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The purpose of this Public Forum is to publicly respond to and/or comment upon correspondence that we may receive from time to time and which is of Universal interest in these very unsettling times.
We reserve the right to choose what questions to address and how to transcribe the question and/or statement from the correspondence received. The identity of the correspondent will be kept confidential except in the case of abusive correspondence which will then be referred to the appropriate responsible entities.

Letters/Questions - Addressed on November 2006

From Roman Catholic @ US [Published on November 29th]

Q. You frequently quote David S. from Ireland as stating:

"We know the face of our Holy Father, but we do not know the face of Miguel De Portugal, and therefore it is difficult to accept that he is right."

I wish to comment on that particular issue further if I may.

1. Life is simple;

2. God does not work in mysterious ways, it all makes sense if you understand His plan;

3. Yogi Berra is alleged to have stated, "you can see a lot just by looking."

4. This notion that we should believe in B16 because we know his face reminds me of the joke that made the rounds when Richard
Nixon was running for President in the 1970s. It goes as follows:

Q. Would you buy a used car from Richard Nixon?
A. Yes, but I wouldn't let Teddy Kennedy drive it.

Richard Nixon, Tricky Dick, of course, looked the part. While there may have been more crooked politicians, Richard Nixon, with the heavy bead, looked the part of the bad guy. Similarly, Jack Kennedy (and Teddy) looked like ladies men. Is anyone seriously surprised at the ultimate truth?

5. After Pope John Paul II died I was reviewing his life and came across a photo of him taken when he first became pope. At that time he was a beautiful man and the pride of the Polish people. By the time of his death he was a deformed, crippled, and broken man with no similarity to the man who once was pope. No surprise. Anyone who can betray the innocence of thousands of children who were exploited by the Catholic Church cannot look holy. The expression "Ugly as sin" comes to mind.

6. Perhaps I have just seen too many movies, or perhaps I truly believe in the prophecies of Garabandal, but just looking at B16 makes me think that he comes out of central casting in Hollywood. I cannot imagine that there is anyone who looks more like the role of the AntiChrist than B16.

7. Bluntly, having seen his face upon his election to pope, I was convinced that he was the false pope foretold at Garabandal. I never once seriously thought him to be legitimate.

8. God's messengers have the radiance and glow of God, just as John Paul II did at the start. The Blessed Mother is alleged to be beautifully radiant as might be expected. Of course!

9. God is not tricky or clever, but straightforward. Very often, what you see is exactly what you get.

10. Once B16 opened his mouth, it was confirmed.

Roman Catholic

A. We thank you for your simple, straight forward and uncomplicated statements which we pray many will benefit from. We keep harping on David S.'s quotation with the hopes that those who have Eyes to See and Ears to Hear and are not quite open yet will snap out of that blind and deaf trance when faced with such a banal and robotic statement. As we have said many times, the Holy Spirit of God was sent to all mankind and not exclusively to the Administrators of the Roman Catholic Church.

As we write now, most Catholics believe in the Church and not in God, which, together with the latest satanic Coup d'Etat we revealed, is amongst his most clever moves. As the Church (really - the Administration) collapses into satan's hands the "Faith" of those who believe in the Church and not in God, will falter, collapse and they will become easy prey to satan or.... they will embrace him just "because they know its face" and "it has been around 2,000 years" - never mind that it has failed in its original Evangelical mission miserably. A win win situation for satan. He'll bring upon them untold misery either way - a misery which God will utilize for their benefit. As we keep reminding all - even satan must serve God, the Almighty Creator Who Is above all and contains all.

We suggest our readers to review what we have published about H.H. John Paul II's trajectory so that your very appropriate statements are fully understood.

Regarding Ratzinger's election day, we suggest our readers to review m de P's Conclave Trip Report.

From SB @ US [Published on November 29th]

Q. May the peace of the Lord be with you!

Having just read your recent mailing about the copyrights upon the Word of God (the mailing is reproduced in the Answer section) am sorry to say that a sarcastic reply comes to mind: Has anyone gotten a copyright on the Sign of the Cross, or perhaps a trademark on The Lord's Prayer?
Could we take legal action against the pope for infringement?

I know... it's wrong to be sarcastic, but I just don't see how anyone justifies keeping the Word of God away from people until they pay the royalties.

Years ago a singer song-writer did a song called "Jesus You're making it big on broadway" - We thought it was satire.... sad to see it was prophetic.

Yours in Christ


A. We thank you for your right-on-target illustrative sarcasm. Maybe when our Vatican monitors read this they will realize that they have missed out on a great source of income and immediately contact the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to see if they can patent the Cross and trademark the Our Father without delay. Let's face it, how low can they further go? - They even claimed that Constantine had willed them the Roman Empire!

For the other readers who are not on our Circulation List, the letter which SB refers to follows:

We have received the following from a collaborator to The M+G+R Foundation which we wish to share with our List Members:

I am looking into an Roman Catholic controversy. The US Conference of Catholic Bishops holds the copyright on the usual Roman Catholic version of the Bible, the New American Bible. Apparently some Catholic evangelists tried to put the daily readings from this bible out on the Net, and on iPods ... but got stopped when the USCCB sent a "cease and desist" letter for copyright reasons. On the USCCB web site: USCCB - (NAB) - Frequently Asked Questions I found this additional item. The Conference can't post daily Spanish readings ... because of copyright. Quote: "Where can I find the daily readings in Spanish? At present, this site is unable to post the daily readings in Spanish due to copyright considerations. "

Score: capitalism 1, "new evangelization" 0.

The M+G+R Foundation Comments on the letter recieved

Our question is - Being that money continues to take precedence over the Evangelization in the Roman Catholic Church, we wonder:

"Have they written off the more than one billion dollars spent as the result of the spiritual and physical rape of our children as a Business
Expense?" Or, if they do not submit an Income Tax Return Form because they qualify as a tax-free entity due to the Religious nature of their activities, then they should report the one billion dollars as regular income and pay taxes on it since said income was used not for Evangelization purposes but for Entertainment purposes.

And to think that there still individuals out there who defend the institution that has betrayed Jesus Christ the most. [Remember, we are
not talking about the Catholic Faith for which defense we will be put to death in the future, we are talking about the Administrators of the
Church who are defended by the likes of David S. from Ireland just "because they know their face".]

From SG @ US [Published on November 24th]

Q. Dear Friends in Jesus and Mary,

I have just come across your site today and am very interested in any info you have on backing up your claim about Ratzinger being the antichrist. Also do you still stick to this claim?

Yours in the Love of Jesus and Mary,


A. Our declaration on said matter stands just as issued. Mercifully for those who have Eyes to See and Ears to Hear but which are not quite open just yet, Ratzinger is fully "cooperating" by his actions and past statements to make it more evident. (Read the letter and response below).

If you wish to be added to our Mailing List, please let us know. We do not add addresses to our list without an act of the free will of the correspondent.

From KH @ US [Published on November 22nd]

Q. I was doing a search on biographical info on Ratzinger to apply the biblical revelation of 'who' the antichrist would be... I found this (1). While it
is mostly over my head, please see ending paragraphs regarding 'revelation.'

I am sure the Holy Spirit will reveal to you what I have seen to be another proof.



A. As you well know, we are almost overwhelmed with critical issues that we must deal with and that I have been limited by God as to the time I may be able to spend before a computer screen or reading texts on a printed page. Also, as you have heard us say many times, miguel is just a "gofer" for God, Who Is the real "Boss" - thus miguel's will counts for nothing.

Well... it was The Boss' Will that miguel pour over the twelve page text that you referred to us; not seeking proof for our pronouncement about Ratzinger - a "gofer" does not need to prove a message that he relays for his Boss - but just because God Willed that I do. As always, He does not make any mistakes...

Ignoring the fact that the article in question was published by the Society of Dt. Pius X who wants to return Catholicism to the "Good Old Days" of a failed Evangelization effort...

First, we noticed that we had amply dealt with Ratzinger's concept about the developments in revealed truth in our letter to the Latin American Hierarchy attending Ratzinger's conference in Guadalajara, Mexico, in 1996.

Secondly, we took note of a statement made by Ratzinger in his book:

Because this is so, the concept of "revelation" always implies a receiving subject: where there is no one to perceive "revelation," no re-vel-ation has occurred, because no veil has been removed. By definition, revelation requires a someone who apprehends it.

What he is stating, expressed in physical terms, is the equivalent of saying: "If a trumpet is blown, by remote control, in the middle of a desert it will not make any sound" (since there was no one there to hear it).

Well, we could just disregard that as just another theological exercise in self gratification by Ratzinger with no important consequence, except....

Such concept easily leads to the terribly erroneous concept that: "If one does not believe in God, there is no God." With its corollary being: "The god I believe in is the real God."

Someone may now accuse us of doing empty theological and philosophical gymnastics. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

After reading the recommended (by you) section a second time, I became consciously aware that one of our frequent exhortations to individuals who dispense of God is: "The fact that you do not believe in God does not affect in any way the reality of God nor affects His intervention in His Creation - your life included. "

Why is it becoming our frequent exhortations? Because we are coming across that theo-logic more and more.

Thus the danger of Ratzinger's theo-logic becomes very evident, especially when he claims to be the shepherd of Christendom and since people "know his face" they'll believe whatever he says.... just as those who crucified Jesus believed whatever Caiphas said.

Thank you for allowing God to use you - even though you could not understand what you were reading.

(1) Referred to Article

From DS @ Ireland [Published on November 19th]

Q. I hope and pray that you are well. It has been a few months since I last emailed you.

The last communication I had with you was with regard to providing some support to the MGR foundation. Honestly I would have been happy to forward some support of the order maybe of a few hundred euros but I am not at ease with this for a number of reasons. Primarily I was quite disturbed that you openly declared the Pope to be the Anti-Christ: If you are right then those with 'eyes to see and ears to hear' etc will observe that you are correct; for myself and for the moment I'd prefer to reserve judgment on the matter...

I hope that this aside we may still keep an open discussion on matters affecting the world at large.

One thing that struck me recently is in relation to your timetable for the 'end-times' and how the New World Order might come into effect.

It would seem logical that for this to happen large disruptive changes in the world will have to occur and I wonder aside from the affect of nuclear weapons being released onto the '1st World countries', perhaps of equal or even greater consequence could be the impact of global warming on the worlds economies and governments over the next decade. Is it not ironic that the greatest impact of capitalism besides the greed it creates in man is the creation of such an imbalance in our co2 levels that the whole natural cycle of the planet will be disrupted to such an extend as to almost destroy all life in the coming decades. Such a situation could help leverage the events as you have described them; (famines, flooding, massive movement of populations - refugees etc).

Perhaps you have an opinion on the matter on how it will affect mankind.

God bless,


A. We sincerely thank you for this, yet another, golden opportunity to share some light with many.

First of all, your very statement regarding financial assistance illustrates the key to how the Church founded by Jesus Christ went the wrong way and prostituted itself to the highest bidder. We are not talking about the pristine Faith which, through the Grace of God, reached us at these very critical times. We are talking about its Administration and its failed Evangelization; and Administration and its city which embodies what John the Evangelist described in Chapter 17 of the Book of Revelations.

If we were trying to satisfy man [Romans 16:18] , and raise funds, by being "prudent" as Rome has always done, to the extent of being the principal entity responsible for the horrors of World War II, we would not have discharged our responsibility in accordance to the Will of God.

Secondly, you treat "our differences" as if you were a Tory and I a Laborite; or a I Republican and you Democrat; or I a fan of Benfica and you of the Porto soccer team. The difference that we are talking about is that you wish to believe that Ratzinger is the anointed by God and we have fingered him as the anointed by satan to spring on the world the False Christ. You lack of internal and external coherence is indeed astounding.

Why would you seek our opinion - on any subject - if the spiritual abyss that separates us is such? We would certainly not seek yours for, where denial may reign, even professional opinions are tainted enough to make them unreliable and even dangerous if lives are involved.

Once again, we thank you for the opportunity and assure you that we shall keep you and your family in our prayers. The abyss we speak about is still surmountable so long we are in the flesh, because, once we cross the veil, as Jesus taught us through the parable of Lazarus [Luke 16 :1-31] : ... between us and you, there is fixed a great chaos: so that they who would pass from hence to you, cannot, nor from thence come hither.

From Roman Catholic @ USA [Published on November 19th]

Q. Often the greatest truths are those uttered in jest. Sometimes humor can get people to think. As you are done laughing you come to realize the joke is more true than funny.

I quote a joke which was part of a very serious article in yesterday's New York Times:

The Holy Trinity won a free trip and had to decide where to go. God the Father said he would like to go to Africa, Jesus to Palestine, and the Holy Spirit to the Vatican. Asked why, the Holy Spirit responded: “Because I've never been there.” [Paolo Rossi]

“This is a blatant lack of respect,” Mr. Borgomeo, the president of an association that serves as a watchdog of television entertainment, said.

Roman Catholic

A. Lack of respect? Respect of what? If we take a good and hard look at the condition of the world 2000 years after Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ established an organization - the Church - to assist His children in their way Home to the Father, we do not find Mr. Rossi's statement offensive - it seems quite accurate.

On the contrary, it packs more truth than the Vatican has shared with humanity in centuries! We have in our files a letter from the leading Spanish Cardinal Rouco Varela. Over his signature he states that the failed Evangelization is not the Church's fault; he claims it is the fault of the people who did nor respond. Not being that enough blasphemy, which is making the power of evil greater than that of God's, he went on to lump dear St. John Bosco and his living example with that of all other saints - we presume - including one of his favorites "Saint" Jose Maria Escrivá.

These are the men who excommunicate those who do not "toe their abominable line". That is indeed a joke if one enjoys dark humor.

NOTE: Providentially these two letters which have been published on the same date came from two physicians. As it always is: It is not a matter of the level of education or social status, it is a matter of the level of illumination possessed or level of denial exercised.

From JB @ USA [Published on November 13th]

Q. [The writer is referring to a mailing to our List which we will reproduce at the end of our the writer's letter. We will comment on her statements right within the writer's text using bold italics letters.]

Does this election of the Democrats appear to be a Divine Intervention?

You once stated that Clinton's election was a delay in the inevitable. In our prayer time lately, we have been receiving "heavenly inspirations" about an "imminent catastrophic event coming" for the US.

What we said was and is that eight to ten years of suffering were shaved off the tribulation period by delaying the establishment of the New International Order. The end point was not. That is, the Sequence has been compressed but the position of Step No. 17 remains unchanged.

The imminent catastrophic events of course are imminent as we keep announcing and people keep ignoring even though God gave us a "Dressed Rehearsal"

I'm also reminded that Kruschev stated years ago that they would take over the US without shooting a bullet.

Exactly! That is why "the fall" of the Soviet Empire is no more than a Broadway Play...

Have you read the recent report that came out of Channel 5 News in the Rio Grande, TX about the state of the TX borders. It is chilling and yet most Americans are absolutely oblivious to what is really happening. We could build 20 foot concrete walls around every section of the US and that would not help us.

Exactly! If we wrote - just from our past professional experience - how vulnerable we are, just as the European Union is, anyone who would read it and not have a spiritual balanced life, would slide into chronic paranoia. The money being spent by Homeland Security now would have been very well spent twenty years ago - now it is just another governmental waste of money - anothe pork barrel project.

God is in control. Repentance and repentance only on a global scale will save us from what is coming upon the world.

If you see what we see (in the way of feedback and documents visited, etc.) you would see that, instead of moving in the Repentance and Reparation direction, people are moving, no, not moving, rushing into the fanatical man-made Christianity mode. Their "Christianity" is to what Jesus Christ came to teach us, just as what Tupperware is when compared to Baccarat crystal.

Did you hear the references from our Supreme Court in the arguments regarding late term abortion. One so-called legal official referred to the baby being murdered as "half fetus and half baby" due to the procedure being done with a live baby in and outside the womb. This is ludicrous and an example of the how inhuman we have become as a nation. God will judge His people because He loves us too much to allow us all to be completely destroyed.

As we are hoarse from saying - Pain is the megaphone that God uses for the deaf to hear.

I'm not afraid of a nuclear bomb. I'm afraid of losing my soul. We need to be preparing for "death", not life. How many homilies do you hear about the joy of preparing for death? It's time for those in position to speak to stand up and be counted.

With very few exceptions, they have not stood up and spoken for 6,000 years, so why should we expect them to do it now? If they were, there would not have been a reason for the manifestation of m de P.

The prophets are speaking, such as you and others, but people would rather have their ears tickled and go on their merry ways allowing the piped piper to lead them to death. Keep up the good work, Miguel. You must suffer greatly for the ministry that the Lord has called you to do. I, too, suffer greatly, but oh so willingly for the Lord. Anything to save a soul from hell is worth it.

No human being has the power to save a soul from hell - none! As we have explained in our document regarding the Mysteries About Time and Eternity, the very best we can do is minimize the suffering of the soul - here and in Purgatory, while Divine Justice is being dispensed and Prophecy fulfilled.

Let us pray for each other. My love in Jesus and Mary and with hope is the coming day that I will be able to kiss the feet of Jesus Christ. I long to see His face..........


The Letter that prompted the above response from one of our List Members

News: Russia says Democratic win will not improve US-Russia relations


As you may see, the plan and the schedule remain firm regardless of apparently major political events. Unfortunately only those who have Eyes can See it but only those who also have Ears will act upon this reality.

Have a Blessed Day of the Lord!

The M+G+R Foundation

From SB @ USA [Published on November 8th - Feast of Mary, Our Shelter]

Q. [Note from The M+G+R Foundation: For ease of understanding, the following letter has been handled in an "Answer and Question" format. We have had SB's prior letters posted before in the Public Forum. We pray that the following may help some of those you are in contact with, since the situation SB is facing is universal and so are the remedies.]

May the Peace of God fill your heart, SB!

We will comment within your text in bold blue

SB wrote:

May This find you with God's Peace and Blessing. As I pray more, I become more saddened.

Try to express to us in simple and concise words why do you think it makes you so sad.

I ask God to lift the sorrow from my heart, the anger from my soul, but I fear my prayers are un-answered, or that the answer is "No".

That is what satan wants you to believe. God is not like a McDonald's drive through window. The prayers are answered in His Way and in His Time. He knows what is best and when to deliver the request in accordance to His Will.

I say my rosary and anger seeps through. I wonder if suicide really does mean hell.

There is a side of suicide that most humans do not know; a side which transcends the question "...does suicide mean hell?"

When an individual commits suicide, he/she thinks that the suffering that drove them to such state will end because "all will come to an end". This could not be furthest from the truth - there is really no escape: we must work out everything that God has allowed to be placed before us. Before suicide - man can do many things to resolve the issues/conflicts that he/she may be facing. After suicide - he/she still has to resolve the issues but now he/she is solely dependent on the charity of others expressed in prayers on their behalf.

Do you know how many people m de P has found in the cemetery every day since Nov. 1st when he goes there to pray on their behalf? He does not know because he has not counted how many bodies are buried in that cemetery. You see, the "crowd" is composed by m de P and those below the ground - no one else! Therefore, it is not advisable to count on the charity of those left behind.

I wonder if there is truly a demon set aside for each man.

Throughout our lives, just as we have a guardian angel, there is a fallen angel trying to lead us astray. The power balance is shifted towards the Angel of God. Why? Quite simple: Let us assume that when that fallen angel fell he had the same power than the angel that did not fall - say, your Guardian Angel. Is the fight between both then is an even fight? Hardly! God is the infinity resource of all power. The Guardian Angels can tap at any time into that resource to increase their effectiveness - especially when he counts with the merits of our prayers. On the other hand, the fallen angel must make do with the power that he fell with. So, he will make up that deficiency with his cunning.... but.... is a fallen angel's cunning superior to the infinite Wisdom of His Creator; a Wisdom that is at the disposal of the Guardian Angels? Of course not!

Why do the steps become heavier, and the sorrow more real.

Because, as satan is losing one of the souls he tormented for years, he launches one final and brutal attack and then, finally, he must give up and the soul is finally free and the apparently unbearable burden vanishes.

Do I need a psychiatrist, more faith, or an exorcist.

What you need to do now is the following to "cover all bases":

(1) Make sure that your physiology (the chemical workings of your body) is working well; that there are no abuses of sugar or light starches (yes, sugar is the worst mood altering household chemical); abuses of caffeine - in any form ; and of course alcohol or any mind altering drugs. People do not realize the mood-altering power of many common household items which, many times, are enhanced by newly developed allergies.
(2) If you are taking medications for various ailments - make sure that they are not reacting to alter you psychological system. Ask your pharmacists - they are usually better informed about these matters.
(3) A basic medical check up - blood work, urine analysis, etc. Nothing fancy - just the basic to rule out any major body chemical unbalance. (*)
(4) Continue to pray - add a rosary more a day. Continue to ask God for Faith, the Grace to be able to abandon yourself more to His Will and designs and the confidence that He will answer your prayers. You see, "Faith" by itself is not enough because if we do not fully abandon ourselves to His Will it is like a surgery patient fighting the surgeon all the way through the procedure. If we do not have confidence that He will answer out prayers - our attitude actually blocks Him from delivering what we have asked for. Therefore - it is a "threesome": Faith, Abandonment to His Will and Confidence in His response.

The "I am not worthy of God's [mercy : response to my prayers : deliverance : etc. - take a pick!]" is an old technique used by satan. Who are we to decide for God? He Is quite well qualified to decide how He should act in response to our pleas. Remember, the worse sin man could ever possibly commit is but a grain of sand compared the oceans of Mercy that God has reserved for those who seek it from Him with a repentant heart.

All seems hopeless.

Nothing is hopeless with God, yet, that is what satan wants mankind to think. Whenever he reminds you of your past, be sure to remind him of his future (eternal damnation for rejecting God)!

I know you can't fix it. But I knew you would listen.


Many continued Blessings!

(*) Years ago a young and bright lady was hobbling through life taking Lithium for her diagnosed severe manic depressive dysfunction. Once she explained to us her symptoms and her eating habits (and by now knowing what her problem really was) we suggested an "eating habit test". She was bright enough to realize that physicians were not infallible and that maybe we had a point and, besides, there was nothing to lose. She ran the test on herself. A short time thereafter she was off Lithium. Her "disease" was galloping hypoglycemia that could be easily controlled - not with drugs - but with simple modification to her diet.

From Roman Catholic @ USA [Published on November 6th]

Q. I continue to be impressed at how the world is either a mirror image or backwards of what it should be.

Doctors enable suicide or promote therapies based on self serving data. Priests exploit the very children Jesus told them to protect. Politicians seldom serve the public good, but rather feast at the expense of the public. Public service is a joke. It's all what's in it for me.

It was a Catholic historian who stated that "Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely." It really makes you wonder if all successful and powerful people have achieved their positions through corrupt means.

If indeed Satan rules this world, are all the leaders of this world agents of Satan? In short, are all the good people marginalized since they would not go along with the status quo? Is the world a mirror image so that the ostensibly good are really bad and the ostensibly bad are in fact the good people? I agree that only God can fix this. We are all proud of the great things some of us humans have done through the Grace of God. It is disappointing that after all these years of history and the same lesson, we are unable to muster the courage to mount an offensive against this. I continue to pray every moment that I can so that our punishment will be minimized. Thanks again for being there, Miguel.

Roman Catholic

A. We could "write a book" just commenting upon the items you have so kindly brought to light, however, due to the restrains you know well that I have, we shall "hit the high points", so to speak, for the Glory of God.

You state: It really makes you wonder if all successful and powerful people have achieved their positions through corrupt means.
We comment: Yes, if we measure "success" and "power" utilizing world measuring devices. The only power that does not corrupt man is the Power of God when He allows us to access it. Then we can literally move mountains and remain humble because we know that it was His Power and through His Grace that we accomplished what is impossible for man.

Since He can read our hearts He can see when we are really sincere about that humility; then, in turn, He makes more of His Power accessible to that individual who in turns utilizes it for His Honor and Glory; then, in turn, etc., etc. God will never be outdone in generosity and, remember - Moses did not part the Red Sea. God did it using a willing and humble Moses.

You state: If indeed Satan rules this world, are all the leaders of this world agents of Satan?

We comment: Once again, the leaders of this world, if we utilize world definition of "leader", are indeed serving satan even if they are not aware of it. Should we really care who is in the White House if what we need - on a world stage - we can achieve it bypassing one and all? (1) Keep in mind - whether he likes it or not, satan must serve God for God contains, and is above, all and satan is nothing more than another part of God's Creation.

You state: Is the world a mirror image so that the ostensibly good are really bad and the ostensibly bad are in fact the good people? We comment: We have found more saints in discos, clubs, bars and the streets than I have found in Churches. If, after God "reprogrammed my heart in an instant" and I started to go back to the Faith (2) again, I had allowed what I found in those Churches - clergy, religious and parishioners - interfere with my spiritual development, I would have never returned. But you see, as I have said many times - I know, not believe in, but know God, and the amount of sin nor perversity I came across was not going to interfere with what, that God I knew, wanted me to be.

But this is not to say "How great miguel is" or "How much Faith he has" or, etc. etc. - It is ALL of God - without His action, as miserable as I am, "I would have never made it past first base". This is not "pious" humility - that is an absolute reality of which I am continuously aware of.

You state: It is disappointing that after all these years of history and the same lesson, we are unable to muster the courage to mount an offensive against this.

We comment: What we see is the result of what we learn in Matthew 23: 13 But woe to you scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites; because you shut the kingdom of heaven against men, for you yourselves do not enter in; and those that are going in, you suffer not to enter.

How could the Faithful mount an offensive if he has been "spiritually de-clawed and de-fanged"? That is precisely what we are trying to do now [read: What God is doing through m de p] - undo 1600 years of darkness for the benefit of those who need to see the Light now, before He directly intervenes.

Once again we quote David S. for Ireland: We know the face of our Holy Father, but we do not know the face of Miguel De Portugal, (3) and therefore it is difficult to accept that he is right.

That is the mentality (4) that has neutered, so to speak, the Faithful over the last 1600 years - They are unable to recognize the Light unless it has a world-applied label on it.

You state: I continue to pray every moment that I can so that our punishment will be minimized.

We comment: That is all mankind can do now. I can say that I have only had one prophetic dream - all other communications has been by other various channels. That prophetic dream has not been published and may never be but, be assured, "That is all mankind can do now." and m de P's function resolutely confirmed.

Regarding Mr. Haggard situation which triggered your letter to us

If I were to start a new Evangelical Church today and needed a preacher - we probably would hire him immediately. Now he could really become a power house in bringing the Father's prodigal sons back home. (5) He has a gift - preaching; he believes in God, even though he has struggled with a sexual problem and has fallen several times; and he now knows that he is capable of being very, very stupid. Once he experiences the healing power of the infinite Mercy of God (6) - he will be ready to serve Him just as Saul did. Let us not forget that Saul was the "Master of Ceremonies" of the stoning of our beloved Stephen.

Besides than for his monumental stupidity - can we really blame Mr. Haggard? Who could he confide in? Where could he go for strength to defeat the evil forces lurking within him? To the "Christians" associated with his Church? His fellow Evangelists? Chuckle!

Allow us to share one more thought with you. miguel de Portugal "forced" his submission (they did not want to accept the post at first) to two spiritual directors early in his journey. One was a priest theologian professor at a Catholic University; the other was a Portuguese priest, one of the few Chaplains of the Sanctuary of Fatima. Very quickly miguel became their spiritual director and comforter. Why? Where could they go where they would get straight dogma (to the right of the Vatican - mind you!) - without political dilution, accompanied with the faith and mercy required to place one's spiritual house in order?

What empowered miguel to do so? miguel's certainty of his misery and sinfulness accompanied by his certainty of the reality of God and His Unfathomable Mercy did so.

So, one may ask: "Whose Glory was it?" God's, of course! It is like Jesus' definition of "good" in Matthew 19: Good master, what good shall I do that I may have life everlasting? 17 Who said to him: Why asketh thou me concerning good? One is good, God.

The Glory is only for God - Always!

I cannot help but chuckle when I see the world leaders, political and religious, parading themselves amongst "the plebeians" with "their tails fanned out" as if they were Royal Peacocks. If they could only see themselves they would die of shame!


(1) We can achieve it bypassing one and all
(2) The Faith
(3) Who is miguel de Portugal?
(4) The "mentality"
(5) Bringing the Father's prodigal sons back home
(6) The infinite Mercy of God

From WMP @ USA [Published on November 5th]

Q. Please forgive my continued persistence in questioning the need to use deadly force if necessary to protect myself or others. I know your reply to me was truly what God want his children to do. Trust ONLY in HIM.

Help me get past the idea of self protection and feel more at peace knowing that GOD truly does have everything under control. Luke: 22 35-38 How did Jesus figuratively mean for the disciples (or us) that: "one who does not have a sword should sell his cloak and buy one."?

I was thinking that perhaps this is part of "putting on the armor of GOD" that we read in other New Testament passages, but why selling my cloak, to do this, if we are talking figuratively? I already know deep in my being, that taking another's life denies that person the time and chance to come to know God or come back to HIM. Preventing someone from killing another, as our police have to do at times, allows another to live long enough to come to know GOD or come back to HIM. This is the logic loop that I am stuck in. God truly does bless you and this site.

It helps me and in return, I am blessed by GOD.


A. Thank you very for yet another opportunity. We responded to your original question on October 21st and we encourage our readers to review it so that they fully understand your new questions and concerns as well as our response.

To better understand the Holy Scriptures we suggest a prayerful review of our documents Biblical Literalism Part I and Part II as well as our document explaining why Creationism and Evolution cannot stand alone without each other.

These documents will enable you to better understand the Holy Scriptures and will answer many past, present and future questions. We cannot take each Biblical verse and explain its coherence with all others - we are sure that you can understand.

Our function - which was the key function that Jesus assigned to His Church and was never fulfilled because they thought they would lose control of the Faithful, a control that they were not supposed to have in the first place - is to "give some fundamental instructions (how to dial a spiritual 800 number); provide the 800 number of the Holy Spirit of God (how to connect); how to present the questions/concerns (always deferring to the Will of God); and how to maintain the connection working (through frequent prayer).

If after prayerful reviewing the referred to documents you are still caught in a theological loop, write again and resubmit your request.

From Visiting Jehovah's Witnesses @ USA [Published on November 3rd]

One of our frequent readers discussed our recent document about the agenda of Jehovah's Witnesses with three elements who paid her a visit yesterday. We wish to air their feedback in our Public Forum and respond in accordance to the Will of God. For the convenience of our readers, we will use the format of "JW Statement" and "We Respond".

JW Statement (Upon our reader questioning them why they did not bring said flyer to the meeting) This flyer is for world-wide distribution, and there are teams out to distribute them.

We Respond Being that the flyer was for worldwide distribution above-board logic would dictate that the first to receive it would be those who they were witnessing to.

JW Statement (Upon our reader pointing to the fact that Jesus was being regarded only religious figure) This flyer is intended for the WORLD. Everyone is going to receive it. Because not everyone has a Christian perspective, that is why it is written so.

We Respond But he that shall deny me before men, I will also deny him before my Father who is in heaven. [Matthew 10:33]

JW Statement We believe that Jesus was resurrected

We Respond If they believe that, why do they clearly state in their flyer that "Jesus taught that the dead will be resurrected - an unnecessary action if humans had an immortal soul."

JW Statement The whole thing is "an attack." The statements were taken out of context.

We Respond The actual flyer was scanned for all to see exactly where the statement were and they could be read in the context presented.

JW Statement (Our reader mentioned that she had been unable to find a copy of the flyer on-line and that she guessed that was why The M+G+R Foundation had scanned it.) They (The M+G+R Foundation) should have included the rest of the flyer.

We Respond If this is for the WORLD, why on earth would they not have the publication on-line? Why are they unwilling to share their message outside of the presence of their witnesses?

JW Statement (The witnessing meeting continued.) We read the Bible and take it literally, we do not believe in the Trinity, but in each individual entity.

We Respond If they not believe in the Trinitarian concept, they, either, do not believe that Jesus is the Word of God Incarnate - thus of Divine substance - or they have three gods. They take the Bible literally but ignore Matthew 3:16-17 completely. In addition, God said Let us make man to our image and likeness [Gen 1:26] . "Us"? "Our"? Furthermore we read And the Lord appeared to him in the vale of Mambre as he was sitting at the door of his tent, in the very heat of the day. And when he had lifted up his eyes, there appeared to him three men standing near him: and as soon as he saw them he ran to meet them from the door of his tent, and adored down to the ground. [Gen.18:1-2]

We could go on endlessly. Is a clear "either" "or" situation.

We thank our reader for the feedback and God for confirming through their own mouths what we have already announced.

From LP @ USA [Published on November 1st - All Saints Day]

Q. You have encouraged us, once more, to pray for the souls in purgatory invoking the Indulgences associated with such act of piety during the period of November 1 through November 8.

In said document you state that:

To acquire a plenary indulgence it is necessary to perform the work to which the indulgence is attached (In this case, as described in Grant No. 13, above) and, in addition, to fulfill the following three conditions: (a) Sacramental Confession; (b) Eucharistic Communion; and (c) Prayer for the intention of the Sovereign Pontiff.

However, in another document you have identified the man currently apparently occupying the Chair of Peter, Joseph A. Ratzinger, as the AntiChrist - the precursor of the FalseChrist. Therefore, how can we reconcile the requirement of "(c) Prayer for the intention of the Sovereign Pontiff." with the claim that, at this point in Time, the individual who appears to occupy the Chair Of Peter is not the Sovereign Pontiff?

A. Thank you very much for such a valid and leading question. As we now show in the revised document, the third condition should be (c) Prayer for the intentions of the true Shepherds of the People of God. There are a few priests, bishops and cardinals who have not been contaminated with the cancer which has essentially consumed the leadership of the Roman Catholic Church. These men need our prayers now more than ever and the Elect should come to their spiritual assistance by means of fasts and prayers. Rest assured, God will gladly accept such condition in lieu of the one which is no longer possible.

From D @ USA [Published on October 28th - Feast of Sts. Simon and Jude]

Q. Regarding the recent mailing (*) about Opus Dei activities....

I lived in Spain for 4 years 1994-1998 and then Italy (Siciliy) 1998-2001 and I was shocked at the feeling I received from the local populations concerning the Catholic Religion and their public lives. This article doesn't surprise me at all.

I was robbed many many, many times while in Europe both my home and car. I traveled to Portugal several times and especially in Portugal I felt the presence of God. I loved it there!!!!!!! I was shocked at the behavior of the Priests I saw and knew while in Rome.

How could we expect the children to be any better? The Catholic Church is losing so many to evangelical Christians in Europe. The Hierarchy in Rome doesn't seem to care a whit as long as they get theirs. That's how I saw and see it.

I know this is no surprise to you. I went to several military Conference of Catholic Women gatherings in Germany where there were Priests trying to push Opus Dei. Honestly, I walked out of their seminar quickly when they started talking as they really gave me the creeps. I didn't even know why, just felt very strange around me.

For the general public you speak to, the words you say ring absolutely true in every way, as this comes from someone who has no connection to your site except to look for spiritual guidance beyond the Bible. I have experienced the things you speak of.

I appreciate all the major efforts done to make and keep this site running. You can't possibly know the depths of the hearts you reach, but, you will know when God thanks each one of you personally for your efforts. DON'T GIVE UP ON US, GOD WON'T.


A. Your kind words humble us, while, at the same time provide much needed encouragement - it is a lonely road, but so was calvary...

We pray that our readers appreciate the information contained in your communication. Almost one has to be there for such reality to "soak in". During the last "Conclave" miguel de Portugal was in Rome and he wrote a Trip Report. We do not think that many people believed it, even though it was a second one, the first Report was written in January 2001.

You will be surprised where Portugal "is at" these days with the clergy leading "the way". The social condition of Spain is beyond description and Portugal are "importing" it very rapidly.

All continues to get worse because the Faithful has decided that if they "look the other way" it "will go away". How much we wish that they would understand the full meaning of Pain Is the Megaphone that God Uses for the Deaf to Listen to Him and the gravity associated with Denial.

Thank you very much for sharing with all of us - here and in the audience.
(*) The mailing D referred to follows:

The Mailing Referred to

Quote from article:

Rev. Roy Cimagala writes:

And the more I got to know about St. Josemaria, the more I got convinced of the consistency between his words and his deeds. And yes, he can easily throw a spell on you, the kind that leads you to conversion and self-giving.

When I read St. Paul's "We speak not in the learned words of human wisdom, but in the doctrine of the Spirit, comparing spiritual things with spiritual." (1 Cor 2,12), I think of how St. Josemaria entered my life and affected it.

The greatest lesson I learned from him is that loving and achieving sanctity is just a matter of decision of the heart that can and should be made at any time and in any place. On the part of God, his grace never lacks. It's our call.

Comment by The M+G+R Foundation:

His comments, plus the rest of his Opus Dei "commercial" should be viewed in light of: and

In addition to the social and moral condition of Spain - a country Opus Dei essentially controls:

The "Fundación Santa María" prepared a report "Jóvenes Españoles 2005" (Spanish Youth 2005) directed by Pedro González, Professor of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.. This report was based on a survey of 4,000 Spaniards ranging in age from 15 and 24 years.

Although we - from personal experience - "lived and witnessed" these results - that tragedy - now there are black-and-white numbers to confirm it.As if this confirmation were not enough, God granted us the Grace of having - in the form of a personal letter of the highest profiled prelate in Spain, Cardinal Rouco Varela - the justification used by the Church Hierarchy for such abysmal failure.


49 % consider themselves Catholics (down from 77 % in 1994) (1)

46 % consider themselves agnostics, atheist or indifferent to religion (up from 22 % in 1994)

80 % do not trust the Church at all

79 % think that the Church is too wealthy (2)

82 % consider the Church too antiquated in sexual matters (3)

50 % believe that the Church helps the poor and the marginalized by society (4)

36 % consider that the Church served them for something (little or much - but at least "for something") (5)

Regarding Unions

43 % prefer a "Church Wedding" (6)

22 % prefer a civil marriage

16 % prefer union without any formalities (7)

67.7 % believe that organized immigration should be allowed (8)

0 % would mind living next door to a person with AIDS ( 25 % would not in 1990) (9)

Articulo Original

Articulo Original


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