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Letters/Questions - Addressed on  October  2005    

From Various  @  World [Published on October 29th]

Q.  Typically:

I am somewhat confused by your recent announcement with regard to the Abomination of Desolation which is scheduled to take place on  September 14th 2005. This event is listed in your Sequence of Events list as event number nine in sequence, and I do not understand how we can be at this point in the sequence when we have not had the full manifestation of all events which are scheduled to precede it.
In addition could you please clarify how the full manifestation of event number two - which is the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary can now be performed by John Paul II since he is deceased, and also why is the Period of Peace listed as event number three in sequence when it is not to take place until after the Warning, which is event number five in sequence.


A.  Thank you for the opportunity to clarify as much of this as we can.

First, try to understand that many of the items we publish, miguel de Portugal learns about it as he is writing them. Better yet, at times he comes across documents which have key information, which electronically can be proven that he wrote them, yet he has no recollection of writing them, much less about the information contained in them. Therefore, he can only explain that of what he knows and, of that, only what he is able to make public.

That we are making up excuses for "lapses"? Always keep in mind - and never forget - that:

Should you believe what miguel de Portugal says through the pages of The M+G+R Foundation?

You do not have to. What is written is only for those who have eyes to see and have ears to hear. Woe to miguel if he does not speak loud and clear. Nothing has changed in the manner in which God has communicate with His children in the last 6,000 years.

Now, we shall address the areas of your letter that we can.

First review and assimilate the NOTE  Added on August 11, 2004 and Clarified by an (*) Notation on October 21, 2005, and its contents - which appears on the Sequence of Events. The key phrase is "...before its full meaning is manifested."

"...the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary can now be performed by John Paul II since he is deceased" - the symbolic consecration will suffice as far as the name of John Paul II being part of the prophecy is concerned; since man tried to outsmart God some major changes were made. It will still be done in its full meaning, but not as originally intended, due to the trajectory taken by the life of Karol Wojtyla.

Regarding the Period of Peace - we clearly state that: A "Period of Peace", promised through the F�ima messages, will be eventually granted after the Warning (See Step No.5), which will be  as a result of our pleas (See Step No.2 ). [Joel 2:18-27] We still need the "...full meaning..." being manifested in time.

Also, know that Period of Peace will be shortened, as Gorbachev reminded the world,
since there was a ten year delay on the establishment of the New World Order. Those ten years had to come form some place since the overall timing is fixed.

For further clarification, we suggest much prayer - if the Holy Spirit of God wants you to see more, you will. At this time, regarding the scheduling, we only plan to make a comment in the near future regarding why we can say that 
"...the overall timing is fixed."

Above all, keep in mind that: The point of prophecy is not to offer crystal ball predictions of the future; it is to discern the full meaning of present events, and to enable those with understanding to "speak the truth to power." - Anon

From DS  @  Ireland [Published on October 27th]

Q.  I read with interest your article on the book of Enoch over the weekend and thought I'd drop you a mail to see if you've read a book by Patrick Heron about the 'The Nephilim', its quite an interesting read and covers the points that you mentioned on your site.
Along with your comments it certainly does offer some explanations towards how the great civilisations of the past were able to construct such incredible structures such as the pyramids and were able to align them perfectly with the stars.
Forgive me if I'm heading off on the wrong tangent here but it would appear from what I've read that:
In heaven lucifer was an angel of God and at some stage decided he was not getting enough recognition and became rebellious, at his stage God banished Lucifer and an 'X' number of like minded spirits/angels to the abyss.

At certain stages in the earths history some of these 'spirits' have entered the earth and...  are still active.... and are the 'project managers' for Satan as they try to deceive as many people as possible.
Is it therefore possible that all human beings at some stage in the past before the creation of the earth were spirits in heaven and when the split came between God and Lucifer, that these spirits were tainted with some of the Lucifer's evil influence. While the truly pure angels were standing next to God, we were 'stuck in the middle' and somehow our time on this earth is a second chance, a chance for redemption.

I'm not taking about reincarnation, I'm saying that we were a spirit in heaven and when we are born our spirit takes human form. Of course, that means that we are  talking about all the living people since the beginning of time,... perhaps you could advise me if what I'm suggesting is radically unstable.
I trust your advice and I have found your website a shining light in the dusk that we find ourselves, perhaps when you have time you might comment either directly or via your site on the general comments made.
God Bless,


A.  Your kind words Glorify God Whom we strive to serve.

God created pure spirits - what we call angels - and they are not intended to become humans, as we know ourselves. They can posses a soul already encased in a body or appear to be one of us, as Raphael did, as we have explained in our document about the Book of Enoch,  but spirits were not destined to be  like us as Jesus clearly taught.
[Luke 24:39, 41-42]

Pure spirits were created to serve God in running the Universe: "....thousands upon thousands ministered to Him, and ten thousand times a hundred thousand stood before Him..." [Daniel 7: 10], a Universe that God Created to sustain us, His other Creation - humans - those He Created in His Image.

Once Lucifer fell, he could not stand that humanity would live in blissful union with its Creator, therefore, he tricked Eve and Adam - symbolizing human Creation
(*) - to fall from the Grace of God.

God gave humans,
and not to the angels, a second chance perhaps because the the angels' intelligence is not limited by the flesh of humanity;  they knew what they were doing, while, as Jesus reminded us from the cross when interceding for those who crucified Him, Adam and Eve did not know what they were doing. They were not conscious that they were defying God.

A final comment: Even though this subject matter is most interesting to us, the above is as far as God Wills that we go in this discussion. We need to focus on now - on what went wrong - on what to do about it. We embarked on the Book of Enoch discourse primarily because of the issue of extra-terrestials taking the place of God and/or Mary and not because of the validity of the Book itself - which, for the record, we do not deny. However, why go out looking for another Book if organized religion and humanity ignores all the books of the Old and New Testament which have been approved?  This is would be like "Marian Apparition or Visionary Chasing"? We simply must do what She requested in the long approved apparitions of centuries past and not waste our time chasing new ones.

(*)  If God Created only Adam and Eve, who in turn had Cain and Abel, who did Cain marry to beget Enoch? Who did Seth marry to father Enos?

From DI  @  Philippines [Published on October 24th]

Q.  I read your CFAM note. I have no comment on those.

The only thing that I was shocked from you is your looking down on the attempts to get rid of a very corrupt president in the Philippines.  I hope I just misunderstood you or that you are not aware of the real situation in the Philippines.


A.  (For the CFAM note see below posting dated October 20th)

We thank you for the opportunity to address this issue.

Perhaps you are not familiar with us - we are apolitical. However, the moment the Holy Name of God is used for political purposes, except through prayer and invocation, we do step in. We cannot "look down" on anything since the only one Who Is above is God - in spite of men trying to play God like Escrivá, for example. We cannot even evaluate the level of corruption or honesty of the current or past Philippine governments because we do not have the facts to do so. However.... the current Philippines' government more corrupt than the local rulers the Holy Land at the time Jesus walked amongst men as one? No! the current government of Philippines more against the Roman Catholic Church than the rulers of Italy in the 19th Century when Don John Bosco, in the Name of God, ruled the hearts of believers and unbelievers alike in Italy? No!

Did our Lord Jesus Christ or John Bosco, using the Holy Name of God, organized - openly or in a covert manner - civil methods to depose those rulers? No!

That, dear brother, is what we are talking about.

Hypothetically, if we were going to address the political aspect of the CFAM letter this is what we would say:

(1)  Nothing about Philippines politics because we do not know enough.
(2) If we were the Pentagon, the CIA or the White House, we would haul Mr. Austin Ruse in and explain to him, in no uncertain terms, the damage that he is doing to the government of the U.S. since his "Call to train in subversive meddling" can be easily used - without any imagination - to prove how the US government has been and is meddling in an underhanded manner in the internal affairs of free nations utilizing the Catholic Church as a cover.

If the U.S. as a sovereign nation chooses, as a political tool, to do that and such talk is kept within the halls of the Pentagon, CIA, etc. - although we do not approve of that approach - we would not say a word; after all, most world powers do that in one way or another and, besides, that is Caesar's business, not God's, thus, not ours.

If you want to make a change in your country - take up you cross and follow Him!  Nothing else works! Haven't you, in this world, learned that in 6,000 years of recorded history and 2,000 years of Christianity?

From Initials Withheld  @  USA [Published on October 20th - 2005 : Mary - Wonderful Mother]

NOTE: We have received a communication which we wish to comment upon and then share with our visitors. The forwarded to us communication follows:

Underscoring/highlights by The M+G+R Foundation

Subject:  Invitation to the United States
Date:   17 Oct 2005 17:57:32 -0400
From:  Austin Ruse -- C-FAM
To:   C-FAM Mailing List

October 17, 2005

Dear Friend,

I am writing to invite you to come to the United States for a one-week intensive training seminar for political activists.

This series of classes will be specifically designed for non-Americans, for our friends overseas who are eager to learn from American political, media and fundraising professionals how to advance your issues in your own country.

You will learn from top notch professionals who have run political campaigns, run issues campaigns, worked with the media at all levels, and raised millions of dollars.
This program is being jointly sponsored by C-FAM and the highly respected Leadership Institute.

C-FAM, as you know, is the UN watchdog that also publishes the Friday Fax, which you subscribe to.

The Leadership Institute is the premier US teaching institute that identifies, recruits, trains, and places conservatives in politics, government, and the media. Since1979, the Leadership Institute has enrolled more than 40,000 students, many of whom are now working at the highest levels of government and public policy. You can learn more about the Leadership Institute at

At this one week intensive series of classes and lectures, you will learn how the conservative revolution happened in America, and how to emulate it in your own country.

The curriculum will be taught by political professionals who will teach you about:

     * Understanding the media
     * Developing and staying on message
     * Building and maintaining coalitions
     * Understanding legislative processes
     * How to lobby
     * Fundraising
     * Organizing students
     * How to start a newspaper
     * Election strategy and tactics
     * Voter identification and turnout
     * Recruiting and nurturing volunteers
     * Direct Mail

The conference will be one intensive week from January 22 through January 28, 2006 at the Leadership Institute in Northern Virginia, minutes from Washington DC.

Friends, this is an amazing opportunity for you to learn the techniques that can help you start a genuine conservative political movement in your country.

That is the good news. The even better news is that the cost of this high level learning experience is only $300. This includes your tuition, housing in the Leadership Institute dormitory, and three meals a day. You will have to pay your own travel expenses to and from Washington DC (the Leadership Institute is located only a few miles from Washington's Reagan National Airport in the lovely northern Virginia suburb of Arlington.

If you are possibly interested in attending these classes, you must write right away to Connie Marshner of the Leadership Institute. You can reach her at C M a r s h n e r @ L I M a i l . u s


If you are interested, you should act right away. There are only 25 positions available for this valuable course of study. Feel free to email Connie with any questions or comments.

Yours sincerely,

Austin Ruse

PS This course is ideal for anyone who runs a pro-life or pro-family group, for anyone who is works at such a group, or who works on other issues, too. This is for political conservatives who want to strike a blow for tradition.

The M+G+R Comments

To say that we are shocked, would be the understatement of the week. At the same time, to say that it was not received as a priceless gift from God, would
be an outright lie; what a better way could we have to illustrate to the disoriented faithful that these poor individuals, who think they are serving God, are truly
serving someone else?

Both Austin Ruse' C-FAM and the Leadership Institute are, using politically correct adjectives, Opus Dei guided/inspired organizations. As you review the
attachment we would like for you to do so with the following as a backdrop:
(1) Is that the way that Our Lord Jesus Christ taught His followers to draw converts to His teaching, thus, the Kingdom of God?
(2) Is that the way that Jesus dealt with the Roman Empire which was brutally oppressing His people - the Jewish People?
(3) Has Mary, in the many approved by Rome messages, ever even hinted at that kind of evangelization to draw Her children back to the Gospel?
(4) Did not Jesus say: "He that is not with me, is against me: and he that gathereth not with me, scattereth"?  [Matthew 12:30]  ["To be" in this case means to try to emulate  methods taught - "Not to be" is to act in opposition. "To gather" in this case means draw together those who belong to His Kingdom.]
(5) Is this the way John Bosco acted in a most anticlerical Italy to, almost single-handedly, establish the Salesians, thus regenerate the souls of Italians, and then those in the world through Missions, generating the profound admiration of friends and foes alike?
(6) Will there be a better justification for: The People's Republic of China to keep the Catholic Church in China free of secular Vatican ties? The Russian Orthodox Church to keep the Roman Catholics out? Hugo Chavez and allies to keep breathing down the necks of Catholics activists? Any Muslim country to persecute Christians? Vladimir Putin view with great suspicion any activity by Catholics and /or Americans in the former Soviet Union sphere of influence?
Do you now understand how Communism "fell by its own weight" in Poland? Do you now understand the "spontaneous" change in government in the former Soviet Republic of Georgia? The "democratic" attempts to remove the current President of Philippines, Mrs. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo? The "popular" demand to have Venezuela's Chavez removed form office? The "undisputed popularity" of former Spanish President Aznar, even though 90 % of the Spanish population was against the involvement in Iraq? etc., etc.  Plot and counter plots by the Caesars of the world are as old as mankind (Cain murdered Abel - for starters) and they are not our business, but woe of those who drag God's Holy Name into the fray and use Him as an excuse to advance their piety coated but very worldly agendas.

Brethren - make no mistake - that is the work of the antiChrist-FalseChrist. "And I saw another beast coming up out of the earth, and he has two horns, like a lamb, and he spoke as a dragon." [Revelations 13:11]   Translation: "Two horns, like a lamb" = It appeared by its objectives - return to traditional values - and false piety to be of the true lamb - Jesus Christ; (but)  "spoke as a dragon" = Instructions and/or methods not of the the true lamb - Jesus Christ, but those of the dragon who rely on world power and influence.

In closing we encourage each and every one of you to review our document about the Opus Dei, its activities and objectives, as well as all links from it. Do not be shy in sharing this information with others - you now hold information that may save many souls from great misery on Earth or in Purgatory.

From LC  @  USA [Published on October 16th - 2005 : Feast of Mary's Purity]

Q.  What is your personal opinion of the SSPX?  I am a SSPX parishioner. I took much video of Fatima, the Pilgrimage,  Stations of the Cross, Fr. Gruner talk on Fatima, and more.

Please share your thoughts about these things and the SSPX  please. I have thick skin, lay it on me...



A.  Our F�ima Page/Index speak loud and clear of our position regarding F�ima. We are very happy that you were able to visit the Sanctuary - something that we highly recommend.

Regarding Rev. Gruner, even though he has been maligned and betrayed by many, we do not think that he is ill intentioned even though he is in error. The time frame for the requested Consecration lapsed many decades ago as it is clearly shown in one of our documents, a document which is amply backed by original publications. The nuclear holocaust will take place, as we have shown in Step No. 1, and toward which the U.S. Administration is working very hard to make happen.

Regarding SSPX and the yearning for getting back to pre Vatican II days, we have already extensively covered that.

From RC  @  USA [Published on October 11th - 2005 : Feast of the Motherhood of Mary]

Q.  I am of Portuguese descent and I attribute my reconversion to the Faith of  Our Fathers - the Holy Roman Catholic Church - to Our Lady of Fatima and the Holy Rosary.  What is Ratzinger's role in the deception promulgated by the published version of the Third Secret?

As Pope, elected by an enthusiastic American Contingent of Cardinals, who selected a liberal to head the Congregation he previously was charged to oversee, could this be the one slithering in to deceive?

I believe he will accomplish God's Will before it  is over by giving the Church what she needs most, the Traditional Latin Mass, but what is your view on his role?


A.  Indeed, Mary, through Her F�ima intervention, has brought many back to the Faith. Ratzinger's role in the deception of the third part of the Secret is for God to know - however, when a man assists in a crime, although he may have not committed it, he is considered an "accessory to the crime". We cannot think of any good reason, other than collusion, to remain silent as God is betrayed.

Benedict XVI selection of Archbishop Levada "speaks volumes", as the saying goes. We could not possible add anything to such "volumes" beyond what we have already published.

Even satan must fulfill the Will of God. Lucifer fell because he refused to serve God; however, he missed just one little detail, God IS the Creator; God IS above all; and nothing will take place in this Universe unless God allows it. Even the betrayal of Judas Iscariot was used by God to deliver mankind from the slavery of sin.

What the Church needs most is not the Traditional Latin Mass. What the Church needs most is Faith - something it lost as far back as the time of St. Francis of Assisi.

From R&K  @  USA [Published on October 4th - 2005]

Q.  Dearest Friends, I just want to share some personal thoughts/remarks about your recent public forum reply on conspiracy chasing.
I have many in my circle of family and friends who think that my following the writings of MGR and MdP amounts to conspiracy chasing.  Already I have shared with you that I no longer watch the TV news, and I read the papers here only cursorily.  Trusting that the Holy Spirit of God will lead me to what I need to learn or know at this moment in time, I mostly use the internet as my news source. 
While I do appreciate that the internet has the potential to be used as a tool of satan, thus far, I have only been led to sites that have drawn me closer to the Lord.  For that reason, and because you affirm it to be so, I must offer praise and homage to God because He uses every and any tool necessary to draw His fallen children back to Him, and satan has no power so great as His.
I found your particular website many, many years ago, when searching about Our Lady of Fatima.  Talk about separating the wheat from the chaff.....Wow...if ever there is a testament to Our Lord! ....   Later, I was again directed to your site again when trying to clarify some confusion that had come to me by reading about Planet X.  Already, I am sure you can see that I have been a terribly lost, confused, searching, wandering soul.  To God be the Glory that He led me to your pages, rather than leaving me in the wilderness and to the snares of satan.
A last thought on the internet sub-culture.  If one goes beyond the pages of the cable news networks, and the mainstream media, one does find a whole different world of reporting that is a lot more edgy and frightening that what one can find on our US television....   I just think that looking outside what is "presented" to us in the US makes one realize how truly low we have sunk, how deeply we have let ourselves be deceived that we are good and righteous, and how much a correction is due us, and that a correction will help us back to God. ...I am kind of happy for the awareness that whatever God sends my way will be His Perfect Way of leading me to Him, that He has planned through all of eternity.
Thank you as always for your efforts and Christ's Peace be with you!
P.S.  I really do not like--or choose to use--the word "conspiracy" any longer, as I am afraid that it will become another "politically correct" label, like the wide-sweeping "terrorist," to justify attacks upon innocent persons.

A.  Your kind words Glorify God and we want to use them to Glorify Him further.

Regarding always trusting the Holy Spirit for guidance: While God was preparing and forming the individual who later became m de P to take that final step away from the world, and without him knowing that such preparation was taking place, God instructed him to completely disconnect from the media -internet,  print, radio and television - including professional news and reports - for two years! During that time the future m de P was exercising two full professions - without any kind of news - None! Not only God proved His point and was able to prepare him better without any outside input - those probably were the two most successful years of his professional life. Frankly, m de P still amazes about that every time he reminisces of that period.

Regarding the expertly programmed manipulation by the media: Just a review of what the Portuguese daily did to the world should serve as a warning to all that without the guidance of the Holy Spirit of God - they, as the saying goes, "do not have a prayer" and much less, another chance.

Regarding the "chaff" hiding the "wheat": If we could find the means to turn available "chaff" into profit - we could probably feed the whole of Africa. Starting, of course, with the "chaff" that leaders, knowingly and unkowingly, want their followers to accept as "wheat".

Regarding the word "conspiracy": Even though there is ample proof of conspiracies - past, present and future - the head-in-the-sand faithful prefer that posture to avoid any responsibility of action. Tragically they will find out that with God, there is no "Pass Go and collect $200" as in the Monopoly Game. With God ALL will have to be accounted and paid for - He has been very clear about this from the Book of Genesis through the Book of Revelations. The first thing that said individuals will find out is that the Holy Scriptures were not printed in book form to serve as the coffee table decoration at home or to impress those who may visit.

Regarding your "I am... happy for the awareness that whatever God sends my way will be His Perfect Way of leading me to Him, that He has planned through all of eternity": That is the proper attitude. As we have stated, having "Eyes to See and Ears to Hear" is not an instant event. "Seeing" is a process that develops at a rate determined by God , a rate quite unique for each soul already marked from all Eternity to be counted amongst those who will Have Eyes to See and Ears to Hear

Many Blessings to you and yours!

From JP  @  USA [Published on September 27th - 2005]

Q.  Is this gal on the right page?

[JP refers to someone who writes under the name Sorcha Faal (SF) and publishes under "WhatDoesItMean.Com" and the particular lengthy article deals with   "North American Plate Begins 'Cracking' ", ball of fire over Florida, and other allegedly End of the World themes.]


A.  Our answer/comment is similar to the answer we gave on September 4th, 2005:

In this particular case - two items stand out as the proverbial "sore thumbs".

SF plays on the End of the World fears, as opposed as the End of These Times hope plus taking aim against the American people. Touching on the second issue. SF writes:

Today we also continue to find that the American people themselves are  not able to understand the true catastrophic totality of the events  occurring in our world as with their Darwinian mindsets they do not view  the events occurring to them as being part of the much larger series of  events occurring not only to our world itself, but indeed to our entire  solar system.

As if the Russian people could understand it - when the state of the Russian society - material and intellectual - has plummeted from the level it was in the Soviet days. As if that were not enough, SF follows that statement with:

But in their (the American people) reading, or even in those rare times their being allowed to  view the images of massive human evacuations, these most strangest of  people still fail to understand, still fail to comprehend, that the  spectacle they are living today has been, is now, and will continue to be  the new 'normal' of the world we all inhabit.

In other words - the function of Sorcha Faal is to drive the people of the US to despair with an: "End of the world" "You Americans are clueless" combo.

But it i not SF alone. Providence had it yesterday that m de P view a History Channel program prepared for the year 2000 entitled The End of the World. The only thing that was missing from that program was the 800 number to call and place an order for a free of charge suicide kit and a commercial for a Funeral Home.

If m de P were to list and explain all of the disinformation campaigns that are going on now, and the ones in the recent past which were preparing the stage for today, he could probably publish several books. The same goes with outright conspiracies, conspiracies which outstrip any Hollywood plot in Machiavellian creativity.

So, what to do? First, we must identify "Disinformation Campaigns" and "Conspiracy" hunting as another ploy of satan because he succeeds in shifting the focus of the Faithful from God to deciphering what is hidden. Remember, satan is the father of lies, thus the father of all disinformation campaigns and conspiracies.

We assure you, what is going to take place will take place for it is written and the time is now! However, as we have written many times before, we can empower God - through our cooperation with His designs and requests - to reduce the blows to the minimum required to "Dispense Justice while Prophecy Is Fulfilled". The moment we start "Conspiracy Chasing" we shift our focus away from God and His designs.

Does it really matter if Katrina was a plot of the Kremlin? Or the ace up Cheney's sleeve to cause the oil price to sky rocket? Does it really matter who won the last Vatican round? The Escrivites or the Macielites? Does it really matter whether FEMA is busy preparing concentration camps for New World Order dissidents? Does it really matter how Jack Ruby was induced to shoot Oswald without he himself being aware of it; or, for that matter, the technique used with Oswald to get him (in this case not "induce him" but "get him") to shoot Kennedy - an oft used technique in this type of activity? Etc., etc., etc.

We have highlighted some overall conspiracies for the purpose of alerting the Faithful that yes, they are taking place. The same goes with media control and brainwashing; however, beyond that is pointless to pursue each one as they are sprung on the unsuspecting Faithful. What we have published in that area should be enough to give those who have Eyes to See to identify those that pop up almost daily without effort.

How to prevent from being deceived? Quite simple: Keep in mind that God is above all and even satan must serve Him. satan cannot ensnare anyone unless God allows it. Do you think that God will allow the ensnaring anyone who, minute in and minute out, but without fanaticism, seek to do His Will?

He would allow that only if it is the only way that individual will learn a lesson that needs to be learned and profited from by others... and if He allows it, so be it! Not to worry! Would you want to prevent God from teaching you something that you cannot learn any other way? God forbid!

Now, humans are curious by Divine design, therefore, here is how the faithful can turn the tables on satan. If one is greatly endowed with the spirit of curiosity, make the deciphering of conspiracies and identification of disinformation campaigns a past time - as it should be. When you are sitting right on God's lap no conspiracy or disinformation campaign can possibly have any detrimental effect in you. Just do not let it become an obsession like Video Games, TV Watching, Gambling, etc., etc.

We will give you a very concrete and current example: The rumor mill has it that Katrina was the product of weather engineering. Fine. As an engineer, m de P finds that fascinating and if he had the time he would think about it in scientific terms, on how it could be done or not, the parameters involved, the challenges needed to be overcome, etc., etc. Just like any engineering problem - without allowing it to become a threat to his Faith or physical security or an obsession.

However, regardless of its origin, what we all must do is see what we can learn from it that may benefit the Faithful. One never knows - God allowed it for a reason.

For example: (a) Now it is obvious that the US emergency capabilities are quite stretched, something that makes it very vulnerable to its enemies; (b) The Faithful cannot count on ol' Uncle Sam to bail him/her out in a crisis "lickety-split", thus, the faithful should plan ahead for the many more to come; (c) It is now more obvious that God is far more trustworthy than man - so draw closer to Him; (d) It is obvious that fossil fuel electric generators will be really worthless in the great calamities to come, BUT, solar power will see a family through unless the sky is darkened by the debris of a comet; (e) Even if one does not have personal transportation - if an evacuation order is given - get out! even walking if you have to!; (f) Assist those unable to plan to come up with their own plan before catastrophe knocks at the door; and many more.

In conclusion - Just like suffering can be turned into a very powerful positive force if channeled correctly, learn whatever you can learn for your safety and that of your brothers and sisters from any and all disinformation campaigns and conspiracies and let God worry about how to handle them.

The realization of the Divinity, thus, Omnipotence, of our true Father and the Promises of Jesus, have unmeasurable power - Work on acknowledging that awesome reality and know that All Is Indeed Well!

How else do you think m de P can sleep well every night with the knowledge that could fill books as we mentioned at the beginning of this response?

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