a Rainbow.

This is scene right out of the New Testament : Those who are the richest are those who appear bankrupt to the world and those who are truly bankrupt (for spiritual bankruptcy is the worse kind bankruptcy) are the ones who appear rich to the world.

Other "Lazarus" may also be found in Africa, India, Maymar, etc. The only charity that we can confidently recommend, because we know them first hand and have for over 30 years - long before God touched them, is Renewed Hope although we are sure that there are many worthwhile local charities that truly serve the local Lazarus instead of filling the pockets of the "holy" promoters - as it is usually the case.

(*) The referred to mailing follows:


Let us not forget the "Lazarus" of the world during our daily prayers and acts of Mercy; we certainly do not want to hear Abraham, in our era, Christ say:

Son, remember that thou didst receive good things in thy lifetime, and likewise Lazarus evil things, but now he is comforted; and thou art tormented. And besides all this, between us and you, there is fixed a great chaos: so that they who would pass from hence to you, cannot, nor from thence come hither. [Luke 16: 25-26]

Of course, if one's name is in the Book of Life, the passage "to Abraham's bosom" will be possible - in that case it would be from Purgatory to Heaven.(1)

Yes, we understand that Jesus told us: For the poor you have always with you: and whensoever you will, you may do them good: but me you have not always. [Mark 14:7] but just because He said that "...the poor you have always with you..." does not mean that we should forget them for in the same breath He said "...whensoever you will, you may do them good:..."

Many continued Blessings in proportion to our generosity towards those whom God has entrusted to our care.

Your Family at The M+G+R Foundation

(1) We assure you - regardless of whatever the "dogma of the day" of Vatican may be - Purgatory is a reality. Divine realities are not subject "dogmas of the day" which usually respond to monetary influences and have nothing to do with God.

From Various @ Worldwide Published on April 23rd

Thank you for once again answering my questions. It is because of those answers that I would ask something of you all.

If it be in accordance to His will, I ask that you include me in your prayers, for I feel that I have gone astray and I need all the help I can get.

It seems my Eyes and Ears are shut, I cannot See, I cannot Hear. Recently, I have prayed to Jesus for guidance in a decision I was going to make and I have discerned no answer.

This has led me to one conclusion, my Lord has never failed me, if I have not been able to discern any answers, then the fault is mine. I am too far away from God to understand what he has "said".

I entreat you then, if I am of the Elect, please pray for me. If not, then it really doesn't matter does it? You needn't respond to this message, it will be enough for me that you consider my request.

Regardless of your decision, know that you are all in my prayers and I will continue to strive as best I can.
May God continue to bless and guide you all.


A. The above is the actual letter from one of our dear brothers, however, it reflects the feelings from a number of our correspondents. The only common thread missing from the above cry is: Why would God make a miracle for me? Who am I to be worthy of a miracle?

With the missing cry included we shall proceed to respond - for it is the Will of God that we do.

First - let us review the clear and unequivocal words of God - Jesus Christ - THE Word of God Incarnate - via Matthew 5:6 :

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for holiness; they shall have their fill.

Blessed are they that hunger and thirst after justice: for they shall have their fill.

Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be satisfied.

The above are three versions of the same verse from Bibles accepted by the Catholic Faith.

There may appear some differences but there is none: Holiness is a natural result of Justice and Righteousness can only result in Justice.

Anyone who have such thirst cannot be anything else but one of the Elect. The problem lies in that satan tries to convince said individual that he/she is not so in an effort to make their lives miserable. Of course, his last "shot" will be at the time we stand before the Throne of Justice where THE Word of God, Jesus Christ, will judge each and everyone of us. At that time satan will try to convince us that we are worthless and that we deserve to go to hell, in the hopes that we fall for that trap. You see, we even make that final choice. This is why we keep praying to Mary "...pray for us sinners now and the hour of our death..." ; She will help us not fall into satan's last trap.

To explain how satan tricks us into feeling that " is my fault..." that we may not hear God's guidance and instructions, we shall use physical examples which most human beings are familiar with:

1. You have studied diligently for a final exam. You know the material forwards and backwards yet you are fearful that you may fail. You are presented with the exam and the fear that satan planted in your heart causes you to freeze and cannot remember a thing. The results are disastrous.

2. A male who is not so sure of his "manhood" - something more common than most people can even imagine and which satan uses to its maximum. One day, for a very logical reason he cannot perform sexually. Panic sets in and it will take quite a bit of psychological work to get that man functioning again even though that one mishap was the logical result of any number of non sexual reasons and it certainly had to do nothing with his "manhood".

3. A female is fearful that she may not be able to have a child. She and her husband try, and try and panic begins to set in while satan whispers in her ear that she will never be a mother. Now panic turns into despair and, we assure you, she will not conceive now.

In all of the above - in most cases - the moment the individual just simply relaxes and takes the attitude of "Whatever will be, will be" (*) in accordance to the Will of God, all three "problems" disappear since the absolute trust in God sends satan scurrying away.

Therefore, if we try too hard to hear God, we will probably miss His response.

Now, satan is probably telling you: "Oh, and if you miss that response you will really be in a fix!" Don't fall for that last ditch effort from satan.

If you really want to do the Will of God, i.e. "...hunger and thirst for holiness;" you shall have your fill! God will try to get through to you in a number of ways until He does get through AND your missing the first "half dozen Divine tries" will cause you negligible problems when all is said and done.

Please, remember, God is truly Almighty and there is nothing He cannot do - Period! All He needs is a willing soul and whatever it takes, He will work it out.

Remember, the Evangelization failed not because of God, but because the individuals charged for instructing you as we do, did not it - even though they have had almost 2000 years to do so!

That you are not worthy of a miracle? According to whom? satan? Let God decide the when and how - He can handle it well!

Just relax and, paraphrasing a commercial from a bus company in the US: "Relax and leave the driving to God!" then, you can enjoy the ride into Eternity - starting right now!

Incidentally, miguel de Portugal did not learn that from some half baked theology book - God taught it to him and he has lived it, and seen it lived by those whom he instructed, for over twenty years!

From TJ @ USA Published on April 21st

Thank you for the very informative document (*). I have saved a copy to refer to. However, one item troubles me:

39. Before the first resurrection of the dead, a faithful remnant of Jews will believe Christ and follow Him (Romans 11:15; Romans 11:25-32). This will come after the appointed number of the Gentiles has believed in Christ.

By contrast, the False Christ will not draw the Jews to himself; he will, if given sufficient time, persecute them. He hates the Jews, for they were the original Chosen People, and the first heirs of the Promise.

Jesus also said something to the effect "I come in the name of the Father and you do not accept me. But another will come in his own name and him you will accept". [John 5:43]

This seems to be contradictory to the point above.


A. We thank you for the opportunity to shed light on this issue.

The exact quotation from the Douay-Rheims version of the Bible is: I am come in the name of my Father, and you receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him you will receive. [John 5:43]

Jesus is primarily speaking about those "whose face is known" because they come "in his own name" i.e. on their own credentials (the key to deception which we keep bringing up in the hopes that more wake up to it). For example, in the case of Ratzinger, it does not matter who he may really represent; he is now "Pope" and anyone that "is known to be the Pope" the masses have been brainwashed to believe - "in his own name" - no matter what he may say.

 The Jews spoken of in item 39 above are "a faithful remnant of Jews" which comprise only a small part of the greater body of Jews, and who are counted amongst the Elect. The rest will fall, just like most of the Christians will, for those who come in their own name; i.e. on their own credentials.

This is the reason why God insisted - from the first day - that miguel de Portugal speak without any credentials whatsoever since only those who have Eyes to See and Ears to Hear, will respond to what he says in the Name of God; the rest are strictly credentials seekers and, as they are presented the "proper credentials", they will believe and fall in error. That is precisely why  ...the serpent cast out of his mouth after the woman, water as it were a river; that he might cause her to be carried away by the river. [Revelations 12:15]

(*) Biblical Prophecies Regarding the Return of Christ

From LP @ USA Published on April 17th

Regarding your statement in a recent communication: "The Faithful must realize that the time for Divine Mercy has a limit." Until now, I have assiduously prayed the Mercy Chaplet, and have attempted to do it without any mental reservation: I meant my prayers to be a comprehensive plea for God to flood the world with mercy, sufficient to reach all - just as the Fatima Prayer says, "lead all souls to Heaven, especially those most in need of Thy mercy." The Fatima Prayer is part of my daily recitation of the Chaplet.
But this item, and so many others, makes me wonder ... and shudder. If mankind is being given a reprieve, we are making a dreadful use of it - as a whole, we're getting worse, not better. Could it be that the time has come to stop praying for mercy and to just say "Thy will be done" - accepting that such Divine Will may now encompass the end of the time of mercy? And yet, how can I, a sinner, refrain from praying for mercy? The Mercy saved me; can I refuse to entreat the same for everyone else who needs it? Do I dare to pray for Divine Justice?
Maybe - in my case - the response is (unless God directs me otherwise) to continue the prayers for Mercy - someone has to, after all - but to accept the fact that the Mercy may be shown only in limited cases, and not to the multitude.
I wonder, and I listen ...


A. As we have explained in a recent document and others, only the Elect, who are only known to God at the time of their conception, will spend an Eternity in Heaven with Him. As we have also explained, those who have Eyes to See and Ears to Hear, i.e. The Elect, open their eyes and ears at different points of their journey in Time. The longer it takes for them to be able to See and Hear, the more they will suffer in this journey.

Therefore, if we really wish to serve God, Who Is all Goodness and Love, we must strive to minimize the suffering of His Elect in the world, as we have also explained elsewhere.

Therefore, when we invoke Divine Mercy we are doing so for His Elect.

Now, at the time when Mercy is stopped, what is meant is that God will then only apply the proverbial Plan "B" - Pain is the megaphone that God uses to assist the deaf in hearing Him.

In reference to the part of the Prayer of Fatima which states: "lead all souls to Heaven, especially those most in need of Thy mercy." As we understand it, that part refers to the souls who are in Purgatory and awaiting merits to shorten their stay in Purgatory and move into Heaven.

LP, you are even helpful when you have questions and we Praise God for your enduring assistance.

From IC @ Philippines Published on April 16th

I have a question about polygamy.

God is perfect and unchanging, yet in the Old Testament polygamy was an accepted practice. Even in the New Testament when one of the suggested requirements of a bishop was being discussed, one of it was being the husband of one wife. Meaning that even then, polygamy was still being practiced. When did this turn evil?

And how will this affect the conversion of Muslims during the End Times? Will they still be polygamous, or will they have to choose which wife they want to keep? I'm sorry, but this question just occurred to me earlier today and I felt the need to ask.
If it be in accordance to His will, I shall await your answers.
May God continue to bless you all.


A. Once again we must thank you for the opportunity to address this matter.

The answer lies right in the New Testament:

They say to Him: Why then did Moses command to give a bill of divorce, and to put away? He saith to them: Because Moses, by reason of the hardness of your heart, permitted you to put away your wives: but from the beginning it was not so. [Matthew 19: 7-8]

Regarding the effect that such situation will have on Muslims during End Times, we have not been given any information about that yet; thus, anything that we may say would sheer speculation and not illumination. CNN, FOX, etc. handle "speculation"; The M+G+R Foundation, in the Name of God, handles "illumination".

From JM @ USA Published on April 16th

When the foretellers informed Herod that a Messiah was born he sent his soldiers to kill every first-born male child in the region of Bethlehem...but, this is, apparently, when the Angel warned Joseph and Mary to flee into Egypt...

However, did not Herod make some kind of connection when Jesus was brought before him thirty three years later-it seems logical that he would make the connection at some point during The Passion.Certainly, he would have been aware of the history of Jesus' activities, associations and miracles reported during His three year ministry and could back-date to the census he ordered that required Joseph to travel to the place where he later ordered the murders??


A. The answer lies right in the New Testament:

And after they were departed, behold an angel of the Lord appeared in sleep to Joseph, saying: Arise, and take the child and his mother, and fly into Egypt: and be there until I shall tell thee. For it will come to pass that Herod will seek the child to destroy him. Who arose, and took the child and his mother by night, and retired into Egypt: and he was there until the death of Herod: [Matthew 2: 13-14]

We are dealing with two Herods - father: Herod the Great and son: Herod Antipas

It is amazing how much information is packed in the Holy Scriptures.

From VR @ Dubai Published on April 12th

The following announcement was made before the Maundy Thursday service at Saint Mary's Church, Dubai by Mr. Tellis the Spiritual Director of our church. I shall try to quote verbatim from memory:

"...Please understand that Holy Communion can be received only by Catholics who are in a state of grace. However, during Holy Week, non Catholic Christians who are in a state of grace may also receive Holy Communion provided that they believe in the Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist."

I thought that the receiving of the Sacrament of Penance/Confession/Reconciliation was a pre-requisite to
receiving the Sacrament of Holy Communion. Am I mistaken?

Wishing you a VERY HAPPY EASTER!

Love in Christ Jesus,


A. We have addressed your question/concern in a new document titled The Kingdom of Heaven and Its Keys. Notwithstanding the contents of the new document, we must say that we have never heard such an invitation from the pulpit before.

From YDM @ USA
Published on April 12th

I am sending a comment about the 10 April letter from JC. I do not have fancy degrees, & will try to get my point across in my simple language, with no offense intended. First of all, we all agree what a sorry state the church is in, not least of all the insipid homilies. If one knows anything about true apparitions, one would know about Our Lady's request to say the daily Rosary with Her intentions of the "conversion of poor sinners" & praying for "the pope, the bishops & the priests". Also one would accept the crosses of daily life, including the heartbreak associated with watered down worship (if we are unable to do anything about it) in a spirit of penance, as requested by Her.

Mr. JC, as her father, did you not tell your daughter about the importance of having her marriage blessed? I am sure that your prayers gave her the desire to go to confession.. She herself must have felt the need to go to confession.. But how could the priest forgive her sins if she has no firm purpose of amendment - continuing living outside of the Church?

You as her father have a unique position to encourage her to have the marriage blessed, but what does it appear that you have done instead? You have "badmouthed" this particular priest that was only doing his duty (thanks be to God). You told your daughter a lie that Jesus will forgive her sins, (Jesus set up the conditions -Whose sin you shall forgive, (or loose) they are forgiven,).

You gave her the "go ahead" to abandon the little Catholic Faith she has left. Read what Jesus says about those who lead His little ones astray... She is indeed a little one who was seeking God. You, who supposedly have "found Him" should take this little lamb to have her marriage blessed, & tell her the wonders of Divine Mercy.

May God enlighten you to His Truth, dear JC.


A. We have addressed your question/concern in a new document titled The Kingdom of Heaven and Its Keys. But as a preamble to your particular communication...

(1) "Fancy degrees" are not a requirement to See and Hear. The original twelve chosen by Jesus did not have "Fancy degrees". Actually, said degrees interfere with God working through a soul - Saul-turned-Paul was a first and well known example. Just as m de P realized at his moment of Flash - true wisdom is only of and from God and is only available to those who make a home for the Holy Spirit of God in their souls. Unfortunately, the Rome missed that point and focused on "Book Wisdom" - a "Wisdom" which has very little value in the true Kingdom of God. The State of the World is our witness.

(2) We will not entertain nor print any rebuttal from JC. All that needs to be said about this issue has been said by miguel de Portugal in The Kingdom of Heaven and Its Keys

We thank both for the opportunity to clarify many points that need clarification for many before it becomes too late to do so.

From KD @ USA
Published on April 9th

Do you have an opinion how a penitent should approach his or her confession for Divine Mercy Sunday? Should one simply mention one's sins in general terms, or should the confessing of them be very detailed? I want to thank God publicly in this forum for His unfathomable gifts of mercy and love.



A. Thank you for the opportunity to address this most important issue which is applicable to every Sacrament of Reconciliation. We will preface our recommendation with a true and brief story told to m de p by old priest friend.

"There was this priest that came to me for confession and who gave so much detail about his sins that I had to tell him that he was sinning all over again through the detailed manner he was recounting his misdeeds."

Moral of this true story - enumeration of sin by categories; i.e., lack of charity, impatience, impure thoughts, adultery. Then, general frequency; i.e. many times, seldom. Next, how it is handled; i.e. "Impure thoughts poured in but I dismiss them immediately"; or "I slipped and committed adultery once (that is - with the same individual)".

The confessor does not need to know the contents of the impure thoughts, nor how shapely and desirable was your neighbor.

In case of masturbation - only qualify whether it was "a one person orgy with I MAX visual effects" or simply a relieving a physical urge with a "blank mind".

In the case of lying - qualify the severity of the type of lies you are prone to tell and the general consequences.

Etc., etc.

Reject any notion such as the traditional "old (Catholic) wives tale" that "A sin is a sin"; a completely heretical notion stating that a murder counts as much as a minor lie or impure thoughts. Such ridiculous notions only drive away the penitent from God and not to spiritual healing. (*)

In summary - what God desires is a true contrite heart and a burning desire to sin no more; not another "old (Catholic) wives tale" such "I will sin no more". Anyone who states that, already did sin - he/she lied! (*)

With your express desire to do what is right by writing to us "you are already half-way there!"

May God continue to Bless you!
(*) Note to any reader: Please, do not write quoting this or that saint or this or that Pope, who may have said or endorsed such notions. Regardless of whom it may have been, either he or she was misquoted or simply flat wrong.

From JM @ USA Published on April 7th [Holy Saturday - 2007]

Greetings to you in His Name this sad morning...

A word about the "on the scene" reporter at the Passion of Christ: (*)

Modern word associations seem to treat language phrased in the passive voice as something that did not quite happen:

" is alleged...", "it was learned...", "Pilate was quoted as saying...",

and inserting qualifiers from the reporter's own belief-system adds a weight of believability for those unable or unwilling to think for themselves:

"the Roman soldiers nailed a sign on the cross, apparently to better mock Jesus..."

All part of Satan's plan to desensitize the world to the true suffering of Jesus and to his sacrifice for us all... and to close up the minds of those who might otherwise be open to "seeing and hearing"


A. Thank you for providing the vehicle to make crystal clear the purpose of the referred to (*) publication.

Our point was to precisely highlight "....satan's plan to desensitize the world to the true suffering..." of the world (NOT of the Passion of Christ) as we watch the news of misery day in and day out with ever increasing indifference. By doing this, he fully cooperates in the hardening of our hearts and in the practical death of any charity that we may have had.

Of course, satan does not miss a single opportunity to downgrade the importance of the sacrifice Jesus offered to give mankind an opportunity (not a free ticket!) to Eternal Life - the world wide effort to sanctify Judas Iscariot being one glaring example; however, we do not believe that such was the intent of the author. Without "placing words in his mouth" we are inclined to believe that he was moved by the same Spirit that moved us to give one-more-alert to mankind on a global scale about the fulfillment of:

12 And because iniquity hath abounded, the charity of many shall grow cold. [Matthew 24]

"Iniquity" means "injustice". Injustice means allowing the death of over five million people in the world, every year, because they are too poor to live, and ignoring over a billion children of God who live in near sub human condition - while fat accumulates, without let up, in the bodies of the "Christians" of the world.

(*) The Passion of Christ as it would have been reported on by the 21st century Media

From SB @ USA Published on April 5th [Holy Thursday - 2007]

May the Peace and Blessings of our Lord be yours.

I mean that.

I was reading your points to ponder January 1st (*). "Talking Rosary, and talking Eucharist" but, "Who helps?", "Who goes to visit?"

I'm sorry. I don't know HOW to help. How do I help you? How does a child help a father.

As for visiting the Eucharist... all of our Catholic Churches in Detroit are locked. Our little independent parish meets in a chapel and our priest brings the wafer to be consecrated with him.

I want to do more. I know that more is needed. I don''t know how!

I already feel like a waste of skin one week out of every month, (that seems to be the cycle of my depressions) but I will try to do more. Tell me.

No pity party here either. Rome doesn't want me in their church, and I found another, but HERE, they lock church doors, something that as a child I was told would never happen.

As for talking Rosary... I think you already know my family's story, but if you tell me there is more for me to do, I will.

Yours in Christ


A. Dearest brother in Christ - if a small fraction of those who call themselves Catholics would try half as hard as you do to draw closer to God and to fulfill His Will in your life, the world would not be in the condition that it is today.

God measures the contribution of each of His children in accordance to their (real) ability to contribute. How can you adore the Blessed Sacrament if the Church doors are locked? Regarding all else....

(1) You are bringing your wife and daughter to God - by word and deed.
(2) You are praying and offering your suffering so that we may fulfill the Will of God through the hands of miguel de Portugal.
(3) You assiduously review and act upon what we publish in His Name.
(4) You pray for others who are still lost.

We have nothing else to request from you other than to continue to do what you are doing and He will guide you to the next step, and next, and next....

May He continue to Bless and Guide you!

(*) Published on January 1, 2007 [Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God]

We cannot help but wonder.... why with so many Catholics "talking Mary" and "talking Rosary" we have had so little traffic in two key Marian Documents that we have On-Line: Mary, the Mother of Jesus, is unquestionably co-Redemptrix and Mediatrix of All Graces and Mary, is unquestionably the Mother of God to anyone who believes in the Most Holy Trinity.

We have great respect for those who do not understand the Catholic teachings (actually: Realities) of the Divine Motherhood of Mary and the Eucharistic Presence of Jesus, since thair position is due to the fact that they have not been taught those realities; however, but for the Catholics that all they do is "talk Mary", "talk Rosary" and "talk Eucharistic Presence", although we assidiously pray for their conversion, we have great difficulty "swallowing them".

Could it be that we are "catching" something from Heaven? Something like:

But because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold, not hot, I will begin to vomit thee out of my mouth. [Apocalypse 3:16]

From GMcE @ Ireland [Published on April 4th]

Given the lateness of the hour and the necessity upon each of us to get our relationship with God moving in the right direction, I would ask you to give some consideration to posting two devotional items on your website which would be of great help to those who like me are struggling to fight their way through to God.
The first is "The Secret of Mary" by Saint Louis DeMontfort which offers a sure way to sanctity for those who can follow it's requirements, and to those who succeed in undertaking this devotion to the fullest extent possible, the prospect of the mystical divine union of the soul with God is held to be possible.
The second is fifteen prayers Our Lord gave to St Bridget of Sweden which is to be offered every day for a year ( 365 * 15 = 5475). This is calculated to be one prayer each to honour the number of the blows Our Lord received during his passion. The fifteen promises attached to those who complete this devotion are absolutely magnificent in their generosity and would appear to guarantee salvation to those who manage to complete it.
I have downloaded both of these from the web and will gladly forward them to your web address for large emails if you so wish.
I would also ask you to provide your usual insightful analysis of each devotion as there are some points which to me at least require clarification as to their meaning, in particular the De Montfort article. If you decide to go ahead with this I will amplify this question in my next email.
Best Regards,


A. We thank you for your concern and effort; however, invoking the concept in the Lazarus' parable...

29 And Abraham said to him: They have Moses and the prophets; let them hear them. 30 But he said: No, father Abraham: but if one went to them from the dead, they will do penance. 31 And he said to him: If they hear not Moses and the prophets, neither will they believe, if one rise again from the dead. [Luke 16]

....we do not see the need to add those two devotions to what we already recommend in His Name. We are quite familiar with both devotions, yet we know that the assiduous prayer of the Holy Rosary, the practice of the devotions of the Stations of the Cross, the First Friday of the Month, the First Saturday of the Month, the Chaplet of Mercy and the Chaplet of Tears surpass any other devotion in assisting in the sanctification of our souls.

In addition, we have published a series of prayers and consecrations which, when offered as all prayers should be offered, from the heart, cannot be resisted by God Who will bestow many, many Graces to those who have recourse to them.

Thus, paraphrasing Abraham: If they hear not nor respond to what we have already recommended, neither will they act upon, if we offer yet another devotion.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to make the offer to our other visitors.

From MV @ USA [Published on March 30th]

First- Thank you for answering the call of God.
I think it would help if there were more documents about talking to others about what's to come and how to prepare themselves and the ones that they love both physically and spiritually.

I myself and having difficulty bringing up the subject of Jesus and God to others, most think it is a joke or nothing to be concerned with at the time.

My loved ones who know me best will not listen when I explain to them some of the "behind the scenes" things that are going on.

I realize that it may not be according to God's will at the time, but I certainly want to make sure I am speaking loud and clear.

I will continue to pray on this and I know that my prayers will be answered in due time.

May God continue to bless the work that you do now and at the end of these times

A. The solution may appear complex yet it may be simplified thus.

Kirk chose to write a comprehensive letter to members of his family and close circle of friends with a follow up letter later on. Then, he essentially "let go" and continued to "warn and Evangelize" through example.

Living in accordance to the Times he knows we are living through and placing God first and above all - wife included, yet, not becoming fanatical about it. Level headed but sustained.

Giving priority to a solid prayer life which, of course, cements his relationship with God and "lubricates" the God-to-Kirk illumination "download" and Kirk-to-God petitions mechanisms.

He does not wear his faith on his sleeve but his behavior proclaims it far louder than a "badge on the sleeve" would.

As God make the opportunities one may discuss current political events and highlight/casually point out "how interesting" it is how they "seem to match" and, although appearing random they tend to show a "mind of their own" as others have in the past.

As the megaphone volume increases many of those seeds that you may drop in such manner will start sprouting; others will never do although Divine Mercy demanded that you drop the seeds everywhere without making a judgment on any individual ("Oh, he doesn't have a chance!" or "She is a shoo-in for Heaven!")

We thank you for the opportunity to address this issue as well as for your most kind words.

From VR @ Dubai - India [Published on March 30th]

Q. In reference to our recent publications about Archer's book: The Gospel of Judas, VR writes:

Father forgive them. They know not what they do.

Just as the Temple Masters did not.

Only those possessed by demons would knowingly crucify God in the Flesh or publish (or allow to publish when he/she has the power and responsibility to stop it) a book like Archer's blasphemy.

Of course, we must consider that man has repeatedly shown over history that he/she has an infinite capacity for stupidity (when God is not the fundamental rock of his/her life).

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