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*** About the "Wormwood" Spoken of in Revelations 8:10-11

An interesting string of coincidences related to the name and its translations to some other languages.

*** About the False Christ

A guest document by Lee Penn: The Staged Second Coming of Christ - The Ultimate Snare

*** An Example of False Christ Reasoning - God According to Falwell

Understanding the difference between Antichrist vs. False Christ doctrines.

*** Armageddon asteroids 'best kept secret'

A scientific adviser to the United States government has suggested that secrecy might be the best option if scientists were ever to discover that a giant asteroid was on course to collide with Earth. © 2001 Independent Digital (UK) Ltd

*** Biblical Prophecies on the Return of Christ

Clear Biblical guidelines to assist the Elect, with the Illumination of the Holy Spirit of God, in easily identifying the False Christ.

*** Close Call


*** Earthquakes and Planet X - The Truth

Reviewing trends in seismic activity that may be the result of changes in the Earth's gravitational pull

*** False Dawn - Chapter 25

Lee Penn's final chapter and postscript of his excellent analysis of the interfaith, New Age, and globalist movements, False Dawn, warns of the danger of an unexpected .....totalitarian theocracy.

*** Jesus de Nazaret by Joseph Ratzinger

The recently published book by Joseph Ratzinger - "Jesús de Nazaret" amply confirms all we have published about Ratzinger and his function in the End of These Times.

*** Major Earthquakes Around The World Since Early Last Century

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: 40% of all Major Earthquakes occurred during the last 80 years have taken place in the last 5 years (2005)!

*** Old Testament Prophecies Identify Jesus as the One and Only Messiah

To provide the Elect clear Biblical confirmation so that, with the Illumination of the Holy Spirit of God, they may easily confirm in their hearts that Jesus Christ - without any shred of doubt - is THE ONE and ONLY Messiah that was expected by Israel.

*** Planet "X" or Death Star or Nibiru - The Truth

We have received the following e-mail from Mr. Jason Martell and we believe that it is worth sharing it with all those who view the possibility of the existence of Planet X as a sober scientific matter and not as Tabloid fare

*** Planet "X" or Whatever - Notes

The real issue is the truth about the increase in global seismic activity. This document contains notes added to the Planet X document between 2002 and 2008.

*** Remaining Old Testament Prophecies Will Soon Be Finally Fulfilled - Part I

Just as every single prophecy regarding Christ's First Coming was fulfilled, all prophecies concerning His Second Coming will be fulfilled without fail.

*** Remaining Old Testament Prophecies Will Soon Be Finally Fulfilled - Part II

Old Testament prophecies make crystal clear key New Testament prophecies.

*** The antiChrist is Identified

Who dares to raise his voice to God with reproaches if not satan himself?

*** The antiChrist is Identified - Part II

As the logical result of our publication regarding the identity of the AntiChrist, many valid questions were asked and comments made. We have now compiled such questions and comments with the appropriate responses for the benefit of the Faithful.

*** The Seven Trumpets - What They Mean...

Through the Grace of God, The M+G+R Foundation may now explain the meaning of some of the Seven Trumpets and how they may be clearly identified from current news reports.

*** Will a Comet Hit the Earth Again?

Might there be another fragment following Hale-Bopp out there that could intersect with our planet's orbit? Again?

*** The Second Coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ - Setting the Record Straight.

A discussion of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ according to the Holy Scriptures. Comments by The M+G+R Foundation concerning His Second Coming as portrayed by MMP's D. Gobbi. - Originally issued: September 11, 2000 - Updated: August 2001

*** What to Expect In the Near Future

A discussion concerning apocalyptic related matters that the Christian faithful should consider once the year 2000 gave way to the year 2001. - Originally issued: January 2000 - Updated: August 2001

*** The Conclusion of These Times is Confirmed Through St. Faustina and H.H. John Paul II

A discussion concerning statements made by Pope John Paul II and quotations from St. Faustina's diary and their confirmation of the general timing for the End of These Times. - Originally issued: May 2000

*** Be At Peace - All Is Well - ...the World Is Not Going to End! [From a non-Catholic perspective.]

A discussion bringing some internal and external coherence to the concerns of the end of the 20th century and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, plus an Index of various related sites. - Originally issued: 1999-2000

*** Be At Peace - All Is Well - ...the World Is Not Going to End! [From a Catholic perspective]

A discussion concerning the end of the 20th century and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ plus an Index of various related sites. - Originally issued: 1999-2000

*** The World Is Not Going to End

A discussion highlighting the hope associated with the End of These Times as compared to the hopelessness inspired by the promotion of the End of the World. - Originally issued: 1999

*** The Day After The Nuclear Holocaust - God has not failed us - We have failed God

The completed body of this Sub-Site will be posted after the Nuclear Holocaust to assist the faithful in the aftermath. - Originally issued: 1999

*** The Three Days of Darkness

A discussion concerning the much spoken about Three Days of Darkness and their positioning within the events leading to the End of These Times. - Originally issued for an ecclesiastical audience: July 27, 1994. Issued for the general public: Summer 2000

*** The General Sequence of Events Leading to the End of These Times (Not of the World!)

A listing, explanation and the Biblical placement of the Sequence of Events or steps leading to the End of These Times. - Originally issued for a limited audience: November, 1992. Released to the general public on July 14, 2000

*** The Announced Sequence of Events Leading to the End of These Times - The Complete Biblical Texts

The complete Biblical texts for the sequence of events, or steps, leading to the End of These Times. - Originally issued: March, 2000

*** Will A Comet Hit the Earth?

A discussion concerning the real possibility of a comet hitting the earth. - Originally issued to the scientific community and the world press on April 1997. Released to the general public on March 2000

*** The Recent and Unusual Meteorite Activity and The Real Threat of Biological and Chemical Warfare.

A Letter addressed to a number of scientific centers in the world wide and to selected political and religious world leaders - Originally issued to a limited audience on: February 19, 1998. Released to the general public on Spring 1999

*** An Alleged Cuban Conspiracy.

A "meditation" by Miguel de Portugal dating back to the year 1992. It may just explain many otherwise unexplainable matters relating to Cuba, Russia, the U.S. Nuclear Shield Program, etc. - Released to the general public on May 2001

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