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Posted on July 31st, 2011

From (Mrs.) JCK @ US

Praise be to GOD!! Please include me in your mailing list. My name is (Mrs.) JCK. I am from [city and state edited out], originally from the Philippines.
Thank you so much for your ministry, I have learned a lot from them.
I am now faithfully doing what you are recommending, like praying daily the Rosary, the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, etc. My husband and I pray the Liturgy of the Hours, and go to Mass daily, or as often as we possibly could.
Also, I send some of your notes/articles to my Facebook friends and to End Time Headlines, and acknowledge M+G+R Foundation as my source.

End Time Headlines is on Facebook, and many times I find their postings erroneous, especially about the Rapture, but I like going there sometimes to check their postings on earthquakes, or other disasters in other parts of the world.
Again my deepest thanks to all of you, especially to miguel de Portugal and Lee Penn.
May the Lord GOD be with us all!

May the Holy Spirit renew the face of the earth.



Dear sister in Christ - you have brought us much joy today.

We cannot think of anything right now that could bring us so much joy as to read/hear: "I am now faithfully doing what you are recommending, like praying daily the Rosary, the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, etc. My husband and I pray the Liturgy of the Hours, and go to Mass daily, or as often as we possibly could."

And if that brings us joy, imagine the Consolation you and your husband bring to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. They are much talked about but seldom consoled.

The second joy you brought to us was to learn that: "I send some of your notes/articles to my Facebook friends, to End Time Headlines..."

We wish that more of our readers would do that - as long as it is the Will of God, of course.

Your address has been added to our list.

May God continue to Bless and Keep you and your husband as you move mountains through your faithful response to the calls from Heaven.

From (Mr.) IW

Considering the apparently senseless political battle being waged within the Legislative Branch of the US government...

I was just wondering whether a right-wing military coup will be carried out to "solve" our problems.
Considering that....

1. one of the "Threesome of Saviors" (1) has already legally hijacked the Portuguese government, and is seeking to crash the Spanish economy before November, so they can blame it on the Socialists and return to power,


2. the same elements within the US military and security and intelligence agencies seize upon the August 2nd default as an excuse to do a coup, and to suppress the White House and the Congress?


A. At this point in time - anything is possible. Time is running out and certain moves may need to be precipitated.

Who would have thought possible the elimination of President Kennedy and his brother when they presented an insurmountable problem for "their" plans?

Who would have thought possible the elimination of M. L. King when he also presented an insurmountable problem for "their" plans?

Who would have thought possible the 9-11 events, done to secure a carte blanche to take over the Middle East countries who refused to heel to "them"?

Who would have thought possible the charade of an airplane smashing into the Pentagon, when one can watch, in the comfort of one's home, a National Geographic documentary with ample Pentagon footage of before, during and end of the alleged attack and there is no airplane in sight?

Who would have thought possible the installation of Mr. George W. Bush as President of the United States, when his serious intellectual deficiency is obvious to any causal, but objective, observer?

etc., etc.

When "their" plans call for it, "they" will do whatever is necessary to carry them out; and we mean WHATEVER is necessary!

(1) Who is Who in the Threesome Of Saviors

Posted on July 30th, 2011

Have you heard that.... the Al Qaeda affiliate in Somalia has forbidden the selling, cooking and eating Sambusas because their triangular shape is  strikingly similar to the Christian Holy Trinity? (1)

Al-Shabaab, the Al Qaeda affiliate in Somalia, which had earlier prohibited some foreign agencies like the UN World Food Program from venturing into drought hit areas of the country, has hit the newspaper headlines for banning Samosa (locally known as Sambusa), a fiercely popular fried snack made up of flour and meat or vegetable stuffing.

Last week, al-Shabaab cadres carried out announcements through loud speakers mounted over vehicles issuing warnings to those caught selling, cooking or eating sambusas. The militant group finds the triangular shape of Sambusa as strikingly similar to the Christian Holy Trinity.

It is quite probable that given the al-Shabaab’s domination over a vast swathe of Somalian territory, including most of southern and central Somali regions and a part of capital Mogadishu, Sambusas will no longer be available in public and will have to be made at home and eaten privately, by the fanatic Sambusa eaters.

and that....

....scientists have created more than 150 human-animal hybrid embryos in British laboratories? (2)

The hybrids have been produced secretively over the past three years by researchers looking into possible cures for a wide range of diseases.

The revelation comes just a day after a committee of scientists warned of a nightmare "Planet of the Apes" scenario in which work on human-animal creations goes too far.

Earlier this week, a group of leading scientists warned about "Planet of the Apes" experiments. They called for new rules to prevent lab animals being given human attributes, for example by injecting human stem cells into the brains of primates.

But the lead author of their report,  Professor Robin Lovell-Badge, from the Medical Research Council's National Institute for Medical Research, said the scientists were not concerned about human-animal hybrid embryos because by law these have to be destroyed within 14 days.

He said: "The reason for doing these experiments is to understand more about early human development and come up with ways of curing serious diseases, and as a scientist I feel there is a moral imperative to pursue this research. As long as we have sufficient controls – as we do in this country – we should be proud of the research."

However, he called for stricter controls on another type of embryo research, in which animal embryos are implanted with a small amount of human genetic material.

Human-animal hybrids are also created in other countries, many of which have little or no regulation.

The M+G+R Foundation comments: We pray that, as we witness the multiplying acts of demonic-induced insanity by humans - individually, in groups, by institutions and nations - the true Faithful understand the Divine logic behind the cataclysm known to us as Noah's Flood, as well as the fate of Sodom and Gomorrah - just to mention two well known events.

Humanity should not count on a blanket Divine Mercy for protection as it continues to blatantly defy God and His Laws; it will not happen! (2)

This is the same Divine logic that we saw in the SE Asia Tsunami (3) and every other natural disaster that seem to be knocking at our doors on an almost daily basis.

This persistence by God is, in reality, a manifestation of His Mercy, hoping that those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, wake up before the Grand Slam - no pun intended.

If anyone is tired of hearing us "harp" on this - rest assured, we are infinitely more tired of doing it and we pray in earnest that it ends soon. Humanity has had more than enough opportunities to turn around and it hasn't.

The Last Message of Garabandal delivered on June 18th, 1965 through the intervention of St. Michael the Archangel:

As my message of October 18 has not be complied with and has not been made known to the world, I am advising you that this is the last one. Before, the cup was filling up. Now it is flowing over. Many cardinals, many bishops and many priests are on the road to perdition and are taking many souls with them. Less and less importance is being given to the Eucharist. You should turn the wrath of God away from yourselves by your efforts. If you ask His forgiveness with sincere hearts, He will pardon you. I, your mother, through the intercession (intervention) of St. Michael the Archangel , ask you to amend your lives. You are now receiving the last warnings. I love you very much and do not want your condemnation. Pray to Us with sincerity and We will grant your requests. You should make more sacrifices. Think about the passion of Jesus.

Results: We pray less and cannot even spell the word "sacrifice" - much less understand it and practice it.

(1) News Report
(2) News Report
(3) Divine Mercy is a consoling reality, but, Conditions do Apply
(4)  Mercy in Action

Posted on July 29th, 2011

Do you wonder if.... there is a connection among Norway's Anders Behring Breivik, The Knights Templar and Opus Dei?

You Decide!

From (Mrs.) C @ US

In reference to the Divine Encouragement for July 28th....

I do Love receiving these Words of Encouragement. It is so good to "hear" His Voice.

I Love Jesus!!!!!

Thank you for sharing His Words with us!!!

Peace always!


Your kind words of encouragement are like a balm that soothes the pain we have felt because the indifference of many. "Pain" because we know what awaits them, and not because our ego needs boosting.

It is like sitting at a table - overflowing with delectable foods - and being surrounded by undernourished hordes who think that they are well nourished and do not wish to partake of what will nourish them for the already started journey, a journey with no return for most.

Tragically most of Christendom is "painting itself in a corner and using a never drying paint."

Posted on July 28th, 2011 [Mary, Queen of Peace]

In case you wonder..... We are not running a "Let's bash the Roman Catholic Church" Workshop.

When we mention the 1600 years of failed Evangelization, this refers to the failure of the Church founded by Jesus Christ – which was one until the split between the Patriarchate of Rome and the rest of the Patriarchates in the year 1054 A.D. The "rest of the Patriarchates" now constitute what is commonly known as the Orthodox Church. (1)

When we speak of the criminal activities of those who now are honored at the altars in many churches - activities in direct defiance of the Laws of God and teachings of Jesus Christ - we do not forget that some of those "saints" are also luminaries of what is now known as the Orthodox Church.

Let us not forget that 1600 years ago places us at 411 A.D. - just a few decades after the Church (East and West) "went Imperial" (2). "The Church", East and West, was united for another 643 years, equally sharing the blame for all atrocities and abuses conducted in the Name of God.

After the separation, Rome outdid the Orthodox Churches in engaging in activities in direct defiance of the Laws of God and teachings of Christ.

Nonetheless, brethren, there is enough "fire and brimstone" in store for all, and not just the Patriarchate of Rome (today known as the Roman Catholic Church). God does not "Play Favorites," with the sole exception of those who "...shall do the will of God, he is my brother, and my sister, and mother." [Mark 3:35]

(1) The Orthodox Church
(2) The "Imperialization" of the Church of Jesus Christ

It seems that..... the "Editors" who adjusted the verse in the New Testament (1) that would, incorrectly (2), place the whole world in the hands of Peter and his successors, overlooked one verse "that got away" from their editing-with-an-agenda abilities.

When the mother of the sons of Zebedee was trying to railroad her sons "to the front" past the other ten Apostles...

She saith to him: Say that these my two sons may sit, the one on thy right hand, and the other on thy left, in thy kingdom. And Jesus answering, said: You know not what you ask. Can you drink the chalice that I shall drink? They say to him: We can. He saith to them: My chalice indeed you shall drink; but to sit on my right or left hand, is not mine to give to you, but to them for whom it is prepared by my Father [Matthew 20:21-23]

That is, Jesus, in complete coherence with His crystal clear statement "...I go to the Father: for the Father is greater than I." [John 14:28], is telling her (and all who believe His Word) that, in whatever has been determined from all Eternity, the Father holds the Final Word; i.e. Choice.

Therefore, even if the notion that Jesus "
placed the whole world in the hands of Peter and his successors" were true, which it is not (2), God, the Father, holds the Final Word, Choices and Appointments, on Earth and Eternally.

(1) Matthew 16: 18-19
(2) The true Petrine Ministry

Can you tell the difference.... between a mentally disturbed individual and a demonically possessed one?

We wish to illustrate, as best as we can, with the following two sets of photographs, what is the (visual) difference between a mentally unbalanced individual - Jared Loughner (the shooter of Gabrielle Giffords and twelve others in Tucson) and a possessed individual - Anders Behring Breivik (the Norwegian self styled "Knight of the Templars").

Loughner looks like a schizophrenic - someone you might see living on the street. Breivik looks like a society man: cold, efficient, and capable.

What kind of image do you expect the False Christ to project?

We pray that this exercise, with the assistance of the Holy Spirit of God, will assist our Family to distinguish between the two states.

Jared Loughner's  Photographs

Anders Behring Breivik's   Photographs

May God have Mercy on both, we pray.

Posted on July 27th, 2011

Through the gracious effort.... of a close cooperator of The M+G+R Foundation, we can present to our readership the key highlights (0) of what has become a landmark rebuff to the Roman Catholic Church Administration by the Roman Catholic Faithful.

The Irish Prime Minister's speech gives "a face" to what we have been expounding for years regarding the Pristine Catholic Faith (1) and the Betrayal of Christ by the Roman Catholic Church's Administration (2).
(0) Key Highlights of Speech
Our position regarding the Catholic Faith
(2) Our position regarding the Roman Catholic Church Administration

Have you heard that....
talk-show host Glenn Beck on his syndicated radio show likened the victims of the shooting at a Norwegian summer camp to young members of the Nazi Party? (1)

In a seven-minute segment Monday morning on the Premiere Radio Network's "The Glenn Beck Program," Beck described the attack "as a shooting at a political camp, which sounds a little like the Hitler Youth. I mean who sends their kids to a political camp?”

The M+G+R Foundation comments: What disturbs us is not what Mr. Beck said since we would not be surprised that there is "a little of Mr.
Breivik" in Mr. Beck (2); it is the tremendous following that Mr. Beck has.

(1) News Report
(2) Actually, there is a fleeting physical resemblance between Mr. B(eck) and Mr. B(

We are still wondering where.....
Anders Behring Breivik's financing came from.

All that we have come across utilizing various Google searches was a quote from his manifesto:
[our underscoring]

Sacrifices made when creating the compendium

I've spent a total of 9 years of my life working on this project. The first five years were spent studying and creating a financial base, and the last three years was spent working full time with research, compilation and writing. Creating this compendium has personally cost me a total of 317 000 Euros (130 000 Euros spent from my own pocket and 187 500 Euros for loss of income during three years). All that, however, is barely noticeable compared to the sacrifices made in relation to the distribution of this book, the actual marketing operation.

 What kind of work did he do? What was the "financial base" he created?  Doesn't Norway have a taxpayer database on its citizens?

As usual, the most critical aspect of this tragedy - Who was behind Breivik? (besides satan, of course!) - is overlooked while they spend their time lighting candles, holding minutes of silence, offering prayers (which should have been offered  a long time ago!) and blaming each other for the delay in reaction.

Sometimes we wonder that.... Maybe 50 % of the apparent conspiracies are just a manifestation of the unfathomable stupidity of humanity's leadership and are not conspiracies after all!

And now..... anti Semites are exploiting Anders Breivik’s sympathies for right-wing Zionism. (1)

Their strategy is to exploit the awful events in Norway for dubious political gain. There are three main elements to this strategy. First comes the implication of right-wing thinkers in the crime.

The second element is to dismiss any suggestion that the murderer might be mentally unstable. By contrast, when the killer is a Muslim, this is the first defense that will be made.

The coup de grace is to try and implicate Israel in the crime.

The M+G+R Foundation comments:
Lord have Mercy! Everyone seems to be doing everything except what they should be doing.

(1) News Report

Posted on July 26th, 2011 [Saints Anne and Joachim - Grandparents of Jesus]

Should we be surprised that.... our posts of July 23rd achieved the lowest readership since we started this forum?

Of course not!  Logically, the world was following the horrific events in Norway. Now that God has caught the world's attention by allowing this to happen, let us turn the tragedy into a means of reducing the pain that awaits humanity.

Have you seen the many photographs of this deranged young man? He has a practically angelic look. How many parents would have been completely thrilled if their daughter had brought him home and said that she was in love with him? Probably all. How many marketing agencies would have loved to have him sell their products? Most!

We read in the New York Times (1) that:
[our highlights]

Before then, he had been a member of the right-wing Progress Party, which began as an anti tax protest and has been stridently anti immigrant and anti-Muslim.

Joran Kallmyr, a member of the party who is now Oslo's vice mayor for transportation, said he met Mr. Breivik several times in 2002 and 2003 at local party meetings. “He was very quiet, almost a little bit shy,” Mr. Kallmyr said. “But he was a normal person with good behavior. He never shared any extreme thoughts or speech with us. There was absolutely no reason to expect that he could do something like this. We're very shocked.”

Yet, not a clue about what lurked within the soul of this young man... We read further that:
[our highlights]

Kari Helene Partapuoli, director of the Norwegian Center Against Racism, said Mr. Breivik did not belong to any violent neo-Nazi groups that she was aware of, and his Internet postings, before those of last week, did not espouse violence.

The distance between the words spoken and the acts that he carried out is gigantic, because what he did is in a different league of what the debates have to do about,” she said.

In the European press we read that he used to eat at an restaurant close to his bomb manufacturing farm: Milano de Rena, owned and operated by two Muslim Turks. Both assured the press that he was a friendly fellow. Actually, he was friendlier and more courteous than the average Norwegian, said one of the owners.

According to the same press source, a local taxi driver described him as friendly and courteous.

The really dangerous guys hide their intentions,” Mr. Rustad, the editor of a popular conservative Website called, said. “And that’s just what he did.” (2)

Everyone was simply Clueless about the monster that lurked within Mr. Breivik!

And yet, most of those who are waiting for the manifestation of the False Christ (or Anti Christ, or whatever they wish to call him) expect to recognize him "on the spot".  Imagine, if most of those who are waiting for him will not recognize him, what would be the fate of those who are not even expecting him?

This is why we keep stressing the fact that unless the Holy Spirit of God is in full-time residence in one's heart, that individual will be deceived and lose his/her soul. Do you understand us now?

Do you remember how often we have discussed, and even gently humored, those who say: "How can we believe what miguel de Portugal says if we do not know his face?"

Remember - whoever needs "a face" to believe will be as surprised when the False Christ manifests himself, as all of Norway was with the real Mr. Breivik showed his twisted soul. The difference is that, with Mr. Breivik many only lost their physical life, while those who will fall for the False Christ will lose their Eternal life.

Brethren, God cannot make it any clearer.
(1) NYT Report - 1
(1) NYT Report- 2

Posted on July 25th, 2011 [Feast of St. James the Greater - Apostle]

From miguel de Portugal

After the tragic events in Norway, we carefully reviewed what has been published about Mr. Anders Behring Breivik's background - as well as his cold acknowledgment of, and the logic behind, the crime he committed.

This morning we realized the conceptual parallel between Mr. Breivik's plans and a historical novel (mostly actual history) published in Spain in the year 2010 - "La Cúpula del Mundo" by Jesús Maeso de la Torre (1).

The key players in this true historical drama were King Don Alfonso X of Castilla y León, the daughter of the Norwegian King [Haakón IV], Princess Kristín Hakonardottir [who was brought to Spain to marry the brother of King Don Alfonso], the Teutonic Knights, and an actual planning group to establish a Rex Mundi. All of this was taking place in the mid 13th Century.

Because of part of the work we do – to expose the real plans that do exist to establish such a Rex Mundi right now in the 21st century – we carefully reviewed the book "La Cúpula del Mundo" and confirmed the actual historical facts.

That work resulted in a document we published on January 17, 2011, which we announced on our Board, as follows:

The Real Roots of the One World Order and Its Solid Germanic Foundation.

All pieces continue to fall into their unique places forming an exquisite mosaic that can only be properly be discerned by those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

We suggest that the above document be carefully reviewed. It may shed the light needed to understand Mr. Breivik's mentality, and, who knows?, it may even give clues as to whom/what else may have been behind his obviously well thought out actions.

(1) "La Cúpula del Mundo" by Jesús Maeso de la Torre, 2010, Random House Mondadori, S.A., Barcelona, Spain. ISBN: 978-84-253-4529-6
      At Amazon

Posted on July 24th, 2011

It was time that.... extreme right Christian fanaticism showed its hideous face.

Police say the Norwegian suspect in the two attacks that left at least 92 dead described himself as a fundamentalist Christian, as evidence emerged that he had flirted with the political far-right.

The 32-year-old, previously unknown to police, was arrested on Friday after a bomb blast in central Oslo killed seven people and a shooting rampage at a youth camp near the capital left at least 85 dead and scores wounded.

Local media have identified him as Anders Behring Breivik, whose picture on his Facebook page shows a man with longish blonde hair and piercing eyes.

The posting lists his religion as "fundamentalist Christian" and his political opinions lean "to the right", police said. (1a)

As more information becomes available, the pieces continue to fit, and fill in, the initial picture....
[our highlights]

In a manifesto Anders had posted (1b) he signed it as: Andrew Berwick, Justiciar Knight Commander, Knights Templar Europe, Knights Templar Norway.

The M+G+R Foundation comments:
  A face just as hideous as that of a Muslim fundamentalist.

If we were sarcastic we could say... (a) Let's see how they blame this one on Al Qaeda; or (b) It seems that he will miss the August 6th prayer session endorsed by many (2)

....but we are not being sarcastic now; instead, we remind one and all that God holds His true children responsible to pray for all of them.

Let us continue to pray....

(1a) News Report
(1b) Report
(2)   A complete list of Endorsers  of The Response

Once again, God is.....
using Ireland to defend the Faith. (1)
[our highlights]

From the pews and pulpits, Ireland's Catholics are demanding that the Vatican finally come clean on its oversight role in child abuse cover-ups. It's a revolution of sorts in Ireland, a nation founded on a pillar of devotion to Roman Catholicism, where many now question the church's role in a rapidly changing society.

The Irish are broadly lauding this week's thunderbolt from Prime Minister Enda Kenny, who denounced the Vatican's role in the past 17 years of abuse scandals. He accused the Holy See of downplaying "the rape and torture of children" and hiding behind its status as a sovereign state with its own secrecy-obsessed canon laws.
"It's a landmark speech in emphasizing that Ireland's historic deference to the Vatican, and to the Catholic Church generally, is over," said Diarmaid Ferriter, professor of modern Irish history at University College Dublin.

Even Ireland's priests, dismayed by their church leadership, voiced support for Kenny's attack on the Vatican.

"The prime minister is a practicing Catholic and has a love for the Christian faith. He's given a powerful voice to what we've all been thinking," said the Rev. Tony Flannery, a leader of the Association of Catholic Priests in Ireland.

"The vast majority of ordinary priests feel incredibly frustrated and annoyed that the Vatican never admits any wrongdoing, is not open to dialogue, and permits this cloud to hang over all our heads. It's unfair," he said.

Dublin Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, the church's leading voice calling for honesty, went on Ireland's state RTE television to declare, teary-eyed, that honest priests were being verbally assaulted by the public because of their leaders' continuing failure to admit the truth.

I find myself asking today, can I be proud of the church that I'm a leader of? I have to be ashamed of this," said Martin, who has found himself at odds with other bishops and the Vatican over his open approach.

Martin noted that he had provided state investigators the Dublin Archdiocese's secret files on abuse complaints — despite a lawsuit from his predecessor, Cardinal Desmond Connell, seeking to keep them locked away — and urged other dioceses to do the same.

The M+G+R Foundation comments:  Although we must not cease to pray for the healing of the pedophile priests and the conversion of the criminal Administration that hides them, we must also pray for those fine priests and bishops who are standing up to those criminals and defending the Faith and their flock.

These poor men find themselves in the crossfire inside and outside the Church, and they need, and deserve!, our prayerful support.

We recommend the reading of the full news report. (1)
(1)  Angry Ireland finally confronts Vatican over abuse

Posted on July 23rd, 2011 [Mary, Mother of Mercy]

From miguel de Portugal

Note: The “you” in the following admonition includes those who remain in denial, and those who should know better, but have failed to heed and act upon the warnings that we have given for many years. In contrast, let those who have Faith in God, and act on it, take comfort. God knows your struggle, and is with you now, even to the end of the age. He will come to your rescue soon, at a time and in a way that will surprise the world.

May the Peace of God and the Consolation of the Immaculate Heart of Mary refresh your soul!

We are fully aware that, using an Americanism, we "keep harping" on several issues such as:

(a) Don't count on God bailing you out at the last minute, when you were aware that you should have changed/taken action long before the "last minute" arrived.
(b) Talking all the time about God, Mary, and the Saints, and going on Religious Pilgrimages, will not "do the trick" or "cut it" (your choice of conversational terms). The "name of the game" is serious prayer, fasting and sacrifice. There is no substitute for that.
(c) With a few exceptions, the behavior of the Roman Catholic Church Administration for centuries – but especially now – makes Babylon look like a virginal maiden by comparison. However, you cannot allow that to taint the Faith, or to separate you from God, or cause you to cease the practice of the faith.
(d) Place your trust in God and rely only on the guidance of the Holy Spirit; even legitimate Marian apparitions have been commandeered, changed, twisted and modified. Do you really think that satan was going to sit idly by, and let Mary purify and rebuild what the Church Administration had worked tirelessly for 1600 years to corrupt and to destroy?
(e) The deception is and will be so great that, as Jesus said, even the Elect would be deceived if He did not bring "civilization" to its knees soon, etc.

If we "harp" on these themes, it is because God Wills it. To help me in being persistent, He has granted me enough in-the-field experience with humans from different countries and backgrounds during the last 26 years, so that I know for a fact that we must "keep on harping" until the end. In that entire period we have not come across - in person or via our pages - more than a handful of souls who may have finally caught on, to the extent that they should, and acted accordingly.

We do not, and will not, apologize for our continued "harping"; nor do we apologize for the warnings issued in the Name of God. I certainly do not want satan accusing me before the Throne of God, at the time of Judgment, that I did not warn the world clearly enough, considering the enormous amount of information that God has granted during in the past 26 years.

If you want to be accused by satan before the Throne of God that you had been amply warned (1) by miguel de Portugal, and chose to ignore the warnings, that is your choice and there is absolutely nothing we can do to prevent it.

Let us continue to pray!

miguel de Portugal
(1) Warned World

In case that you have missed it......
after the Castro brothers destroyed Cuba - a country whose Standard of Living, up to the 1959 Revolution, was, in the Americas, only second to the US, now they have delivered it to the Opus Dei operated Cuban Catholic Church:
[our highlights]

Over the past half-century, Fidel and Raul Castro have ensured — through exile, purges and execution — that no political figure or generation has emerged as their obvious successors. Time and again, the brothers have stacked the ruling Cuban Communist Party with gray hard-liners nearly as old as they are, determined to preserve their revolutionary legacy.

Given this reality, post-Castro Cuba will need someone trusted by all segments of society to help shepherd this nation into a new era, without bloodshed or upheaval. Cardinal Jaime Lucas Ortega y Alamino, archbishop of Havana, is that man. The son of a sugar mill worker, Ortega is uniquely equipped to fill any power vacuum. (1)

The M+G+R Foundation comments:  This is another example of God allowing situations that may cause the disoriented Faithful to think that God is behind the apparent miraculous scenario. Instead, satan is in the driver’s seat - as allowed by God, so that Divine Justice is dispensed.

Other examples of this are the apparent miraculous protection Hitler had (2); how the Archduke Ferdinand was literally driven into the hands to his assassin (3), who had already given up his assassination plans; and Rasputin's "Mystical Aura" (4) which brought down, singlehandedly the 400 + year Romanov Dynasty and delivered Russia into the hands of Lenin.
(1)  News Report
(2) Assassination attempts against Hitler
(3) The Assassination of the Austrian Archduke
(4) Meet Rasputin

Posted on July 22nd, 2011 [Feast of St. Mary Magdalene]

It seems that.... events surrounding the forced collapse of Murdoch's empire confirm what we discussed publicly and privately: The systematic removal and/or neutralization of the influence that high profile Jews have in the Western world.

Pro-Israel leaders in the United States, Britain and Australia are warily watching the unfolding of the phone-hacking scandal that is threatening to engulf the media empire of Rupert Murdoch, founder of News Corp.

Murdoch's sudden massive reversal of fortune - with 10 top former staffers and executives under arrest in Britain for hacking into the phones of public figures and a murdered schoolgirl, and paying off the police and journalists - has supporters of Israel worried that a diminished Murdoch presence may mute the strongly pro-Israel voice of many of the publications he owns.

"His publications and media have proven to be fairer on the issue of Israel than the rest of the media," said Malcolm Hoenlein, the executive vice-chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations. "I hope that won't be impacted."

Murdoch's huge stable encompasses broadsheets such as The Wall Street Journal, the Times of London and The Australian, as well as tabloids, most notably The Sun in Britain and the New York Post. It also includes the influential Fox News Channel in the United States and a 39 percent stake in British Sky Broadcasting, or BSkyB, a satellite broadcaster. Murdoch founded the neoconservative flagship The Weekly Standard in 1995, and sold it last year. (1)

The M+G+R Foundation comments:  We pray to God that our Jewish brethren take note of what we have said about such movement (2) so that they may take evasive action and, at least, reduce the suffering that awaits them too.

(1)  News Report
(2) satan will try to destroy the Jews one last time

Are you aware that.... the grave containing the remains of Hitler's deputy Rudolf Hess has been destroyed to end it being used as a pilgrimage site by neo-Nazi? (1)

Hess's bones were exhumed at the graveyard in the small town of Wunsiedel, southern Germany, in the early hours of Wednesday morning. The remains will be cremated and then scattered at sea.

Hess was captured in 1941 and sentenced to life in prison. He killed himself in jail in 1987 at the age of 93. As he requested in his will, he was buried in the Bavarian town of Wunsiedel, where his family had a holiday home and where his parents were already interred.

The local Lutheran church which supervises the cemetery gave its permission for the burial at the time, ruling that the wishes of the deceased could not be ignored, the Suddeutsche Zeitung reports.

But they and local people have since become concerned by the number of far-right groups visiting the grave. Each year on the anniversary of his death, neo-Nazis have attempted to stage a march to the cemetery, saluting the grave, with its epitaph "I dared" and laying floral wreaths.

(1) News Report

Have you heard that...
Governor Rick Perry says he doesn't endorse extremists participating in prayer meeting he is promoting via a personal letter? (1)
[our highlights]

Gov. Rick Perry said Monday that he doesn't necessarily subscribe to the extreme beliefs of some of the ministers coming to his prayer summit next month.

"I'm sure that through my elections in the past that there have been some groups that have endorsed me publicly, that I appreciate their endorsements, but their endorsements of me doesn't mean I endorse what they believe in or what they say," Perry said. Some of the participants in "The Response" (2) have in the past made strong anti-gay and anti-Catholic statements.

And while Perry indicated he does not agree, he also said that he would not instruct them on what to say at the Christian day of prayer and fasting to be held Aug. 6 at Reliant Stadium in Houston.

The Mississippi-based American Family Association is paying for the prayer summit. That group's spokesman, Bryan Fischer, has said that Adolf Hitler began the Nazi party in a gay bar and recruited gays into his army because others would not match "the savagery and brutality they were willing to inflict."

The M+G+R Foundation comments:  What would Jesus say about Gov. Perry's behavior and the company he keeps?

The promoters of "The Response" may quote to us the following Scripture:

And the scribes and the Pharisees, seeing that he ate with publicans and sinners, said to his disciples: Why doth your master eat and drink with publicans and sinners? Jesus hearing this, saith to them: They that are well have no need of a physician, but they that are sick. For I came not to call the just, but sinners. [Mark 2: 16-17]

To which we would respond: Gov. Perry is not eating with them nor trying to change the fanatical views of many of them; he is praying with individuals who are not part of the Family of Jesus, as defined by Jesus Himself:

Behold my mother and my brethren. For whosoever shall do the will of my Father, that is in heaven, he is my brother, and sister, and mother. [Matt. 12: 49-50]

How many times did we see Jesus praying with the Temple Masters, Priests and Pharisees of His time?

Among the endorsers (3) of The Response we find two high profile Catholics: Rene Henry Gracida, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, and Fr. Bob Hogan, the Chairperson of the National Service Committee for Catholic Charismatic Renewal
(1)  News Report
(2) The Response Page
(3)  A complete list of Endorsers  of The Response

and last, but not least..

Have you heard that.... "Anonymous" hacked NATO Servers? (1)

The hacktivist group said it's holding 1 gigabyte of information from the international alliance, as it would be "irresponsible" to release most of it.

Hacktivist group Anonymous was at it again Thursday, claiming it had breached the servers of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), but that it likely would not reveal most of the 1 gigabyte of information it said was stolen.

"Yes, #NATO was breached. And we have lots of restricted material," the group tweeted on its AnonymousIRC Twitter feed, one of several it and another hacker group, AntiSec, use to release information and news about their activities.

Anonymous said it could not post most of the data because it would be "irresponsible," but still mocked the global treaty organization in another Twitter post.

"Hi NATO. Yes we haz [sic] more of your delicious data," the group tweeted. "You wonder where from? No hints, your turn. You call it war; we laugh at your battleships."

To prove its claim, Anonymous posted a link to a restricted-access NATO file on a PDF-sharing site.

The M+G+R Foundation comments:  This is how safe and secure our nation is - no matter how many people are patted down and X-rayed at airports.

If loosely organized hackers can do this - and all else they have done already  - do you realize what kind of Top Secret (ha! ha!) information  on us they (and others, including other nuclear powers) have, just waiting to use it at the most appropriate time?

Again we remind you: God IS our ONLY security. All else is "day old hash browns".

(1) News Report

Posted on July 21st, 2011

Would you believe that.... UK (Scotland Yard) authorities still claim that there was no foul play in the death of the telephone hacking whistle blower, Sean Hoare? (1)
[our highlights]

A postmortem into the death of the News of the World whistleblower Sean Hoare found no evidence of third-party involvement and confirmed that his death was non suspicious, the police have said. No specific cause of death was given by the police, who said they were waiting for the results of toxicology tests and were continuing to examine "health problems" identified during the autopsy.

Hertfordshire police said the results were "inconclusive", but detectives could not rule out suicide until they knew the results of the tests, which could take weeks. "There was no suicide note found at the scene," the spokesperson said. "We cannot categorically say one way or another whether this was suicide, as we have not got the toxicology results."

The M+G+R Foundation Commented:  We have not heard much about this death through any European News service (TV, internet or print); if they mentioned/printed it, it must have been in passing and well buried under other news, not to be seen unless you actually search for it as we just did.

When the lies are so blatantly obvious (cause of death and hiding the news), it means that the World Masters just do not care even to preted any more.  When that point is reached, that means that we are very close to what they will spring upon the world.
(1) News Report

As if that sign....
and many others, were not enough,
a young Bishop in Spain, Mons. Xavier Novell,
Bishop of Solsona (Spain), has announced that Masses will be cancelled in parishes with not enough attendees. (1)

Parish priests may suspend Masses when the attendance is less than twelve.

The M+G+R Foundation Commented:  Although, in keeping with the Opus Dei principle of "discretion", Mons. Novell is not labeled an Opus Dei Bishop, he has their not so discreet endorsement. (2)

(1) Report (in Spanish)
(2) Report (in Spanish)

Have you heard that... Bristol (in the United Kingdom) has followed the example of the US Center for Disease Control a few weeks back, (1) and has issued a humorous alert regarding what to do in case of a Zombie attack? (2)

Local authorities routinely have detailed emergency plans for natural disasters such as floods, and man-made atrocities including terrorist attacks. But according to a "top secret" plan revealed after a freedom of information request, Bristol city council appears well prepared for a zombie attack.

A Mr. P Store contacted the council wondering what plans have been laid down in case the undead invade. Rather than ignoring the request or dismissing it, an officer wrote back - light-heartedly, of course - setting out the best ways to tackle zombies and highlighting areas of the city considered high-risk areas.

Peter Holt, service director of communication and marketing, wrote back to Store: "In response to your request for details of Bristol city council's contingency plans for dealing with zombies, I can now release to you the following strategy document.

"Please note that this document contains various redactions as it has been considered that some information contained therein must be redacted for the purpose of safeguarding national security."

The M+G+R Foundation Commented:  Although it is obviously a tongue-in-cheek spoof, just like the US CDC "alert" was, one must wonder why official institutions are engaging in this type of game - considering that every day that goes by the IQ of the masses gets lower and lower and will be reaching the technical idiocy level soon.

Maybe that is the reason.....!
(1) May 19th Post
(2) News Report

 From (Mr.) MOK @ Canada (written on July 17th)

Sorry to bother you but I did not get any mailings from you since  July 12.

Did you cross me off the mailing list?


A. You are still in our various lists.

We have sent again to you all mailings from July 12th through 17th, and we have not received a response from you.

We have sent to you an e-mail, from a totally different address in case your server had placed our normal address in the SPAM category, requesting receipt confirmation from you, and we have not heard from you.

There is nothing else that we can or plan to do besides this post.

Posted on July 20th, 2011

From (Mrs.) LM @ US

In reference to Medjugorje - I have never seen any information on your site about the apparitions.  Is Mary also speaking to us at Medjugorje with new warnings or is she restating what has already been revealed through Fatima?

I have read through you information on La Salette (1) and Fatima (2) and the specific directions (3) that were given by the Blessed Mother.

Also, am I understanding correctly that the Blessed Mother will be silent once the chastisements begin?  I guess I really want to know is: are the strange weather and natural disasters chastisements, or is God still trying to get our attention?

He certainly has my attention.

(1) About La Salette
(2) About Fatima
(3) Directions given to the World by Mary in the last 200 years

We will respond to the latter part of your letter first.

We are already in the chastisement period where God is trying to get people's attention. That is, He is "increasing the volume of the megaphone" (0) so that those members of the Elect whose Eyes and Ears are still closed, open them before the full force of the chastisement is unleashed.

Regarding Medjugorje - Following is a reprint of a column we published on January 2010:

The Viennese Cardinal Schönborn continues to promote Medjugorje and now compares it to Lourdes while calling it 'a school of normal Christian life'. (1)
[our highlights]

The cardinal said that the alleged messages of Medjugorje are not as important as the prayer that takes place there, including Eucharistic adoration, the Way of the Cross, Confession, and the daily praying of the entire Psalter. “In order to doubt that into Medjugorje a stream of grace flows, one must shut one’s eyes,” he added, comparing Medjugorje to Lourdes as a place where hearts are transformed.

Also comparing the Church’s caution towards the alleged apparitions to the Church’s caution towards St. Faustina, the cardinal stated that the “personal reliability” of the witnesses, the sensus fidelium, and the charitable works associated with Medjugorje are “surely an important element.”

“What does one learn from the Mother of God? The faith in everyday life! For me Medjugorje is a school of normal Christian life.”.  

The M+G+R Foundation Commented:  This is a reckless outrage. We remind our readers about our position about Medjugorje:

It was from God at the beginning but when it was turned into just another business to be exploited using the Holy Names of Mary and Jesus it was no more.  That is why we say that we agree with the local Bishops at the beginning - when it was accepted as being from God - and also afterwards - when it was denied as a farce.

The man who became miguel de Portugal visited Medjugorje in the second half of the eighties and it was not until he broke away from the tourist scene which pervaded the whole area that he reestablished contact with the supernatural which could be felt in that once holy village.

But before "we get misty eyed" let us have a reality check about that "stream of graces" which allegedly flows from Medjugorje.

What was one of the first teachings that Mary imparted at the very beginning? On July 21, 1982, She is reported to have said (and repeated frequently thereafter):

"Through fasting and prayer, one can stop wars, one can suspend the laws of nature." (2)

It was in 1987 - six years after the first Marian manifestation there - when the winds of war started to blow in the Federal Republic Of Yugoslavia (3) - where Medjugorje was located. Essentially the Milosevic era started and the rest is history... a bloody war history still being worked out in the World Tribunal at The Hague.

Then we must pose the following: Either Mary lied or the millions upon millions that visited Medjugorje prior to the Milosevic era were no more than religious tourists who took home with them little more than their dirty laundry and a few souvenirs.

Of course Mary did not lie! What She said is true and we know it (not believe it, but know it from much actual practice). Obviously, as we have seen far too many times, once home most the new "converts" were only converted.... to Religious Tourism! Prayer, fasting (if they even tried it!) and sacrifice came to almost a standstill.

The same story with Kibeho, Africa.
(4) Mary appeared there in 1981, it was approved in 1982.

One of the visionaries saw:
"A river of blood, people who killed one another, abandoned bodies with no one to bury them, a tree on fire, an open chasm, a monster and decapitated heads."

This awful vision was the only one of its kind. In the rest of the apparitions, Our Lady, who had dark skin, encouraged the young women to pray, fast, and do penance.

Thirteen years later the world was shocked with the Rwandan genocide.

Why did it happened? After all, obviously Mary had tried to avert it.

It happened for the same reason as with the situation in Yugoslavia/Medjugorje - Talk is cheap and easy and frankly we are tired of it!; Fasting, Prayer and Sacrifice, although free, is hard and requires devotional discipline.

The bottom line, brethren, is that the Vatican could not care less about what is going on as long as the Faithful have something to entertain themselves with and not pay attention to the less-than-holy activities of the Church Administration like the preparation for the False Second Coming.

Let us now rewind all the way to the year 911 AD and let us see what happens when the Faithful truly obey our Heavenly Mother:

In 911 AD, Constantinople was under military threat and the people were praying for God's help in the Blachernae Church in the suburb of the city. It was in this church that the omophor or veil of the Virgin Mary was reserved as a most precious relic.

The church was crowded for an all-night vigil. Andrew, the future Saint known as a fool-for-Christ, was there, along with his disciple Epiphanius. At about four in the morning, Andrew and Epiphanius had a vision of the Virgin Mary: She entered through the church doors, escorted by St. John the Forerunner and St. John the Theologian and preceded by a host of angels.

She stopped at the ambo (the great stair-cased pulpit in the center of the church) and knelt there, praying fervently and with tears. She then entered the altar and prayed again and finally removed Her veil and held it out over the faithful as She ascended from them.

They concluded from Her presence that Her intercession would be the protection to the faithful in this hour of trial. And so it happened that the feared military menace was averted.

This Miraculous Manifestation and happy consequences are celebrated by the Eastern Catholic Church on October 1st. (5)

In conclusion: Cardinal or no Cardinal; Benedict or no Benedict; Church Administration or no Church Administration; Apparitions or no Apparitions - either the Faithful quits talking and starts praying and fasting in earnest, or Divine Mercy will be unattainable for most.

If we are more than fed up with cheap talk, think about how God feels about it.

Do you think our words are harsh? Not at all when compared with what God will allow (allow, not cause) upon humanity to wake up the few who need to be awakened.

You doubt it? Think again - while you still can!

God allowed World War II because all that would come out of the Church Administration, regarding the Fatima events, was cheap talk - the only thing that they are capable of.

(0) The "Megaphone" of pain
(1) News Report
(2) "Words From Heaven", 1991, ISBN: 1-878909-01-9, page 101
(3) The breakup of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
(4) Marian Apparitions in Kibeho
(5) The Miracle of The Veil

Posted on July 19th, 2011

Did you know that.... for nearly four years11,000 pages of handwritten notes - the result of the telephone hacking project by The News of the World of almost  4,000 celebrities, politicians, sports stars, police officials and crime victims - lay piled in a Scotland Yard evidence room? (1)

Yet from August 2006, when the items were seized, until the autumn of 2010, no one at the Metropolitan Police Service, commonly referred to as Scotland Yard, bothered to sort through all the material and catalog every page, said former and current senior police officials.

During that same time, senior Scotland Yard officials assured Parliament, judges, lawyers, potential hacking victims, the news media and the public that there was no evidence of widespread hacking by the tabloid. They steadfastly maintained that their original inquiry, which led to the conviction of one reporter and one private investigator, had put an end to what they called an isolated incident.

After the past week, that assertion has been reduced to tatters, torn apart by a spectacular avalanche of contradictory evidence, admissions by News International executives that hacking was more widespread, and a reversal by police officials who now admit to mishandling the case.

The M+G+R Foundation comments: Our point is that, if before now, we or someone else had published the above as "inside information", we would have been accused of being Conspiracy Theorists.

Humanity has "worked hard" to reap what is upon us now, and God is not about to hear any complaints or entertain recourses from anyone who has not truly cooperated with Him (2) in the Redemption of Humanity. This is not a threat nor a warning; it is just a reminder of a reality.

(1) New York Times Report
(2) Cooperating with God in the Redemption of Humanity

but wait...

Hacking whistle blower, Sean Hoare has just been found dead at his home in Watford. (1)

The Guardian notes that he was the first journalist to allege publicly that Andy Coulson was aware of hacking when he was editor - which he has denied. But the Guardian adds that police are not treating the death as suspicious.

The M+G+R Foundation comments: It must be that chilly London fog....

(1) News Report

From (Mr.) TJ @ US

Regarding the "Mary" which inspired McCartney's "Let it be"....

I too had heard of that McCartney interview, and it reminded me of what was said about Franz Schubert's Ave Maria, one of the most sublime pieces of music ever composed.  Schubert was not religiously observant, and composed the melody for some other reason, but it morphed into what we now know as
Schubert's  Ave Maria.

I don't think either McCartney or Schubert set out to compose a song in homage to our Lady, but I firmly believe the Holy Spirit decreed that the music will be composed, and used these geniuses to accomplish just that, regardless their original intent.


As we keep reminding ever-forgetful humanity - it is God Who Rules Supremely over humanity, and if He simply Willed that satan himself compose the most magnificent ode to Mary, satan would have to oblige.

The sooner humanity understands this, the better it would be for it.

If you want to preview....
the next let's-finally-brainwash-the-world-once-and-for-all movie out of Hollywood, we suggest that you watch the brief trailer (1) for the latest global catastrophe movie - Contagion.

Contagion follows the rapid progress of a lethal airborne virus that kills within days. As the fast-moving epidemic grows, the worldwide medical community races to find a cure and control the panic that spreads faster than the virus itself. At the same time, ordinary people struggle to survive in a society coming apart.

The M+G+R Foundation comments: : Neither the swine flu nor the avian flu manufactured pandemics did as “well” as The Masters expected; therefore, Hollywood comes to the rescue.

After the movie is released and becomes a hit - a new manufactured pandemic will be unleashed upon the world and... "That should really do the trick", the Masters may think. After all, the release date has been set for September 9th, 2011 (9-9-11).

(1) Warner Brothers' Contagion Trailer

Posted on July 18th, 2011

Do you know which.... are the two most important prayers/requests that should never stop streaming from our hearts to the Sacred and Loving Heart of Jesus?

(a) Increase my love for You and my brethren - that is - the fulfillment of the two main Commandments in me, to the extent that You have ordained from all Eternity; and

(b) Increase my Faith, joyful abandonment to Your Will and confidence that You will hear and act upon my prayers, to the extent that You have ordained from all Eternity

Then we will experience the full meaning of Total Freedom.

How could it possibly get any better, or any simpler?

Yet, organized religion has been incapable of presenting this very simple spiritual formula to the spiritually starved faithful.

We have been informed that.... Texas Governor Rick Perry, in an historic move that has not taken place in our lifetime, is calling for a National Solemn Assembly called The Response: A Call to Prayer for a Nation in Crisis, on Saturday, August 6, 2011, in Reliant Stadium (indoors) in Houston, Texas. (1)
[our highlights]

In a letter dated May 18, 2011 inviting the 49 other Governors to join him, Governor Perry cited the book of Joel as the answer for the challenges facing America. Scripture is clear. When the Lord moves a governmental official to sound a trumpet to pray, the response is to come and cry out to the Lord together.

On August 6th, there will be no political agenda, no merchandise sold, no ministries promoted, no literature distributed and no offering taken. Registration is free. This event will not promote any denomination or organization. It will simply be those who love God and love America responding to Gov. Perry's invitation to get on our knees together to ask for His mercy, guidance, wisdom and provision.”

The M+G+R Foundation comments: James Richard "Rick" Perry (born March 4, 1950) is the 47th and current Governor of Texas, having held the office since December 2000. He is a member of the Republican Party.

Perry supports the death penalty. On June 2, 2009, Texas carried out the 200th execution since Perry assumed the office of governor. (2) The executions have continued unabated since then; the most recent was on July 7, 2011.

Gov. Perry says that "Scripture is clear" and indeed it is....

God gave Moses the Tablets with the Commandments written by His Own Finger and one of those Commandments is "Thou shalt not kill." [Exodus 20:13 and Deut. 5:17]

This is a prohibition that God clearly had established even before the Commandments were given to Moses, i.e., when He condemned Cain.

And Cain said to the Lord: My iniquity is greater than that I may deserve pardon.  Behold thou dost cast me out this day from the face of the earth, and I shall be hidden from thy face, and I shall be a vagabond and a fugitive on the earth: every one, therefore, that findeth me, shall kill me. And the Lord said to him: No, it shall not be so: but whosoever shall kill Cain, shall be punished sevenfold. And the Lord set a mark upon Cain, that whosoever found him should not kill him. [Gen. 4:13-15]

Mr. Perry's prayers will be ignored by Heaven for the reasons clearly given by the same Book of Scripture he is invoking....

[11] To what purpose do you offer me the multitude of your victims, saith the Lord? I am full, I desire not holocausts of rams, and fat of fatlings, and blood of calves, and lambs, and buck goats. [12] When you came to appear before me, who required these things at your hands, that you should walk in my courts? [13] Offer sacrifice no more in vain: incense is an abomination to me. The new moons, and the sabbaths, and other festivals I will not abide, your assemblies are wicked. [14] My soul hateth your new moons, and your solemnities: they are become troublesome to me, I am weary of bearing them. [15] And when you stretch forth your hands, I will turn away my eyes from you: and when you multiply prayer, I will not hear: for your hands are full of blood.

[16] Wash yourselves, be clean, take away the evil of your devices from my eyes: cease to do perversely, [17] Learn to do well: seek judgment, relieve the oppressed, judge for the fatherless, defend the widow. [18] And then come, and accuse me, saith the Lord: if your sins be as scarlet, they shall be made as white as snow: and if they be red as crimson, they shall be white as wool. [19] If you be willing, and will hearken to me, you shall eat the good things of the land. [20] But if you will not, and will provoke me to wrath: the sword shall devour you because the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it.  [Isaiah 1]

Theology underscored centuries later by God Himself in the Person of Jesus:

Go then and learn what this meaneth, I will have mercy and not sacrifice. For I am not come to call the just, but sinners. [Matt. 9:13]

Not all prayer is good or acceptable by God. Some of it may be a grievous offense to God because of the duplicity of its source: an offense which will aggravate the situation further.

Most will not learn that God does not play word games until they cross the veil and find themselves in the proverbial wrong side of the tracks.

It is interesting that Gov. Perry, a non-Catholic, has chosen for the prayer date one of the most important Liturgical dates for Catholicism - August 6th.

On this date Catholics celebrate the Transfiguration of Our Lord [Matt. 17:1-3], although it also coincides with the Anniversary of the Nuclear Devastation in Hiroshima, Japan

The world continues to be warned. (3)

(1) Letter
(2) Source
(3) The World has been amply warned

Posted on July 17th, 2011 [Feast of Mary's Humility]

From (Mr.) KD @ US

Regarding the song, "Let It Be," and your post of July 9th (1) - Mary refers to Paul McCartney's mother, whose first name was Mary.

I also thought, "wouldn't it have been nice if Paul was referring to the Virgin Mary", but in an interview some years after the song was released, Mr. McCartney stated that the name "Mary" represented his mother.


Thank you for setting the historical record straight. However, at the mystical level nothing has changed. The only mother that song could possibly refer to is our true Mother, Mary, the Queen of Heaven and Earth - whether Mr. McCartney knew it or not.

FYI&R Posts for First Half of July 2011

Now that the Opus Dei laden (1).... US Supreme Court has opened the doors to any  kind of video games (2), they should be pleased with the following new additions.


Faith Fighter is the ultimate fighting game for these dark times. Choose your belief and ,,,,,, your enemies. Give vent to your intolerance! Religious hate has never been so much fun.


Once again the Church is in the midst of controversies for the sexual abuses committed by the priests. The Vatican created a task force to prevent sinners from being captured and put on trial according to the secular states' laws. You have to control the operations: establish a code of silence and hide the scandal until the media attention moves elsewhere!

(1) Opus Dei in US Government
(2) News Report

From (Mr.) WO @ US

In my professional experience with literally scores of clergy for over 35 years, I have met very few who really understood what "the poor" are.  Thank God I did meet a literal handful who DID come from poverty and never forgot those realities.

Yet for most clergy "the poor" are an abstract concept; a mere talking point. If one never had to worry about paying rent, utilities, medical bills, car insurance, food or anything in daily life (except for clothing), developing a cruel or at least 'out of touch with reality' view of the poor would easily develop. (1)

Unless one had real Faith, such as Albino Luciani (Pope John Paul I), the following would be coherent to some of them:

"...Keansburg is a small town on the (New) Jersey shore where many of the poor dwellers of West Manhattan and the South Bronx could afford to bring their families for part of the summer. It was a tremendous sacrifice for the working poor to get their children out of the city for some weeks during the summer.... the greatest gift my parents gave to me was their example of Christian living at home, and making sure that all 11 of their children paid their respect to God on Sunday. I clearly remember the large gathering of family and friends each weekend at our 'summer home' in Keansburg..." (2)

It would seem that the good Monsignor is not cut from the same cloth as Luciani, who never had a 'summer home' on the trendy Jersey Shore.(3, 4) 

Reality Check
: Most of the REAL poor in NYC would go to Coney Island (4) for the day by subway, as they had no money for a house... or car.

Equally sad is that the level of 'faith' described is merely 'pew sitting faith'. This priest is all too typical of those who are mere managers and functionaries. They operate programs as business executives. He speaks of the Holy Spirit, yet is Blind and Deaf. One has to wonder how much of his words are empty rhetoric or the result of allowing oneself to be deceived by satan.

The belief that "externals  =  faith" is contrary to the words of God through Isaiah:

"Is not this rather the fast that I have chosen? loose the bands of wickedness, undo the bundles that oppress, let them that are broken go free, and break asunder every burden. Deal thy bread to the hungry, and bring the needy and the harbourless into thy house: when thou shalt see one naked, cover him, and despise not thy own flesh." (Isaiah 58: 6-7)

Great indeed is the irony in this, in that it applies to many if not most priests and bishops, who read Scripture daily at Mass:

"...And Abraham said to him: They have Moses and the prophets; let them hear them. But he said: No, father Abraham: but if one went to them from the dead, they will do penance. And he said to him: If they hear not Moses and the prophets, neither will they believe, if one rise again from the dead..."  (Luke 16:29-31)

(1) This is the literal material reality of Catholic clergy, both Diocesan and members of religious orders.
(2) Source
(3) Source
(4) His family seems to have had a rather interesting group of neighbors.

Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do. [Luke 23:34]

Since we certainly know better, it is our responsibility to pray for their much needed conversion since....

And unto whomsoever much is given, of him much shall be required: and to whom they have committed much, of him they will demand the more. [Luke 12:48].

Thank you for sharing with our readership more inside information from your vantage point. This helps give names and faces to these individuals, i.e. a level of reality, that actually helps in offering prayers on their behalf.

Posted on July 16th, 2011  [ Feast of  Our Lady of Mount Carmel ]

Just a reminder that.... in miguel de Portugal's brief bio (1) we clearly state:

Should you believe what miguel de Portugal says through the pages of The M+G+R Foundation?

You do not have to believe it. What is written is only for those who have Eyes to see and have Ears to hear. Woe to miguel if he does not speak loud and clear.

To which we add now: miguel de Portugal's responsibility ends once he has published/stated/invoked what God Wills. The extent to which the information is accepted and/or rejected is solely the concern of God and not ours.

Nothing has changed in the manner in which God has communicated with His children in the last 6,000 years.

(1) miguel de Portugal brief bio

Would you believe that..... we may have to posthumously grant the "Denial of the Century" award to Josef Stalin?

In a historical article published in Spain (1) we read (a translation):

When Stalin was informed that Germany had invaded Russia, he just did not believe it. A few hours earlier, a German soldier, but communist sympathizer, deserted and swam across the river Pruth, notifying the Russians of the impending offensive.

Stalin had him executed, convinced that he was a provocateur.

When Marshall Zhukov, Chief of Staff of the Red Army, told Stalin over the phone that the Germans had launched an offensive, Stalin went mute. After a long (and uncomfortable silence), Zhukov dared to ask: "Do you understand what I am telling you?" just as one would ask a senile old man.

The day before the offensive had been a day full of "signs"; besides the warning from the German deserter:

(a) The Commissar of Foreign Commerce, Anastas Mikoyan, warned that all German merchant ships in all Soviet ports had been given orders to sail immediately - regardless if they were in the middle of loading or unloading.
(b) The families of  German diplomats had abandoned Moscow en masse.
(c) Dark smoke columns rose from the Reich's Embassy in Moscow - an obvious sign of massive burning of Embassy files.
(d) The military command had worrisome news about the incessant engine roars and heavy chain treads on the other side of the border.
(e) The military command requested Stalin to place the troops near the German border on top alert. Stalin refused.

Did we say that Stalin should be awarded for "Denial of the Century"? Never mind! Let us make it a double award and grant him, posthumously, the "Blind and Deaf of the Century" award too.

May those who have Ears, Hear! and Eyes, See!
(1) Operación Barbarroja, TIEMPO (magazine) 8-14 July, 2011. pp 88-89

Several years ago.... a priest told miguel de Portugal that "...his mother had taught him, as a child while on her lap, that more flies could be caught with honey than with vinegar."

miguel promptly reminded "his Reverence" that it seemed that Mary had failed to pass on to Jesus such advice, as exemplified by the words He used (1) when the situation called for it.

Once again: May those who have Ears, Hear! and Eyes, See!
(1) Jesus calls a spade, "spade"

Have you heard that.... the Pentagon admitted to losing 24,000 files in major network breach? (1)

The Pentagon has admitted “foreign intruders” stole 24,000 files, and the files were taken from a defense contractor. The specific defense contractor that was hacked wasn't named and the nature of the files stolen was not disclosed.

Deputy Defense Secretary William J. Lynn III noted at a speech to unveil the unclassified portion of the new cyber strategy for the Pentagon that over the past few years all manner of data has been stolen with some of it mundane and some of the data stolen is very disturbing.

 The M+G+R Foundation comments: If the "man on the street" understood the level of threat to national security posed by those generically mentioned "contractors", it would be a boon to Big Pharma - the sale of tranquilizers would skyrocket.

It is not only "defense contractors" who threaten national security, but also "maintenance contractors" (much used in the petro and chemical industries) not to mention the "Kelly Girl and Boy" office contractors.

We are speaking from very ample and in depth personal experiences during miguel de Portugal's professional career. The "contract work force"  presents such a threat that, as much as m de P disliked Louis Freeh (of FBI and Opus Dei fame (2)), he shared with him his experience, and provided a few suggestions on how to counteract the danger.
(1) News Report
(2) For example

Posted on July 15th, 2011

Did you know that.... we may have "found" the Tabernacle and Ark of the Covenant, which are claimed by the Ethiopian Orthodox Church to be in Axum (1)?

To do this, we did not have to travel outside of our Private Chapel, where we were reviewing a book originally published in 1906. A hidden (2) reference in that book led us to where the Holy Scriptures tell us of the final disposition of the Tabernacle and the Ark of the Covenant. In the Second Book of the Maccabees we read in Chapter 2:  [our highlighting]

1 Now it is found in the descriptions (3) of Jeremias the prophet, that he commanded them that went into captivity, to take the fire, as it hath been signified, and how he gave charge to them that were carried away into captivity. 2 And how he gave them the law that they should not forget the commandments of the Lord, and that they should not err in their minds, seeing the idols of gold, and silver, and the ornaments of them. 3 And with other such like speeches, he exhorted them that they would not remove the law from their heart. 4 It was also contained in the same writing, how the prophet, being warned by God, commanded that the tabernacle and the ark should accompany him, till he came forth to the mountain where Moses went up, and saw the inheritance of God. 5 And when Jeremias came thither he found a hollow cave: and he carried in thither the tabernacle, and the ark, and the altar of incense, and so stopped the door.

6 Then some of them that followed him, came up to mark the place: but they could not find it. 7 And when Jeremias perceived it, he blamed them, saying: The place shall be unknown, till God gather together the congregation of the people, and receive them to mercy. 8 And then the Lord will shew these things, and the majesty of the Lord shall appear, and there shall be a cloud as it was also shewed to Moses, and he shewed it when Solomon prayed that the place might be sanctified to the great God.

The Second Book of the Maccabees was the last book of the Old Testament. It was written in Koine Greek, probably in Alexandria, Egypt, c 124 BC. It presents a revised version of the historical events recounted in the first seven chapters of 1 Maccabees, adding material from the Pharisaic tradition, including prayer for the dead and a resurrection on Judgment Day. Catholics and Orthodox consider the work to be canonical and part of the Bible. Protestants and Jews reject most of the doctrinal innovations present in the work. (4)

"Knowing" Jeremiah as we do, and knowing his relationship with God, what we read in 2 Maccabees 2:1-8 is the most theo-logical explanation of what happened with the Tabernacle and Ark of the Covenant.

Of course, if we emulated Media techniques (to keep the issue going indefinitely), we could say that someone came afterward, and stole them, and took them to Ethiopia. This scenario is highly improbable, since there would have been some record of it - after all, we are talking about the Holiest physical items for the Jewish Faith, and not a couple of old wine jugs.

As far as we are concerned, that settles the issue: The Ark of the Covenant is not in Axum, Ethiopia.

(1) The Ethiopian claimSource No. 1  and  Source No. 2
(2) "Hidden" meaning following a reference buried in a multitude of references at the foot of a page.
(3) "The descriptions"... That is, the records or memoirs of Jeremias, a work that is now lost.
(4) More about the Second Book of the Maccabees


Have you heard that.... groups supporting the victims of clerical sex abuse have said the damning Cloyne report indicates other dioceses have covered up sex abuse by the clergy? (1)
[our highlighting]

Reacting to the publication of the 400-page report (2) yesterday, victims said it was worrying that the Irish Catholic Church continued to fail children as recently as 2009.

Maeve Lewis of the One in Four support group pointed to the publication of previous reports into the Ferns and Dublin dioceses, which also highlighted failures by the church to protect children. The 2005 Ferns report listed more than 100 allegations of sexual abuse, paedophilia, rape and other crimes against minors by 21 priests in the diocese over 40 years.

Four years later, the Murphy Report into the Dublin Diocese named a number of bishops and auxiliary bishops who failed to properly investigate abuse claims and failed to protect children from sexual abuse.

High-profile victim and campaigner Andrew Madden said we could "take it as read that there was the same level of cover-up across the Catholic Church in Ireland". Mr Madden stopped short of calling for an investigation into the remaining dioceses.

But he said the publication of the investigations was often the only justice victims got, adding the Catholic bishops "cannot be trusted with allegations of child sexual abuse".

The M+G+R Foundation comments: We are beginning to wonder if even one of them perished. [Matt. 8: 29-32]

The faith of most is in tatters, and all the Church Administration is doing is stoking the fires of the furnace in which the faith of the innocent Faithful is being destroyed.

And I, miguel de Portugal, in the Name of God, echo the words He uttered through Malachi....

[1] And now, O ye priests, this commandment is to you. [2] If you will not hear, and if you will not lay it to heart, to give glory to my name, saith the Lord of hosts: I will send poverty upon you, and will curse your blessings, yea I will curse them, because you have not laid it to heart. [3] Behold, I will cast the shoulder to you, and I will scatter upon your face the dung of your solemnities, and it shall take you away with it. [4] And you shall know that I sent you this commandment, that my covenant might be with Levi, saith the Lord of hosts. [5] My covenant was with him of life and peace: and I gave him fear: and he feared me, and he was afraid before my name.

[6] The law of truth was in his mouth, and iniquity was not found in his lips: he walked with me in peace, and in equity, and turned many away from iniquity. [7] For the lips of the priest shall keep knowledge, and they shall seek the law at his mouth: because he is the angel of the Lord of hosts. [8] But you have departed out of the way, and have caused many to stumble at the law: you have made void the covenant of Levi, saith the Lord of hosts. [9] Therefore have I also made you contemptible, and base before all people, as you have not kept my ways, and have accepted persons in the law. [Malachi 2]

In the end, when it will be too late for them, the faithless Hierarchs will believe as they see every Biblical prophecy and Marian warning fulfilled. A fulfillment that is imminent.
(1) News Report
(2) About the Cloyne Report

and that....., July 15 (on the eve of Feast of  Our Lady of Mount Carmel), NASA's ion-propelled Dawn spacecraft will become the first mission to enter orbit around a main-belt asteroid? (1)

(1) NASA News

From (Mr.) WO @ US

In reference to Mrs. MMcK remarks of July 13th (1) regarding public pay phones....

From personal observation on both major cities and small towns, pay phones are largely disappearing. Formerly ubiquitous, it is much harder to find them now - even in great urban train/bus terminals. While most bars still have one, finding one on a street or in a public place is tricky.

On a similar and possibly more frightening note, major cities like New York (NYC) used to have Fire/Police call boxes on street corners. They were a common sight until recently. Even the small town I am in used to have this system. It was simple, but brilliant. Basically it was a telegraph style system NOT in any way dependent on the power grid or conventional phone lines.

Thus they are a fail-safe against power outages. In NYC they saved lives during the blackouts of 1965, 1977, and 2003, and during the events of 9/11.

But they are being phased out in many locales, often with the argument that they are 'hard to maintain'. As they effectively function as glorified doorbells, this assertion defies logic.

I guess the message is: "In case of emergency, die".

(1) FYI&R Posts for First Half of July 2011
(2) Material references One and Two

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