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March 2004


The purpose of this Public Forum is to publicly respond to correspondence that we may receive from time to time and which is of Universal interest in these very unsettling times.

We reserve the right to choose what questions to address and how to transcribe the question and/or statement from the correspondence received. The identity of the correspondent will be kept confidential except in the case of abusive correspondence which will then be referred to the appropriate responsible entities.

Letters/Questions - Addressed on  March  2004

From MSS @ Portugal [Published on March 30, 2004]

Q. Question translated into English from Portuguese.

In many instances, when I attend Mass, I become very upset because the homilies are either political exhortations, demanding greater financial contributions and/or accusing the media of slandering an alleged holy clergy.

As a result of this, I leave the Holy Mass in worse spiritual state than when I arrived seeking light and peace.

Should I discontinue attending Mass?

A.  You are not alone. We frequently hear this complaint from people in two continents but the answer is not to stop participating in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

If you have no other Church nearby in which you may attend the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass,  then do as follows:

Carefully observe the Mass offered by the offending officiating priest. If the Mass is, in general, conducted in accordance to the approved canons and the Consecration of bread and wine are  properly done, then...

...attend Mass and when it is time for the Homily - just ignore the homilist and pray/meditate on a few decades of the Holy Rosary instead. One of the intentions should be offered for the conversion and illumination of the homilist - obviously he needs more help than many in the Congregation.

However, if blasphemous behavior is exhibited at the altar during any part of the Mass, quietly and politely get up and leave the premises at once - regardless of what part of the Mass-turned-into-blasphemy is taking place; then, at a later time,  offer to God prayers of reparation for such blasphemies as well as for the conversion of the offending priest.

From IM @ Brazil [Published on March 25, 2004 - Feast of the Annunciation]
Q. Several questions translated into English from Brazilian Portuguese.

(a) How do you know that you are not being manipulated by satan?
(b) How do you know that the Bible was not distorted over the centuries by satan?
(c) How do you know that I, myself, am satan trying to place doubts in your head?
(d) Or that I may be an angel sent to alert you to the truth?

A.  The answer is quite simple. Because God is above all and even satan must serve Him.

Once man truly places his will at the foot the Throne of God and strive from the bottom of his heart to serve God - by word AND deed - he would only be under satanic influence if God so Willed... and if He did, it must be accepted with the same joy as if He did not Will it.

Regarding the accuracy of the Bible... you will find your answer here.

And yes, IM, in case you are not aware of it - You yourself were moved to write to us under satanic influence; we can clearly sense it thousands of kilometers away.

May God have Mercy on you and deliver you from the grip of evil.


From Various @ Worldwide [Published on March 22, 2004]

          Q. Various and sundry questions about Fátima. The Secrets, other visionaries and Fátima, Sr. Lucía, the Sanctuary Management, etc.
A.  All that the faithful needs to know about Fátima and the events associated with it, and far, far more, may be found in the documents we have published and which are listed in the Fátima Index.

Regarding questions about other Marian Apparitions - Please review our Marian Apparitions/Messages Index. Although not as comprehensive as the Fátima documentation, it is contains far more information than needed regarding Marian Messages to safely sail through the End of These Times.

We cannot afford the time - nor it is spiritually profitable for the faithful that we do - required to properly answer individual questions regarding issues about which we have already pronounced ourselves on.  If the reader has difficulty finding something within our Domain, we invite him/her to utilize our Domain Search Engines which may be found in many of the key pages in the Domain.

From VE @ USA [Published on March 19, 2004 - Feast of St. Joseph]

Q.  I am being held captive and hostage by an evil spirit. It tortures me literally-mentally and physically-day and night without a single second of let up...It goes far far beyond 'just thoughts in my mind'. I am being tortured.

I want to believe that God forgives me but I keep thinking I have blasphemed against the Holy Spirit (the monster tells me this) sins were spiritual and horrible...finally culminating in the use of black magic and obsession with the spirit(s) of a device similar to a Ouija Board (it tricked me into believing it was my guardian angel). I believe in Jesus and the Bible and am truly repentant of all my sins and know in my heart that God is right in every way...and I desire to follow Him in every way.

I understand my lost condition and have no more desire to live for self anymore. I am helpless and impotent in every way that matters without Him. I know what I am without Him. It took this tragedy for me to realize that. I thought I was alright on my own. Now I cannot seem to find Him anymore. Has He cast me off and left me forever? My heart is broken to pieces to think that He has. I do not wish to be eternally lost...I need Him now and forever. I hunger and thirst after righteousness so badly and am in a seemingly endless dry desert.

Please pray for me....
....if and how the Spirit leads you to.

A.  Evil is playing on you an old but very effective trick by making you believe that the greatest attribute of God, Divine Mercy, is beyond your grasp.

In addition, it is using another old, but just as effective trick - to make you believe that you have sinned against the Holy Spirit and, as the Holy Scriptures teach, the sin against the Holy Spirit cannot be forgiven.

Hear one and all: The sin against the Holy Spirit is only one, ONLY ONE, and that is the rejection (not acceptance) of the Salvific power secured for humanity by the redemptive suffering and physical death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, Our Lord and God.

Why is the sin against the Holy Spirit unforgivable? It is quite simple: Because by rejecting the Only One Who has atoned for our sins, such atonement, thus the ensuing, forgiveness, becomes "null and void" for the individual in question

Make no mistake! The greatest sin that a man or woman can possibly commit is but a grain of sand when compared with the oceans of the Mercy of God.

Do not despair and do not give up! You may even turn all the suffering that you have been subjected to by this evil spirit into an enormous amount of good as we showed and explained in "SUFFERING : MANKIND'S PARTICIPATION IN ITS OWN REDEMPTION"

Your desperate cry for help - thus - the opportunity for us to come to your assistance in His Name and in His Behalf - is the best Father's Day Present we could have received today. [In many countries, today, St. Joseph's Day is also celebrated as Father's Day]

Now go and rejoice while basking on the sunshine of the Mercy of God!

From M @ USA [Published on March 16, 2004]

Q. Do you have any information about the year 2004 and the following?
From Pope John Paul II to a small group of Catholics in Germany in 1980 and as quoted by the German magazine Stimme des Glaubens regarding the Third Secret of Fátima:
"It should be sufficient for all Christians to know this much: a message in which it is said that the oceans will flood entire sections of the earth; that, from one moment to the other, millions of people will perish...there is no longer any point in really wanting to publish this secret message. Many want to know merely out of curiosity, or because of their taste for sensationalism, but they forget that 'to know' implies for them a responsibility. It is dangerous to want to satisfy one's curiosity only, if one is convinced that we can do nothing against a catastrophe that has been predicted."
A.  We have heard something like that before but we cannot ascertain that H.H. John Paul II actually said it. In addition, it does not really matter to us if he did or not, since we independently know that the contents of the alleged quotation are true, however, they are not all necessarily part of the Secret of Fátima.

We take this opportunity to highlight that particular reality again PLUS demonstrate that the escape goat that the "traditionalists" use to pin all the ills of the Roman Church - the Vatican Council II - was really meant to be the Lifesaver Boat for a Church which, Titanic like, was heading for an Iceberg.

Unfortunately, it proved to be too late.

From KD @ USA [Published on March 11, 2004]

Q. What exactly is the will of God?
      How is the person who wants to live with and in God able to know what the will of God is?

     Thank you for considering my question.


A.  We Praise God for the opportunity for He used you to grant us.  Your questions are so important that a new document has been prepared and launched addressing it.

The new document is entitled: The Will of God - How do we know what it is?

We pray that it brings much Joy and Peace to one and all.

From Administration - The M+G+R Foundation  [Published on March 8, 2004]
Friends of The M+G+R Foundation - Please take Note:

On March 5th an e-mail was sent pretending to be from @ m g r . o r g

The body of the e-mail stated the following:

Dear user of "" mailing system,

Our main mailing server will be temporary unavaible for next two days,
to continue receiving mail  in these days you  have to configure  our free
auto-forwarding  service.

For more information see the attached file.

The Management,
The team

The e-mail had attachments which, should they be opened by an unsuspecting faithful, without a doubt, would have proven to be damaging to the computer in question.

We investigated and, through the Grace of God, found out that such e-mail, from its electronic signature, appears to have been sent from n e w s @ w o r l d n e t d a i l y . c o m

That is -  from a computer at World Net Daily [ ]

Therefore, dear friends, let us pray for them for they obviously do not know what they are doing.

The Administration The M+G+R Foundation

From B and GW @ USA [Published on March 6, 2004]
Note: These were from two different writers but the are interrelated.

Q. [From B] I respect your position regarding the article posted most recently titled "The End Of The Line".  The "Generals" in the front line have apparently (by your own admission) been given orders to cease in their fight... and are relinquishing their swords.

Q. [From GW] Thank you so much for not totally cutting us off from you,... as a messenger of our Beloved Mary, Mother of God. I was so sadden by the prospect of losing this direct connection with Her....She Who Brings Hope, Help, Happiness.....

A.  We regret the misunderstanding. "The End Of The Line" was meant to be seen/understood as "the end of a particular line of action" AND NOT ceasing to discharge the Will of God in this work. Now, a new line, which is at its beginning, will be operative.

Clarifying further:

We will now focus on "those who have Ears to Hear and Eyes to See" through the News Commentary, Public Forum and Update Board Sections instead of publishing additional physical proof  of what God has already revealed to m de P and is confirmed by world events.

There is more than enough factual proof on our Domains to confirm Divine Revelation, thus, there is no need to "reconfirm" what already has been "confirmed".

We will now spend our effort - as far as the Domains are concerned - in drawing back to God those who are His but have not still heard the "voice of one crying in the wilderness" and strengthening/protecting the Faith those already in His fold so that they are consoled and avoid as much suffering as possible in the immediate time which lies ahead.

Could Jonah "get out" of fulfilling the Will of God on behalf of his brethren? Elijah? Ezekiel? Micah? Of course not!
m de P can't (and doesn't want to) either.

We thank one and all for the outpouring of love, praise and consolation toward the work we strive to fulfill in the Name of God.

From LGR @ USA [Published on March 4, 2004]
Q.  I have been away from the Catholic Church for many, many years.  I have kept my connection with Jesus and Mother Mary through the rosary and personal prayers.

I found your web site when looking for "The Rosa Mystica".  I have been reading your out outpourings and feel consoled.  Can you tell me what the word 'conversion' means?  When I was a child it used to mean when someone from outside of the Catholic Church converted to become a Roman Catholic.

Now I read that our Blessed Mother has asked for 'conversions' of those who already practice the Roman Catholic religion. What is she asking of us?

Bless you.

A.  May Jesus Be Praised for this opportunity!

m de P is but a faint, but persistent, echo of what our Heavenly Mother has been asking, exhorting and, finally, warning Her children about.

Just to "go through the motions", as tragically most Christians do, means nothing, thus accomplishes nothing and our world today is a bleeding witness to that. Our Lord warned us about this very clearly, however, denial shields the "Christians" from hearing and heeding the warning. He said:

"Not everyone who calls Me 'Lord, Lord' will enter the Kingdom of Heaven, but only those who do what my Father in Heaven wants them to do.", etc. [Matthew 7: 21-23, Luke 6: 46-49]
If the many prayers offered by those who call themselves Christians were heard by God we would live in a just and peaceful world. But, obviously, those prayers are not heard for the reasons clearly voiced through the Prophet Isaiah [Isaiah 1: 11-17]

"Conversion" means that we must "convert", "change", "modify",  "alter", etc. our behavior, as much as we can with every breath we take, but without fanaticism .  Then, with the sustaining assistance and Grace of God we will progress in the road of  doing what our Father in Heaven wants us to do and being all that He wants us to be.

The rest is simply "talk", "chatter" and "billows of smoke" which are silently screaming: "God lies, He promises and does not deliver." This 'silent scream' is what causes most souls who are seeking the true God to miss Him because that "god" who lies and is deaf to our pleas is certainly not the one they are searching for.

God provides the encouragement and the means for us to navigate through this world while, at the same time, assist Him in the redemption of others who have been misled or hurt so bad that do not even want to hear the word "God".

Are you "converted"? You are  on the road of conversion, like all those who will hear the "voice of one crying in the wilderness" and respond, since full conversion would be, for each one of us, to be like both Jesus and Mary - unattainable for any human being, yet, its fulfillment is achieved through the efforts of our heart and  our soul to do so.

Glory to God!

From Mrs. J @ USA [Published on March 2, 2004]
Note: We have chosen to reprint most of this letter since it contains the key concerns of the true people of God. Our comments/answers will be found intertwined within Mrs. J's text in italic letters.

Q. I've been accessing your site for about a month, thanks to my son....  In my personal Bible studies, the Lord has shown me that the Mystical Body of Christ (which are the true believers) will suffer the same persecution, death, 'resurrection',... - in other words, every single thing that happened to His body at the end of the Jewish Age will happen to the Mystical Body of Christ at the end of this age.

A. This issue is covered, and expounded upon, in several of our documents. The key ones being:  Exposing Religious Fanaticism for What It Really Is: Intrinsic Evil, The Spiritual Ambush of a A Universal Religion and The Sequence of Events Leading to the End of These Times

Q. The Church leaders will have no advantage over the Jewish leaders (who arranged for the death of Christ) when we all stand before Him at Judgment.  I see from a letter ... that you must have this information in The M+G+R Foundation domain someplace... I want to know how this overlays the coming Natural and/or Man-Made  Events/Difficulties.  Would you mind giving me a link?

A. You will find the "connections" you seek at The Gates of the Nether World Will Not Prevail Against the Church;  However, Some Transitory Conditions Do Apply plus on The Sequence of Events Leading to the End of These Times. When you apply the Principle of Coherence to what is taking place in the world, socio-politically and religiously, and the information contained in those links - you will see a flawless match/overlay.

Q. I've never heard anyone else even acknowledge this prophetic application of Scripture and I get blank looks (at best) when I mention it.   In truth, the very concept of prophetic dualities is nowhere to be found in the churches and people that I know or have known, and I've been walking with God for 30 years.

A. You may rest assured that God is revealing now what has never been revealed before, just as He promised for these times. Even the Secret Concept of the Most Holy Trinity has been unveiled.

However, m de P is as uncomfortable to the Vatican and to those who blindly follow them, as Our Lord Jesus Christ and the  Precursor  of His First Coming were. This is the case even though we are amongst the strongest defenders of strictly orthodox Catholic Faith; however, one thing is "defenders of strictly Orthodox Catholic Faith" and another thing is to be "incoherent fanatics of  an incoherently presented  and taught Faith." This prostitution of the Faith (of convenience) is something that the true children of God are revolted by. Thus the way you and a few others feel.

Q. I have felt alone but your site connects me.  I know there are others out there!  My own parish church is completely dead....   Grief and disappointment, bordering on despair, are nearly overwhelming to me.  You are a friend and a blessing to me and I pray for you daily.  I would like to find a more concrete way to support your work.

A. Others, albeit very few, feel the same way you do and have shared their frustrations with us. Therefore, we, collectively, must find a way to reach out to the rest of the "wandering children of God"  and bridge them back to the True, Living and Merciful God.

WWJD? We will welcome any idea accompanied with the human resources to accomplish it.

Q. I cling to the expectation that an event of sufficient magnitude will awaken the Church leadership,... because they will need to be AWAKEN for what the Church is about to go through....

Yours in His Name,
Mrs. J

A. Tragically - they have been amply warned by us. They have paid little attention. They have forgotten what Mary announced in La Salette and later. They have also forgotten the slaughter within the clerical and hierarchical ranks that occurred during the French and Communist Revolutions (both triggered by the abuses of the Crown in collusion with the Churches - East and West).

 Furthermore, they have also forgotten that during the civil war in Spain (second third of the 20th Century) over 7,000 bishops and priests were slaughtered for the same reasons.

Now, God has no other choice but to allow the unleashing upon the Church the most cruel persecution since its foundation. The Warning will come afterwards.

We are hoarse reminding one and all that: "Pain is the megaphone that God uses for the deaf to hear." Tragically there will be just a few left who will finally hear!

We do not make the rules nor dispense the justice: We just announce and warn.

From T and G @ USA [Published on February 28, 2004]

Note: These were from two different writers but the are interrelated.

Q. Is the present day "voice of one crying in the wilderness" really only one or is it many voices of one heart?

     Do you give credence to any protestant prophecy, or for that matter,  prophecy of any faith not Catholic?

     Just wondering what you think of the Messages Via Louise Tomkiel

T and G

A.  The "voice of one crying in the wilderness" is only one and its source is to be discerned by the faithful who has been given "Ears to Hear" and "Eyes to See". The key is through complete coherence.

Regarding prophecy and visionaries in general - Catholic or not. You may find the answer in a document we published covering that subject matter entitled: "So Many Visionaries, So Many Prophets! - Are They All From God?
Which Are The Authentic Ones?"

We have also pronounced ourselves in the past regarding Louise Tomkiel.

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