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Published on October 31st, 2009

...starting tomorrow - in All Saints Day - and through November 8th we can acquire a plenary indulgence, every day, for souls in purgatory?
In The Enchiridion of Indulgences issued by the Sacred Apostolic Penitentiary in 1968, and originally published by Libreria Editrice Vaticana, Vatican City - Authorized English Edition, published by the Catholic Book Publishing Co., New York we read on page 52, Grant No. 13 that:
An indulgence, applicable only to the Souls in Purgatory, is granted to the faithful, who devoutly visit a cemetery and pray, even if only mentally, for the departed. The indulgence is plenary each day from the 1st to the 8th of November; on other days of the year it is partial. (1)
The M+G+R Foundation Comments: Let us not forget that a soul in purgatory depends totally on our prayers in order to secure the merciful reduction of their justly imposed penalty.

When Jesus said: Come, ye blessed of my Father, possess you the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world.  For I was hungry, and you gave me to eat; I was thirsty, and you gave me to drink; I was a stranger, and you took me in:  Naked, and you covered me: sick, and you visited me: I was in prison, and you came to me.  Then shall the just answer him, saying: Lord, when did we see thee hungry, and fed thee; thirsty, and gave thee drink? [Matthew 25: 34-37]
We may not have the opportunity to visit those in physical prisons, but we can do even more by spiritually visiting those in the purgatorial prison, console them AND shorten their sentence.

(1) Details

and that... AFP headline reads: In macabre Rome, it's Halloween all year round? (1)

Romans don't have to wait for Halloween to enjoy the macabre. The spirit of Halloween stalks the city's myriad churches, from skeletons galore to mummified monks, embalmed papal hearts to a purported piece of John the Baptist's head.

A good place to start is the Church of Saint Mary of the Immaculate Conception in Via Veneto.

The ghosts of La Dolce Vita are quickly forgotten when the visitor enters the church's crypt, elaborately adorned by the earthly remains of hundreds of Capuchin monks.

Vertebrae create a floral effect, while shoulder blades suggest the wings on the hourglasses symbolising the inexorable flight of time for us mortals.

Clavicles also make up the Grim Reaper's scythe held by a skeleton attached to the ceiling.


For those on the threshold of eternity, there is the tiny but spooky Museum of the Souls of Purgatory, with purported messages from beyond the grave begging for help to get in.

The tortured souls seeking prayers to speed the process left imprints of burning hands or fingers on items such as prayer books and garments, collected by Father Victor Jouet in the late 19th century from around Europe.

(1) News Report

Published on October 30th, 2009

...the press "talking heads" were actually surprised that Iran did not agree with all the key  requirements expected of them regarding the uranium reprocessing? (1)

Did anyone in his/her right mind ever expected Iran to turn over 70% plus of their uranium stockpile to the West? and/or...

Did anyone in his/her  right mind expected those who are intent in attacking Iran - "come hell or high water" - to let "by gones be by gones, kiss and make up" with Washington and Teheran embark in a passionate honeymoon in Love Boat?

(1) News Report

and that...

...when Jesus said...

 "One thing is wanting unto thee: go, sell whatsoever thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven; and come, follow me." [Mark 10:21]

He did not mean that literally for all?

Maybe He did not even mean that literally to the individual who had asked Him: Good Master, what shall I do that I may receive life everlasting?

If the condition for life everlasting is to "....sell whatsoever thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven; and come, follow me." obviously, we would expect barely a handful of individuals in "life everlasting".

The core of His message, which He stated in verse 24, was that if even we have lived flawlessly by "the letter of the law", we have to let go from the attachment that we have of the material world to be able to enter life everlasting. To wit:

But Jesus again answering, saith to them: Children, how hard is it for them that trust in riches, to enter into the kingdom of God? [Mark 10:24]

It is not how much or how little one has; it is where do we place our trust? On the "circumstantially evident" God or on the physically evident  "hard cash"?

The more we trust the "circumstantially evident" God, the more we resemble the trust of innocent children... and, did He not say:

Amen I say to you, unless you be converted, and become as little children, you shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. [Matthew 18:3] ?

Therefore - the issue is not "to have" or "not to have" material goods; it is in whom or what do we place our trust and how those material resources are used. 

As all is in our journey through Time - this transformation does not happen in an instant to most; it is a progression at which we must work incessantly with much prayer and sacrifice.

Once again - Divine Coherence Reigns without having to resort to Roman "Cafeteria Theology".

Published on October 29th, 2009

...Vice President Biden is promising to assist in "color revolutions" in the states of the former USSR? (1)

What made Biden's trip interesting is that he reasserted American commitment to their security and promised the delivery of other weapons such as Patriot missile batteries, an impressive piece of hardware that really does enhance regional security (unlike BMD, which would grant only an indirect boost).

Then, Biden went even further in Romania, not only extending his guarantees to the rest of Central Europe, but also challenging the Russians directly. He said that the United States regarded spheres of influence as 19th century thinking, thereby driving home that Washington is not prepared to accept Russian hegemony in the former Soviet Union (FSU).

Most important, he called on the former satellites of the Soviet Union to assist republics in the FSU that are not part of the Russian Federation to overthrow authoritarian systems and preserve their independence.

This was a carefully written and vetted speech: It was not Biden going off on a tangent, but rather an expression of Obama administration policy.

Comments: So much for the idea that Obama is a peacemaker; this is as direct a challenge to Russian national interests as it would have been for Moscow to invite Mexico to join the Warsaw Pact during the Cold War. This is certainly a strange way to justify the Nobel Peace Prize granted to President Obama.

(1) Full Report

and that...

...when Jesus said "Judge not, and you shall not be judged. Condemn not, and you shall not be condemned. Forgive, and you shall be forgiven." [Luke 6:37] He was referring to the individual and not the act(s)?

Incorrect acts must be judged within the framework of Divine Revelation and we should strive to help the individual to see the his/her error. But, the final destination of the soul is not within our providence.

For example, if we had condemned the "good" thief and not whatever crime he was being crucified for, we would have been in great trouble since that man was going to Paradise without even a one day stop in Purgatory. Didn't Jesus said to him: Amen I say to thee, this day thou shalt be with me in paradise? [Luke 23:43]

What was the key to such a swift passage to Paradise? Let us review the words spoken by the "good" thief:

But the other answering, rebuked him (who had mocked/tested Jesus), saying: Neither dost thou fear God, seeing thou art condemned under the same condemnation? And we indeed justly, for we receive the due reward of our deeds; but this man hath done no evil. And he said to Jesus: Lord, remember me when thou shalt come into thy kingdom. [Luke 23:40-42]

The "good" thief:

(A) Acknowledged Jesus as God - no one else had - not even Peter.
(B) Acknowledged deserving their just punishment. He acknowledged their guilt and submitted himself to justice without complaining to God, yet
(C) Appealed to the Mercy of God [ Lord, remember me when thou shalt come into thy kingdom.] since he....
(D) Believed in the Kingdom of God as announced by Jesus.

Brethren, as we say often: It is that simple!

We just need more Evangelization and less Catechization. Greater Evangelization empowered by the Holy Sacraments will draw us as close to God as we could hope while still in the flesh.

Published on October 28th, 2009 [Feast of Sts. Simon and Jude]

....the Vatican is beginning to openly regenerate Karl Marx - the father of Communism? (1)

The M+G+R Foundation Comments: There is so much to say that a document has been written about it.

(1) About the Improved "Relations" Between Rome and the Karl Marx

and that...

...developing nation Anglicans decline the (Come Aboard!)offer extended by Benedict XVI? (1)

Conservative bishops who say they represent almost half the world's Anglicans urged fellow believers on Sunday to reform the Anglican Communion rather than take up Pope Benedict's invitation to join the Roman Catholic Church.

The "Global South" group, which last year seemed close to quitting the Communion, said those opposed to gay clergy and other liberal reforms should "stand firm with us in cherishing the Anglican heritage (and) pursuing a common vocation."

Indirectly declining the pope's offer to receive alienated Anglicans, the group called on the Communion's member churches to adopt a "covenant" to coordinate policy in the loosely structured 77-million-strong worldwide Anglican community.

The M+G+R Foundation Comments: They seem to have more sense than the Orthodox Patriarch Bartholomew I (2)

(1)  News Report
(2) The apparent Honeymoon of  Benedict XVI and Bartholomew I

Published on October 27th, 2009

....there is already an anti-chip group? (1)


"Microchip Implants: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions" by Katherine Albrecht, Ed.D.

Answers 85 of the most commonly asked questions about chip implants, including damning evidence that the VeriChip Corporation misled reporters, regulators, and the public about studies linking chips to cancer.


"Microchip-Induced Tumors in Laboratory Rodents and Dogs: A Review of the Literature 1990–2006" by Katherine Albrecht, Ed.D.

The M+G+R Foundation Comments: Quite informative.

(1) Home Page
(2) Frequently Asked Questions
(3) Microchip Cancer Report

and that...

...British Columbia inmates to receive flu vaccine before prison staff ? (1)

British Columbia's sheriffs and correctional officers were alarmed Monday to discover that the H1N1 vaccine is being made available first to prisoners and then to staff?

Authorities are gearing up to provide the option of a H1N1 shot to all inmates, Dean Purdy, a spokesman for the union committee representing 2,500 sheriffs and correctional officers, said in an interview. He spoke shortly after a phone conversation with a provincial health official on how the H1N1 crisis would be handled in B.C. detention centres.

(1)  News Report

Published on October 26th, 2009

....a conservative group aims to remove 'Liberal Bias' from the Bible? (1)

Conservapedia - the "conservative version" of Wikipedia - has begun undertaking a task sure to draw fire. The group wishes to rewrite the Bible, removing the parts they see as too liberal.

The Conservative Bible Project will root out all references that the conservative group feels should no longer be included in the book, with the group's website stating, "Liberal bias has become the single biggest distortion in modern Bible translations."

The M+G+R Foundation Comments: As long as it is not praying and striving to practice what Jesus taught us, Christians seem to always be ready for any kind of activism. It is not that we support a liberalized Bible; it is the ever present incorrect priorities of alleged Christians which we find more objectionable.
(1) News Report

and that...

...Louis Freeh, the Opus Dei member and former head of the FBI, has become an Italian citizen? (1)

Officials at the Italian Embassy in Washington say Freeh was made a citizen at a ceremony Friday. An announcement on the embassy's Web site says Freeh was granted citizenship based on his close work with Italian authorities in fighting organized crime.

The M+G+R Foundation Comments: Mr. Freeh gained world "fame" because he was the superior of another Opus Dei member of the FBI, Robert Philip Hansen (2), who was, reputedly, the double agent which has caused the most damage to the security of the United States.

It would be interesting to see in what capacity he is serving Opus Dei at their headquarters in Rome. Whatever it is, it obviously requires the Italian citizenship.
(1)  News Report
(2)  Mr. Hansen's record

Published on October 25th, 2009 [Mary, Mother of the Dying] safely navigate through the End of These Times we will need a level of faith like that of....

Sidrach, Misach, and Abdenago when they stood up to King Nabuchodonosor? (1)

and that of...

Eleazar? (2)

The M+G+R Foundation Comments: Brethren, we are not exaggerating. Let us load up on the "oil of Faith" like the five wise virgins did. (3) Do not rely on a "last minute" act like the foolish virgins did.

What to do? We set forth the appropriate plan of action (4) and you are invited to act upon it.
(1) About Sidrach, Misach, and Abdenago
(2) About Eleazar
(3)  The Parable about the Ten Virgins

(4) What to do? Part I and Part II

and that...

.....the Honolulu Exopolitics Examiner claims that an official announcement by the Obama administration disclosing the reality of extraterrestrial life is imminent? (1)

For several months, senior administration officials have been quietly deliberating behind closed doors how much to disclose to the world about extraterrestrial life. Dissatisfaction among powerful institutions such as the U.S. Navy over the decades-long secrecy policy has given a boost to efforts to disclose the reality of extraterrestrial life and technology.

The impending disclosure announcement follows upon the secret implementation of a year long openness policy on UFOs and extraterrestrial life. Over the period February 12-14, 2008, the United Nations held closed doors discussions where approximately 30 nations secretly agreed on a new openness policy on UFOs and extraterrestrial life in 2009. The openness policy was implemented but never publicly announced...

The M+G+R Foundation Comments: Just what was needed to "thicken" the induced panic that now grips the first and second world countries. (The rest of the world countries could not care less - they have nothing to lose but their lives and that probably would be a relief for most of them.)

(1) News Report No.1 and No.2

Published on October 24th, 2009

[our highlighting] Airbus A320 belonging to Portugal’s national airline TAP caused chaos in European airspace last weekend after it lost all communication, for at  least half an hour, while flying over Belgium, en-route to Copenhagen, and was intercepted by two German Phantom F-4 fighter planes that were dispatched by NATO? (1)

It was this silence, which according to TAP was caused by a problem with the communications system, that lead NATO to emit an alarm and dispatch the fighter jets.

Within 10 minutes of NATO’s warning being issued the German jets were on its tail.

while on the other hand....

[our highlighting]

...two Northwest Airlines pilots failed to make radio contact with ground controllers for more than an hour and overflew their Minneapolis destination by 150 miles before discovering the mistake and turning around?

FAA notified the military, which put Air National Guard fighter jets on alert at two locations. As many as four planes could have been scrambled, but none took to the air. (2)

The M+G+R Foundation Comments: Just like some convenience stores tell customers who want to buy now and pay later: In God we trust and all others must pay in cash....

News Report
(2) News Report

and did you also hear that....

...a group of rich Germans has launched a petition calling for the government to make wealthy people pay higher taxes? (1)

The group say they have more money than they need, and the extra revenue could fund economic and social programmes to aid Germany's economic recovery.

Germany could raise 100 billion euros (150 billion US dollars) if the richest people paid a 5% wealth tax for two years, they say.

"The path out of the crisis must be paved with massive investment in ecology, education and social justice," they say in the petition.

Those who had "made a fortune through inheritance, hard work, hard-working, successful entrepreneurship, or investment" should contribute by paying more to alleviate the crisis.

The man behind the petition, Dieter Lehmkuhl, told Berlin's Tagesspiegel that there were 2.2 million people in Germany with a fortune of more than 500,000 euros (750,000 US dollars).

The M+G+R Foundation Comments: Hallelujah! There still some good news around.

News Report

Published on October 23rd, 2009

....when Jesus categorically stated: Amen I say to you, that this generation shall not pass, till all these things be done (1) He was speaking about right now?

Jesus was answering the question: Tell us when shall these things be? and what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the consummation of the world? and before He stated "...this generation shall not pass..." He said:

11 And many false prophets shall rise, and shall seduce many. 12 And because iniquity hath abounded, the charity of many shall grow cold. 13 But he that shall persevere to the end, he shall be saved. 14 And this gospel of the kingdom, shall be preached in the whole world, for a testimony to all nations, and then shall the consummation come. 15 When therefore you shall see the abomination of desolation, which was spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing in the holy place: he that readeth let him understand.

16 Then they that are in Judea, let them flee to the mountains: 17 And he that is on the housetop, let him not come down to take any thing out of his house: 18 And he that is in the field, let him not go back to take his coat. 19 And woe to them that are with child, and that give suck in those days. 20 But pray that your flight be not in the winter, or on the sabbath.

21 For there shall be then great tribulation, such as hath not been from the beginning of the world until now, neither shall be. 22 And unless those days had been shortened, no flesh should be saved: but for the sake of the elect those days shall be shortened. 23 Then if any man shall say to you: Lo here is Christ, or there, do not believe him. 24 For there shall arise false Christs and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders, insomuch as to deceive (if possible) even the elect. 25 Behold I have told it to you, beforehand.

26 If therefore they shall say to you: Behold he is in the desert, go ye not out: Behold he is in the closets, believe it not. 27 For as lightning cometh out of the east, and appeareth even into the west: so shall the coming of the Son of man be. 28 Wheresoever the body shall be, there shall the eagles also be gathered together. 29 And immediately after the tribulation of those days, the sun shall be darkened and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of heaven shall be moved: 30 And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all tribes of the earth mourn: and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with much power and majesty.

31 And he shall send his angels with a trumpet, and a great voice: and they shall gather together his elect from the four winds, from the farthest parts of the heavens to the utmost bounds of them. 32 And from the fig tree learn a parable: When the branch thereof is now tender, and the leaves come forth, you know that summer is nigh. 33 So you also, when you shall see all these things, know ye that it is nigh, even at the doors.

As you may clearly see now, "this generation" was the one that witnessed all of the above and not that of those He was speaking to.

Why is this so important? Because this is one of the passages most used by the enemies of God to "prove" that what Jesus said did not hold up then, thus, logically, it will hold up now.

It is of utmost importance for the Children of God to know how to read and understand the Sacred Texts. (2)

Matthew 24:34
(2) Biblical Literalism  Part I  and   Part II

Published on October 22nd, 2009

....there was a lot of unsaid behind-the-scenes activity associated with the Vatican's move to welcome a large number of members from the Traditional Anglican Communion into the Catholic Church?

But, just as Jesus said: For there is not any thing secret that shall not be made manifest, nor hidden, that shall not be known and come abroad. [Luke 8:17] , such behind-the-scenes activity is becoming "known and come abroad".

Through the courtesy of a close associate we have prepared for our readers a composite page (1) that will make the Words of Jesus apply to this seemingly joyful development.

A peek behind the scenes

Published on October 21st, 2009

..........several Italian newspapers have announced that the Vatican may possibly welcome a large number of members from the Traditional Anglican Communion into the Catholic Church? (1)

[our highlighting]

The group of Anglicans that could be received into the Catholic Church on Tuesday may be erected as a personal prelature, which has the same canonical status held by Opus Dei.

The group previously separated from the Anglican Communion due to issues such as the ordinations of both women and sexually active homosexuals.

According to Giacomo Galeazzi from the Italian daily La Stampa, the press conference to be held at the Vatican press office by Cardinal William Joseph Levada, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith; and Archbishop Augustine DiNoia, Secretary of the Congregation for the Divine Worship and Discipline of the Sacraments, will be the occasion in which the reception of the Anglican group, which claims to have some 500,000 members –among clergy and laity-  will be officially announced.


....they did! (1a)

The M+G+R Foundation Comments: Hor ironic.... Levada announcing the welcoming of the branch of Anglicans who separated from theor mother church due to issues such as "...sexually active homosexuals" in the clergy. Levada (2), of all people! Are we now to expect a welcome Divine Liturgy in Santa Maria Majore officiated by Law (3)?

News Report
(1a) News Report
(2)   About Cardinal Levada
(3)   About Cardinal Law

and that....

...Jose Saramago, a Portuguese Nobel Prize-winning author, denounces the Bible as a "handbook of bad morals" in his new book "Cain"? (1)

[our highlighting]

A row broke out in Portugal on Monday after a Nobel Prize-winning author denounced the Bible as a "handbook of bad morals".

Speaking at the launch of his new book "Cain", Jose Saramago, who won the 1998 Nobel Prize for Literature, said society would probably be better off without the Bible.

Roman Catholic Church leaders accused the 86-year-old of a publicity stunt.

The book is an ironic retelling of the Bible story of Cain, Adam and Eve's elder son who kills his brother Abel.

At the launch event in the northern Portuguese town of Penafiel on Sunday, Saramago said he did not think the book would offend Catholics "because they do not read the Bible".

The M+G+R Foundation Comments: Imagine, if the BVM Mary stated in Fatima "...In Portugal the dogma of the Faith will be preserved, etc." (2)
one can imagine the state of other countries - sight unseen.
News Report
(2) Our Lady of the Rosary of Fatima

Published on October 20th, 2009

.......according to the bishop of Sioux City, Iowa: Trying to engage the world but forgetting what is distinctively Catholic has "wreaked havoc on the Church? (1)

This is the claim made by  in his first pastoral letter, "Ecclesia Semper Reformanda" (The Church is Always in Need of Renewal). The document was published last Thursday.

In his letter, the prelate reflected on the Second Vatican Council, something he called the "greatest gift of the Holy Spirit to the Church in centuries."

But, he said, citing Benedict XVI, the "implementation of the council has been difficult and is not complete."

Bishop Nickless concludes: "My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, in the time I have been among you I have learned how admirably strong is the faith to which you cling, yet how far it is from the 'fullness of faith' to which we are called by our loving Savior. We truly need today those 'great acts of renunciation' for the sake of Christ: not so much renunciation of our material things, as of our false attachments to both material and spiritual things."

The M+G+R Foundation Comments: He is so correct that we wonder how long it will be before "they" will get him off the spotlight.

News Report

and that....

...even a strong magnet cannot erase or scramble the personal information stored in those ever-present chips in credit cards, phone cards, hotel keys, ID cards, etc.?

The M+G+R Foundation Comments: "Comforting" and "reassuring", isn't it?

Published on October 19th, 2009 a review (1) of Thomas Greco's book The End of Money and the Future of Civilization we read:

It's too late for anyone to pretend that the U.S. government, whether under President Barack Obama or anyone else, can divert our nation from long-term economic decline. The U.S. is increasingly in a state of political, economic, and moral paralysis, caught as it were between the “rock” of protracted recession and the “hard place” of terminal government debt.

Even if the stock market can be shored up by more government borrowing for “stimulus” spending, it's a temporary reprieve, because nothing can bring back the consumer purchasing power that was lost when the banks stopped pumping money into the economy through out-of-control mortgage lending. We simply no longer have the job base for people to earn the income they need to live.


...Andrew Gavin Marshall writes (2) about  An Imperial Strategy for a New World Order: The Origins of World War III

In the face of total global economic collapse, the prospects of a massive international war are increasing. Historically, periods of imperial decline and economic crisis are marked by increased international violence and war. The decline of the great European empires was marked by World War I and World War II, with the Great Depression taking place in the intermediary period. 

Currently, the world is witnessing the decline of the American empire, itself a product born out of World War II. As the post-war imperial hegemon, America ran the international monetary system and reigned as champion and arbitrator of the global political economy.

The M+G+R Foundation Comments: Of course, they do not have an idea yet as to what will come immediately thereafter and how quickly all become "rather primitive" but, at least, what we have been announcing (3) (4) for over a decade is being "discovered" more and more and echoed far and wide. Of course, we still have two enormous obstacles to overcome with the Grace of God: That all those who need to know become aware that (a) In spite of the appearances, the world is not about to come to and end (just yet); and (b) The Second Coming of Christ will be falsified. (5)
(1) The Book Review
(2) The Article
(3)  The Sequence of Events
(4)  The Establishment of a New World Order
(5)  The Staging of the Second Coming of Christ

....all the while....

The Roman Catholic Administration continues to make every effort to demolish whatever little Faith is left:
Catholic Diocese of Wilmington files bankruptcy
Convicted Ohio priest says he didn't murder nun

Published on October 18th, 2009 easy to understand graphic mechanism explaining the "Why?" of the social and moral decay, as well as the Divinely inspired mechanism that would restore it to its intended level, has been available to humanity since 1999?  (1) (2)

As you will readily see, it is quite simple yet, not profitable for those who profit from human misery - in politics and institutionalized religion.

(1)  The Mechanism
(2) First through its worldwide distribution to the Ecclesiastical authorities.

and that...

...if we could clearly see what our prayers achieve, we would "drop everything" and would not cease praying?

If we "dropped everything" we would be interfering with the overall purpose of our journey through Time and that is the reason why He only allows - from time to time - a glimpse of the constructive power that we can wield through prayer. (1)

May those who have eyes, see; and ears, hear... and then act accordingly.
(1) This prior revelation was unmistakably confirmed to m de P on October 17th as the result of very specific and related requests he has made to God.

Published on October 17th, 2009

......declining aid and investment in agriculture caused a steady increase in world hunger for more than a decade before the economic crisis pushed the ranks of the hungry to a record 1 billion? (1)

[our highlights]

After gains in the fight against hunger in the 1980s and early 1990s, the number of undernourished people started climbing in 1995, reaching 1.02 billion this year under the combined effect of high food prices and the global financial meltdown, the agency said.

The blame for the long-term trend rests largely on the reduced share of aid and private investments earmarked for agriculture since the mid 1980s,

The M+G+R Foundation Comments:  Now think..... All we have heard for years is:  The countless summits about world hunger; all the multibillion pledges made by generous-in-paper governments; the multiplication of general purpose NGO's... yet, the world hunger has been steadily increasing for 14 years!

Brethren - There is something very wrong with "that picture" too.... but read the next entry and you will see how bizarre it gets and people are still "buying" the lies and deceits.

(1)  News Report 

and that....

...the FDIC says 416 banks are at risk of failure, up from 117 a year ago? (1)

[our highlights]

Despite those numbers, the banking system is no longer at risk of collapse. Megabank JPMorgan Chase, for instance, announced on Oct. 14 it earned $3.6 billion in the third quarter.

Most of the institutions in danger are small. But those failures are straining the FDIC, which underwrites the nation's saving and lending by insuring deposits. When a bank fails, the FDIC makes up the difference between what's left and what's owed depositors, up to $250,000 per person per bank.

Two years ago, the FDIC had about $52 billion in its deposit-insurance fund. Today that fund is technically broke.

The agency has money reserved to cover anticipated failures but no cash remaining for unforeseen blowups. It has asked banks to prepay three years' worth of premiums and could seek emergency funds from the U.S. Treasury. 

The M+G+R Foundation Comments:  An expected 300% increase in small bank failures; an increase to $250,000 for the amount being insured (a significant increase in exposure); the insurance fund technically broke; and a US Treasury which is submerged in an ever increasing tide of red ink... but all "is well" because of the recent declared profits in several of the megabanks.... profits which are only the product of creative book keeping as it is being "whispered at the top of the lungs" in European financial markets.

As you know, we are not "into finance" and certainly do not give financial advice - We are only highlighting this to demonstrate, once again, that the tidal wave of lies in all fronts is of such magnitude that, as we have said before, we must remain in prayer for the complete collapse has to be, by necessity, just around the corner.
(1) News Report

But, if all of the above was not enough.... did you know that....

....since 1973 the official "party line" of the Arab World, officially pronounced by the US "staunch ally", Saudi Arabia's King Faisal, is that neither Jewish Temple was ever in Jerusalem and that Jews have no Biblical claim whatosever to Jerusalem? (1)

The M+G+R Foundation Comments:  There is no doubt - without Divine Intervention - the peace of the Middle East, with its "Two States Solution", will become a reality about a week after the proverbial hell freezes over....
(1) News Report

Published on October 16th, 2009 [Feast of Mary's Purity]

...the Holy Book of the Muslim faith, the Qur'an, written in the 7th century includes the fact of Mary's Immaculate Conception - thus He purity even before Her birth? (1)

and that.... took the Vatican until the first half of the19th Century to pronounce define Mary's Immacuate Conception as a Dogma of Faith? (2)

The M+G+R Foundation Comments:  It is very important that the Faithful has its facts right (3) before passing judgment on other faiths.

(1)  The Holy Qur'an speaks of it in Sura iii.42 - Behold! the angels said: 'O Mary! God hath chosen thee and purified thee - chosen thee above the women of all nations.
(2) About the Immaculate Conception
(3) The Foundation of Faith is God

and that.... about American Revolution - Part II and Civil War - Part II (1) is surfacing its "ugly head" to an extent that we should be aware of it and pray for its dissolution?  (1)

The M+G+R Foundation Comments:  As we have said (2) and will continue to say: Violence is not the answer to anything - it has never been and it will never be. When one hears an alleged Christian individual or institution speak of violent action/intervention you should know that his/her/its Christianity is but a thin veneer just to be able to use the descriptive name to their personal or institutional advantage.
(1) For example....
(2) No! to any kind of violence

Published on October 15th, 2009 [Memorial of St. Teresa de Jesus (Avila)]

...the Vatican offered its appreciation for President Barack Obama’s work for peace on the international level, following the announcement that the president the winner of the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize? (1)

and that....

...Africa bishops speak of Obama in glowing religious terms? (2)

The M+G+R Foundation Comments:  So much for the accusations brought against him of being a pro-choice President. Once again we can witness the man-made "Golden Rule" apply. "He who owns the gold , makes the rules."

(1) News Report
(2) News Report

and that....

......with more than 160 active volcanoes, the United States is at greater risk from eruptions than many realize?  (1)

Which U.S. volcanoes are likely to erupt next?

The M+G+R Foundation Comments:  As the magnitude and frequency of earthquakes continue to increase on a worldwide scale (2), we would not be surprised at all if we are faced with a large volcanic explosion somewhere in the world soon.

(1) News Report
(2) Earthquake Log for the last seven days

Published on October 14th, 2009

...FBI delves into DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) photos in search for fugitives? (1)
(our highlighting)

In its search for fugitives, the FBI has begun using facial-recognition technology on millions of motorists, comparing driver's license photos with pictures of convicts in a high-tech analysis of chin widths and nose sizes.

The project in North Carolina has already helped nab at least one suspect. Agents are eager to look for more criminals and possibly to expand the effort nationwide.

"Everybody's participating, essentially, in a virtual lineup by getting a driver's license," said Christopher Calabrese, an attorney who focuses on privacy issues at the American Civil Liberties Union.

Earlier this year, investigators learned that a double-homicide suspect named Rodolfo Corrales had moved to North Carolina. The FBI took a 1991 booking photo from California and compared it with 30 million photos stored by the motor vehicle agency in Raleigh.

In seconds, the search returned dozens of drivers who resembled Corrales, and an FBI analyst reviewed a gallery of images before zeroing in on a man who called himself Jose Solis.

Calabrese said Americans should be concerned about how their driver's licenses are being used.

Licenses "started as a permission to drive," he said. "Now you need them to open a bank account. You need them to be identified everywhere. And suddenly they're becoming the de facto law enforcement database."

The M+G+R Foundation Comments:  As usual - not a problem for the non criminals but.... what if tomorrow you become a "criminal" because you refused to be vaccinated for "the created pandemic of the day"? or Because you refuse to have your child taught certain subjects which are becoming mandatory in Europe?

(1) News Report

and that....

...Rev. Moon (1) will preside over mass wedding of 40,000? (2)
(our highlighting)

The mass weddings — the church's largest in a decade — come as Moon is moving to hand day-to-day leadership over to three of his 11 children.

The three sons insist their father remains in charge and in good health. Church officials say the massive global ceremony is meant to mark two key anniversaries in the leader's life: his 90th birthday and his 50th wedding anniversary.

Moon, a self-proclaimed Messiah who says he was 15 when Jesus Christ called upon him to carry out his unfinished work, has courted controversy and criticism since founding the Unification Church in Seoul in 1954.

The M+G+R Foundation Comments:  His claim of Jesus' "unfinished work" should be enough to underscore the source of his pull; and the magnitude of his pull should give an idea of the real state of the souls of far too many people.

(1) Meet Mr. Moon
(2) News Report

Published on October 13th, 2009 [92nd Anniversary of the Miracles of Fátima]

...a Mayan elder insist that the year 2012 isn't the end of the world? (1)

Apolinario Chile Pixtun is tired of being bombarded with frantic questions about the Mayan calendar supposedly "running out" on Dec. 21, 2012. After all, it's not the end of the world.

Definitely not, the Mayan Indian elder insists. "I came back from England last year and, man, they had me fed up with this stuff."

The M+G+R Foundation Comments:  It seems that we have company in feeling "fed up with this stuff". We have covered this deception in depth (2).

It is indeed amazing how gullible the general public can be. Should we then be surprised as to how the unscrupulous (are we being redundant?) politicians and religious leaders take advantage of the masses?

At the rsik of being repetitious... didn't they ever read:

4 Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, he is the greater in the kingdom of heaven.  5And he that shall receive one such little child in my name, receiveth me. 6 But he that shall scandalize one of these little ones that believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone should be hanged about his neck, and that he should be drowned in the depth of the sea. 7 Woe to the world because of scandals. For it must needs be that scandals come: but nevertheless woe to that man by whom the scandal cometh. [Matthew 18]

(1) News Report
(2) About the Mayan Calendar

and that....

...Bishop Raymond Lahey of Antigonish (Canada) was caught carrying child pornography on his laptop computer in a police search in an airport? (1)

The story takes a surprising new turn with this report from the Canadian Broadcasting Centre, in which a man who was a victim of sexual abuse years ago reports that he warned police in the 1980s about a Father Lahey who was using child pornography.

The arrest of Bishop Lahey is one more devastating blow to the credibility of the Catholic hierarchy. As the prosecution of his case moves forward, we can expect more dramatic evidence that the sex-abuse scandal in the Catholic Church-- and the far more grievous scandal of dereliction of episcopal duty-- is not yet behind us.

(1) News Report

Published on October 12th, 2009 [Feast of Our Lady of the Pillar - Spain]

...small banks continue to fail at a growing rate, straining the F.D.I.C.? (1) (2)

The M+G+R Foundation Comments:  This issue continues to be played down by the press and it continues to be, probably, the most serious financial news of the last two weeks. The US economy did not completely crash when Lehman Brothers and other "blue blood" financial powerhouses started to go "belly up" or were placed under "an oxygen tent" because the average American, whose balances in bank accounts are well below the FDIC insurance top level, were confident that their money at their local bank was safe.

However - the moment that same "average American" realizes that their "security blanket" (the FDIC) is seeking financial help from those same banks from which the FDIC is supposed to protect said "average American", they probably will empty their accounts and fill, either, their mattresses or their safety deposit boxes with the cash..... at which time, whatever is left of the US (and world) economy will vanish into thin air.

(1) A rare full news report on this issue
(2) A follow-up news report

and that....

...the first, legal, citizens' patrols have appeared on the streets of Italy already? (1)

Supporters say the patrols will enable ordinary people to help police carry out their role of protecting neighbourhoods. But opponents have argued the groups are no more than vigilantes, many of which are being set up in areas with high immigrant populations.

Like the others, it does not have powers of arrest but the Guard does have a uniform, which is as striking as the group itself. It consists of khaki shirts, black caps featuring an eagle insignia and an armband with a black sun wheel as a logo.

It is the clothing that has earned them comparisons with Mussolini's infamous black shirt volunteer militia, which terrorised opponents in the 1930s, and helped the fascist dictator maintain power.

The new group's uniforms are so provocative that at least one authority - in Milan - has placed them under investigation. During a break, Miss Cannizzaro volunteered her stark assessment of who is behind Italy's crime wave.

"It's immigrants," she said. "The majority of immigrants are drug dealers or prostitutes. "It would be better for them to be in their country and helped there. It's useless for them to come here."

Her views on black and Jewish people would be objectionable, if printed here. 

The M+G+R Foundation Comments:  Besides "Right on schedule" - we have nothing else to add.

(1) News Report

Published on October 11th, 2009 appears that the heavy promotion of selective vaccination for a variety of diseases has been used in Nicaragua, Mexico, the Philippines and other countries as a mean of mass involuntary birth control - or worse yet - abortion by default?  (1)

[our highlighting ]

During the early 1990s, the World Health Organization (WHO) had been overseeing massive vaccination campaigns against tetanus in a number of countries, among them Nicaragua, Mexico, and the Philippines. In October 1994, HLI received a communication from its Mexican affiliate, the Comite' Pro Vida de Mexico, regarding that country's anti-tetanus campaign. Suspicious of the campaign protocols, the Comite' obtained several vials of the vaccine and had them analyzed by chemists. Some of the vials were found to contain human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG), a naturally occurring hormone essential for maintaining a pregnancy.

In nature the hCG hormone alerts the woman's body that she is pregnant and causes the release of other hormones to prepare the uterine lining for the implantation of the fertilized egg. The rapid rise in hCG levels after conception makes it an excellent marker for confirmation of pregnancy: when a woman takes a pregnancy test she is not tested for the pregnancy itself, but for the elevated presence of hCG.

However, when introduced into the body coupled with a tetanus toxoid carrier, antibodies will be formed not only against tetanus but also against hCG. In this case the body fails to recognize hCG as a friend and will produce anti-hCG antibodies. The antibodies will attack subsequent pregnancies by killing the hCG which naturally sustains a pregnancy; when a woman has sufficient anti-hCG antibodies in her system, she is rendered incapable of maintaining a pregnancy.

The M+G+R Foundation Comments:  We are not saying that the new quasi-forced vaccination program is for the same purpose; we are just illustrating that certain world citizens appeared to have been "vaccinated" in the past for other (rather obscure) purposes than those used as the excuse for the program.
Detailed and Well Referenced Report

and that....

...small banks continue to fail at a growing rate, straining the F.D.I.C.? (1)

The M+G+R Foundation Comments:  This issue continues to be played down by the press and it continues to be, probably, the most serious financial news of the last two weeks. The US economy did not completely crash when Lehman Brothers and other "blue blood" financial powerhouses started to go "belly up" or were placed under "an oxygen tent" because the average American, whose balances in bank accounts are well below the FDIC insurance top level, were confident that their money at their local bank was safe.

However - the moment that same "average American" realizes that their "security blanket" (the FDIC) is seeking financial help from those same banks from which the FDIC is supposed to protect said "average American", they probably will empty their accounts and fill, either, their mattresses or their safety deposit boxes with the cash..... at which time, whatever is left of the US (and world) economy will vanish into thin air.

(1) A rare news report on this issue

Published on October 10th, 2009

........a growing number of Detroit pastors wear handguns to church? (1)

[our highlighting ]

The Rev. Lawrence Adams teaches his flock at the Westside Bible Church to turn the other cheek. Just in case, though, the 54-year-old retired police lieutenant also wears a handgun under his robe.

Adams is one of several Detroit clergymen who have taken to packing heat in the pulpit. They have committed their lives to a man who preached nonviolence and told followers to love their enemies. But they also say it's up to them to protect their parishioners in church.

"As a pastor, I'm referred to as a shepherd," Adams said. "Shepherds have the responsibility of watching over their flock. Do I want to hurt somebody? Absolutely not!"

Many people are uncomfortable with the idea of an armed clergy, because Christ preached against violence and taught people they should love their enemies.

"But the scriptures also are clear that civil authority is part of God's plan," said Claude Wiggins, a former pastor and current assistant at the Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary.

"In our country, it says in due process that you may bear arms to protect yourself. While we should be committed to trusting God, that doesn't prevent us or command us to be totally passive," Wiggins said.

The M+G+R Foundation Comments:  False Evangelization in action.  Didn't weapons exist at the time of Jesus? Did He tell anyone to use them to protect themselves?

Come Lord Jesus and separate the wheat from the chaff once and for all!

News Report


and that....

African nuns tell Vatican they want more influence in running the Catholic Church?

African nuns told a Vatican meeting Friday they want more of a say in running the Catholic Church on the continent, saying they have special talents and shouldn't be left to clean churches and mend vestments.

Sister Felicia Harry of Ghana was more blunt, saying African nuns didn't want to usurp priests' powers but wanted to be part of the church's decision-making process.

"As well as teach catechism to children, decorate parish churches, clean, mend and sew vestments, we religious women in Africa would like to be part of various parish councils," she said, according to a summary of her remarks to the closed meeting.

The M+G+R Foundation Comments:  As their demands stand we fully agree with them as we have clearly expressed in a document (2) covering what can be and what cannot be changed in the Roman Catholic Church Administration.

News Report
(2) About changes in the Roman Catholic Church

Published on October 9th, 2009 [Traditional Catholic Day of Penance]

.....President Obama has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize? (1)

[our highlighting ]

The stunning choice made Obama the third sitting U.S. president to win the Nobel Peace Prize and shocked Nobel observers because Obama took office less than two weeks before the Feb. 1 nomination deadline.

"Only very rarely has a person to the same extent as Obama captured the world's attention and given its people hope for a better future," the committee said. "His diplomacy is founded in the concept that those who are to lead the world must do so on the basis of values and attitudes that are shared by the majority of the world's population."

The M+G+R Foundation Comments:  We are all set. The world now has the "Holy Pope" (Benedict XVI) and the "Holy Monarch" (Barack Obama) often prophesied about in certain circles since the 19th century.

News Report


and that.... an article in a Pakistani newspaper, Pakistani writer Zaki Khalid calls the Blackwater private security firm a Crusader force operating as part of the global Zionist plan to destabilize Pakistan? (1)

"What very few people know is that Blackwater is living true to its training. There are hundreds of reported but suppressed [incidents] of Blackwater troopers killing the population in Iraq and Afghanistan, raping women, being involved in drugs just like their CIA counterparts and also in something very gruesome... organ trafficking on par with their Mossad counterparts in Israel who have been caught red-handed selling the organs (2) of the Palestinians whom they martyr every day."
"Former Pentagon Inspector-General Joseph Edgar Schmidtz quit the Pentagon in 2005 to work for Blackwater. He is a known member of the Opus Dei and the Knights of Malta Masonic cults. It is interesting to note that during his tenure at the Pentagon, about $2 trillion went 'missing!'
"The Malta Star newspaper affirms a report filed in Egypt's Al-Ahram Weekly that historian Jeremy Scahill argued that 'Blackwater's employees share the same religious zeal of ancient Crusaders.' The writer is the author of the book 'Blackwater: The Rise of the World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army' in which he links Blackwater operatives and their tactics to those of the Knights of Malta.
"People Might Say That This Theory is Absurd, But... World Events These Days Must Be Carefully Viewed From the Apocalyptic Angle"

The M+G+R Foundation Comments:  They proceed to blend together the Opus Dei, the non-Catholic neocons, the Israeli claims of  "Divine Rights" and the Bush-Cheney Administration into some sort of Dr. Frankestein of Apocalyptic nature.

The problem is that, regardless to the level of truth of the article, the information "rings all the bells of the belfry", bells which should remind the US leadership that unless there is a dramatic policy shift - a shift to legitimate justice - we will not win any more wars. By the way - the last war we really won was World War II.

Of course - no dramatic policy shift will be forthcoming; the time is up and there are no further delays in the Divine "pipeline" and we are no longer losing sleep over it. It is quite clear what we all must do (3) before the inevitable so, Why worry?

Once the faithful is aware of what course of action must be taken, when faced with any situation, the level of "Worry" associated with said situation  is a very accurate indicator of one's level of Faith.

News Report
(2) Let us not forget the very recent N.J. corruption probe included an organ trafficking case wherein at least one orthodox Jew was running.
(3) What Can We Do? Part I and Part II

and that....

......the disappearance of an Iranian scientist is still a mystery? (1)

The disappearance of an Iranian nuclear scientist on a pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia in June is raising questions about whether he defected and gave the West information on Iran's nuclear program.

Iran's foreign minister on Wednesday accused the United States of involvement in the disappearance of Shahram Amiri, who reportedly worked at a university linked to the elite Revolutionary Guard military corps.

In a sign of the sensitivities surrounding Amiri, Iranian officials have not even publicly identified Amiri as a nuclear scientist, referring to him only as an Iranian citizen. Amiri's wife has said he was researching medical uses of nuclear technology at a university and was not involved in the broader nuclear program.

The M+G+R Foundation Comments:  As all of these cloak-and-dagger disinformation news reports go, when one finish reading it the only real conclusion that one can reach is that maybe, just maybe, an Irani citizen is missing. All else is sheer speculation.

As we all should know by now - the "project at hand" in some quarters is to generate enough justification to attack Iran. We have been referred to an article "Russia dragged into US media wars over Iran" (2) that is an accurate study/report on disinformation news. It is so accurate in exposing the twisting of the non facts (it used to be the "twisting of facts", now, they even invent the facts and then twist them too!) that we could have written it.

We have reached a point that it is not worth reading/viewing/listening to the news beyond the headlines - just enough to know if some major catastrophe has occurred anywhere in the world. And even then.... one can be fooled. Yesterday we received, as we usually do, a News Alert from the National Earthquake Information Services - US Geological Services - announcing a 7.3 magnitude earthquake in the Vanuatu Region only to get an alert forty two minutes later "Deleting" the earthquake. (3)

We still do not know how anyone can make a mistake with the detection of an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.3. What was it? A trailer truck rumbling by? or Was it an overweight surfer hitting a coral reef?

Brethren - the situation is so pathetic that the only thing that we should take seriously is God, those who strive to serve Him and the suffering of the poor and abused in the world.
(1) News Report
(2) Disinformation Exposé
(4) This "Official Deletion" of earthquakes - even after we have seen the damages it caused on European news reports - is getting to be a regular event.

Published on October 8th, 2009

... the Secretary of Defense [may] conduct tests and experiments involving the use of chemical and biological [warfare] agents on civilian populations [within the United States]. (Public Law 95-79, Title VIII, Sec. 808, July 30, 1977, 91 Stat. 334)?

The M+G+R Foundation Comments:  While checking into the validity of said claim we came across a 3.43 minute news composite (1) on chemtrails and the spreading of barium over the population which confirmed the reality of said law and provided us with additional confirmation (far more "than we bargained for"!) (2) to share with those who have a difficult time believing what we have been announcing for almost two decades.

News Report
(2) More than we bargained for!

and that....

...the word "faith" is used, within its proper context, fifty times in the New Testament?

A review of each verse (1) may assist one and all in the rekindling of "that treasure" without which there is only spiritual poverty and, eventually, despair. (2)

(1) The listing
(2)  The ONLY Prevention of this Hideous Snare is a Deep Faith


Published on October 7th, 2009 [Feast of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary]

... on Friday morning, Oct. 9th, you can watch a pair of spacecraft crash into the Moon with your own eyes?

The purposeful impacts are the climax of NASA's LCROSS mission to unearth signs of water in lunar soil. Our Page (1)   tells how and where to look.

The M+G+R Foundation Comments:  Now that we have practically ruined planet Earth we are taking on the rest of the Solar System....

(1)  NASA's LCROSS' Page

and that....

....Arab states launched secret moves to stop using the US dollar for oil trading? (1)
(our highlighting)

In the most profound financial change in recent Middle East history, Gulf Arabs are planning – along with China, Russia, Japan and France – to end dollar dealings for oil, moving instead to a basket of currencies including the Japanese yen and Chinese yuan, the euro, gold and a new, unified currency planned for nations in the Gulf Co-operation Council, including Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait and Qatar.

Secret meetings have already been held by finance ministers and central bank governors in Russia, China, Japan and Brazil to work on the scheme, which will mean that oil will no longer be priced in dollars.

The plans, confirmed to The Independent by both Gulf Arab and Chinese banking sources in Hong Kong, may help to explain the sudden rise in gold prices, (2) but it also augurs an extraordinary transition from dollar markets within nine years.

News Report
(2) Gold Price Trends

Published on October 6th, 2009

...British Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act, which came into effect on October 1st, will enesure, among other things,  "....regulation of “human-admixed” embryos, which are created from a combination of human and animal genetic material for stem cell research." (1) (2)

The M+G+R Foundation Comments:  This is as comforting as if Dr. Mengele, Hitler's star genetic researcher (3),  had a sign posted on his laboratory wall stating that all staff members "...must wash their hands thoroughly"  before starting any of their cutting edge genetic experiments.

(1) A pro-Act News Article
(2) A con-Act News Article
(3)  Meet Dr. Mengele

and that....

....with the assurance and guarantees of God through Ezechiel that...

21 ....if the wicked do penance for all his sins which he hath committed, and keep all my commandments, and do judgment, and justice, living he shall live, and shall not die. 22 I will not remember all his iniquities that he hath done: in his justice which he hath wrought, he shall live. 23 Is it my will that a sinner should die, saith the Lord God, and not that he should be converted from his ways, and live? [Ezechiel 18]

....and similar guarantees and assurances directly from God, in the Person of Jesus, deaf-to-God man will not have any claim to Mercy once he crosses the veil at the time of his physical death. [Luke 16: 19-31] (1)

Thus He pleads - yes, the Almight God pleads (2) - with us thus....

31 Cast away from you all your transgressions, by which you have transgressed, and make to yourselves a new heart, and a new spirit: and why will you die,...? 32 For I desire not the death of him that dieth, saith the Lord God, return ye and live.  [Ezechiel 18]

.....before is too late.

Lazarus served as a constant reminder of what God expected from the symbolic "rich man", yet the "rich man" turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to God expectations; once he crossed the veil, it was too late.
(2)  That is how much He loves us


Published on October 5th, 2009 [Traditional Day of Thanksgiving in the Catholic Church]

...the best way to express our gratitude to God, in the small measure a poor human being can, is to act upon the entreats of our Hevenly Mother?

"I make an urgent appeal to the earth. I call on the true disciples of the living God who reigns in Heaven; I call on the true followers of Christ made man, the only true Savior of men; I call on my children, the true faithful, those who have given themselves to me so that I may lead them to my divine Son, those whom I carry in My arms, so to speak, those who have lived according to My spirit. Finally, I call on the apostles of the Last Days, the faithful disciples of Jesus Christ who have lived in scorn for the world and for themselves, in poverty and in humility, in union with God, in suffering unknown to the world. It is time they came out and filled the world with light.

Go and reveal yourselves to be my cherished children. I am at your side and within you, provided that your faith is the light which shines upon you in these unhappy days. May your zeal make you famished for the glory and the honor of Jesus Christ. Fight, children of light, you, the few who can see. For now is the time of all times, the end of all ends.
Our Lady of Lasalette  (1) 

The M+G+R Foundation Comments:  Amen!

(1) Our Lady of Lasalette

and that....

........New York Times science reporter Nicholas Wade's new book Before the Dawn: Recovering the Lost History of Our Ancestors (1) also confirms the information set forth in our The Real Time Line of Creation (2)?

DNA analysis confirms the evolution of humans; their relation to the Neanderthals, who populated Europe and the Near East; and Homo erectus, who roamed the steppes of Asia.

Most importantly, geneticists can trace the movements of a little band of human ancestors, numbering perhaps no more than 150, who crossed the Red Sea from east Africa about 50,000 years ago.

A few thousand years later, their descendents, Homo sapiens, became masters of all they surveyed, the other humanoid species having become extinct. 

Before the Dawn: Recovering the Lost History of Our Ancestors
(2)  The Real Time Line of Creation

Published on October 4th, 2009

...the fairly new practice of neuromarketing,  where Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) (1) technology is used to determine a shopper’s preferences and actual brain reactions to a particular product or idea,  is being applied to the film industry, starting with the horror genre? (2)

MindSign Neuromarketing is leading the charge in applying neuroscience to feature films, with assistance from film producer Peter Katz. They are calling this new hybrid of neuromarketing and how it applies to film, rather than commercials or movie trailers, neurocinema.

Recently they finished their first full test with results that could change the way films are made.  The objective of the research, specifically, was to determine the brain response in the amygdala to watching scenes from the horror film Pop Skull. For those that don’t know, the amygdala is the emotional center of the brain. It’s involved in feelings of disgust, anger, lust and fear — all emotions especially elicited during a horror film.

Movies could easily become more effective at fulfilling the expectations of their particular genre. Theatrical directors can go far beyond the current limitations of market research to gain access into their audience’s subconscious mind. The filmmakers will be able to track precisely which sequences/scenes excite, emotionally engage or lose the viewer’s interest based on what regions of the brain are activated. From that info a director can edit, re-shoot an actor’s bad performance, adjust a score, pump up visual effects and apply any other changes to improve or replace the least compelling scenes.

The M+G+R Foundation Comments: This is taking brainwashing (3) to a new level - Read: Targeted brainwashing.

(1) About Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) technology
(2) News Report
(3) Brainwashing - Part I - Part II - Part III

and that....

.....the highly unusual earthquake swarm in the Eastern Pacific Ocean area and in California continues unabated if not increasing? (1)

(1)  Earthquake Reports

Published on October 3rd, 2009 [ First Saturday Devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary]

....the Vatican continues to fabricate excuses for the sex scandal that has, and continues to, rock the Roman Catholic Church while destroying the little faith left in far too many Catholics? (1)

In a defiant and provocative statement, issued following a meeting of the UN human rights council in Geneva, the Holy See said the majority of Catholic clergy who committed such acts were not paedophiles but homosexuals attracted to sex with adolescent males.

The statement, read out by Archbishop Silvano Tomasi, the Vatican's permanent observer to the UN, defended its record by claiming that "available research" showed that only 1.5%-5% of Catholic clergy were involved in child sex abuse.

The statement said that rather than paedophilia, it would "be more correct" to speak of ephebophilia, a homosexual attraction to adolescent males.

"Of all priests involved in the abuses, 80 to 90% belong to this sexual orientation minority which is sexually engaged with adolescent boys between the ages of 11 and 17."

 The Holy See launched its counter–attack after an international representative of the International Humanist and Ethical Union, Keith Porteous Wood, accused it of covering up child abuse and being in breach of several articles under the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Representatives from other religions were dismayed by the Holy See's attempts to distance itself from controversy by pointing the finger at other faiths.

Rabbi Joseph Potasnik, head of the New York Board of Rabbis, said: "Comparative tragedy is a dangerous path on which to travel. All of us need to look within our own communities. Child abuse is sinful and shameful and we must expel them immediately from our midst."

The M+G+R Foundation Comments: What can we say that we have not said already? However, we wish to remind one and all that it is imperative that - at every opportunity that may arise - Catholics make a point of explaining that there is a vast difference between the Catholic Faith and the Catholic Church Administrators; that the Holy Spirit of God indeed is the guide of the Catholic Faith (2) while its Administration mostly serves satan (3).

(1) News Report
(2) The Pristine Catholic Faith
(3) The very soiled Catholic Administration

and that....

.....the Bishop of Mostar has issued a series of restrictions on Medjugorje and published them on September 2009?

Among the machine translated guidelines (1)  we find:

- NO more retreats, spiritual exercises, conferences, foreign priests… without permission of the bishop
- NO own or foreign priests may propagate NON-recognized ‘messages’ or ‘apparitions’
- EVERY priest must show his ‘celebret’ before H.Mass
- NO more H.Sacrament or adoration in ‘Oasis of Peace’; even NO permission to reside in whole diocese [not sure what that last part means]
- NO services in the private church in Bijakovice; it is now closed.
- NO mentioning of ‘seers’, apparitions, messages’ in parish bulletin;
- NO mentioning of the word ‘sanctuary’ in Medjugorje
- NO mentioning or comment of ‘messages’ or ‘apparitions’ on the 25th of the month via Marija Pavlovic
- NO private ‘apparitions’ of Mirjana Dragicevic in ‘Cenacolo’ of Sr. Elvira
- NO permission for ‘Kraljica Mira’(founder : Tomislav Vlasic) in Medjugorje or in whole diocese
- NO ‘seers’ or others in the church to pray prayers from the ‘apparitions’
- NO intentions during the rosary concerning ‘apparitions’ or ‘messages’
- NO ‘seers’ in or around the church on anniversaries of ‘apparitions’ or ‘messages

The M+G+R Foundation Comments: This battle was fought by the then Bishop of the Houston-Galveston Diocese (Texas, USA) and we supported him. Regardless of the "state of approval and/or disapproval on-going process" of an alleged apparition the church's clergy and hierarchy should not give the already disoriented faithful mixed signals.

Granted - the hierarchy must provide for the Sacramental needs of the flocking faithful with enough clergy available and a generous number of daily Masses. The prayer of the Holy Rosary (2) , the Stations of the Cross (3) and many other wonderful and solidly established Catholic devotions can and should be encouraged, but all of that can be done without alluding to the still questionable apparition.

We must expose and publicly decry the blatant errors of the Church Administrators; likewise, we must publicly endorse actions which are coherent with their shepherding responsibilities.

The reader may review what The M+G+R Foundation has written about the Apparitions in Medjugorje if he/she so desires. (4)

(1) Report
(2) The Holy Rosary
(3) The Stations of the Cross
(4) The M+G+R Foundation and  Medjugorje

Published on October 2nd, 2009 [Feast of the Guardian Angels and First Friday Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus]

....Benedict XVI will attend a concert marking the 70th anniversary of the start of World War II? (1)

The Oct. 8 concert will feature music by Jewish-born composers Gustav Mahler and Felix Mendelssohn, and will be performed by the InterRegionales JugendsinfonieOrchester, which gathers young musicians from 10 nations.

Vatican official Cardinal Walter Kasper said Thursday the concert aims to involve in the "tragic memory" of the war "not just the generation that has lived through its horrors but also the youth."

The German-born Benedict has spoken out frequently about the horrors of the war. He was forced to serve in the Hitler Youth corps and later in the army before deserting.

The M+G+R Foundation Comments: Not only a Pope, Pius XI, could be held as a key accessory to the greatest holocaust to befall humanity (2) - World War II - but now Heaven has to endure a musical concert attended by Benedict XVI to mark its beginning. The only way a musical concert could be associated with World War II it would be celebrating its end.

As if that were not enough of a blaspemous act, the date chosen - October 8th falls right between: October 7th - Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary (3) and October 9th - Traditional Catholic Church Day of Penance (Friday following Traditional Day of Thanksgiving)
(1) News Report
(2) The real and detailed Fatima Chronology
(3) When Mary identified Herself to the children in Fatima She did so as Our Lady of the Rosary

and that....

.....the frequency and magnitude of earthquakes in the last few days has been astonishing by any standards. We suggest that you take a look for yourselves.

Published on October 1st, 2009

[Highlighting by The M+G+R Foundation]

....the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. may take the unprecedented step of ordering banks to prepay about $36 billion in premiums to shore up the shrinking deposit insurance fund?

The FDIC board likely will call for "prepaid" bank insurance premiums at its meeting Tuesday, three industry executives and a government official said. The banking industry prefers that option over a special emergency fee — which would be the second this year. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because the decision has yet to be made public.

It would be the first time the FDIC has required prepaid insurance fees. Under the plan, banks would have to pay in advance their insurance premiums for 2010-2012, bringing in about $12 billion for each of the three years, two of the officials said. That is the normal amount of insurance fees, though it could vary somewhat according to growth in total insured deposits — the basis for determining the fees.

The M+G+R Foundation Comments: The insurer of the banks is going bust..... but "we are doing just fine"..... the Golden Era of Wall Street is just around the corner... having tea with Alice and the Mad Hatter...

News Report

and that....

.......a teenage British girl died after receiving a cervical cancer vaccine made by GlaxoSmithKline?

An (official) link between the death and the drug has not yet been established, health officials said on Monday.

The 14-year-old fell ill after she was given the Cervarix vaccination against the sexually transmitted human papillomavirus (HPV) at her school in Coventry, central England, as part of a national immunization program. She later died in a hospital.

"The incident happened shortly after the girl had received her HPV vaccine in the school," Dr. Caron Grainger, joint director for Public Health for NHS (National Health Service) Coventry and Coventry City Council, said in a statement.

The M+G+R Foundation Comments: We would not be surprised that they tie the death with phase of the moon or the recent rash of earthquakes in the Sumatra -Indonesia area or the global warming... after all, "(half baked) vaccines are always safe", aren't they?

News Report

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