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Letters/Questions - Addressed on  May - June 2005      

From JM  @  USA [Published on June 29th,  2005 - Feast of Sts. Peter and Paul]

Q.   Greetings:
I went to Mass Saturday evening for the Vigil for Sunday. I was watching carefully to be sure that all the vessels on the altar containing the bread and wine to be offered  were beneath the priest's hands as he performed the Transubstantiation..
I believe I saw that after Father transubstantiated the bread and wine in the vessels before him Deacon P went into the (place where the Blessed Sacrament reposes-also a pass-through to the preparation area behind the altar), remove two gold bowls and placed them among the others on the altar. The contents were then part of what was offered to those receiving The Holy Eucharist.
My question is this: Does the bread remain in the "Form" (of Our Lord) even though it may be unused for a particular Mass and brought out at  a later time or need it be transubstantiated for each Mass?


  A.  Yes. The Eucharistic Presence of Our Lord continues to Be. However, there seems to be a problem with that practice.

First of all - In accordance to the Vatican Rules, most of the consecrated hosts given in a particular Mass should have been consecrated in that same Mass, except when conditions simply prevent it, such as: Mass in St. Peter's Square or the esplanade before the Basilica of Fátima and the like. Even though thousands of hosts are consecrated then, the officiating minister must rely on previously consecrated hosts for the communion of  hundreds of thousands of communicants.

Nevertheless, what concerns us the most is that we are witnessing the practice that you have reported in far too many Masses where there is no need to do so unless, of course, "the need" is to feed the Faithful unconsecrated host.  This, of course, would be in keeping with the times that we are living through. What better way for satan to mount a full and final assault on those who try to remain strengthened by and through the Bread of Heaven than by spiritual starving them?

Most homilies have become completely worthless; therefore, if to that absence you add the withholding of the True Bread of Heaven... then, what is that you have left? Nothing! - excpet the ever-present collection plate.

Our advice from here - and regardless who may get upset, the Roman Curia included - is: (1) Attend Mass where you can be sure that the consecration is being done properly; and (2) That most hosts used in communion were consecrated right at that Mass and before you own eyes.

Frankly - with some notable exceptions - we have very little trust in the integrity of those who today claim to be Shepherds for God's people. As the saying goes in the U.S. - we must all act as if we were from Missouri.

From JB  @  USA [Published on June 24th, 2005 - Feast of the Birth of John the Baptist]

Q.   I believe there may be an error in Volume II (Lenten Season), Page 976, in Second Reading in a Treatise by St. Basil.  In the last sentence of this reading the last words read "---we become God".  This troubles me as I believe this is New Age philosophy.

I realize that we are created in the image of God and also become Christ-like, but NEVER GOD.  To my knowledge there is only one God, my Father and Creator, and Him alone do I serve, not serve myself.

I e-mail one popular Catholic ministry who has a Bible Institute only to be told that I took this out of context.  How do you take something out of context when they capitalized the word "God"?  Only God Himself receives that honor and right.

 If you believe this is in error, could you please direct me as to how to have it corrected.  I have heard this kind of teaching in our local church and feel extremely uncomfortable about it.


A.  Error? It is Blasphemy!  Who Is Like Unto God?  You have every reason  to feel uncomfortable about it. It is not of God.

We have have just published an eight page document addressing this and other related issues which continue to erode the little Faith left while opening the doors for the manifestation of the False Christ.

From MV  @  USA [Published on June 21st, 2005]

Q.   In reference to the  "Man vs Man" article posted on 6-11-05 - it appears more than coincidence, and more of a phenomenon of synchronicity in my case that just last week I started to read an old  book of mine left unread for years that deals with the topic:

-It is entitled " The Fingerprint of God" by Hugh Ross.
-The book was published by Promise Publishing Company, Orange, CA 92667 first edition in 1989.
-Hugh Ross is an astronomer who details the scientific discoveries that support creation and "reveals the unmistakable identity
of the Creator".
-To me it is the best book written for the lay reader like me about connecting science and faith via cosmology with the bible.
-If you can obtain the book it is a must read, that I highly recommend.

Thank you for considering my message.


A.  We have heard of that book as well as about Dr. Ross, thus we are glad to post the above report for the other visitors to The M+G+R Foundation Domains.

For a series of unusual current Geophysical and Astronomical events taking place in our world and its surroundings Click Here. God contiues to give His children signs. Unfortunately, it is usually too late when we realize it and act upon them.

From JM  @ 
USA [Published on June 17th, 2005]

Q.  Dear Sirs:
Recently I examined the several articles listed in EWTN's Documents Listing concerning various subjects re: Opus Dei.

Each one supports the successes as Opus Dei has risen in the Hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church and glows with seeming self-satisfaction.

I must admit I find it discouraging that "no ear seems to hear nor tongue to speak" that there may be an undercurrent of motive deeper than the
unformed Catholic may see or understand.


A.  We received your communication as a notice from God to speak about that subject matter at once without further delay - and that we will.

miguel de Portugal, before and after "he was", was a strong supporter of  EWTN,
by word, T-shirt wearing and financially. He corresponded with Mother Angelica  frequently, received everything they published, secured video tapes of key special programs and showed them to others, promoted them within whatever Catholic Community he was associated with at the time, etc.

Through a series of highly unprobable circumstances - also known as Divine Providence - m de P was given a solid gold rosary by the most unlikely benefactor (that story, in itself is most interesting). The immediate thought and action was to send it to M. Angelica for her nuns to utilize it when praying in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament - he certainly did not need a solid gold rosary to pray with! It was graciously received by Mother Angelica and, as such, acknowledged.

He drove to the original EWTN location to visit it and the monastery, attended Holy Mass, prayed the Holy Rosary, etc.. He "felt" that all was good indeed (Incidentally, in the same trip he visited Caritas of Birmingham and he "felt" that is was bad - Caritas NOT Medjugorje)

Back in Nazaré, Portugal, he wrote Mother Angelica asking/discusssing with her why they were not broadcasting radio and/or TV worldwide - that he felt that it was sorely needed. M. Angelica wrote back saying that she wished to do so but did not have the means. We then agreed on "Oremus..." for it.

During these few years of bliss between m de P and EWTN, one Holy Week Mother Angelica wrote (no form letters) to let him know that the nuns were be praying specifically for him and the work he was conducting for the Glory of God, before the Blessed Sacrament during the Easter Tridium.

By this time m de P was noticing something amiss with H.H. John Paul II pastoral trips turned into media jamborees as well as with the Marian Movement of Priests.

His relationship with M. Angelica was such that he wrote to her confiding his concerns to her - especially about the papal media jamborees. Never, ever heard form her or EWTN again. Not even received the automatically addressed monthly newsletters. It was the END of  "the Christian love affair".

Shortly thereafter money "appeared" for world wide TV and radio transmission of EWTN programs and  for a new monastery. She seems to have been shipped away with her nuns to said monastery to keep her disconnected from the ministry that lived on because her but was no longer hers - just like the fate suffered by H.H. John Paul II.

Dear brother, you seem to have Eyes to See and Ears to Hear and the ability to discern how the wool is being pulled over the eyes of  "
the unformed Catholics".

From LR  @  USA [Published on June 13th, 2005 - Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament]

Q.  I went to a funeral of a friend that was in the Episcopal Church.  This was my first time.

 I was surprised to see how their celebration look so much like our Mass.  They even had some of the same prayers and songs.  The most touching moment to me was when the pastor invited all to receive communion.

What he said was, "All are welcomed to receive.  They only requirement is Baptism."  It truly made me see how arrogant the Catholic Church is to deny anyone communion.  Here it was offered to me in a different church and I was struck with the feeling/knowledge that my Lord was present to me in another place of worship.

This is truly a terrible time in the earth when men of the church believe they can deny Christ to the people.  Christ comes to us anyway. 


A.  It is indeed a terrible time in the earth and that is precisely while God will have to directly intervene as He did during Noah's time.

Mary came a number of times to make up for the deficiencies in the Evangelization of the Church Her Son established. Her messages were ignored. God allowed the bloodiest century in the history of mankind - the 20th Century - in the hopes that the pain was enough so that the "deaf would hear" and He would not have to increase it further.

He was mocked and continues to be mocked by what we now call - The Vatican Circus. Logically, this time, the "volume" will be higher and the pain will be global and far greater than in the 20th Century.

Regarding the statement made by the Episcopal priest officiating the funeral you attended to, we have to make a clarifying point.

As we pointed out in our document dealing with this particular issue, the key condition to partake of  the Holy Eucharist, in addition of having been Baptized a Christian is:  For the individual to be truly repentant from his/her sins and truly want to change his/her life, yet, is weak, therefore, is having  difficulty breaking away, and staying free, from the yoke of satan.

The one event that would decelerate the descent of the world into the abyss, would be to nourish the searching souls with the bread of Heaven - the Most Holy Eucharist. Yet,  this Divine and Healing Bread Form Heaven is being denied by the Church Administrators on grounds which are not Scriptural - for He came to heal the sick not those who are well.

In this time of International Courts of Laws bringing current and former government officials to justice for having committed genocide (*) and fanning the flames of hate, were there enough time left, we would call for an International Tribunal to try the Administration of the Roman Catholic Church - NOT the Catholic Faith, but its Historical Administrators, past and present - for Crimes Against Humanity, with a spiritual component, the unjustified withholding of the only Supernatural remedy to the misery of man - the Bread From Heaven.

Unfortunately (yes, we said "unfortunately") for them there is not enough time left and the level of Justice that will be dispensed by God upon them for their betrayal, will far surpass anything that man could have ruled.

(*) According to Webster Dictionary: Genocide is the deliberate and systematic destruction of a racial, political, or cultural group

           From The M+G+R Foundation  @  European Union & USA [Published on June 11th, 2005]

Q.  On the June 7th posting at our Points to Ponder section we posed the following question:

"Do you ever wonder... why a lay man, who has done in a limited scale the same thing that priests that have done in a grand scale (with their superiors covering up for them) gets a life sentence and most guilty priests, Bishops and Cardinals get away with it? etc.

A.  An individual who received a mailing from us containing pretty much the same question, and who is well qualified to answer it, was kind enough to do so. We secured said individual's permission to reproduce the letter while keeping it completely anonymous as to not interfere with said individual's work in the area in question (*).

The letter:

Those who commit pedophile acts on children and who are not in the clergy get jail time. Priests who do the same, do not,
generally speaking, get jail time. The reason is that  the lawyers and parents of the children, threaten the archdioceses to sue and
file criminal charges, but  in exchange for not suing, they agree to settle for big big money. This way the state attorney's offices
around the country never see the case and a criminal complaint is never filed. In effect, we have thousands of pedophile priests
who do not have to wear ankle bracelets, or are listed on sexual predator lists. Other non-clergy pedophiles have to do these
things. Archdioceses keep their pedophile priests hidden in the church doing archdiocese jobs; just not doing masses. They are
moved around, rent is paid, pension, etc.  Money has bought the pedophile priests a haven. But whose money has bought them
this haven or refuge? OURS!
Sad times for our Church. What is really frustrating is that we are blind. We sit in the pews and we do not know what is going on
and the effect it has on all the world. By the way, I would suggest everyone seeing the movie "Our Father" with Ellen Burstyn.  And,
only the tip of the iceberg has been touched. The gay underground clergy, active homosexuals, have the
Church in the palm of their
 hand. They know who we are, but we do not know who they are. We are a Church within a Church.

Then there is the sordid stories of the seminaries and the raping, drugging of seminarians by other seminarians and vocation
directors. Miami is another Sodom. So are many other dioceses. Most are gay friendly and none of the priests will come forward
because they are afraid. Where is Mother Church? We are underground already, but we have no walls. They are invisible.
Pray, Pray and Pray. I pray for the illumination because I cannot stand knowing what I know. God Bless us and have mercy on our
church. God open our eyes!

(*) We only removed a four word sentence as not to give a clue as to the gender of the writer.

What can we add to that other than to ask each one of you to please pray for this individual and others in the same painful situation ("I cannot stand knowing what I know") - whether clergy or laity. These are the ones who are truly part of the remnant - they have Eyes to See and Ears to Hear.

From JH  @  Ireland [Published on June 9th, 2005 - Mary, Mother of Grace]

Q.  The following websites seem to be linked to your posting on oxytocin and seem to tie in in with New World Religions.

Again it seems that some of the groups are "hiding" right in front of us.

Hope these may be of some use.

Yours in Christ.


A.  [JH is referring to the posting date June 4th in our News Commentary section entitled: "Trust me! I am a hormone"  -- A hormone that makes people trust you..]

First of all, Thank you! for a very valuable contribution to all!

We have visited the sites mentioned in your letter The  Hedonistic  Imperative - Heaven on Earth? and The Oxytocin Garden of Eden. Your evaluation is right, tragically right. "They" have already reached the "working" level of even substituting the fulfillment of the First and Second Commandments, feeling of Love for God and each other, a Love that only God can bestow on us, with a drug induced "Love".

This is not just a "foot print" of the False Christ in the making, it has its "fingerprints": The falsification of a condition only naturally attainable through God. Indeed it is an integral part of the False Dawn which Lee Penn has just exposed to the world in minute detail - Thanks be to God!

You obviously have Eyes to See. We pray to God that our brethren out there now fully understand the imperative need to seek those Eyes to See - something that truly God is the Only One Who can grant. Drugs cannot induce that.

We also pray to God that every one who sees this posting shares it far and wide because this is already taking place with other perception altering drugs and psyco-techniques - it is most evident in the political arena. So evident, yet unseen, that it always surprises us when we see proof of it although we are fully aware of it.

We take this opportunity to recommend to our readers to review the exposé of the fabled New Age that we published some time ago.

From Initials Withheld  @  Withheld [Published on June 3, 2005 - Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus]

Q.  Part I

Your quote...

"Do you ever wonder... why people choose to deny the undeniable? Because "Knowledge" is not only "Power" but it is also "Responsibility" . Unfortunately for many, "looking the other way" or "hoping that it goes away" will not, we repeat, will not be acceptable by God as a reason for inaction and/or disobedience to the entreats of God, through the Virgin Mary, to come back to the Gospel....."

Which of course is where my head is at, and where I struggle with my own questionable actions and 'morality'.

Part I I

I also have to confess that I find it..... unsettling..... that I have a reasonable amount of contact with a guy (you) who claims he talks to God more regularly than anyone else has before, so why do I have that contact, to what purpose. Plenty of people out there claiming the same thing, but for some reason I listen to you. And why are my views of any interest to you. All thought provoking stuff.

So, thank you for your response recently.
  [Initials Withheld]

Part I

The moment one recognizes that one's actions are of questionable morality and is searching for a solution - there is no denial. Denial is either wanting to be blind to a situation; or justifying the morality of what an action which is clearly not. You do not "qualify" as being in denial - on the contrary.

Part I I

Who did Jesus talk with? Who had access to Him? Those the Father chose. If it was "good enough" for Jesus" it certainly will be "good enough" for miguel de Portugal who is not even fit to untie His sandal strap.

When man tries his best to serve God, then it must be always God's choice and not man's as it usually is under the guise of being God's Will. You have not experienced (yet?) the situation when God says "Enough!" direct contact. When He does, that access is shut down. You are right - technically there are over 6 billion of you out there and all are children of God - the ONLY Creator.

Why are your views and comments of interest to us to the point of frequently publishing them? Quite simple! They are of universal nature and interest - hundreds of millions of our brethren face the same confusing crossroads and, those who are searching, have the same questions and concerns. Thus our answers and comments are for all.

We pray that we have "provoked enough constructive thought" to all!

From AM  @  Melbourne, Australia [Published on June 1, 2005]

Q.  Hello, fellow brother in Christ!

 Notwithstanding Church protocols in these matters, do you believe Pope John Paul 11 is a saint?
 God bless you and your labours,

A. We have just published a document which may answer your question in full.

From DS  @ Ireland [Published on May 27, 2005]

Q.  Thank you for your the swift reply on your website to my query in relation to John Paul II, last pope of the present era, etc. Having read your response to several e-mails on The M+G+R Foundation Public Forum, it would seem that John Paul II was not pope when he died.

 God has therefore decided to remove this 'position' from human hands, therefore Benedict XVI is historically an elected pope by the College of Cardinals but not chosen by God as a successor of Peter.  Correct me if I'm mistaken about the above, it certainly is difficult to fully comprehend the nature of events that have transpired, as always of course I pray that God blesses you in your work.
May you continue to do God's Will,

A. [DS is referring to our posting of April 30th] Brethren, we have posted the above letter to illustrate what we mean when we state - "May those who have Eyes, See, and Ears, Hear". This writer, has been Blessed with both.

From DM  @ USA [Published on May 24, 2005]

Q.  Are there any prophesies for the year 2005 for the world and for the United States?


A. If we knew something specific - we would not announce it, as we have stated elsewhere. Why? The complete answer is quite complex and beyond the comprehension of most - just as is the interaction between Time and Eternity. However, a more practical answer may be found in why should man not know, with precision, what the future has reserved for him. As we pointed out in Divination and Miraculous Healings ...But, What About God? utilizing the First Book of Samuel, Chapter 28.

It is not the Will of God that mankind know such information unless He Will specifically that some particular individual(s) do so to be used in accordance to His Plan and for His Honor and Glory.
We have learned that lesson the hard (but merciful) way.

Even miguel de Portugal prays as follows: "Lord, I do not need to know dates or specifics of events, unless it is your Will that I do. What I want is to get accomplished all that You want me to get accomplished in the manner, order and timetable that You Will it to be."

This should be a prayer of all mankind so that
it prepares itself for what is to come.

We have repeatedly stressed the importance of being in tune with the Holy Spirit of God and be ready as the five wise virgins of Jesus' parable. As the world sinks in the darkness
and deceit, only the "silent" prompting of the Holy Ghost will be our safe and secure "Navigator" until the End of These Times.

From ARA  @ Mexico [Published on May 24, 2005]

Q.  While reading the document "On Defense of His Holiness John Paul II" a question arose in my mind. Is The Neocatechumenal Way something wrong within our Catholic Faith?

This question is very important to me since I have a very good friend, who is a priest, and who has been part of said movement for many years. A number of times he has insisted that my wife and I join the movement. I have never felt comfortable with it. Nothing that he tells me about it "clicks right" within me - I do not know exactly what it is but that "feeling that is right" is absent.


A. We have repeatedly stressed the importance of being in tune with the Holy Spirit of God more than with any one individual or movement. As the world sinks in the darkness and deceit, only the "silent" prompting of the Holy Ghost will be our safe and secure "Navigator" until the End of These Times.

Obviously your "Navigator" is working quite well. There is only one way - the Way of Jesus Christ as set forth in the Holy Scriptures - Old and New Testament. We do not not need Escriva's Way, we do not need Kiko's Way, we do not need the Legionnaires of Christ's Way, we do not need the Marian Movement of Priests' Way, nor any and all other Ways who try to preempt the
only one way  - Jesus Christ!

H.H. John Paul II, may his soul rest in peace, was tricked into approving movements about which he obviously knew very little and now we are beginning to see the sad and destructive fall out as they all try to Save the World and the Church to the exclusion of others.

We will soon write extensively about the pathetic show that is being staged at The Vatican now while the different sects allowed, by default, by John Paul II try to carve out a piece of the "Holy Pie". May God have Mercy on them - we assure you - they will need it!

Mr. A, we thank you for this fine opportunity that you have given us to address this very critical issue. May God continue to Bless you with the Guiding Light of His Holy Spirit.

From KR  @ USA [Published on May 20, 2005]

Q.  Please correct me if I am wrong.  Did I not read in your domain somewhere that you recommended the film "Jesus" a lions gate film to be the most biblically accurate? I've been searching and cannot find the recommendation.  Well, to get to the point, I watched the first 15 min. of it and had to turn it off, as I got ill watching Jesus and Mary (Martha's sister flirting with each other).  Then to make matters worse Mary Magdalene is shown nude getting out of bed as I watched with my 6 year old son.  I had to turn it off.  Please tell me your site is not the one that suggested that film.
One more question please.  If Miguel de Portugal thinks Mel Gibson's "The Passion" is based on fanaticism then he must think that St. Anne Catherine Emmerich's book is based on the same?  Just curious.
From a catholic that has seen what has happened to the church and attends mass or mess on Sunday only to pray silently through the whole thing and make reparation for the disrespect shown our Lord during mass or mess.


A. First of all - Thank you for writing and giving us the opportunity to clarify some points. Yes, we have recommended such film but the recommendation seems to have been made to a limited audience. Obviously we were not clear enough about certain aspects of the film, which we will now attempt to correct.

(a) The film is not the most biblically accurate film on the life of Jesus - it is the one that better portrays the real Jesus.  The most biblically accurate film on Jesus is the one which Campus Crusade has had translated into many languages and shown to hundreds of millions of viewers. The Campus Crusade film adheres to the Gospel according to Luke as close as it is possible. (*)

(b) Jesus was a human in all but sin. We did not see as offensive the alleged flirting of Jesus with Mary (Martha's sister). Jesus, in His humanity, could have very well been attracted to Martha's sister - that is not a sin, otherwise God would not have made humans to naturally respond that way. What may be a sin is how a man or woman respond to that natural human and not non sinful trait. Neither Martha's sister nor Jesus acted in manner that would even come close to sinfulness. On the contrary - if there was such a normal attraction between them - their choices to not follow through Glorified God.

(c) The Mary Mary Magdalene scene - we would have toned it down a bit. It was necessary to get across well her sinful way of life but it could have certainly been toned down. However, being unexpectedly thrust upon such scene - which by today's world standards it
is not too off color for most 6 year old children - could have been used as a good Evangelization opportunity which would have left a positive impression in the child. God is indeed more powerful that evil but we have to bring Him in.

Having said all of that and acknowledging the rough edges of the scene - spiritually and psychologically speaking, said scene was a drop of water when compared to the bucket full of water characterized by the sadomasochistic orgy staged by Mel Gibson in his film.

Regarding Anne Catherine Emmerich "vision" or "illumination" about the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ (or any similar individual experiences) - we discourage focusing upon such documents/books/revelations since, because human nature response, they will cause such revelations to pre-empt the Holy Scriptures. On the other hand - we encourage writings like those of St. Faustina and St. Gertrude from which much can be learned of the relationship God would like to have with each one of His children but, generally, do not pre-empt the Holy Scriptures.

We Praise God that you are among "...a catholic that has seen what has happened to the church and attends mass or mess on Sunday only to pray silently through the whole thing and make reparation for the disrespect shown our Lord during mass or mess."  If more of the Faithful would have done so, the suffering that awaits humanity would have been reduced even further. Please encourage everyone to do the same as you do, and we encourage you to specifically offer the suffering you experience when witnessing such disrespect and chaos as an act of consolation to Our Lord and Our Lady - They greatly appreciate this.

(*) The Jesus Film is a major motion picture of the life of Christ based on the Gospel of Luke. Campus Crusade has made the Film available to more than 180 new mission agencies (in addition to the more than 400 already using it), and it continues to be one of the key ingredients of Campus Crusade's New Life 2000 ecumenical world evangelization campaign. Since Campus Crusade claims The Jesus Film has been viewed by more than 710 million people, in 220 countries, in 340 languages, with 41 million "making decisions for Christ" (as of 6/96), its accurateness in doctrine and style must be a major concern to all Bible-believing Christians.

From R & K  @ USA [Published on May 12, 2005]

Q.  Thank you for all of your recent writings and messages to share with all the wandering/wondering souls.  Many times I do not have the enlightenment to appreciate all that you say and share.  Other times, the "light bulb" goes on.  That is okay with me.  You told me not to pray for anything more, spiritually, than God has in store for me right now, and I have decided to accept that.  I will continue to read, and to say my small prayers through it all.  I just have to trust that, when the time is right, I will be able to fulfill what the Lord wants of me.
I have decided to quit watching most of the news shows that I used to watch.  I try to read the paper with discernment, and ask the Holy Spirit to guide me to the stories that might be of significance.  I don't want to be in denial, nor do I want to be spoon-fed a bunch of nonsense.  I am not sure which is right...I just don't have much taste for the cable/network news any longer.  I think it concentrates too much on fluff stories, while there is so much more to be concerned about that it almost appears to be an intentional distraction.


A. There are two issues of universal interest in the above communication that we wish to address:

(a)  You state:
"You told me not to pray for anything more, spiritually, than God has in store for me right now, and I have decided to accept that."
We are pleased to hear that. That is exactly what miguel de Portugal does - in spite of the tremendous amount of information that God deems to transmit to him on an almost ongoing basis. miguel takes such position to the extreme of praying thus: "Lord, I do not need to know dates or specifics of events, unless it is your Will that I do. What I want is to get accomplished all that You want me to get accomplished in the manner, order and timetable that You Will it to be."
That is a daily and heartfelt prayer; after all, who needs to care about anything else if each one of us strive to allow Him to freely work through each one of us?

(b)  You state:  "I have decided to quit watching most of the news shows..."  This we also strongly recommend to everyone and something that m de Portugal also practices even though he now has 24 hr access to the key cable news - US and European - plus the Internet, of course. For the same reasons you state plus others as may be read in the Board  and News Commentary postings of May 12th. To those reasons one may add the subliminal brainwashing which is ongoing via certain television stations/programs.

This is not denial; on the contrary - this is acknowledging, accepting and working within the reality that we are living through today.

From "Kirk"  @ USA [Published on May 9, 2005]

Regarding our choice of utilizing "Kirk's" letter in a recent document, as part of his response authorizing us to utilize it in full he wrote:

Q.  It amazes me that your  perception of my letter was as such... I still struggle with the "Why  Me?" at times... and this is certainly one of those times.


A. First of all, said document has had tremendous circulation and most constructive feedback. So much so that yet another document was born from said feedback.

Regarding the "Why Me?" syndrome... The "Why Me?" syndrome is "a plant" from satan to lead man to undervalue himself as a tool for God.

Another manifestation of this "plant" we have lifted from a recent letter that will be published at a letter time: "I felt I  should be praying for the world and the conversion of sinners – myself  included . A grandiose intention – who am I that my prayer could do much?"

It IS God Who decides all of this and the Only One Who grants the requests. The only "Who is..." question that is truly valid would be: "Who is man to question the Divine Designs?"

Did God need the Army Corps of Engineers to part the Red Sea? No. It took only one man, who God chose "just because" and who, as an act of his free will, chose to respond to God's call.

It is that simple?  Who is miguel de Portugal ? The same story - and you (and 99.99999% of those who have heard of m de P) do not have the slightest idea of how, and for what, God has used m de P to change in this world - which is what we keep referring to as "the main function of m de P".

Just relax and enjoy every time that God chooses to utilize you. Just make sure that it  is Him and not satan playing a trick through your ego.  All of us, m de P included, are exposed to that threat - but true humility will protect us from such snare.

From JM  @ USA [Published on May 2, 2005]

Q. This past April 11, I had a dream that actually felt like a visit from Pope John Paul II.

 He was very sad and looked so tired. He was in my home, I don't know how he got there and he sat down and told me there are 2 kinds of people in the world  - those who believed what he taught and those that didn't. He emphasized to never stop believing his teachings on Jesus and our Blessed Mother.

He was so sad that so many people didn't believe. "They will not have the faith to survive the anti-christ". He said death followed him wherever he went and was so tired of having to avoid it. He was so sad about those who are going to be lost forever and he thanked me for praying for him and asked me to thank everyone for their prayers.

He also wanted me thank those who believed in his mission. Finally he told me to follow Jesus to Calvary and not to lose hope. He said that at calvary the effects of original sin are put to death and we are free.


A. The above posting is not the norm for our Public Forum but because circumstances about which LM knew nothing about, the timing of receipt of the above communication and the fact that, if it had been miguel de Portugal instead of H.H. John Paul II who had appeared to LM after his death, the statement would have been exactly the same, we chose to publish it.

Among the teachings of H.H. John Paul II was the tremendous importance of praying the Rosary.

From Various  @ Worldwide [Published on April 30, 2005]

Q. The following  is a "composite question" from several recent e-contacts with The M+G+R Foundation regarding Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger's election at the final conclave..

You said that he was the last legitimate pope of our time. How would that tie in with Benedict XVI? There is no doubt that Satan has infiltrated the hearts and minds of a great many people in the Church, including those given the great responsibility of governing it. But this man like you have said after your trip to the Vatican was selected  'by the active will of God', so this would surely indicate that he is a legitimate successor to John Paul II.

In accordance to what you wrote, is Joseph Ratzinger an impostor?

Could our new Pope be a False Prophet, elected to the throne by the Illuminati?

Studying what you wrote about the active and passive Will of God, it would seem to me that the Active Will of God wills for what is perfect.  God would not will for a pope who is not the true successor of Peter, or who is the “antichrist”- WOULD HE?  Jesus did not will for Judas to betray Him.

I would feel better if on some points that did not turn out to be exactly as you claimed they would be, according to you private revelation, you would acknowledge you were mistaken.  Somehow I don't think that will happen because I see many times that you explain it by saying that you already knew it and God used it to show something, etc.


A. We understand that many issues are hard to understand/comprehend. We strongly suggest that the moment anyone encounters such difficulty, even after seeking the Illumination of the Holy Spirit of God, it would be best to "drop it" and focus your attention on prayer and acts of reparation.

The fact that in the last election the Active Will of God was fulfilled, does not make either Cardinal Ratzinger a bad or undesirable man nor it takes away the reality that Karol Wojtyla was originally elected as the last Pope.

About this we will only clarify as follows: As we have have stated elsewhere openly or hinted through the usage of veiled terminology - Karol Wojtyla was elected as Pope John Paul II, however, that does not mean that when he died he was still the Pope.

Man cannot supersede God's Will by performing this or that prescribed ritual. God always has the Last Word and when men abuse His Goodness He will do whatever is necessary to protect His children and confound the enemy. As we have pointed out before - towards the end of the Papal sequence, there was going to be one last true successor of Peter and one more historical Pope.

Jesus Christ - as God and as man - through His Active Will appointed Judas Iscariot as an Apostle, even though He knew that Judas was going to betray Him.

As an act of charity, we will comment upon the outright accusation that if miguel de Portugal were to make a mistake (which he does - after all, not even Peter was infallible all the time
[Galatians 2: 11-21]) he would not admit it.

One glaring example of the banality of such accusation may be found in an official letter, which was sent worldwide to scientific centers via regular air mail, acknowledging having made a prediction without the appropriate permission from God - a prediction which, of course was wrong because there was a change of plans.

God in His Merciful Goodness salvaged m de P's credibility before such a large scientific forum through an astronomical event that is described in the letter. That did not make the error less - it just made us better appreciate the Loyalty, Support and Mercy of God toward those who leave a life, as few have ever experienced, to follow Him - no questions asked.

Lastly - we want everyone to keep very clear in mind a section from m de P's brief biography:

Should you believe what miguel de Portugal says through the pages of The M+G+R Foundation?
You do not have to. What is written is only for those who have eyes to see and have ears to hear. Woe to miguel if he does not speak loud and clear. Nothing has changed in the manner in which God has communicate with His children in the last 6,000 years.
Unless God Wills otherwise - we consider this case closed lest we fall in an old and well used trap used by satan and which, through the Grace of God, we have learned to recognize soon.

If any questions and/or doubts remain, please visit our Research Department

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