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October 2019

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October 31st

From miguel de Portugal

We wish to remind the faithful that tomorrow, All Saints Day, present us with the opportunity to bail out many brothers and sisters from Purgatory through Plenary Indulgences.

Let us not forget what God said through Hosea and which He, in the Person of Jesus, confirmed:

For I desired mercy, and not sacrifice.... [Hosea 6:6]

Go then and learn what this means: I will have mercy and not sacrifice. [Matthew 9:13]

Let us be merciful with those who are waiting in Purgatory for some relief, and live what Jesus taught us:

Do to others as you would have them do to you. [Luke 6:31]

So that by living His Word we can truly be part of His family....

For whosoever shall do the will of my Father, that is in heaven, he is my brother, and sister, and mother.
[Matthew 12:50]

I wish I could share with you the joy and peace that I feel by walking and praying through cemeteries. I do not need to personally know anyone buried there - it just does not matter. What matters is that they need prayers and are mostly forgotten even by their own families.

That joy and peace are just a reflection from the joy my brothers and sisters in Purgatory are deriving from those prayers. When I had the time I would do so every day.

October 29th

From miguel de Portugal

The Remaining Old Testament Prophecies.... will finally be fulfilled, and soon. 

The real question is: Are we really ready?

Just a thought.


October 26th

From Mr. WS @ US

This publication sums up well the effects of war for the US since 2001.



Thank you for an eye opening reminder; a reminder to which we would like to add that: In spite of such monumental expense in lives and money, we have not won any wars after World War II. It may have appeared that we won the Korean and the Desert Storm wars but it is  more than evident that we did not since the entanglement continues.

From miguel de Portugal
If you wonder why we have stopped writing about the famous Planet X and related matters - such as the increase in seismic activit - you may find the answer in the first part of our Planet X document and, the follow up, in our Notes About Planet X.

That we will be impacted by a comet/asteriod? Of course we will!  The key issue that we bringing up is that the level of destruction that will afflict our planet is strictly in our hands if we choose to appeal to God as we have extensively explained in What Can We Do? Part I and II

Chasing Planets and Comets and little green men with spidery fingers WILL NOT, we repeat, WILL NOT help humanity in any way. Pray and then Pray some more is the only action that will!

Prayer does work. We understand that many people cannot believe it because of the condition of the world is in today in spite of millions of Masses and Rosaries but we repeat: The problem has been most of  the alleged Shepherds who have been more interested in self perpetuation and not in Evangelization. Most of the Faithful under their "watchful care" do not even know how to pray! That is precisely why our Heavenly Mother has had to intervene so many times!

You think us wrong?  Take a look at Bosco's life. His prayers were heard by God; his boys prayers were heard by God; his supporters prayers were heard by God - the only ones who did not hear a thing Bosco had to teach was the Vatican! As Pavlov's dog only responded to whatever would announce a pleasant stimulus, the Vatican only responds when they hear the tinkling of coins and the rustle of folding money!

Remember, we do not have to convince anyone of anything - those who have Eyes to See will see and those who have Ears to Hear will hear our notices, alerts and explanations. All that God expects from us is to make them available on a global platform like the Internet, nothing more.

and again from

From Mr. WS @ US

I don't know much about this matter but I got an e-mail from Breaking Israel News where they are inviting former US Ambassador to the UN - Nikki Haley - to be the Honorary President of the new Sanhedrin's 70 Nations organization which, they claim, will replace the United Nations.

During their session during the 2018 Hanukkah holiday, the Sanhedrin decided to invite Nikki Haley, the former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, to be the honorary president of the Organization of 70 Nations after the UN is abolished. (1)


We monitored the Breaking Israel News headlines daily for some time. We just could not believe how off they are in most everything. They have invented their own reality in spite of their own truly Holy Texts - which certainly does not include the Talmud.

Their declarations, statements, prophecies by the Prophet-of-the-Day Rabbi when viewed with the Old Testament (their version!) as a backdrop, seem to be in line with the Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland. No, we are not being insulting or rude - we simply could not describe the nature of their claims any better.

We could publish a daily document just dedicated to expose and dismount the ridiculous claims that they make every day by using concrete Biblical and historical realities.

What is truly concerning is how many believe such material
(1) Breaking Israel News Source

October 24th

From miguel de Portugal

The Gospel reading from yesterday's Mass was from Luke 12:39-48. This reading - actually - this very serious warning from Jesus is usually ignored from the pulpit, therefore we wish to bring it to light today - on a worldwide scale - through our pages.

We will comment within the text of the Gospel so that the various messages it contains could be easily discerned by most.

39 But understand this: If the owner of the house had known at what hour the thief was coming, he would not have let his house be
broken into. 40 You also must be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect him.”

Let's remember that "the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect him" is, shall we say, a two way street since most will die at an hour that is not expected and will meet Him face to face then. That is, the above warning/alert has applied since the time Jesus sat at the Right Hand of the Father and not just applicable at the Second Coming.

41 Peter asked, “Lord, are you telling this parable to us, or to everyone?”  42 The Lord answered, “Who then is the faithful and wise manager, whom the master puts in charge of his servants to give them their food allowance at the proper time? 43 It will be good for that servant whom the master finds doing so when he returns.

The above is a bit confusing since the "manager" He speaks about in verse 42 is referred to as "servant" in verse 43.

Now, it is clear that the "manager" are the Administrators of Christian Religious Institutions and the "servants", spoken about in verse 42, are the faithful who are to be given "their food allowance at the proper time". The warning is found in the statement which in essence states that it better be good "for that servant (manager in this case) whom the master finds doing so when he returns".

44  Truly I tell you, he will put him in charge of all his possessions. 45 But suppose the servant says to himself, ‘My master is taking
a long time in coming,’ and he then begins to beat the other servants, both men and women, and to eat and drink and get drunk. 46 The master of that servant will come on a day when he does not expect him and at an hour he is not aware of. He will cut him to pieces and assign him a place with the unbelievers.

In quite plain Biblical language we can see that if that manager, now referred to as a servant in verse 45, "begins to beat the other servants, both men and women, and to eat and drink and get drunk", he will be "cut him to pieces and assign him a place with the unbelievers."

Who does that manager/servant represents? They represent the Administrators of Christian Religious Institutions. And where do unbelievers go? To hell!

Do you see why this reading is glossed over at the pulpit even if it is that day's Gospel?

47 “The servant who knows the master’s will and does not get ready or does not do what the master wants will be beaten with many

In this verse, the "servant " spoken about is the one found in verse 42, that is, representing the faithful at large. But do notice, they will not necessarily be cut "to pieces and assign him a place with the unbelievers." Those, amongst them, whose names are in the Book of Life - the Elect - "will be beaten with many blows" since they should have known better, but not sent to hell.

48 But the one who does not know and does things deserving punishment will be beaten with few blows. From everyone who has
been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.

In the final verse we read about the fate of those whose names are in the Book of Life - the Elect - yet, through no fault of their own, were not Evangelized at all.

and again....

From miguel de Portugal

We have been offering the following prayers in Spanish for two decades.  God moved us today to translate them into English and share them with our readers. Therefore, they follow for His Honor and His Glory:


Come, Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of Your chosen ones and kindle in our hearts the fire of Your love in order to renew the Faith on Earth.

O God, Who enlightens and instructs the hearts of Your chosen ones with the light of Your Holy Spirit, grant that, in the same Spirit, we may always know how to discern what is good and be filled with Your Divine consolations.

We ask this in the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!


Remind me, Lord, that every minute is important and that all life belongs to You.

Help me, Lord, to live in such a way that every night I may go to sleep with a clean conscience, without the feeling of being accused by the face of any person whom I may have caused any pain today. Amen!


Holy Spirit, You are the Soul of my soul. I adore You. Enlighten me, fortify me, guide me, console me. And in so far as it corresponds to the plan of the Eternal Father, reveal to me Your desires.

Let me know what the Eternal Love desires of me. Let me know what I must accomplish. Let me know what I must suffer. Let me know what I must accept, carry and bear in silence, modestly and prayer.

Yes, Holy Spirit, let me know the Will of the Father. For my whole life wants to be nothing more than a continuous and perpetual "Yes" to the desires and desires of the Eternal Father. Amen!

October 22nd

From miguel de Portugal

For the month of December 2014 there were 1.85 times more unique visitors to our pages from China than from the US.

That is, for every 100 unique visitors from the US we had 185 unique visitors from China.

Now, after the censorship clampdown in China, the unique visitors from China are only one fifth of those from the US. That is, for every 100 visitors from the US we only have 20 visitors from China.

Mrs. IW @ US

I often wonder why God has allowed the Israelites, Christians and Muslims to go to war and kill their enemies with impunity.

And always "in the Name of God".

Thank you so much for your insight into the Holy Scriptures.


God gave man Free Will which He will not violate, even when improperly used.... which seems to be the rule of fallen humanity.

God can mold man's actions if He has enough merits "on Hand", merits secured through the prayers offered by the Faithful: (a) For our love of Jesus; (b) In Reparation for the outrages and offenses against God and Mary; (c) For the conversion of sinners; (d) For our enemies and persecutors.

One Biblical example comes to mind illustrating how God handles matters for the benefit of His people without the violation of one of the Ten Commandments - Thou shalt not kill.

[32] Wherefore thus saith the Lord concerning the king of the Assyrians: He shall not come into this city, nor shoot an arrow into it, nor come before it with shield, nor cast a trench about it. [33] By the way that he came, he shall return: and into this city he shall not come, saith the Lord. [34] And I will protect this city, and will save it for my own sake, and for David my servant' s sake. [35] And it came to pass that night, that an angel of the Lord came, and slew in the camp of the Assyrians a hundred and eighty-five thousand. And when he arose early in the morning, he saw all the bodies of the dead. [2 Kings 19]

We have two recent historical examples of the above: (1) When Constantinople was saved in the year 911 AD: The Miracle of the Virgin Mary at the Church of Blachernae  - A Brief History of the Miraculous Apparition and how Constantinople was saved; and (2) When God allowed the so-called "Spanish Flu" upon the world - which killed 20-50 million people - to bring the First World War to a quick end while minimizing the violation of Thou shalt not kill Commandment, thus the painful spiritual consequences associated with its violation.

To avoid any doubts about the Thou shalt not kill issue, we have in the Book of Genesis - at a much earlier time than Moses and the Ten Commandments - when God said to Cain:

[15] No, it shall not be so: but whosoever shall kill Cain, shall be punished sevenfold. And the Lord set a mark upon Cain, that whosoever found him should not kill him. [Genesis 4]

Here we have a murderer, who killed his own brother  (a favorite of God) yet, whosoever should kill the murderer would be punished sevenfold by Divine Decree.

Anyone who justifies killing (and is allowed by God for the reasons explained above) - directly or indirectly using the Name of God - is a liar and is not part of the family of God [1 Jn 2:22-28] and will have very serious Eternal consequences.

One last thought....

If  killing were acceptable, then, why didn't Jesus organize a revolt against the evil Roman Empire and reduce it to ashes? Because there is no "fine print" associated with the Thou shalt not kill Commandment. Under ANY circumstances!

Thank you for the opportunity to address on this page this very important matter and for your kind words of encouragement.

October 19th

From miguel de Portugal

The Gospel reading that we used in yesterday's Mass was from Luke 12:1-7. There are some very important issues in that Gospel that we wish to address today.  We will reproduce the Gospel below with the comments we want to share with our readers embedded within it.

And when great multitudes stood about him, so that they trod one upon another, he began to say to his disciples: Beware ye of the leaven of the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy.

When we speak about our subconscious processing theological errors and examples to the detriment of the faith we are addressing precisely what Jesus means with the leaven of the Pharisees - hypocrisy, duplicity.

For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed: nor hidden, that shall not be known. For whatsoever things you have spoken in darkness, shall be published in the light: and that which you have spoken in the ear in the chambers, shall be preached on the housetops.

The Roman Catholic Church in the United States certifies, by deeds, the words above after having had to use over three billion dollars ($3,000,000,000) (1) to deal with the sexual abuse scandal.

Imagine what that money could have done to prevent:

Some 69 million children under five years of age will die from mostly preventable causes, 167 million children will live in poverty, and 750 million women will have been married as children by 2030, unless the world focuses more on the plight of its most disadvantaged children, according to a United Nations report published on June 2016. (2)

Also imagine how many people have discounted the Catholic Faith - the most effective faith in the world (3) - because the behavior of its official representatives - all the way up to the Chair of Peter - exceptions always noted and recognized.

 And I say to you, my friends: Be not afraid of them who kill the body, and after that have no more that they can do. But I will shew you whom you shall fear: fear ye him, who after he hath killed, hath power to cast into hell. Yea, I say to you, fear him.

As we have said many times, no one can cause another human being to lose his/her soul since that is known to God at the time the soul is united to the budding body in the mother's womb. However, that was, and is, not common knowledge to the masses then and now. Therefore, the only way Jesus can get His point across is using terminology the masses can relate to. This is a similar situation to when Mary, speaking in some of Her manifestations, talks about the wrath of God and His punishments. As we have amply illustrated, God is not wrathful and He does not punish (4), but that is the only way Mary can get Her point across to most of the faithful.

Are not five sparrows sold for two farthings, and not one of them is forgotten before God? Yea, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not therefore: you are of more value than many sparrows.

The above reminds us of how important we are to God and how secure we are if we allow Him into our lives.

(1) One source
(2) UN Reports
(3) About the Catholic Faith
(4) God does not punish

October 17th

From miguel de Portugal

Among the top fifteen documents visited in our Domains we find the Spanish version of the following nine documents (below links are for the English version)

Prayer Against Satan and The Rebellious Angels

Old Testament Prophecies Identify Jesus as THE ONE and ONLY Messiah

The Trumpets of the Apocalypse - What Do They Mean?

Transubstantiation - The Changing of the Bread and Wine Into the Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Some Details Revealed About The Book of Revelations - Who, Where and When? - The Beasts and the Prophet

Universities, Institutions and Centers Openly Associated to Opus Dei On a Worldwide Scale

What Is the "Wormwood" Spoken of in Revelations 8:10-11

The Remaining Old Testament Prophecies Will Finally Be Fulfilled Soon

Why Is The Virgin Mary Considered So Important?

Since half of the documents in Spanish from our Domains are downloaded in the U.S., we cannot help but ask ourselves if the US Hispanic community (*) is in a lesser state of denial regarding the End of These Times than the English speaking community.

(*) According to a 2015 report by Instituto Cervantes, the United States has the second highest concentration of Spanish speakers in the world, after Mexico. Roughly 53 million people are Spanish speakers. There are more people speaking Spanish in the U.S. than Spain (47 million speakers) and Colombia (48 million speakers).

October 15th

From miguel de Portugal

In a recently posted letter from Mrs. IW she wrote: "I was told by my Parish Pastoral Associate that I should not share any of your material at Bible Study because your site was not approved by the Church."

Of course we agree with the Pastoral Associate but only on matters of revelations such as how the spiritual world influences our behavior, as well as those pertaining to the End of These Times.

The rest of the material - which is the understanding gained through the "connecting the dots" of Biblical information under the Light given to me by God - should be shared. We have been informed years ago that some parishes were already using the explanation of the Secret Concept of the Most Holy Trinity given to me in the late 80's.

Once we have been given the Light and we share it with the world, it is yours to use and do not need to credit it to us should that interfere with its sharing - the ultimate credit belongs to God.

We have letters from Latin American Cardinals praising our explanation of the Divinity of Jesus being manifested through His humanity - and they did not even know, as the saying goes, miguel de Portugal from Adam. That is another perfect example of the results of illuminated 'connecting of the dots'.

Another example of what we speak about is in our response to Mrs. LC below.

The main concern of that Parish Pastoral Associate - as is the case in most parishes - is to keep the faithful as much in the dark as possible about the Word of God which has been supplanted by the "Word of the Vatican".

From Mrs. LC @ US

Today, I've been pondering about something....

We usually refer to Jesus' full Name as Jesus Christ, right?  Then what does it mean when He is referred to as “Jesus the Christ?”

Should you have the time, my questioning mind would be most grateful for an answer to this question. 

I thank you for all that you continue to do in Jesus’ Name and for His Glory, and for the good of His children.

My prayers/sacrifices for you continue...


Firs of all we wish to express our gratitude for your continued prayers and sacrifices. I am beginning to understand how the city of St. Petersburg (Russia) felt when the satanic forces - manifested by the Nazi forces -  had it under siege for almost 900 days (1).

Now, to your question which God has had in my agenda to address for some time. As usual, it is the failed Evangelization effort that is to blame for the confusion.

Using the customs of Biblical times - the human component of Jesus would be referred to as: Jesus of Nazareth just as Mary Magdalene  is known to us as Mary of Magdala and many other characters of Biblical times.

Jesus' Divine component should be referred to as: Emmanuel which means "God with us" just as Isaiah prophesized:

Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign. Behold a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and his name shall be called Emmanuel. [Isaiah 7:14].

Here the phrase "his name shall be called" does not mean as a proper name but as descriptions as to who He is: "God with us".

If we combine Jesus' human and Divine components His name would be: Jesus the Christ since the term "Christ" comes from the Greek word Christos, meaning “anointed one” or “chosen one.”

Therefore, the term Jesus Christ is indeed incorrect..... as incorrect as the way that we have been taught to, before starting a prayer, we should cross ourselves while saying: "In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit".

Of course we should cross ourselves! but what we must say is: "For the Glory of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit" because that is exactly what we are doing when we pray: Glorifying God!

Now, when an individual - having the appropriate faculties - is going to Bless other individuals, animals or any kind of material objects we should indeed say: "In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit"  because it is precisely in the Name of the Most Holy Trinity that we are bestowing said Blessing.

As we shave said before, if we sat down to correct the English version of the Roman Missal tearing out the erroneous prayers, statements and invocations it would be turned into confetti.

Now, back to the name Jesus Christ.... Given the fact that its use is so widespread, even though it is technically incorrect, we even use it so as not to confuse the already disoriented faithful.

If something is not clear enough, please dos ask us for a clarification and we will try again.
(1) To be exact: 2 years, 4 months, 2 weeks and 5 days

From miguel de Portugal

The Domain traffic shows that many of our regular readers have not seen the last two posts on the Board. Therefore, for your convenience and benefit of your souls - here they are:

Published on October 13th, 2019   [Anniversary of the Great Miracle at Fatima]

Denial and its grave consequences - Explained!

Brethren - remember - we are not on commission nor get points for every visit to our Domain nor need to meet any quotas. We just do not want you to suffer unnecessarily.

Remember what happened to the world when the "Evangelizers" of the Roman Catholic Church denied the critical reality of Fatima?


Published on October 9th, 2019  

"Pope" Francis denies the Divinity of Jesus!

See for yourself!

That you believe that charlatan is your business, not ours. Ours is to call these heresies to the attention of the Elect.

October 12th

From Mr. MW @ US

Bless you!

You are a hard-working man and I am grateful. 

I keep up with your postings and your information never fails to help me keep my focus and lift my spirits.

Thank you!


Thank you for your kind words of encouragement.

What drives "me" is my Love for the God I personally know, and what drives "us" is His desire to minimize the suffering of the Elect - before and after crossing the veil.

In spite of the random, varied, limiting and unexpected manifestations of health issues which only God can correct, my greatest suffering is the awareness that most of the suffering of humanity is not necessary, and, when necessary, it could be turned in a gold mine (1) for the one suffering and for God.

Please pray that more, among the Elect, find their way to our pages while those who are not - the dogs and the swine [Matthew 7:6] - do not find them.

Once again, Thank you! for your consoling communication.
(1) Humanity's participation in its own Salvation.

From Mr. AD @  Ghana (Africa)

All or at least majority of the consequences for not adhering to the revelations have so far been seen.

Just like how the devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus was discredited but reinstated after years - can we have a conscious and deliberate campaign to getting all the revelations adhered to by Vatican?

I'm scared....


The Vatican has confirmed that it has lost the way completely. Francis has just declared that Jesus did not have a Divine component  (1) and last year he stated publicly, in St. Patrick's Cathedral, that His Mission was a failure.

There is absolutely nothing the true faithful - the Elect - can do outside of what we have already recommended. (2)

You do not need to be scared if you remain under the protective Wing of God.

(1) Francis denies Jesus Divinity
(2) What can we do?  Part 1 and Part 2

From miguel de Portugal

The First Reading of yesterday's Mass was from Joel 1:13-15; 2:1-2. It could not be better suited for these days.

Obviously the Day of the Lord Joel was speaking about was not in reference to the First Coming of Jesus. The prophecy is so accurate for today that it even speaks of the non consecrated hosts being given to the faithful [The house of your God is deprived of offering and libation.]

Our conscience is perfectly at peace. For 28 years - and at our physical expense - we have been clamoring: Gird yourselves and weep, O priests! wail, O ministers of the altar! Come, spend the night in sackcloth, O ministers of my God!

Of course, with some rare exceptions, they have not. The have been too busy interacting with the Babylon of the Book of Revelations.

Following is the full reading so that you may see for yourselves:

Gird yourselves and weep, O priests! wail, O ministers of the altar! Come, spend the night in sackcloth, O ministers of my God!
The house of your God is deprived of offering and libation.

Proclaim a fast, call an assembly; Gather the elders, all who dwell in the land,
Into the house of the LORD, your God, and cry to the LORD!

Alas, the day! for near is the day of the LORD, and it comes as ruin from the Almighty. Blow the trumpet in Zion, sound the alarm on my holy mountain!

Let all who dwell in the land tremble, for the day of the LORD is coming; Yes, it is near, a day of darkness and of gloom, a day of clouds and somberness!

Like dawn spreading over the mountains, a people numerous and mighty! Their like has not been from of old, nor will it be after them, even to the years of distant generations.

In the Gospel for the same Mass - Luke 11: 15-26 - there are two hidden messages/reminders that we want to explain.

The first message resides in the following verses....

When a strong man fully armed guards his palace, his possessions are safe. But when one stronger than he attacks and overcomes him, he takes away the armor on which he relied and distributes the spoils.

Jesus is speaking about our soul which, if nor fully armed by the Grace of God, will be subject to the attacks by the evil one. The absence of God in our soul makes us easy prey for the residents of hell. That is what Psalm 91 reminds us of.

The second message resides in the following verses....

When an unclean spirit goes out of someone, it roams through arid regions searching for rest but, finding none, it says, 'I shall return to my home from which I came.' But upon returning, it finds it swept clean and put in order. Then it goes and brings back seven other spirits more wicked than itself who move in and dwell there, and the last condition of that man is worse than the first.

In those verses Jesus reminds us that when we are granted a Divine Grace - if we do not nourish it with prayer and sacrifices - it will only serve to send an alert for wandering unclean spirits to gather together and conquer that soul again.

In layman terms: Take the millions upon millions of pilgrims visiting Marian Shrines. They take a deep bath in piety only to return home and eventually resume the same life they had before their pilgrimage, with worse consequences since now they should know better. When they traveled to the Marian Shrine they became "targeted" by satan so that, at their first slip " other spirits, more wicked than the first one, move in and will take residence there."

Remember - not only have I traveled to many Marian Shrines in years past but have lived in the most famous one - Fatima. There I could see the "piety bath" losing its grip even before they leave the shrine.

October 10th

From Ms. LG @ US

I have a question...

Heaven is open to people of all faiths. However, how can it be open if they deny salvation through Jesus Christ as discussed in the October 8th post (1) of the For Your Information and Reference? I realize that you have discussed this previously but I was hoping for additional clarification when you have time.

I realize that there is coherence between the three monotheistic faiths: Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

I also realize that there is no equality amongst the three. Jesus is the only way to the Father. Yet, I believe that one does not have to be Christian to enter heaven. I have a good friend who is actively involved in Judaism. She respects Christianity but has great reverence for her faith - Judaism. Will she be denied heaven?

I realize that this is not your call to make, but just wondering...

Many Prayers & Much Love,


First of all Thank you! for your kind words and prayers as well as for asking those very valid questions.

The key to Salvation is to sincerely accept Jesus as the Messiah before crossing the veil and not as the result of belonging to a particular faith. For example - What faith did the criminal crucified next to Jesus belong to? Yes, the one to whom Jesus directed these words: Amen I say to thee, this day thou shalt be with me in paradise? [Luke 23:43]

At best he may have been a non practicing Jew, but, what opened the doors of Heaven for him was: (a) acknowledging his guilt; (b) acknowledging the fact that he deserved the punishment he was enduring; and (c) acknowledging Jesus Messianic role by uttering these words: Lord, remember me when thou shalt come into thy kingdom. [Luke 23:42]

With that background before us....

You say that "I have a good friend who is actively involved in Judaism. She respects Christianity but has great reverence for her faith - Judaism." and then ask "Will she be denied heaven?"

Jesus had great reverence for His faith - He was a practitioner of the unadulterated Judaism; He was not a Christian. The term Christian came about to distinguish those who believed that Jesus was the expected Messiah. After Constantine bought Christianity it just became like a club name or a fraternity or sorority. Anyone who may doubt what we are stating in the Name of God is denying the history of the Western World since the fourth century on to today.

Will take this one step further... What if you ask your good friend if she believes in the Messianic role of Jesus and her response is "No"? Will she be denied heaven? If she died in that very instant  - yes.... but what her response would be just before crossing the veil? No one knows but God.

Allow us to explain how all of this works in terms that those who have Eyes and Ears will understand....

(a) A non Christian who has not accepted Jesus as the One and Only Messiah can enter Heaven - just as the crucified criminal did - only if he/she sincerely accept Jesus as the Messiah just before crossing the veil.
(b) A non Christian who has never heard of Jesus, much less about a Messiah, yet is marked for Heaven will be given a chance by God before body and soul separation takes place. How is that chance given? It would be like a very fast (2) and concentrated presentation of Jesus and His Messianic role so the acceptance is an informed and voluntary one - both required to enter Heaven.
(c) A Christian who acted as if Christianity was just a club-like organization as the result of the failed Evangelization effort by all Christian institutions will have a chance as in the cases (a) or (b) above.

Even if "Pope" Francis, after denying Jesus Divinity and proclaiming the failure of His mission (3), sincerely recognizes his error before crossing the veil, he will go to Heaven after staying in purgatory until the End of Time - not the end of These Times but the End of Time which is the end of the Creation as we know it.

A question may arise in the mind of some readers.... So why do we need religious institutions then? We need them for the same reason that we need secular schooling: They (are supposed to) help us in our spiritual journey and to develop a meaningful relationship with God.

Tragically, for those bound to Heaven, many religious institutions have become stumbling blocks as opposed to open roads that lead us to the open arms of our Creator.

If we have failed in fully answering your concerns, please ask what further clarifications are needed and we will gladly attempt to do so.
(1)See post dated October 8th, 2019
(2) Remember at the time of miguel's Flash Conversion - in one nanosecond - miguel understood Who God was and that his only function in the world was to serve Him as He Willed. God does not need a Hollywood production to get His point across.
(3) Francis denies Jesus Divinity

From Mrs. IW

The news about Francis denying the Divinity of Jesus (1) is very alarming, but not surprising.  "Alarming" that the information is in print.  "Not surprising", because it was to be expected.

I wish I had more Catholics I could share this with.  But for right now, only two.  Most Catholics would not be able to jump ahead this far in their thinking about the Pope.  They still have blinders on, or are very distracted as to what is really going on in our world, spiritually. If you told them that their lives could change, very drastically at any moment, they think your nuts. It's football season, "gotta watch the game!"

I was told by my Parish Pastoral Associate that I should not share any of your material at Bible Study because your site was not approved by the Church. I told her I wouldn't share it at Bible Study.

I will continue to read and share your materials with whom I can, and when I can, as the Holy Spirit leads me.

You have said in the past that Catholics - percentage wise - would be the most lost, of all the Christian groups, as we move into the End of These Times.  I really do now understand why.  Most follow the Church/Administration and not Jesus.

I will continue to pray for the lost, most of whom apparently are in the Catholic Church. Most of my friends of other Christian faith's are already leery of the Catholic Church, but all Christian churches, at least in the US, are struggling in some form or another. That only opens my eyes more to the reality of what is really going on around us.

Thank you for all that you do for Jesus!

Peace, Healing and Blessings to YOU!


Most grateful for your kind words of encouragement as well as for your prayers!

Also - thank you very much for sharing with all of us what you are Seeing and Hearing. It is obvious that you have both spiritual senses (Vision and Hearing) quite clear and unimpeded. We have nothing else to add - you have said it all and you are doing what you should!
(1) Reference

October 8th

From miguel de Portugal

We have reviewed a brief (less that 20 minutes) YouTube video (1) which we have found quite disturbing because of the enticing "sugar coating" applied to their apparently valid, yet erroneous, messages. Because the latest health issue - limited use of right arm due to a fall - we will be brief, but to the point, dismantling the messages of said video.

(1) One does not scare anyone into accepting Jesus Christ as the Messiah. We are to present the information as we have for almost three decades and those who are to accept Him will, sooner or later. The only warning, not scare tactic, that needs to be made clear is informing people that: If you are among the Elect and are not striving to live His Word, your pains, here and in Purgatory, will be great.

(2) The rapture, as used by many Protestant Christians, is wrong as we have amply explained in a document - A Tribulation Summary - dating back to the year 2010 and which Lee Penn prepared, at our request, based on our discussions about this particular, and other related matters.

(3) The Earth will be impacted by an asteroid/comet in fulfillment of Scripture. The size of the asteroid/comet and degree of destruction is for God to decide and still is in our hands - that is, through the level of misery or Mercy that we earn up to the point. An impact from another planet like object would throw the Earth out of orbit and destroy life on earth which is not to happen until about the year 2832 AC as we have also explained elsewhere in our Domain.

(4) What may also happen besides an asteroid/comet strike could be: (a) Being struck by a Gamma Ray Burst and/or (b) Affected by the gravitational force of a large planet passing relatively close to us, as we have also amply discussed.

Maybe those who produced the referenced video, and so many like it, should do is read what we have already published years ago in the Name of God.

That is our rebuttal in a nutshell. If we misunderstood the messages in said video (1) let us know - where and how.
(1) Video

Vatican gives nod.... to ‘Abrahamic Family House’ that equates Christianity, Judaism, Islam (1)

The “Higher Committee to Implement the Document on Human Fraternity” signed in Abu Dhabi in February by Pope Francis and Sheikh Ahmed el-Tayeb of Al-Azhar University, Cairo, met in New York last week in the shadow of the United Nations yearly national assembly for the second time in two weeks.

Its most spectacular act was the unveiling of the design for the “Abrahamic Family House,” to be built on Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, as a multi-faith complex giving equal space to a synagogue, a church, and a mosque.

Speaking of the so-called “Abrahamic religions” as variations on a single theme is deceptive. (4)

miguel de Portugal comments: We have shown, via Internet and by individually posted mail to religious leaders, that there is great coherence amongst the three monotheistic religions - the now called “Abrahamic religions”.

One thing is coherence and another is agreement. Jesus Christ is the only way to the Father; the One and Only Messiah -Biblically confirmed in an overwhelming manner. Of course Christianity should keep the dialog doors open in the hope that some members of Judaism and/or Islam finally see Jesus' Messianic reality. However, one thing is a door open policy and another is an equality policy. Equality policy will cause scandal as defined by Jesus and will lead people the wrong way.  
If we were to fully apply the following teachings from Jesus....

[31] Therefore I say to you: Every sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven men, but the blasphemy of the Spirit shall not be forgiven. [32] And whosoever shall speak a word against the Son of man, it shall be forgiven him: but he that shall speak against the Holy Ghost, it shall not be forgiven him, neither in this world, nor in the world to come. [Matthew 12]

[Jesus is speaking here about His duality: Son of Man (Jesus human component) and the Holy Ghost: (Jesus Divine component)]


[15] But if thy brother shall offend against thee, go, and rebuke him between thee and him alone. If he shall hear thee, thou shalt gain thy brother.[16] And if he will not hear thee, take with thee one or two more: that in the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may stand. [17] And if he will not hear them: tell the church. And if he will not hear the church, let him be to thee as the heathen and publican. [Matthew 18]

....without the following teachings, which demands that we keep the dialog door open...

Ask, and it shall be given you: seek, and you shall find: knock, and it shall be opened to you. [Matthew 7:7]  and [Luke 11:9]


Behold, I stand at the gate, and knock. If any man shall hear my voice, and open to me the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me. [Revelation 3:20]

....they would be treated as heathens and publicans - hopelessly condemned - as they were treated over the centuries by a un Evangelized Christianity. However, to treat those faiths as equals would be blasphemy if coming from a Christian.

(1) Vatican News

October 5th

From miguel de Portugal

As usual, what is of great political and/or religious significance is barely whispered but, since with God there are no secrets, what has to come out to the open will at the time of His pleasure.

As you may recall, we mentioned that there were signs everywhere that the "Men in Black" were out to get the Opus Dei. Key signs were high profile sexual abuse scandals in Spain - something undreamed of - and the collapse of their poster boy in the US - McCloskey.

Today the Good Lord led me to find the following major sign of their collapse....

We use the Fourth Edition (1998) of  the English (US) version of the Daily Roman Missal. Its concordance with its original in latin certified by The National Conference of Catholic Bishops plus it carries the usual Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur by the appropriate prelates.

In its National Calendar Section, on June 26th, there is a Solemn Mass for the then Blessed Josemaría Escrivá (pp 2027 - 2029) - with first and second readings plus the Gospel. It is implied that the Gloria and Creed would be prayed since that is usually the case in Masses with first and second readings.

Twenty one years later, even though Escrivá has been officially canonized, there is not even a mention about him in the scheduled Mass readings published by the USCCB in their official page for his day - June 26th.

The message is loud and clear!

In yesterday's Gospel.... we read:

Jesus said to them, "Woe to you, Chorazin! Woe to you, Bethsaida! For if the mighty deeds done in your midst had been done in Tyre and Sidon, they would long ago have repented, sitting in sackcloth and ashes.

But it will be more tolerable for Tyre and Sidon at the judgment than for you. And as for you, Capernaum, 'Will you be exalted to heaven? You will go down to the netherworld.'

Whoever listens to you listens to me. Whoever rejects you rejects me. And whoever rejects me rejects the one who sent me."

 [Lk 10:13-16]

Now, apply that crystal clear Divine message to how the Roman Catholic Controlling Hierarchy acted upon the awesome Fatima Miracle, plus lesser ones which could not be explained away either, plus the thousands of completely unexplainable - by any branch of science - miracles during the Garabandal manifestations.

Now, replace Chorazin, Bethsaida and Capernaum with the State of the Vatican ruled by the Roman Catholic Controlling Hierarchy. If you need a picture to understand the message,  God already gave the world a preview of what He means:


One of the many Sources

On the other hand, just as with Tyre and Sidon, those members of the Elect who are in ignorance as the result of the failed Evangelization effort the day of Judgment will be more tolerable.... which, of course, is in perfect Divine coherence with what Jesus also said elsewhere:

But he that knew not, and did things worthy of stripes, shall be beaten with few stripes. And unto whomsoever much is given, of him much shall be required: and to whom they have committed much, of him they will demand the more. [Luke 12:48]

October 3rd

From miguel de Portugal

Do you ever wonder why did Heaven ask the Roman Catholic Church to Consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and not to the Russian Orthodox Church?

To answer that question let us review part of the correctly translated Secret of Fátima:

"To prevent this, I shall come to ask for the consecration of Russia to my Immaculate Heart, and the Communion of Reparation on the First Saturdays. If my requests are heeded Russia will be converted and there will be peace; if not, she (Russia) will spread her errors throughout the world, promoting wars and persecutions of the Church,....

It is a matter of the timing set by Heaven:
On June 13, 1929 [Source]
The Virgin Mary appeared to Lucia at her convent in Tuy, Spain, regarding the Consecration of Russia:

"The moment has come in which God asks the Holy Father, in union with all the Bishops of the world, to make the consecration of Russia to my Immaculate Heart, ......"

By 1929 the communist regime was already well settled in Russia since the communist revolution triumphed 12 years before in October 1917. The Russian Orthodox Church had already been well persecuted and would be powerless to carry out the Consecration.

God chose to give the Roman Catholic Church that responsibility reasoning that after twelve years of communism it would not take any convincing to obey His request and Consecrate Russia for its conversion.

Unfortunately, such responsibility was summarily rejected by the Roman Catholic "Evangelizers" resulting in the bloodiest century humanity has experienced so far..... since the 21st Century will be the final record breaker.

and again....

From miguel de Portugal

In yesterday's Gospel Mt 18:1-5, 10 we read:

The disciples approached Jesus and said,"Who is the greatest in the Kingdom of heaven?"

He called a child over, placed it in their midst, and said, "Amen, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will not enter the Kingdom of heaven. Whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the Kingdom of heaven. And whoever receives one child such as this in my name receives me".

One of the key, but hidden, messages of this Gospel reading is that the Kingdom of Heaven can start right here when we humble ourselves before God and strive to serve our brothers and sisters as we would like to be served. The event does not necessarily take place when we cross the Veil.

October 1st

From (Mr.) KF @ Ireland

I wish you all the best. Let's hope that the Justice of God will soon commence and tear down all the falsehoods of the Church administration. I got a letter today from a pious nun, an aunt of mine with a Masters in Theology containing a nice smiley picture of pope francis, numerous articles on how he is the great man who will bring the faithful back, along with an admonition to me for staying away from the new mass on the basis that I am depriving myself of the Eucharist, even giving me the name of a local priest. I once attended a 'mass' by this priest, said in such an irreverent way that I left in disgust.

I KNOW through the Holy Spirit that such masses are not acceptable to God. I have spent years warning this foolish bridesmaid about what Jesus and Mary have actually been telling us. I have sent her information about Garabandal, Akita, Fatima, scriptural references yet it is as if this Masters in Theology had neither eyes to see nor ears to hear.

A case of total denial and rejection of Jesus and Mary. If I mention the word 'antichrist' she looks at me as if if I uttered some terrible curse. It is precisely because I have such a strong Faith via the Holy Spirit, one that truly believes in the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist (rather than in the theological concept only as surely most faithless clergy do) that I stay away, not because I don't believe.

As a child I was told that to miss Mass was a 'mortal sin': this woman has THAT sort of mindset. She presumably thinks I am earmarked for Hell. Yet such thinking is not even remotely Christian. Who better to try to make me doubt the Truth about the fakery of pope francis and his role in allowing the false Christ to come to power (or the validity of the consecration process in the new mass) than a pious elderly nun who worships the very ground this 'holy father' walks on?

I suspected that it was from satan, partly because of the timing as it seemed designed to make me cast doubt on the prophetic truths given to us by Jesus and Mary. Do you know why? She enclosed, which I actually consider to be a sort of bribe. Jesus or anyone that truly followed would not do that! And this foolish bridesmaid, with no oil for her lamp, who is not likely to be receiving a validly consecrated Host, nor has sufficient Faith to truly believe in it, is praying for me to go back to 'the church'! I am still part of the Catholic faith. I have not abandoned it: the 'church' has abandoned me by rejecting the True Pristine Catholic Faith.

Please God, let the winnowing fan of His justice come soon to separate the wheat from the chaff.

God bless and thanks for your prayers, assistance and for preaching the Truth that the world doesn't want to hear.


We are publishing your entire and unedited letter because it perfectly reflects the scenario which moved us to state that, percentage wise (1), most lost souls will be from the Roman Catholic Church. On the other hand, again percentage wise (1), the least lost souls will be those who strive to live the teachings of the Roman Catholic Faith.

We are living the same scenario Jesus lived in his relation with the established faith of His time - the Temple Masters and the lost sheep that followed them. For example:

[24] But the Pharisees hearing it, said: This man casteth not out the devils but by Beelzebub the prince of the devils. [25] And Jesus knowing their thoughts, said to them: Every kingdom divided against itself shall be made desolate: and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand.

[26] And if Satan cast out Satan, he is divided against himself: how then shall his kingdom stand? [27] And if I by Beelzebub cast out devils, by whom do your children cast them out? Therefore they shall be your judges. [28] But if I by the Spirit of God cast out devils, then is the kingdom of God come upon you. [29] Or how can any one enter into the house of the strong, and rifle his goods, unless he first bind the strong? and then he will rifle his house. [30]
He that is not with me, is against me: and he that gathereth not with me, scattereth. [Matthew 12]

Just as the sheep which blindly followed the Temple Masters  (the Vatican of Jesus' time) were lost, so will those following the Temple Masters of today - the Administration of the Roman Catholic Church.

Thanks be to God that we have the most effective Faith at our disposal - the Roman Catholic Faith - to strengthen our shield against satan's snares, snares which will cause most to fall.

(1) When we say "percentage wise" it means the greatest percentage of members as opposed the greatest number of individuals

From miguel de Portugal

Mark's version of yesterday's Gospel contained a very appropriate message in relation with the above letter and response.

[36] Whosoever shall receive one such child as this in my name, receiveth me. And whosoever shall receive me, receiveth not me, but him that sent me. [37] John answered him, saying: Master, we saw one casting out devils in thy name, who followeth not us, and we forbade him. [38] But Jesus said: Do not forbid him. For there is no man that doth a miracle in my name, and can soon speak ill of me. [39] For he that is not against you, is for you. [40] For whosoever shall give you to drink a cup of water in my name, because you belong to Christ: amen I say to you, he shall not lose his reward.

[41] And whosoever shall scandalize one of these little ones that believe in me; it were better for him that a millstone were hanged around his neck, and he were cast into the sea.
[Mark 9]

If the inference of  "....whosoever shall scandalize one of these little ones that believe in me; it were better for him that a millstone were hanged around his neck, and he were cast into the sea." were to be applied literally, not enough millstones have been produced in the world since their invention to fulfill the Biblical demand.

Somehow most of the faithful overlook the parallel between the Prophets and their messages in relation to the the religious establishment before the Time of Jesus with Mary and Her messages of the last 200 years in relation to the current religious establishment.

When we speak of "religious establishment" we are not limiting it to the Roman Catholic Church. It applies to all Christian, Judaism, Islam and even oriental faiths. One has to be blinded by satan - yes, we said "by satan" - to deny the miracles which have accompanied the key Marian Messages which should make them believable even to an individual with a well below average intelligence.

Our consolation continues to be that if most of them could see....  "... they should be converted, and their sins should be forgiven them." [Mark 4:12] when they are not supposed to; after all, their names do not appear in the Book of Life making their final destination: hell

Our sorrow continues to be that many of the Elect have been so brainwashed by whatever religious institution they are a part of that God will have to increase the volume of His Megaphone to almost ear drum shattering levels before they snap out of their zombie like state.

Blessedly, my overall consolation rests on the fact that I, and those who assist me, are fulfilling the Will of God by transmitting His messages about the End of These Times to all nations, territories and dependencies of the world.


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