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News Commentaries of January 2012

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January 31st

News Report No. 1
[our highlights]

Megaupload users face data deletion US prosecutors warn. (1)

US prosecutors have said that data belonging to Megaupload users and stored by third parties could be deleted as soon as Thursday. Users have been unable to access data since the file-sharing service was raided.

The warning was made in a letter filed by the US Attorney's Office, the Associated Press news agency reported. Megaupload's lawyer Ira Rothken told the agency that at least 50 million users had data which could be deleted.

miguel de Portugal comments:
May this be a reminder to all that data stored "somewhere out there" is not a good idea. Indeed, Megaupload was not exactly the most upright company, but was allowed to function for a long time and the users thought of it as reliable.

Imagine the level of scurity of thr e-mails, with their attachments, stored in, say, Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. The US Marshals may not shut them down but a hacker can wipe the information out or, worse, steal all stored mail and documentation.
(1) News Report

News Report No. 2
[our highlights]

How to keep Google from finding out everything about you. (1)

When Google's new privacy policy goes into effect on March 1, "more than 60" Google websites and properties will start sharing your personal data between them. The upside of this: When you go to, say, YouTube, it might recommend videos based on that conversation you had with your friends over Gmail or Google Talk, where you talked about what movies to watch. The downside? It might show you videos based on certain other conversations, as well.

OK, since it hasn't happened yet we don't actually know how things will play out. Google's FAQ goes on about how having one privacy policy (and one store of information) shared among most of its sites makes things "beautifully simple" and "intuitive," but I'm personally not used to having one website know what I did on another across the Internet just because it's owned by the same company. Your mileage may vary.

Molly McHugh of Digital Trends wrote a great article about some ways you can keep Google from finding out all your personal information while still using Google services, like disabling cookies and "ad personalization" on the Web and on your Android phone. Google also has a Privacy Tools page, which gives you a ton of options to manage how Google uses your data (or doesn't).

miguel de Portugal comments:
We have reviewed the tools Google has available to delete, control, modify, etc. the data that they have on you. They seem reasonable enough. The problem is that most people will not know how to use them or simply will not know that they have such an option.

Besides, imagine what a coup it would be for one of those "Star Hackers" to steal that data. Just keep that in mind before "you empty your heart in Google's "confessional".

(1) News Report

January 30th

News Report
[our highlights]

Death Valley (California) may just live up to its name...

California's Death Valley, already one of the hottest places on Earth, may have the potential to get a whole lot hotter - and live up to its name in a surprising (and possibly scary) new way, according to new research. (1)

Scientists have long known that the craters that pepper this dry landscape were formed by long-ago volcanic eruptions, triggered when hot magma ascending from inside the planet hit pockets of water.

Some researchers now think the area erupted far more recently than thought, meaning the parched swath of central California, home to desolate salt flats and scalding temperatures, could be primed for a follow-up.

Dates for the geological catastrophe are fuzzy, but researchers used to think that Death Valley's largest crater, a half-mile (0.8 kilometer) wide gash in the Earth nearly 800 feet (240 meters) deep, formed in 4000 BC.

Yet new evidence uncovered by a team of scientists at Columbia University's Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory suggests the dramatic crater, called Ubehebe, last erupted only 800 hundred years ago.

miguel de Portugal comments: Mega volcanoes, mega tsunamis, asteroids "with our name on them", Middle Eastern crisis, North Korean crisis, worldwide financial crisis, etc...... pass the Rosary, please.... because, we repeat for the umpteenth time, prayer is our only hope. Nothing - absoultely nothing! - will stop the world's free fall into hell. At least we can soften the blows through prayer and voluntary sacrifices, before they become imposed.

(1) News Report

January 29th

News Report No. 1
[our highlights]

Pharmacy to sell edible microchips that will alert doctors if patients are not taking right medicines. (1)

An edible microchip that records the precise details of a patient's pill regime will be available in Britain by the end of year following a commercial deal that opens the door to an era of digital medicines.

An American biomedical company has signed up with a British healthcare firm to sell digestible sensors, each smaller than a grain of sand, that can trigger the transmission of medical information from a patient's body to the mobile phone of a relative or carer.

The aim is to develop a suite of "intelligent medicines" that can help patients and their carers keep track of which pills are taken at what time of day, in order to ensure that complex regimes of drugs are given the best possible chance of working effectively.

miguel de Portugal comments: Your pick: "Right on schedule!" or "I told you so!" or "What next?".

(1) News Source

January 28th

News Report No. 1
[our highlights]

Special operations expanding as wars recede. (1)

"War is going back under wraps" - that's the next generation plan put forth by the U.S. special operations commander who led the Osama bin Laden raid and embraced at the highest levels of the Pentagon and the White House.

Big armies and the land invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan will be replaced by fast and light special operations raids that leave little trace, or better yet, raids by friendly local forces the U.S. has trained, helping fight mutual enemies side by side.

U.S. officials say that's the plan offered by special operations chief Adm. Bill McRaven and embraced at the highest levels of the Pentagon and the White House.

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta shared few details in the new Pentagon budget he outlined Thursday, but officials explained the nascent plan in greater detail to The Associated Press.

As the overall military force shrinks and special operations troops return from their 10-raid-a-night tempo in Iraq and Afghanistan, they'll be redeployed to special operations units in areas somewhat neglected during the decade-long focus on al-Qaida because there were simply too few of them to go around, according to a senior defense official and to other current and former U.S. officials briefed on the program.

miguel de Portugal comments:
First of all, the title should be: Special operations expanding as wars are beig lost otherwise.

As a very graphic Americanism reads: "You buy 'em books and buy 'em books and all they do is eat them!", a saying which could certainly apply to those who conceived this "New and Improved Idea".

Are these "brilliant strategists" so blind that they cannot see that this has not worked either and all that it has generated is a deep distrust and hate towards the US plus a trail of demolished countries?

We ask them: If such is a good and effective idea, why are the Castro brothers still thumbing their noses at us from only 90 miles from our coasts?

We have responded that question in full to the competent authorities, yet they have not caught on. "You buy 'em books.... etc."

(1) News Report

News Report No. 2

Corruption scandal shakes Vatican as internal letters leaked. (1)

The Vatican was shaken by a corruption scandal Thursday after an Italian television investigation said a former top official had been transferred against his will after complaining about irregularities in awarding contracts.

The show "The Untouchables" on the respected private television network La 7 Wednesday night showed what it said were several letters that Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, who was then deputy-governor of Vatican City, sent to superiors, including Pope Benedict, in 2011 about the corruption.

miguel de Portugal comments: The good news is that this variety of corruption did not involve sexually abusing innocent children. We knew that if we looked hard enough we would find some good news coming out of the Vatican.... relatively speaking, that is.
(1) News Report

January 27th

News Report
[our highlights]

Breat Britain's mobile phone service provider O2 sends your mobile phone number to every website you visit while navigating the net with your smart-phone.(1)

O2 mobile users reacted furiously this morning after it was revealed that their phone numbers are sent to every website they visit on their phone. The flaw means that malicious sites could get hold of your mobile number and use it in a phishing attack or scam.

Along with the usual Host, User Agent, Referrer and Encoding data that is sent, the flaw-discoverer found another field besides them...... It was his mobile phone number.

O2 said this morning that "security is our top most priority" and added that they were investigating the matter.

miguel de Portugal comments: Just imagine what has not been found out yet. If security is their top most priority, why didn't they discover that right away? As an engineer I tell you: That breach if security would have been the first thing we would have looked for before launching the service.

Lies, lies and more lies.... and people continue to fall for them.
(1) Source

January 25th

News Report
[our highlights]

As the Earth's magnetic field begins to calm after several days of intense geomagnetic activity, the NOAA has announced that we experienced the largest solar radiation storm since 2003. (1)

"Earlier, it was stated that the current Solar Radiation Storm was the largest since May 2005," said Tuesday's announcement on the NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center's Facebook page. "After the arrival of the CME earlier today ... this is now the largest Solar Radiation Storm since October 2003 (The Halloween Storms)."

Although this solar storm is subsiding, there's little doubt that more will come.

(1) Latest Report

News Report

As you may have read in the above News Report:
Space weather officials say the strongest solar storm in more than amost nine years is bombarding Earth with radiation with more to come.

We are happy to inform you that the background gamma radiation level reaching the surface of the planet (as monitored from our location) has been maintained at the normal level.

Through the courtesy (read "financing") of a cooperator, we are now able now to monitor the
gamma radiation level reaching the surface of the planet on an ongoing basis.

Within a week, God willing, we will also be able to: (a) monitor, on a regular basis, the level of multi-frequency electromagnetic waves reaching the surface of the planet from any source; (b) monitor solar storms (before they hit the news); and (c) detect minute changes of the Earth's magnetic field.

There is probably much more that we could do with the financial assistance of others; others who may also be willing to extend their hand to assist the world in the many different ways through which it may still be possible.

January 24th

(Old, but relevant now) News Report
[our highlights]

Fr. C. John McCloskey recently returned home to Washington, D.C. to celebrate the 30th anniversary of his priesthood. A somewhat shy man, McCloskey has been responsible for many conversions to the Catholic Church, including Judge Robert Bork, Newt Gingrich, Lawrence Kudlow and Dr. Bernard Nathanson. (Before his conversion, Nathanson had been a NARAL founder and abortionist who was responsible for the deaths of thousands of babies.)

A few years ago, McCloskey was assigned by his order, Opus Dei, to Chicago. So he was only back for a visit. He has been missed. Many of us are still wondering what he is doing in Chicago. (1)

miguel de Portugal comments: As anyone who has been informed about the activities of Opus Dei knows, once you are "captured" you are "owned", even if you are not a "card carrying" Opus Dei member.

The reason why it is so easy to capture high-profile individuals is because Escrivá twisted the Scriptures in a manner where he "proved" that you can serve Mammon if the alleged ultimate purpose is to serve God. (2) We must admit, it is a devilish clever concept (which will land most in hell and a few with long sentences in purgatory).

What is also devilish clever is to pit a card carrying Opus Dei man, former Senator Santorum, against a captured, but not card carrying, Opus Dei man, former Speaker N. Gingrich.

All anti-Opus Dei energies will be spent against Mr. Santorum while opening an eight lane highway for Mr. Gingrich  nomination as the Republican candidate to the White House. Of course, once an Opus Dei infected Republican is nominated as an official candidate, only God, running as a Democratic candidate will defeat him.

Clever, isn't it? We shall see what God does about this. Remember, God allowed Hitler to finish out the destruction of Europe; therefore, do not  count on God necessarily running as the Democratic candidate to the White House....
(1)  Report by another McCloskey "alumni"
(2) The fallacy in the theological foundation of Opus Dei

January 23rd

News Report

Space weather officials say the strongest solar storm in more than six years is bombarding Earth with radiation with more to come. (1)

The radiation is mostly an issue for satellite disruptions and astronauts in space. It can cause communication problems for polar-traveling airplanes.

The Space Weather Prediction Center in Colorado observed the flare Sunday at 11 p.m. EST. (0400 GMT). Physicist Doug Biesecker says the biggest concern is the radiation, which arrived on Earth an hour later. It will likely continue through Wednesday.

Biesecker said the storm's radiation levels are considered strong but other storms have been more severe. It is the strongest level since May 2005.

(1) Source

Three reminders......

Why Mr. Santorum "must get" to the White House

Who are "rooting" for him within the US

Who are "rooting" for him outside the US

One last reminder....

January 22nd

News Report

Benedict XVI praises Neocatechumenate's missionary zeal. (1)

Benedict XVI says that the Neocatechumenal Way is a "special gift that the Holy Spirit has given our time," and he lauded the members of the Catholic lay group for their commitment to the proclamation of the Risen Christ, at the cost of "abandoning personal and material safety, even leaving your own countries."

The Pope said this on January 20th to the crowds of members of the Neocatechumenal Way who packed Paul VI Hall. An official degree formally approving the celebrations of the Way was proclaimed, the culmination of roughly 15 years of careful study by the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Sacraments.

Regarding Sunday Eucharist.... With regard to the celebrations in the "Catechetical Directory of the Neocatechumenal Way," which "are not strictly liturgical, but are part of the itinerary of growth in faith," the Pope, quoting Article 13 of the statutes, confirmed the possibility that members of the Way "may celebrate the Sunday Eucharist in small communities, after the first Vespers of Sunday in order to facilitate the rapprochement to the wealth of the sacramental life by people who have strayed from the Church, or have not received adequate training."

miguel de Portugal comments: Escriva's Way, Kiko's Way but... what about the ONLY Way, Jesus Christ?

[15] When therefore you shall see the abomination of desolation, which was spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing in the holy place: he that readeth let him understand. [16] Then they that are in Judea, let them flee to the mountains: [17] And he that is on the housetop, let him not come down to take any thing out of his house: [18] And he that is in the field, let him not go back to take his coat. [19] And woe to them that are with child, and that give suck in those days. [Matthew 24]

Which brings us to one of the Mass readings for today:

I tell you, brothers and sisters, the time is running out. From now on, let those having wives act as not having them, those weeping as not weeping, those rejoicing as not rejoicing, those buying as not owning, those using the world as not using it fully.
For the world in its present form is passing away. [1 Cor 7:29-31]

A message which we expanded in this document and hope that most take it seriously.
(1) Source

January 21st

News Report No. 1
[from NYT 01-20-12]

One hundred sixty-four soldiers took their own lives in 2011, and there was also a sharp increase in violent sex crimes by active-duty troops last year, according to Army officials.

The Army also reported a sharp increase, nearly 30 percent, in violent sex crimes last year by active-duty troops. More than half of the victims were active-duty female soldiers ages 18 to 21.

News Report No. 2
[from NYT 01-20-12]

Santorum rose quickly from Reformer to Insider.

When Rick Santorum entered the House in 1991, he joined with a group of other freshmen to shame the House leadership into releasing the names of those who bounced checks at the House bank.

Over beers with rebellious Republican newcomers who became known as the Gang of Seven, Mr. Santorum helped plot a freshmen's revolt. They would take to the House floor, one by one, to shame Democratic leaders into releasing the check-bouncers' names.

miguel de Portugal comments: Neither report surprise us at all, yet most will not be able to connect the dots to discover the sad picture each one generates. Right on schedule.

January 20th

News Report No. 1

The crashing (again?) of the European Union economy.

As most of you have heard/read, the Rating Agencies like Standard and Poor's, Moody's, Fitch etc. have been pounding the European Union with financial downgrade after downgrade and, although most have been agenda-motivated we must fully agree with the latest wave of downgrades.

Why? Because all that European Union countries, except Germany, have been doing is reducing real and imaginary expenses and tigthening the belt to the point where there is no longer a belt to tighten, while some countries (Portugal, for example) have even lost its pants!

Nothing is being done to generate work and/or GNP.

The following is a real life situation (in Portugal) which best reflects this scenario.

Portugal - formerly a sea fearing country - is known for its shipyards. One of its major shipyards has a signed contract in hand to build two ships for Venezuela, however, they are already six months behind schedule.

Why? No bank nor the Portuguese government will give them the credit needed to buy the steel to start fabricating the contracted-for vessels.  All the while the shipyard workers are slipping into despair because their last hope is just about dead.

Granted, if in the current economic situation a bank denies credit to start a new business or to expand a current business with hopes (not with contract in hand) of increasing business, it would be understandable, but not to make a loan on a sure-bet business?

Multiply that by as many industries per country and the number of countries in the European Union, except Germany, and you will understand the latest European "buzz" is that their whole economy will have another "2008 occurrence" very soon.

News Report No. 2

Rick Santorum Finishes Ahead Of Mitt Romney: Iowa Caucus Results (1)

From (Mr.) LP @ US

Just as you said this might happen, it did  ...

More than two weeks after the 2012 Iowa caucus, a final certified tally showed former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum finishing with 29,839 votes and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney with 29,805.

After the initial results came in following the Jan. 3 Iowa event, Romney was believed to have won the caucus by a mere 8 votes.

Republican officials indicated Santorum finished ahead of Romney by 34 votes on Thursday. The Des Moines Register reports that votes from eight precincts will never be counted, however, and therefore the ultimate tally remains inconclusive.

I wonder if "someone" has already tallied the November votes.

(1) Rick Santorum Finishes Ahead Of Mitt Romney: Iowa Caucus Results

January 18th

News Report No. 1

RealCatholicTV's Michael Voris calls for a world wide Catholic Government/Dictatorship. A few choice quotes follow: (1)

"Only virtuous people should be allowed to vote." (at 2:01-2:03)

"The only way to prevent a democracy from committing suicide is to limit the vote to faithful Catholics." (at 2:57-3:03)

"The only way to run a country is by benevolent dictatorship: a Catholic monarch who protects his people from themselves and bestows on them what they need, not necessarily what they want." (at 3:43-3:56)

"It was this political system that caused Europe to emerge from the morass of marauding barbarians and create Western Civilization." (at 3:58-4:04)

"A noble Catholic monarch advances the common good while loving and caring for his people. If you think about it, this is exactly how the Universe is governed, isn't it?" (at 4:05-4:17)

Believe it or not, Mr. Voris makes other, even worse (and more denigrating to non-Catholics) statements in this same video.

(1) Source

January 16th

There have been... some very interesting hidden news as of late. We will cove two of them today.

News Report No. 1

Who has not heard that the Argentinean President's much announced cancer did not exist when she was operated on?

miguel de Portugal comments: First of all, in an average human being the confirmation of the malignancy of a tumor before surgery is a foregone conclusion (unless, of course, the surgeon needs to get a new Mercedes).

In the case of a prominent or quite affluent patient, this confirmation would exceed 100% were that mathematically possible.

In the case of a Head of State, considering all the ramifications associated with any surgery and cancer, surgery would not even be considered until the certainty was absolute, yet, in the case of Mrs. Fernández it is claimed that a mis-diagnose was made.

Brethren, we are looking at two possible scenarios and none of them is an analytical error.

Case 1: "They" intended to kill her during surgery. It is so easy and completely undetectable since it can "legitimately" occur in many different ways.  Yet, at the last minute, there was a change of plans (very common on these matters) and they chose to claim a mis-diagnose.

Or, an even more sinister plot.....

Case 2: Stage was set, with her masterminding it, for a a miraculous cure so that she would become for most Argentineans a "living saint" or a "living miracle" who could just do no wrong.

Far fetched? Hardly! (a) Argentina is the home country of "Saint Evita", remember? Evan Perón would have been shown walking on water if the hologram techniques had been well advanced in her time; and (b) Argentina was already used years ago as a full blown pilot program for when the whole world finance system would crash.

Taking this pilot program to a worldwide scale: What would a desperate world do (as desperate as Argentina was when its whole economic system collapsed) if a "living saint" or a "living miracle" rose to save it.... just as the False Christ is planning to do.

In other words - the disappearing cancer probably the second part of a  two part pilot program before springing it upon humanity.

News Report No. 2

Who has missed the concerted effort by Iranian authorities to really "rattle the West's cage"?

miguel de Portugal comments: Within a week or two they have announced (and practiced) the blocking of the Strait of Hormuz, announced that they have started enriching uranium in a well protected facility, condemned to death a US citizen (of Iranian background) for espionage... all while the Iranian President was boarding a plane to renew his honeymoon with Venezuela's Chavez and Cuba's Castro brothers.  It seems that the only thing he did not do was to relieve himself on a US flag - on direct - during a prime time Newscast.

This behavior is well beyond of the usual press conference speeches by all politicians where they rattle their sabers and then go to play golf. So "well beyond" s that the US warned Iran Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei directly not to close Strait of Hormuz via unofficial lines of communication. Which goes to show that: (a) Iran is really up to something by "pushing the envelope" so shamelessly; and (b) The Us using the real lines of communications for ultimatums and not the babble that airs in the news day in and day out.

January 9th

From (Mr.) TJ @ US
[our underscoring and highlighting]

I have just now found the time to view the video with the English translation of what Gorbachev allegedly said (qualified only because it is one person's translation so it's subject to manipulation). (1)

I don't know if you've had a chance likewise to view it, but I suspect not.

Gorby speaks extensively about the dangers of the west's military-industrial complex, citing Eisenhower, etc.  It's old news, but it's still very relevant.  He is alarmed at how the missile shield being deployed in Eastern Europe threatens Russia, and how Russia will undoubtedly respond with some countermeasures.  It is in this context that he seems to suggest that the West and Russia have to cooperate or face WW III.

I did not see a link to Soviet socialism, only a reaction to a renewed threat that he thought had been neutralized.  There is a segue then to the theme of extending European integration to the world, and an allusion to order coming out of the current chaos, noted by the poster.  Yes, that is the globalist theme that has sinister elements, and it's not news either that Gorby is a proponent.  But he makes it clear he believes it is a solution to the confrontation he sees leading to war.

Again stating the case, he never appears to threaten war, only to caution against its inevitability if military confrontations re-emerge.

So in summary, reading the alleged translation, I saw nothing to make me fall off my chair.  It was simply warning against confrontation, calling for cooperation as an alternative, and favoring globalist mechanisms to achieve it. 


A. Thank you for sharing with us your views after viewing the whole video. We are glad that you did not see anything that would make you fall your chair. If you had, it would mean that you are not conversant enough with what we have published about Mr. Gorbachev. (2)

We published the information about the speech, with the warning about the individual (1) making the translation, as reminder to our readership that he (and his group) (3) have not changed their agenda at all.

Considering the fact that we are getting feedback like we did from Mr. TK on January 2nd, (4) who had been a long time reader, it seems important that we repeat the same information, over and over again, with the hopes that some of it will sink in before is too late.

It is precisely because of this situation that we are evaluating the time spent with the Private FYI&R and News Commentary pages, as we have announced today, January 9th, on the Private FYI&R page.

Again, thank you for the review.
(1) See the post on this same page dated January 3rd.
(2) Gorbachev Index
(3) The Threesome of Saviors
(4) All Private FYI&R Posts for First Half of January

January 8th [The Baptism of the Lord]

News Report No. 1
[our underscoring and highlighting]

Western powers this week readied a contingency plan to tap a record volume from emergency stockpiles to replace nearly all the Gulf oil that would be lost if Iran blocks the Strait of Hormuz, industry sources and diplomats told Reuters. (1)

They said senior executives of the International Energy Agency (IEA), which advises 28 oil consuming countries, discussed Thursday an existing plan to release up to 14 million barrels per day (bpd) of government-owned oil stored in the United States, Europe, Japan and other importers....

Tehran announced plans Friday for new military exercises in the world's most important oil shipping lane, through which some 16 million barrels of crude pass each day. Iranian officials have threatened to block the strait if new sanctions, aimed to discourage Iran's nuclear program, harm Tehran's oil exports. Many oil experts believe the threats are rhetoric aimed at pushing up oil prices in a bid to avert sanctions.

(1) West readies oil plan in case of Iran crisis

miguel de Portugal comments:
Time will tell if it is just rhetoric. Let us not forget what Iran did in the US Embassy and what they did with Embassy personnel and for how long.

News Report No. 2

[our underscoring and highlighting]

Escriva has been proposed (tongue in cheek, of course) as the patron saint of electronic eavesdroppers. (1)

With all this phone hacking around, I think it's time electronic eavesdroppers had their own patron saint, don't you? As it happens, I have the perfect candidate: St Josemaria Escrivá, founder of Opus Dei.....

A few years ago, I interviewed a distinguished priest who, as a young man, had been a member of Opus Dei and close associate of Escrivá. My jaw dropped when, half way through our conversation, he mentioned casually that "The Father"  had installed bugs in Opus's Rome headquarters in order to tape-record the conversations of visitors waiting to see him. I asked him how he knew.

"Because I helped him do it," came the reply.

The Vatican refused to hear this priest's testimony when Escriva was being assessed for sainthood; conveniently, the role of Devil's Advocate had been abolished. Of course, all saints had flaws. It's just that you don't expect them to share the same ones as Richard Nixon (a far more sympathetic character than Escriva, in my book).

miguel de Portugal comments: Amazing, simply amazing.... yet not surprising at all. A theological aside: That shows the level of faith Escriva really had.

(1) News Report

January 7th

News Report No. 1
[our underscoring and highlighting

UK secular campaigners have criticised reports that ministers are considering making it easier for the Church of England to take control of state-funded schools. (1)

Campaigners for secularism in the UK have also drawn attention to plans by a Catholic group linked to the conservative organisation Opus Dei to open two new secondary schools. The schools will be fee-paying and are due to open by September 2013.

The PACT Educational Trust, which already runs two prep schools in south London, says the new schools will be non-selective on academic grounds, and as "affordable as possible".

In a statement, the trust said: "In PACT schools, which are inspired by the teachings of the founder of Opus Dei, St Josemaría Escrivá, parents are seen as the primary educators and are strongly involved in the schools."

It emerged last year that every state school in England is to receive a new copy of the King James Bible from the government – with a brief foreword by Gove, to mark the 400th anniversary of its translation. Every primary and secondary school will be sent a new copy of the 1611 translation by Easter.

The Department for Education estimates the cost of the Bible scheme at £375,000, and is seeking philanthropic sponsorship.

miguel de Portugal comments:
If you wonder what happened to the teachings of Jesus Christ, wonder no more: Our Lord's teachings are, primarily, to lead a soul to Salvation and not to generate cash. (2)

These activities seem to have the finger prints of Ruth Kelly, anOpus Dei Minister during Mr. Blair's Administration, as well as Mr. Blair's own fingerprints.

(1) News Report
(2) The inherent fallacy of Opus Dei teachings

News Reports No. 2
[our underscoring and highlighting

Hundreds of members of Istanbul's tiny Greek Orthodox community and tourists from neighboring Greece attended the Epiphany ceremony of the Blessing of the Waters. (1)

The spiritual leader of the world's Orthodox Christians, Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I, led a procession to the Golden Horn after a morning ceremony at the gold-crusted Cathedral of St. George. More than a dozen Greek Orthodox faithful dived into the wintry waters of the Golden Horn to retrieve a wooden cross thrown by Bartholomew I.

In Bulgaria, hundreds of young men have also plunged into rivers and lakes across Bulgaria to retrieve crucifixes cast by priests. It is believed that the person who retrieves the cross will be freed from evil spirits that might have troubled him.

Some also believe that if the waters freeze over, there will be an abundant harvest later in the year that might help them survive the economic turmoil.


The annual cleaning of one of Christianity's holiest churches deteriorated into a brawl between rival clergy Wednesday, as dozens of monks feuding over sacred space at the Church of the Nativity battled each other with brooms until police intervened. (2)

The ancient church, built over the traditional site of Jesus' birth in Bethlehem, is shared by three Christian denominations - Roman Catholics, Armenians and Greek Orthodox. Wednesday's fight erupted between Greek and Armenian clergy, with both sides accusing each other of encroaching on parts of the church to which they lay claim.

The monks were tidying up the church ahead of Orthodox Christmas celebrations in early January, following celebrations by Western Christians on Dec. 25. The fight erupted between monks along the border of their respective areas. Some shouted and hurled brooms.

miguel de Portugal comments: It does not matter - East (Orthodox Church) or West (Roman Catholic Church) - institutionalized paganism, under the guise of Christianity, is alive and well, testifying to the completely failed Evangelization effort by all!

(1) News Report
(2) News Report

January 5th

News Report No. 1
[our underscoring and highlighting]

Los Angeles auxiliary bishop resigns, admits fathering kids. (1)

The resignation of a Los Angeles bishop who fathered two children has shocked the nation's most populous Roman Catholic archdiocese, where Auxiliary Bishop Gabino Zavala grew up and was an outspoken supporter of causes dear to the huge Hispanic population.

Zavala, 60, who once urged Catholic media to report scandals such as clergy sex abuse "in a spirit of love and mercy," had his resignation accepted Wednesday by Pope Benedict XVI. Roman Catholic canon law permits bishops to step down earlier than the normal retirement age of 75 if they are sick or otherwise unfit for office.

"This is unexpected, sad and disorienting news for many people who know and like Bishop Zavala," archdiocesan spokesman Tod Tamberg said. "Remember, he was raised here. He has deep roots in Los Angeles and so he's very well-known here."

miguel de Portugal comments: We pray that Bishop Zavala is not "lumped in" with those involved in the sexual abuse scandal in the RCC. There is a vast difference between destroying souls through ecclesiastical sexual abuse and slipping into a natural (inborn) human genetically-programmed behavior: mate and reproduce.

We are not justifying his behavior or promoting it; we are just placing his self-admitted transgression against the RCC laws in its proper perspective. If he did not use Church funds to finance his double life, then, his primary sin was breaking a Church rule, and nothing else. Let us remember him in our prayers.

Let us remember what St. Paul wrote to Timothy:    

It behoveth therefore a bishop to be blameless, the husband of one wife, sober, prudent, of good behaviour, chaste, given to hospitality, a teacher,... [1 Timothy 3:2]

(1) News Report

January 4th

News Report No. 1
[our underscoring and highlighting]

Opus Dei's Rick Santorum (1) came second to Mitt Romney in Iowa's Republican Primary by a scant 8 votes (30,007 to 30, 015) . (2)

We wonder if "they" have already given the casting order for an Escriva's statue to be placed in the Rose Garden. After all, the rose is the flower associated with the Virgin Mary, the "7" (from the 30,007) is considered a Divine number and the number associated with the difference in votes 30,015 - 30,007 = 8 is associated with the Virgin Mary.

Tragically, the eyeless (that is, beyond blind) general public worries about Mitt Romney being a Mormon. This is like refusing to kiss aunt Thelma to avoid catching a summer cold while willing to mud wrestle with an individual who has the bubonic plague.

We pray (as a bumper sticker reads): "Lord Jesus, protect us from your 'followers'!"
(1) Opus Dei In US Government
(2) News Report

News Report No. 2
[our underscoring and highlighting]

Benedict XVI will not include a stop in Mexico City on his trip to Latin America this spring, a tour that includes Mexico and Cuba. The reason, church officials say, is not fear about his security but rather concern for the 84-year-old pontiff's health. The sprawling capital sits at more than 7,000 feet, an altitude that can cause sickness in some people. (1)

Officials of the Roman Catholic Church in both Mexico and Cuba released details of the pope's itinerary (links in Spanish). He will be in Mexico, in the state of Guanajuato, March 23-26, where he will be received by President Felipe Calderon and preside over an outdoor Mass expected to draw up to 400,000 faithful.

It may be coincidence, but it doesn't hurt the pope's cause that Guanajuato is a more conservative and traditionally Catholic state, while Mexico City, governed by a leftist mayor, is the only region in Mexico to have legalized abortion on demand and gay marriage.

After Mexico, the pope will spend two days, March 26-28, in Cuba, where he will meet with President Raul Castro. It's the first visit of a pontiff to the Communist-ruled island since Pope John Paul II's landmark trip in 1998. The church there has been increasingly active on behalf of jailed dissidents.

miguel de Portugal comments:
The brainless (that is, beyond stupid) Castro brothers, after destroying a country which in 1958 had a standard of living just below the US', have placed what was left of the country in the hands of Opus Dei, as we have announced years ago.

This, we know.

For those readers that have difficulty in grasping the difference between "knowing" and "believing", we are using the word "know" as it is defined in the dictionary:

"know" : to perceive directly : have direct cognition of

"believe" : (a) to consider to be true or honest (believe the reports);  (b) to accept the word or evidence of (I believe you); (c) to hold as an opinion : to suppose (I believe it will rain soon).

Let us hope that we manage to finally convey said difference to those who are still confused about it.

(1)  News Report

January 3rd

Commentary on Mailed News Report

On December 30th we sent out an e-mail with the following subject: "Gorbachev Threatens: Cooperate - or Face WW III (speech of Dec. 10, 2011)"

At the end we gave an address of a YouTube presentation about Gorbachev's speech.

We closed the e-mail with the following statement: "The original sender promised to put together a word 2000 file of that text and send it.... as soon as it's done. Once we receive it we will post it on our Domain."

The overall message still stands and, as soon as we have the translation, we will post it after checking it with the original version in German which soon will be placed on-line by the conference organizers.

The reason that we are posting this clarification is to alert you to the fact that, after checking the background of the source of the YouTube presentation of Gorbachev's speech, it seems that he is a very radical traditionalist.

Of course, this individual's profile does not affect in any way the alert that we have issued regarding Gorbachev's speech, however we in no way endorse  the positions associated with said source, nor any other video uploaded by and/or associated with him.

(1) On January 22, 2006, we ceased updating our News Commentary page.  We intended  to start anew the News Commentary page sometime in the Fall of 2007. Obviously it was not the will of God since we simply forgot to start the page again back then.  It is now - just a few days before the beginning of the year 2012 - that God has literally reminded us that the time has come to start the publishing of this page anew  for the benefit of those who have been given to know the mysteries of Heaven. (2)

(2)  "Because it has been given to you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it has not been given."..... Therefore I speak to them in parables, because seeing they do not see, and hearing they do not hear, nor do they understand.... Lest they should see with their eyes and hear with their ears, lest they should understand with their hearts and be converted so that I should heal them."  [Matthew 13:11, 13, 15]

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